Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Parents Haunted House In Santa Cruz

Well my parents were just about to buy a house in Santa Cruz CA and they found out that on the joining wall that there was a murderer and the husband and wife were getting in a divorce and the husband shot the wife then his daughter then himself.

WELL oddly my parents bought it! and years into buying it weird stuff started happening. The TV would always change channels and land on a kids channel. Then they had this old clock full of mercury and it ran on batteries and one day my parents took the batteries out but it ended up ticking. We still have that clock it doesn't do that anymore.

My parents also had a waterbed and my dad was home by himself when he was about to fall asleep when it felt like someone pushed the waterbed down and he bounced up.

A housekeeper was taking a nap when she woke up to see a dark figure standing over her. She immediately got her stuff and left.

My mom was home alone when she was sitting on the can (toilet) when a man screamed in her ear she said go away.

Nothing ever happened again but I saved the scariest thing that happened in that house for last. My dad had a collection of antique steak knifes that his mom gave him hanging over the door and once she opened the door one fell right in front of her it didn't hit her thank goodness.

After hearing my parents tell these experiences I will never buy a house were a murder happened.

Sent in by Bryce

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  1. I would be very interested in speaking with you and/or your parents more about this? Is there any current activity? I am part of the pocal Santa Cruz Ghost hunters and wonder if your parents would be open to an investigation to possibly help the spirits to the other side. Look forward to your reply



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