Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Writing Contest Over $200 Cash + Books & T Shirts

Talk Paranormal's Second Annual Fiction Story Writing Contest

Over $200 in cash prizes plus we will be giving away books and T-shirts ~ No Entry Fee!

Sponsored by Red Wheel/Weiser and True Ghost Tales


1st prize $100
2nd prize $75
3rd prize $50

4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Prizes will receive a gift package including winner’s choice of one book from Red Wheel Weiser (book list choices included below) plus a choice of either a True Ghost Tales tee shirt or a Talk Paranormal tee shirt (design line to be completed and available for viewing by Oct. 1, 2010).

8th, 9th and 10th Prizes will receive winner’s choice of either a True Ghost Tales tee shirt or a Talk Paranormal tee shirt.

Red Wheel/Weiser Book Prize Selection List;

Aradia Gospel Of The Witches
Beyond Bizarre
Demon Lover
The Grail, The Stone And The Mystics
The Herbal Kitchen
The Royal Line Of Christ
The Secret History of Consciousness
The Weiser Field Guide To Witches
The Witches Almanac Issue 30
Vampyre Sanguinomicon

For Complete Rules and Guidelines See This ~

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Ghost Bride in Big Fork Church Of God

The Ghost Bride in a Black Dress

One night I was at church and I was in one room all alone except my cousin Gary reading the Bible. I wasn't sure that we were alone. All of a sudden we heard high-heel shoes walking down the Isle. Then we heard an organ playing like at a wedding.

All of a sudden I looked back and I saw a bride in her Black Dress. Then we had a chill go down our spines. She looked like she was bloody around her mouth like her tongue had been cut off. Her hair was full of dirt and blood except for her black hair.

We heard the rumor that there was a ghost bride at Big Fork Church Of God in Eastern Ky. We wanted to see it ourselves. So Gary got us a ride and we went to stay the night there.

Since we were going to be there all night Gary brought his Lap top and did some research on that mysterious bride. It said to be that she was murdered at that church on that day of her wedding and it was that very same night we were there. It was July 20, 2005.

Her name was to be told as Cindy Begley. She was murdered by her ex-husband because he was hidden at the church. He was in the basement and she went down there to get ready. She tried to fight him off but couldn't and she was stabbed by the knife he owned.

He drug her down to the forest and buried her alive. She suffocated under the dirt. She got out a day later by digging. She went and killed herself because she went mentally challenged.

Still every July 20th she kills herself again and so on. So we saw her and she walked down the isle kissed her groom and killed herself.

We got out of that place really fast and now today I remember it like it was yesterday. So never stop believing in ghosts because they are real. So I will write more again sometime that's the story.

Sent in by Ghost, Copyright 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back Yard of a Haunted Mansion

me and my friend were riding our bikes, it was night time about to be midnight and we happened to pass by this mansion that we have been told was haunted. I had my camera and he said we should go back and take pictures to see if we could find anything. we put our bikes down and started walking in acting tough like we weren't afraid but we both were. it was silent, no cars were on the street, no lights were on in any house around. I looked at my phone and it was midnight with a full moon out. he wanted to leave but I said lets stay for another 5 minutes or so. we took a few pictures and found nothing. as we were going to leave I felt something or someone touch the back of my neck, so I asked my friend if it was him he said no. when I turned around I looked at a certain spot where a big old tree was, and I saw a black figure standing near it. I told my friend to look slowly and when he looked he said he seen nothing.

I took a picture and it wasn't there. I went back in alone because I wasn't leaving without knowing what it was, that's just the kind of person I am. when I went towards the tree a black cat ran out and ran across the lot. I said "if there's a ghost here show yourself, and started cussing". I took a picture and in the picture was a figure of a butcher knife, right near the right side of the tree. I blinked my eyes and held them shut for a second or two and opened them to see my friend on my side eyes wide open, spooked. I looked at the tree and there was a heavy figured man, almost a black figure but it was holding a black cat, a butchers knife and I could see his facial expression. he looked to be smiling, like an evil smile that he was laughing at us. we ran back to our bikes and they weren't there, we looked around but no bikes. we turned around one last time to look and the man was standing there waving at us still with that smile on his face, so me and my friend just ran home, ran and ran did not stop running until we got home. we went to sleep and woke up the next afternoon and wanted to go back to that mansion. we went back and our bikes were in the same exact position, order, and place as we put them last night. we picked them up, rode thru the yard and seen a headless black cat lying near a bush.

