Monday, December 22, 2014

Two Demons And A Succubus all started about 7 months ago I was watching my 4 yr old niece at my moms house which she has lived there for 23 yrs we knew it was haunted but nothing never hurt us. But anyway I was babysitting my niece and she just starts screaming saying aunt Nina there's a monster make it go away. I mean she was terrified and crying you can see the hallway from living room thats where we was the living room.

Well I didnt think much about it and about 1 to 2 months later me and my boyfriend of 8 yrs stayed the weekend up there house sitting while my mom went camping we went up there on a Friday afternoon well about 11:30 that night I found pornographic on my boyfriends phone so we ended up arguing that night.

Well about 2 weeks later while we were home at bedtime my boyfriend starts moaning and his body was moving like he was having physical sex I woke him up and he told me he wasn't dreaming ok its now been over 5 months he has been doing it every night he says he isnt dreaming well my mom was telling me about the succubus I had no idea bout either of them and the thing is he dont believe in demons.

Well the 7th of last month my boyfriend was doing that at bedtime well I felt this horny urge run thru my body I wasnt thinking about it well I ended up making myself orgasm that night 3 nights after that I was waking up to being swollen down there and fluid coming out of me so now I have a incubus.

The thing is I'm goin up against 2 demons by myself I dont know what to do mine is attached to me I have prayed every single day and hes still here I'm scared also to sleep with my boyfriend which I woke up to the incubus flipping my boyfriend in the bed I need help plz!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The CD That Saved My Life

I had a really good friend named Annie. She had a band she sung in and she was one of the greatest and one of the most protective people I knew. Her band wasn't famous but her dad had a recording studio in their basement. So she recorded their first cd with the band there. Her very first cd was a gift for me on my birthday and I hadn't listened to it yet. 3 days after my birthday, Annie was raped by her older brother who's 17. He left the city supposedly and they didn't catch him. He always scared me but I never said anything. She was only 13 when she died.

The next day in the hospital when I was sitting with her, she tried to speak and tell me something. But when she was raped, he choked her and damaged her throat so much she wouldn't be able to talk for a while. Before I left the hospital, a nurse had come up to me in the parking lot and told me she died and gave me a note she wrote before she died.

I was so depressed about it, I refused to touch her cd and note, which I left in my room. One night when I was home alone, I was thinking about her so I decided to finally listen to the cd. There was a song on there called "Painful memory", a song she wrote about rape when a friend of hers was raped. Some of the chorus goes "He tried to find you, he's upstairs." All of a sudden, the cd starts skipping and continuously repeats "He's upstairs, he's upstairs, he's upstairs." I thought it was kind of weird because I never listened to the cd and it didn't have any scratches. So I just put it back in and played the song again. When it came to the chorus, it skipped and repeated the same words again. I cleaned the cd and tried again. It still played the same words.

I was scared now so I locked my door and listened to the silence. I could hear boots walking down the hall. I looked in the key hole and saw someone walking down the hall. I quickly called the police and they came. They found her 17 year old brother hiding in the bathroom. He said he was waiting for me when they questioned him.

The next day I found the note in the cd case when I put it. I opened it and read. "When my brother raped me he told me he would rape you next. I promise no matter what I wont let that happen. Love, Annie." And I think she kept the promise.

Sent in by Becky

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Is This Ghost My Great Grandma Or Someone Else?

I'm going to say right now that this isn't a scary so sorry to bum anyone out. I lost my great grandma a couple of years ago and it hit my mom, brother, and I pretty hard. About a year after her passing I was using the computer when I notice my kitchen get darker (only had the light above the sink on and the light about the computer on) I looked into the kitchen and saw the sink light off. Confused I got up and switched it in the off position then turned it back on and it worked! I sat down again and noticed the light off again.

Annoyed I said, "if someone is there and is turning the light off please turn it back on" just as I said that it did. I was curious now so I decided to test it.

"can you please turn it off?" it turned off.

"have you been here a while? Turn it on for yes turn it off for no" it turned on. I was now excited. It didn't feel anything bad and my house was built by my parents a year before I was born.

