Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby Born Is Evil

OK everyone, this is a true story that happened to me when I was 10 and it's about the Baby Born doll I had. I decided to write this story to warn you about dolls (not all of them). The story begins:

I had a Baby Born doll and I called him Joe... we used to do everything together, we played together, we swam together, we ate together and we were close friends until a month or two later when I began to hear the Baby Born doll's giggles and winks. But I thought that's what every Baby Born doll does. My friend had the same doll so I asked her if hers does the same but she said "no, none of the Baby Born dolls I know can giggle and especially do not wink."

When I returned home at night I put the Baby Born doll of mine up in the cupboard and laid on my bed keeping close attention at him and after about six seconds it winked three times! I tried to ignore it and I slept and I had a strange dream about the doll.That I woke up from my bed and I heard small footsteps going down the stairs so I followed it and it lead me to the kitchen where I saw the Baby Born doll's shadow opening a cupboard and taking out a knife. I woke up and freaked out and I couldn't breathe and I looked where the Baby Born doll was... and it isn't there. I opened the door and I found him sitting and waving his hand to me! I took it and knocked it to the floor and he was giggling and I was screaming and crying, "what do you want from me?! Leave me alone, alone!"

Of course I woke everyone up and my mum came to me laughing and saying, "that poor thing. I'll taking it for tonight, now try to go to sleep," but I yelled out, "mum that is not a poor thing it is an evil thing. I swear it is going to kill us!" But she ignored.

I slept the whole night thinking about it and when I woke up in the morning I saw mum and asked her if she was fine. She said to dad, "honey I think she is right, we have to throw this doll away." We went to the middle of no-where and dug deep in the sand and put the doll in there.

After couple of days I saw my baby sister playing with the doll and the doll winked at me and he looked kinda like "Chucky" the doll, he had a torn face and was really ugly. To this day I will never buy that doll or allow my children to buy it.

I hope you all learn a lesson... don't believe any doll once it starts to giggle or winks or anything that no other doll can do, please. This is for your own good, bye and thank you.

Sent in by May, Copyright 2009


  1. Come on now, as if. Be truthful, be real. Isn't this site for real stuff, true happenings that really took place?

  2. The Freaky And The Strange

    Read something bizarre it's good for the soul!

    Nothing there about true or not true :) Just bizarre stories

  3. Some or most dolls are creepy, I've only had 1 doll ever in my life. I don't like rubbish toys, hahah. I don't know abut evil but they're just straight up uuuggh!! lol

  4. Some dolls do get possessed



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