I wont ever forget that day, and now every time I see a butcher, or a butcher knife I get chills down my spine.

some advice, don't swear at something you are scared of. I don't think they like it too much.

Sent in by Joshua Anthony Ardente, Copyright 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Selena's Ghost

I first heard about this story while listening to a new CD I bought by a native of Corpus Christi Texas, Selena's home town. The CD is called " Remember Selena ", viva Corpus Christi, Tx. It has several great songs, one that won first place in an international song contest called " Me Esta Esperando Selena", which translates into "Selena is waiting for me ". You can only get this CD through via mail. I'd suggest you get if you are a Selena fan. I listened to it about a hundred times, its very good.

At the end of the in CD there is an interview with the Artist who tells a story about one of the many ghost stories along the Gulf Coast. This one spoke about seeing Selena's walking along the shores of Corpus Christi Beach on hot, quite summer nights. According to people who knew Selena's history, she had led a very troubled childhood, after her father forced her to quit school in order to work and support the family. Anyone who has met him, knows he is large man with a pine apple complexion and looks like Panama's Dictator Mannel Noriega. He had dreams of being a big time promoter and obligated his kids to perform, then treated them harshly. He literally stole Selena's childhood from her by forcing her to perform in the family business which he ran like a dictator. He forced her to drop out of high school, so she never got to experience all the thrills of being young, carefree and happy. He was protective and jealous, so she never had boyfirends. He was alleagedly overly jealous of any male that came around. He was so protective, to the point of causing people to wonder if there wasn't anything inappropriate going on between himself and Sweet,beautiful Selena. No one may ever know that for certain.

What is certain is that he got rich off his children, especaily Selena who is now a legend in the music culture of Texas. We are also asked to believe she was murdered by Yolanda, the woman who worshipped her. The father accused her of stealing, but this is suspect, others suggest there was a sexual relationship between her and Yolanda. It is noteworthy to remember Yolanda claimed Selena's father sexually assulted her with a loaded pistol, which led her to buying a gun for protection. Again, this may never be known. What is known is that Selena was killed by a bullet fired from a gun Yolanda was holding, the rest is music legend. Alleagedly the Mexican Mafia placed a bounty on Yolanda's head and she went into hiding after being released from prison. The details of what led up to her murder, and sexual nature of their relationship may never be known.Many are hoping Yoland leaves her story behind someday.

The legend of Selena's ghost begins shortly after she was buried at Sea Side Memorial park, less than a block form the ocean, along Ocean View blvd. in Corpus Christi, Tx. People who come by the thousands to view her grave have reported hearing her singing just as the sun sets,on hot, quite summer nights. People have reported seeing her walking on Corpus Christi beach along the sea wall, near the T-heads and the Holiday Inn.

I had given up the idea of Selena's Ghost until I read a book called The Sorcerer's Secret's, at The Toltec Institute which mentions's the same story, by a completely different person.Iwas so impressed by the book, that I decided to go visit Selena's grave at Sea Side Memorial Park. After sharing the story with friends we planned to park near the burial grounds then sneak over the fence and stand vigil by her grave. It was easy, there no guards,no dogs and no one was there. I was not prepared for what happened next. We had not been there longer than an hour when we noticed a shadowy woman's figuer moving form the road onto the grave itself, standing still, sitting, standing then raising. It was spooky as hell, then we heard a woman's voice crying. The strangness of the sound made it difficult to recognize the voice, but it was clearly a woman's voice and she was crying. We stood there transfixed in awe, a little scared but completely blown away. The legends of Selena's Ghost is true. After a few moments it disappeared. I got the nerve to walk up to the grave and take a little of the dirt from her grave. I wanted to take a little bit of her with me, I guess.

