Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back Yard of a Haunted Mansion

me and my friend were riding our bikes, it was night time about to be midnight and we happened to pass by this mansion that we have been told was haunted. I had my camera and he said we should go back and take pictures to see if we could find anything. we put our bikes down and started walking in acting tough like we weren't afraid but we both were. it was silent, no cars were on the street, no lights were on in any house around. I looked at my phone and it was midnight with a full moon out. he wanted to leave but I said lets stay for another 5 minutes or so. we took a few pictures and found nothing. as we were going to leave I felt something or someone touch the back of my neck, so I asked my friend if it was him he said no. when I turned around I looked at a certain spot where a big old tree was, and I saw a black figure standing near it. I told my friend to look slowly and when he looked he said he seen nothing.

I took a picture and it wasn't there. I went back in alone because I wasn't leaving without knowing what it was, that's just the kind of person I am. when I went towards the tree a black cat ran out and ran across the lot. I said "if there's a ghost here show yourself, and started cussing". I took a picture and in the picture was a figure of a butcher knife, right near the right side of the tree. I blinked my eyes and held them shut for a second or two and opened them to see my friend on my side eyes wide open, spooked. I looked at the tree and there was a heavy figured man, almost a black figure but it was holding a black cat, a butchers knife and I could see his facial expression. he looked to be smiling, like an evil smile that he was laughing at us. we ran back to our bikes and they weren't there, we looked around but no bikes. we turned around one last time to look and the man was standing there waving at us still with that smile on his face, so me and my friend just ran home, ran and ran did not stop running until we got home. we went to sleep and woke up the next afternoon and wanted to go back to that mansion. we went back and our bikes were in the same exact position, order, and place as we put them last night. we picked them up, rode thru the yard and seen a headless black cat lying near a bush.

I wont ever forget that day, and now every time I see a butcher, or a butcher knife I get chills down my spine.

some advice, don't swear at something you are scared of. I don't think they like it too much.

Sent in by Joshua Anthony Ardente, Copyright 2010

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