Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Ghost Bride in Big Fork Church Of God

The Ghost Bride in a Black Dress

One night I was at church and I was in one room all alone except my cousin Gary reading the Bible. I wasn't sure that we were alone. All of a sudden we heard high-heel shoes walking down the Isle. Then we heard an organ playing like at a wedding.

All of a sudden I looked back and I saw a bride in her Black Dress. Then we had a chill go down our spines. She looked like she was bloody around her mouth like her tongue had been cut off. Her hair was full of dirt and blood except for her black hair.

We heard the rumor that there was a ghost bride at Big Fork Church Of God in Eastern Ky. We wanted to see it ourselves. So Gary got us a ride and we went to stay the night there.

Since we were going to be there all night Gary brought his Lap top and did some research on that mysterious bride. It said to be that she was murdered at that church on that day of her wedding and it was that very same night we were there. It was July 20, 2005.

Her name was to be told as Cindy Begley. She was murdered by her ex-husband because he was hidden at the church. He was in the basement and she went down there to get ready. She tried to fight him off but couldn't and she was stabbed by the knife he owned.

He drug her down to the forest and buried her alive. She suffocated under the dirt. She got out a day later by digging. She went and killed herself because she went mentally challenged.

Still every July 20th she kills herself again and so on. So we saw her and she walked down the isle kissed her groom and killed herself.

We got out of that place really fast and now today I remember it like it was yesterday. So never stop believing in ghosts because they are real. So I will write more again sometime that's the story.

Sent in by Ghost, Copyright 2010

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