The next day all of us were still stuned by what we'd experienced. I felt bad about taking the dirt. I wanted to take it back but didn't want to risk it, so we took the dirt to Corpus Christi Beach, and left it there. It was then I realized why Selena's Ghost had also been seen along this beach. Other people had done the same thing, and Selena's ghost and energy are clearly connected to the earth and sand of the area. Her grave site is only a few miles form the beach, plus other people must have brought dirt form her grave site and left it here, so she appears here as well.

The nights along the gulf coast are very dark, quite and muggy. During the summer when there is no breez coming in off the sea,it gets very humid and mist forms. Sometimes a melodic. agreedable sound is heard, humming sweetly carried by the humid, hot night. Some say its only music floating in from passing cars, I believe it's Selena's sweet voice which lingers over the beach she loved so much. For those of you who wish to hear her voice,you should know Corpus Christi is a beautiful city, with lots to do. They have a small statue of her not far from where she's been seen walking along the shore.

Sent in by Blues boxing, Copyright 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Connecting with Like Spirits

I'd like to find other people who have had similar experiences as I. I know I don't fit into a very large group and it may not be possible to find anyone with similar background.

I was born in an Army Hospital in Germany. My father was a career solider who'd fought all over the world in every fight he could find. He has been in almost 30 years. He's never been wounded and only been mildly ill. My mother said he was "healed", by an old Mexican Indian shaman who lived in the Mexican desert near Torreon, Coah. Mexico. Torreon is located in an area also known as the "Dead Zone" and supposed to be a hot spot for UFO, and other paranormal activities.

I have been to Torreon at least ten times over the last twenty years and found many old Indian shamans, but none that knew my father. this town has no tourist industry and is out of the way, it has no lake, no river and its only claim to fame is a gold mine that is still operational. I'd giving up looking for the old shaman, until I found a web site, called The Toltec Institute.

I don't know if any of you have found it, its not well known and as far as I know, no one is promoting it. Its an obscure web site, but interesting. I went to it and found to my amazement that many of the topics discussed were similar to what my father would talk about. I ordered the book, which was super interesting. It is called The Sorcerer's Secrets by don Jesus Ramirez. Anyone who knows Spanish, knows that Ramirez is as common as Johnson or Smith in English.

I have no way of confirming this, but it sounds like the old man must have written a book that was published first written in Spanish, then translated into English, and somehow located by another group of people who were also studying the same thing. I think, it might be the same guy.

Can anybody out there help me find out if this is the same old Indian shaman?

There is no reward, and I have no way of paying you back, but if you could help me with this, man you would be doing me and everybody else who reads this book a great service. The book was unbelievable, powerful and awesome.

I'd just like to say thanks to the man who changed me from an average individual to a warrior. If you find him, please say thank you for me.

Daniel Reed

In the Dreams

If she only knew of some writing, that was never sent
Of a dream of adoption, who's truth is not bent

If she only knew that my hell comment was sarcastic
My friend and I used to use it, the one I destroyed in public

If she only knew how scared I've been these past two nights
When I cried in prayer, and shivered with fright

If she only knew that my new drugs were not such a great negative
Yesterday's music and running was both joyously positive

She knows she can have me whenever she pleases
I'm her favourite cuddly kitten, who she sometimes teases
Her heavy weight of intelligence, that's mind boggling in the extreme
Makes her incomparable, and forever in this ghosts dreams

If she only knew that when I read today's news
My body packed itself up and went for a snooze
Falling to the right in faint, needing to give her a peck
If she was there my head would have rested gently in her long neck

If she only knew of just how suicidal I've been
That she never really had to treat me so mean
So what if I hurt her in much the same horrific way
She is smarter, shouldn't have deliberately made this boy pay

If she only knew of how I lied back in my car
Letting my body shake in spasms looking like a galah
Wanting to die right there, and go straight to the demon
Three times she's destroyed me, maybe she just got even

If she only knew of just how quickly I snapped out of it
Remembering her great qualities, of how she was my best fit
Doing her upmost to steer me away from the bad lies of the Qur'an
And developing my mind with new identities, of which I'm a great fan

She knows she can have me whenever she pleases
I'm her favourite cuddly kitten, who she sometimes teases
Her heavy weight of intelligence, that's mind boggling in the extreme
Makes her incomparable, and forever in this ghosts dreams

