Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Riverboat And A Ghost Of The Future

This happened some years ago, actually, it was something like eight months. Maybe six. I was on a riverboat heading down the Mighty Mississippi. I used to work for the riverboat, my job was to untie the ropes at the dock. I was not, ever, to forget to untie the ropes before we set out. It was very important I untie the ropes.

We had been in the Kentucky area, near Louisville. When we saw a shimmering light on the river bank. AHOY! I shouted. This upset Preston, who was in charge of the boat. He said, "If you keep yelling at the homeless people on the side of the river you will get the chance to meet them more personally." By that he meant I would lose my job. I remember him saying that because he was right in my face, really angry like. He told me to go clean the helm, which is where he drives the boat.

I started to do that but I accidentally spilt hot chocolate all over what he calls "really expensive equipment, important for driving the boat." Well that was it. He put me on a smaller boat and pushed it away, towards the river bank. He said to stay there for the night and he would be returning tomorrow. If I had learned my lesson I would be allowed back on the boat.
Once I got to land I started walking around when all of the sudden I heard a voice say, "Young man, your outrageous entrance unto this land has appeased the gods! They smile on you this evening!" Neat, I replied, I asked the man if I could join him. He said of course, and we sat, and had beans and hot dogs together. The man had long tangled hair, and a beard that looked like a beard a Viking would have.

The man told me of all sorts of things to come. Computer enhanced microwaves, elevators that are remote controlled, electronic human beings beamed from anywhere to anywhere on Earth! I was amazed, how could anyone know so much about electronics? I asked if he knew more and boy did he! He went on about the mountain people and how they have no sense of manners, he spoke of wild animals that human beings have yet to see. He even spoke about events that were not so far away. Events like the National Election. The one with the presidents. He said it would come down to two men, and one of them would win, because there cannot, and must not be two. I was amazed. And just like that, he fell into a deep sleep.

I noticed my john boat was sort of floating away into the river, and I knew Preston would be upset if I lost that, so I swam out to get it. It was then I saw a light! It was Preston! He said he couldn't leave me there all night, and he was sorry! I told him about the ghost of the future I saw, and all the things he told me. Preston's friendly attitude went away very quickly. He said he would be stopping at the next town and that it was very important I find a hotel and then a bus station the next day.

Thank You For Listening.

Sent in by Jordan Hancock, Copyright 2009

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  1. Maybe he was a magic e.s.p. bum.



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