Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Interview With Alien Abductee

Interview with Stan Romanek

Question: Stan, tell us a little about yourself. Where were you born and raised, etc.
Answer: I was born in 1962 at a military hospital in Denver, Colorado. I am the youngest of two brothers and one sister born into an Air Force family migrating to and from various Military Bases throughout the Midwest and Western United States through 1972. I am now happily married, I have a daughter, and I live with my wife, two stepdaughtersand stepson in a peaceful midsized community in Colorado. I grew up dealing with severe dyslexia; making school a challenge. Concerned with my learning disability, my IQ was tested and it was found to be well above average. What I struggled with in scholastic abilities I made up for in arts and sports.

Question: What was your first UFO experience?
Answer: Although I remember having some minor experiences when I was achild, my true experiences didn’t start until December of 2000. I was planning to film some scenery in the Red Rocks area in Colorado to entice my then girlfriend, now wife, Lisa, to come to Colorado for a visit, but was sidetracked when I saw a lot of people pulled over looking to the sky. That is when I filmed my first UFO that December of 2000.

Question: Why do you think you have been the focus of your alien captors?
Answer: After many years, I still do not know the answer to that question, however it has been said that abduction experiences tend to run in families.

Question: Why are aliens abducting humans? For what purpose?
Answer: I believe there are many alien races involved in the abduction process, all of which have their own agenda; some for their own personal gain. Perhaps it is because they find we have strengths they do not, and want to strengthen their own race. Perhaps it is to help strengthen our own race. Perhaps we are an experiment.

Question: Where are these aliens from?
Answer: In my case, I believe that they are from a planet 6½ lightyears behind the star Alnitak, which is the lower left star in Orion’sbelt.

Question: What is their agenda?
Answer: I believe that there are some that want to help the human race become enlightened, but as there are good and bad people on earth, there is also good and bad out there; and agendas will vary.

Question: Are they responsible for cattle mutilations?
Answer: This topic has never been a part of any of my experiences. Although it is a good possibility, I do not know, but in most cattle mutilations it has been found they have been drained completely of blood, and I find it interesting that an element of cows blood, called bovine serum is used for invitro-fertilization.

Question: Are they responsible for crop circles?
Answer: A large percent have been found to be man made, but I do believe that some are made by the Extraterrestrials.

Question: Are the aliens working with our military?
Answer: It is my belief that there have been some agreements in the past between governments on earth and off-world entities.

Question: Has the video footage been analyzed by experts and do they think the 'alien in the window' footage is real?
Answer: Absolutely, yes! Credible video analysts have analyzed thetapes, and determined that it is shot “in-camera” with no delays or special effects.

Question: Do the aliens have a message? If so, what is the message?
Answer: Yes, definitely. It is my understanding that the message is that it is time for the human race to grow up and take responsibilityfor their actions.

Question: Do the aliens say anything about 2012?
Answer: Yes. Although it is unclear exactly what will happen they have hinted to a big event. I believe it will be first contact, and NOTannihilation that many people worry about.

Question: When will there be full disclosure?
Answer: The U.S. is one of the only countries that have not yet disclosed what they know about UFOs and Extraterrestrials. I believe full disclosure from the U.S. will happen within the next few years, because of pressure from other countries and from the Vatican.

Question: Tell us about other experiences you have had with your alien captives?
Answer: There is a wide range of things that have happened throughout my experiences. Everything from ghostly activity to flashes of light, balls of light floating through my house, not to mention implants and ETs captured on video and digital cameras.

Question: How many times do you get abducted?
Answer: To my knowledge, I have been taken at least 7 times.

Question: Thank you for the interview. Is there anything else you may want to mention, that I may have missed?
Answer: My case is somewhat different than other abduction cases in that most things that happen only seem to happen when there are multiple witnesses. On top of having acquired impressive amounts of trace evidence, there is even more video and photographic evidence to back up this case. My case is also unique, because I have drawn multiple advanced physics equations under regression and in my sleep. These equations have been analyzed by physicists throughout the world, and they are baffled as to how a person with severe dyslexia, with a 4th grade math level is able to come up with concepts and equations that have not yet been explored fully in physics.

Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts - HPI GeneralManager/Ghostwriter/Paranormal Investigator

Paul Dale Roberts Supervising Program Technician IIIDepartment of Fish and Game License and Revenue Branch1740 N. Market Blvd.Sacramento, CA 95834Email: proberts@dfg.ca.govWork Phone #: (916) 928-5848


  1. Aliens are demons, their only agenda is to make you believe that you were an experiment and not created by an all loving and all knowing God. Don't fall for the alien deception, these things are here by design. There is a much more evil agenda behind all this that Jesus the son of God came to save us from. Aliens want you dead, thats all.

  2. Wrong a large percentage of crop circles have never been man made the bulk of them are made one of about 4 ways. Some are made by the Masters some by Aliens and some by beings you cannot say youve ever heard of and as usual humans discount anything they havent heard of.

  3. aliens dont want you dead. Some do yes. but some want us as neighbors and students to help us. I have seen and spoken to aliens face to face and they even did a favor for me I had asked them about. They brought their ship down for the biggest ridiculer where i worked to see and believe me he never again ridiculed me for speaking of aliens plus ole eric arniel also saw me do supernatural things. Why are the bulk of humans so closed to learning their super powers? Cant figure that out.

  4. Interesting interview . Taken 7 times. . .



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