Four hours post fainting and it wouldn't be bad to fry
But I know that deep down I don't really want to die
And knowledge can be bad, it can inspire great sadness
No surprise that we've both hurt enough to wish we were heartless

But my heart will go on, it will live forever inside you
And I hope I later feel happy, when I remember that is true
Because nobody can match your sheer emotional genius
When rival writers read your work they are sure to be furious

Except for this writer, who will still admire from afar
Enjoying poetic words of wisdom from humanities truly great star
Inspiring my own writing, ideas for my own wonderful book
Dear fellow animal, you'll always be the Queen of my rook

She knows she can have me whenever she pleases
I'm her favourite cuddly kitten, who she sometimes teases
Her heavy weight of intelligence, that's mind boggling in the extreme
Makes her incomparable, and forever in this ghosts dreams

By Sundance Thomas, Copyright 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Massive Possession

Many factors caused this Massive Possession, like students playing with the spirit of the glass, construction of a new building, student urinating in the Santol Tree. But one thing is for sure, this all started when we conducted our prayer rally for the city hood. The spirits were jealous because we lighted candles for this stuffs while we don't even bother to do this to them.

1st day Wednesday (One day after the spirit of the Glass incident)

After the prayer rally that we conducted to regain the cityhood of Tabuk, some of my classmates went out of our room to see a student brought in the school clinic. They say that the boy was possessed; I did not mind it because I thought he was just on drugs or something.

2nd Day (The Beginning)

In our first subject, our teacher left us in our room with an activity so we can go out of the room freely.

When suddenly some students began shouting and running towards the 1st year bldg. We saw five to ten students being rushed into the school clinic, one after another. We heard that the students of I-Uranus conducted a spirit of the glass and the girl who started it was the first one to be possessed.

We resumed our classes when our second subject teacher went inside the classroom. Then the administration announced that all students must go out in their rooms and participate in a prayer.

So we all went out of our rooms, a priest came in our school and lead the prayer.

After the prayer, all the students of I-Uranus and I-Mercury were told to resume their classes in the bleachers. The school administration thought that the spirit will stop if they evacuate the building, because just a new building is being constructed behind it. But they were wrong. There are more spirits around than what they imagined.

We went to recess after the prayer, when all of a sudden student again began to crowd the 2nd year bldg., located near the bldg where I-Uranus is located (As I expected, the possession wont stopped by just PRAYERS) So we just joked that we, third years, are next. After the recess, we heard another shout from a room located near us! A 4th year girl is possessed, no one is safe!

So the administration announced that classes are suspended and we must return the following day.

We went out of the school and discussed some stories gathered.


They say that a few days after they begun to construct the new building, the workers started to feel ill. They all went back to Baguio, so new workers were hired. But some of the workers started to fell ill.


The student who was possessed told this to my teacher.

At first, the student saw an old woman with no face wearing white dress sit beside him. He was totally petrified. Then he felt a cold air went inside his body and that's the time when he was possessed.

The old woman was seen again by other students but this time, she is wearing a black dress.


A girl student started to cry but her classmates just laughed at her. The girl started shouting "Please leave me away, I did not do anything to harm you." The spirit that the girl saw left the room thankfully, and the girl's classmates started to freak out and shout.


A male student, with a third eye, went into the third year's C.R. to ask a spirit what is happening. He talked to a beautiful ghost with a swollen neck. The ghost said that her name is Lorna and that she was raped. She also told the male student to dig her bones in the C.R.

After a few minutes, the 4th year girl that was possessed shouted "We won't leave until no one is killed!"

That's the time when the administration decided to suspend classes.


Let's call this boy as TOM, and one of the spirits who possessed him is Lorna. Lorna told the group (by possessing Tom) that they must go in the Third River. So the group traveled to the Third River. They just walked in the river's bank when Tom suddenly grabbed the arm of the man beside him. Lorna told them to stop, so they all stopped. Tom carried a big stone and told everyone that they should light a candle for her because her body was thrown in that part of the river after she was raped. They did what Lorna told them. When Tom regained consciousness, they all went back to Dagupan and offered a slaughtered pig to the spirits.


Classes were resumed but unfortunately I am absent because I, AGAIN! , had a SCARY sleep paralysis between 3-4 am.