"do you know me?" it turned of then back on to show it's answer was yes. My brother walked in to see the light respond to me and just stared from the light to me.

"are you going to hurt me or my brother?" a NO

"my mom?" still no

"well it's nice talking to you so can you please turn the light back on and leave it please?" it turned on and stayed that way for the rest of the night but I think it still wants to talk because the security system beeps when a door or window opens and I kept checking everything every time it beeped before finally leaving it alone.

I also think it might be my great grandpa because he died before my mom was a teen but my great grandma had told my mom when I was born and as a kid I looked just like my great grandpa only in girl form.

Every time I put something up in the pantry in can stay there for months without falling. It only happens to me and normally when I'm by myself. I walked in from school the other week and a can that had been in there for ameboid suddenly fell out. I was used to this by now so I said "alright let me get changed and put my bag down then I'll pick it up."

I told my mom about it every time it happened and she smiled or laughed sometimes but took me seriously and said " maybe your great grandma is trying to tell you to clean something or someone clearly wants you attention."

A few last things to mention: I found out a while ago that I'm a empathist (?) and just a few weeks ago I found out that I'm starting to become a Slider. When my mom's heart hurts I feel it as if it were my own and the distance doesn't matter.

I thank you for reading and look forward to comments


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Strange Feelings And Sightings

Okay, so this story might not be as creepy as any of the others but it really happened. I was quite young when this happened.

I was home alone for a little while and I went to the bathroom to run some water so I could bath and as I bent over I felt some one grab my waist (in the way that most people would use to give others a fright) and I jumped up and swung my arm around hoping to hit the person, but as I fully turned I realized there was no one there but I could still feel something touching me.

I ran to my room and it felt as if I was being watched, I could feel that I wasn't alone and I walked into the corner of my room and calmly said " please go away" it immediately stopped and I felt much better so I walked around the house trying to find this thing but I didn't feel anything in any of the rooms so I left it for a while.

A couple days afterwards I had trouble sleeping so I sat in bed and played on my cellphone and I suddenly heard the latch on my backdoor open, and I heard door close and open along with the door handles moving, but I left it because I knew it couldn't hurt me.

The strange things kept coming, until I started hearing things, I heard people, and a little girl call my name, it was weird but I still knew it couldn't hurt me mentally or physically but then I started seeing things in my head that felt very real. I would see something next to me in my room or in the bathroom but I was able to stop them from touching me, for some reason some of these things were afraid of me when I looked them in the eyes which I found really weird.

I knew how to get rid of the seeing and hearing things and I done what I had to and the seeing and hearing things stopped. I was told that from a very young age I've been surrounded by many supernatural things which explains why I wasn't afraid of these things and I have many more stories including the time I played Bloody Mary to prove to my friends that I wasn't afraid of anything living or dead, to be honest I didn't see anything the night I done that while my cousin said she saw something, thanks for reading I know some of this might be confusing and I'm sorry if it is.

Sent in by bee

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thumping From The Bedroom

I was pregnant with my third child. My oldest daughter was living with her boyfriend my second child was away for the night only myself an my boyfriend was at home when around 1 am I woke to the sounds of very loud banging and thumping as if someone was jumping off my daughters bed onto the floor but not like you would hear a child playing jumping from their bed to the floor, this was heavy.

I woke my boyfriend. He was half asleep and said to me that's just Lisa. I told him remember she is not home. He jumped out of bed and I followed. The noise was so loud, so demanding like. As we reached to open the bedroom door the thumping stopped. We enter, nothing, completely nothing.
Just as my boyfriend went to close the door it started straight up again. He flung the door open, it stopped but the room was feeling colder. I started to freak. I got my bible and as we walked through the room I said demanding that whatever was here was to leave. Then we walked out and closed the door.

Again the thumping began to go off. My boyfriend, a very sensible practical guy, looked at me and said, "look whatever it is it can't seem to come out of the room so just don't panic, it will stop."

I sat up all night listening to that sound, it scared me. It finally did stop just as the sun was coming up. It never happened again.

This is a true story through out my family from my grandmother there has been many unexplained things that has happen within our family but I seem to have gotten a bigger dose of it then some of my cousins or brothers and sisters. I have experienced things since I was five years old.

