Friday, May 15, 2009

Two Strange Cats

This story probably sounds dumb but it really happen and it scare the crap out of me. I live in a pretty nice house with a big back yard with apple, pear, cherry trees which takes up about half of the backyard space. My family and neighborhood is very peaceful and me I'm pretty much the one that does some bad but really I'm a good person. Well lets get to the story.

I've been living here with my parents for about 2 years now and I never really believe in paranormal until this happen and now I have second thoughts about it. I hear stories about cats being posses with spirits that would cry like babies in places like Laos and Thailand, but I never really care to believe. This event took place sometime of Jan 2005. Every so often at night my family would be making dinner or be done eating dinner or even later on the night we would hear a cat or cats growl very loud outside by the sink or backyard windows like its being strangle or like its in a fight. The growls are so loud that you can here it from the other side of the house which freaks me out.

The worse part is I sleep in the basement which is surrounded by windows and I don't want hear that thing next to me while the lights are off and I'm asleep, its very disturbing and unnatural. Well for some reason everytime when I here about a funeral about family or family members friend passed away we sometimes get that cat thing like maybe it wants to come in the house or something. It happened quite a few times. I have a pretty big family tree and its sad that I don't even know half of the people in my family tree. Quite a few funerals goes around though. I kind of find it as a trend of the cats and family passing away, I'm not even sure if there is a connection there or maybe its just a coincidence. It wasn't like anybody in the house care about the cat noises they just ignored it so did I until one night.

This is the part that scared the crap out of me. I hear about another funeral and late that night me and me cousin went out to the backyard for a smoke and so we was out there just about to light it up our cigarettes and started hearing infants crying in the background. The crying sounded like it was only a few yards away. We was confused, who would bring there baby outside this late in this zero degree weather, what's going on. Ok we look around all the neighbors were sleeping, lights out. Our backyard darkness it can be and the only light is above our heads and we cant see that far from us. So the crying dims and stops, ok maybe it was just neighbors baby crying in the house, didn't really sound like it but whatever. So I lit my cigarette and there it was two cats. One all black and the other all white. The two cats was starring at both of us just hissing, growling like it was going to attack us. I don't know what it was but I had the craziest chill at that moment like an evil present within those cats. I could just tell my cousin was pretty scare too. So he throws an ice ball at the two cats and they fled to the back yard. Then again it seems like they were growling and fighting in the backyard so we took few puffs and went back in the house. We was a little buzz to try to keep a straight face upon telling what just happen. Ever since then I hate cats. Hope you enjoyed the story, there was a little more to it this will go on forever.

Sent in by Chou Vang, Copyright 2009

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