Lorna possessed Tom again and demanded that they must go back in the River because the candle's light was blown off by the wind. So Tom and some companions left the school. (The school conducted a prayer for the spirits roaming around).

Tom's companions lit the candle again and waited for it to completely melt. Lorna told the group that the school is already in chaos !). The group asked her if they could already turn the candle off. But Lorna just shook her head, telling them not to. Then suddenly, Tom's eyes rolled. Tom collapsed and regained consciousness. They all went back to the school and was shocked by what they saw. Students, around 20-25 was possessed. So classes are again suspended. One person asked one possessed student why they are still possessing students while they already offered a pig for them (about 25 or more spirits). The student replied that they were indeed offered a pig, but the people who offered the pig drunk liquor and made the pig their PULUTAN. The possessed student also said that why are we offering candles just to regain the cityhood while we don't bother to do it to them. (How the heck should we know? We don't have a third eye!

These are what the students saw and experienced (not in order)

A male student started jogging around the oval. They asked him what he was doing, and he told them that he is looking for his body parts. The other students got scared so they tried to restrain the student that was possessed.

A female student was possessed after looking at the mirror, then she started to act childish and she chatted with the other students. The student chatted with her because she is harmless after all. She told everybody with a KIKAY vibe (haha) "Uy, may ikwekwento ako sainyo, pero upo muna kayo."(I will tell you something, but you must sit first) She was irritated because some students are still standing. She said "Umupo na kasi kayo ah." (Please sit already) 'Dalawa sila, Nirape nila ako wala silang awa" (the two of them raped me, they didn't show any mercy) The students asked her if she knows who raped her and she said "hindi ko alam basta salbahe sila" (I don't know them, but they are merciless). Some students started to fool around and asked questions as they laugh like "taga Manila ka no?"(your from Manila aren't you?). But the girl would just answer like they are all friends. The girl suddenly touched her ears and noticed that she is not wearing her earrings (That's because the earrings is in her own REAL body). "Asan yung hikaw ko?, kailangan kong Makita kung nasaan iyon" (where is my earring? I need to see where it is). The spirit knows all the classmates of the girl that she possessed. She also knew the name of the pregnant student from that section. She told the students that she guides and plays with the baby (Although the baby is still in he student's womb).

One of the students being possessed was seen by other people with her body full of wounds and blood. She told everybody when she was possessed that she was from Batangas.

One possessed student started shouting "Who do not believe in me!" One of my teachers answered telling the student that she doesn't believe in the spirit. The teacher's jaw suddenly locked and she can't talk. The teacher started to run, and when they asked her why she was running she would not reply. She was actually being chased by a spirit and when the spirit tried to choke her, the spirit accidentally touched the rosary in her neck, that's why the spirit stopped chasing her. My classmate told us that the teacher's mouth is swollen when he saw her in their neighborhood.

A girl student started shouting "Why don't you understand us." Then she threatened everyone. "You are urinating on us, you think you do not know? You are urinating on us." Some of my classmates say that the spirit came from the santol tree where some male students are urinating.

One student restraining a possessed student suddenly heard a child's voice saying "Let's play" The student collapsed and started to act like a child and he began to play.

Another student would shout "our house, our house! You destroyed it!" The spirit is referring to the construction of the new building.

One of the students brought to the church started to speak English, saying "I want justice". And some students possessed would call the other spirit who possesses another student, and they started to chat. I did not know the other stories but they told me that some students were possessed by Japanese, Spanish, American, and of course Filipino Ghosts. The students being possessed by the Spaniards and Japanese were speaking their own language (cool). One student possessed cried but his voice sounded like the voice of a child.

Some students that were possessed were reported to be followed by the spirit that possessed them. Just like when my auntie attended a funeral, she saw a girl student crossed her arms then started to act weird. My auntie heard the other people gossiping that she is one of the students in our school that was possessed earlier.


The possession still continued but only 1 or 2 student was possessed so classes were not suspended.

And today (Tuesday Jan 27, 2009), the possession stopped. My classmates told me that the spirits were transferred in our school's mini forest by our local shamans.

Sent in by Jamaica Ballangan