Sent in by Donna

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Parents Haunted House In Santa Cruz

Well my parents were just about to buy a house in Santa Cruz CA and they found out that on the joining wall that there was a murderer and the husband and wife were getting in a divorce and the husband shot the wife then his daughter then himself.

WELL oddly my parents bought it! and years into buying it weird stuff started happening. The TV would always change channels and land on a kids channel. Then they had this old clock full of mercury and it ran on batteries and one day my parents took the batteries out but it ended up ticking. We still have that clock it doesn't do that anymore.

My parents also had a waterbed and my dad was home by himself when he was about to fall asleep when it felt like someone pushed the waterbed down and he bounced up.

A housekeeper was taking a nap when she woke up to see a dark figure standing over her. She immediately got her stuff and left.

My mom was home alone when she was sitting on the can (toilet) when a man screamed in her ear she said go away.

Nothing ever happened again but I saved the scariest thing that happened in that house for last. My dad had a collection of antique steak knifes that his mom gave him hanging over the door and once she opened the door one fell right in front of her it didn't hit her thank goodness.

After hearing my parents tell these experiences I will never buy a house were a murder happened.

Sent in by Bryce

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Drone Images

Viewing Nova's "Rise of the Drones" perked my interest and caused me to do a little extended research.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones come in various shapes and sizes. Although generally controlled by someone on the ground, they can also be operated by on board computers.

The Robobee

The Robobee weighing less than a tenth of a gram and half the size of a paper clip - was designed to help with the declining bee population. These robot bees would be capable of flower pollination, climate mapping, traffic monitoring and surveillance.

The Robobee

The Dragonfly DelFly

(another very small drone) has a vision system consisting of a tiny computer and two cameras. The computer processes the images from those cameras in much the same way humans do, essentially giving it 3D vision. Intended uses include everything from detecting ripe fruit in greenhouses, mapping abandoned buildings to masquerading as fairies at a theme park.

The Dragonfly DelFly

The Predator

 The most recognizable and combat-proven Unmanned Aircraft System is the Predator. It is the first weaponized UAS, features precision air-to-ground weapons delivery capability and is extremely reliable. Its performance is greatly enhanced by its Electro-optical/Infrared video cameras. However, those cameras have a limited field of view and details of key objects can be lost when objects get out of range.

Predator Drone

The Argus-IS

 The Argus-IS (Autonomous Real-Time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imaging System) moves several steps forward. Its highly defined camera - developed by combining 368 imagining chips (like those in a cell phone camera) - results in a 1.8 billion pixel image stream. It can be attached to the belly of an UAV like the Predator resulting in an incredibly detailed view of a large area such as a medium size city. From 17,500 feet up (roughly equal to 3-½ miles), objects as small as 6″ can be seen. On display, it is possible to open a window showing a detailed area while still maintaining the broader context.

Scientists will continue to develop highly refined cameras that can see smaller objects from longer distances with clarity. Regardless of one's opinion of the desirability of this kind of surveillance, it is here and will inevitably be used for good and for bad.

I try to remember that what I see is just part of the picture. There is a broader context to my life and yours. God sees everything - big and small. We are never out of range. His perspective is unique. At the same time, He knows every detail and the whole story - the beginning and the end. His purposes are pure and good. I'm grateful He is in control.

"Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to who we must give account" (Heb. 4:13, NIV).

Rise of The Drones

Drones. These unmanned flying robots–some as large as jumbo jets, others as small as birds–do things straight out of science fiction. Much of what it takes to get these robotic airplanes to fly, sense, and kill has remained secret. But now, with rare access to drone engineers and those who fly them for the U.S. military, NOVA reveals the amazing technologies that make drones so powerful as we see how a remotely-piloted drone strike looks and feels from inside the command center. From cameras that can capture every detail of an entire city at a glance to swarming robots that can make decisions on their own to giant air frames that can stay aloft for days on end, drones are changing our relationship to war, surveillance, and each other. And it's just the beginning. Discover the cutting edge technologies that are propelling us toward a new chapter in aviation history as NOVA gets ready for "Rise of the Drones."

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