Friday, May 28, 2010

Ghosts Cause Tragedy (one third eye opens)

This is the Story of a man named Ethan Cabreir who is my closest friend. Ethan is now 30 years old and married. But Ethan's life is a masked tragedy that caused him to be connected to the paranormal.

5 years ago when Ethan was still 25, Ethan met this pretty girl named Leanna Liberty (call her Leah). Ethan really liked the girl that he decided to go out with her. Soon enough for maybe 2 years or so...they were gonna get married.

Leah was really sensitive and she could feel paranormal forces surrounding her. Ethan was a skeptic who didn't believe in ghosts. One day...Ethan decided to go first in the store nearby to buy some wine. Lea was really nervous and said "Ethan dear...please don't go least not today...I feel something bad is gonna happen today..." she said "sweetheart how many times do I have to tell you that everything will be fine...our wedding is tomorrow, NOTHING can go wrong" Ethan replied a little annoyed "Ethan please....please don't" she begged "just once...please" "hun...I'm not taking any more of this...I'm going out to buy wine and NOTHING IS GONNA HAPPEN!" he said soothingly "Oh fine! Leave me here for all I care!" she faced her back on him and went to her room...

Ethan went to the store still chuckling at his fiancé's behavior. "She is so silly" he muttered. Meanwhile, at home, Leah was really nervous and she was already shivering even though outside it was scorching hot. then she saw a white flash on her window which was made of frosted glass. She closed her eyes and opened them again and the white stuff was gone... she just breathe and she lay down on the bed. "oh Ethan...come home..." she prayed and then she heard moaning...strange inhuman moaning that seem to call her name..... "leeeeaaaah....Leeeeeaaaaaah!" then she saw black, floating veiled figures and white figures with no faces. she screamed.

"Oh My Gosh! Please no! why? what do you want?" then...things floated everywhere, tables, chairs, books, pens....knives... and all of them rushed to her....even the faceless things and all the floating objects flew at her at a frightening speed that when she attempted to dodge...... it was too late Leanna is dead and she will never breath and speak again...

Then....ethan arrived. he was ringing the doorbell but no answer came. He was alarmed with the silence of the house. "she's probably praying right now cause she's scared" he muttered. He turned the keys on the door and heard the click of the door. It was quiet...too quiet that it was feels...dead "Leah!!! Leah I'm home! Leah dear no need to be scared now!!!" he yelled and heard his echo...

"Leah! come on now! don't scare me! Cut it out Leah!" when he still heard silence he rushed to Leah's room and gasped on the sight that welcomed him...

Mess...nothing but mess....and amidst of the mess is the crumpled, broken, bleeding and twisted body of Leah. "Leah! Leah! TALK TO ME LEAH!" he screamed shaking violently the dead body. "COME ON LEAH! STOP IT!" he screamed and felt for a pulse... no pulse then behind him, he heard a noise...a strange moan....and he turned around and to his horror saw a faceless white creature...

"her soul belongs to us.... give her to us!" it screeched in an inhuman voice.

"NEVER! YOU KILLED LEAH!" then he threw the strange pendant Leah gave him at the creature and slowly...It melted into a bubbling goo pool.....the pendant though remained unharmed by the acid-like goo.

For Years he wasted his life drinking and smoking and staying alone in his house moaning uncontrollably until he picked himself up and searched about the pendant and the creature...

The creature happens to be a Asmeeanare (Az-me-a-nare) Faceless mage... a creature created only of different avenging spirits merged together to form a murderous creature that hunts down mediums and those who have third eyes....the pendant served as a repellant for them....and he was the only one who had a says once you see a person killed by the Faceless mage...and you are wearing the repellant, your third eye automatically opens....

Ever since that day...he could see spirits floating by everyday. And he could still see Leah from time to time...smiling or waving at him...

Now that he's Lillian Osrov....he never ever left her alone at home...

Written by Samantha Jones, Copyright 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Poor Preparation

I have been around the topic of paranormal events all my life. It was not something I would have volunteered or wanted to do. I would have preferred to be as blind and as stupid as the people around me. Knowing what I know has set me aside, and for a very long time caused me nothing by trouble, made me feel unwanted, unwelcome and isolated.

Now a days, a lot of people think anyone can gather a group of people who are as ignorant about this subject as themselves and just go out and do investigations. They have no idea what they are getting themselves into. They have no idea what kind of inorganic beings they will confront, and what their intentions are. A person who is about to conduct such an investigation has to understand that inorganic begins have only one use for a living person. The dark forces that exists on this plain remain here for one purpose, and its not to answer stupid questions, help you find gold, or do harm upon a person after you ask them. They are here to feed upon your life force.

This is not make believe. This is not just another scary story meant to cause you sleepless nights and scare your friends. Its the truth. There are very few average people who have been able to defeat their arrogance enough to accept that they don't know enough to be doing what they're doing. These people accomplish one of two things, and both of them are horrible. They get themselves possessed by an entity who drains their life force over a period of years, then jumps on their children, wife, husband or anyone else who is around them. Or they become slaves to these forces and they other get stupid people to come into the entity's presences so it can feed upon you. Either way you loose, and loose big.

My own personal experience taught me this and it was not pleasant to believe that someone I'd know would so easily bring me in as food for it's master. Here is my story.

I live in Stockton, California one of the most haunted places in California. It has a horrible, ugly history of evil because of the native Americans, Chinese, Japanese and Mexican people the European invaders murdered for their lands, gold or just for fun. I was attending Delta College, the only Jr college in town. I'd been studying this topic all my life and was under the direct tutelage of don Jesus Ramirez, a Mexican Shaman who taught me more things that I could ever convey in a short story.

I decided to take a mediation class form a woman who was teaching mediation at the college. I met her and right away I perceived she had a powerful energy, but what confused me was that she was using her energy to convey a sexual message to me. I thought it was funny because she was 60 years old, or older at the time, but still very attractive. I'd learned over the years that many average people will confuse a powerful personal energy for sexual attraction, so I thought nothing about it. She had super bright eyes and a great smile. I attended her classes, which I learned were only introduction classes and meant to lure students into her own group which she taught out of her home. I was invited to join her group and take classes from her. I accepted but mostly out of curiosity, as I " saw" she could not teach me about energy, as she was miss using her own, and deliberately mixing it with a sexual context. I thought it might be interesting to see who else was in her group.

I noted that her energy was completely tuned into me and convey a very powerful sexual message. Her manners, smiles, gestures and behaviors were are deliberately now focused on seduces me. I was not concerned, as I have had similar experiences with lots of women, and I've not allowed my energy to intermingle with theirs, as I've learned that sexual behavior has a lot of baggage attached to it, and its not a simple physical experience. Her sexual baiting, messaging and seduction continued. I simply bypassed it, ignored, or simply did not respond to it. After several weeks I went to her home. She always served tea as she conducted her individual class. I love tea, but for some reason, I did not drink the tea that day. I latter realized she used it to help sedate her new students. She began her lesson with a mediation as usual, and as I sat there with my eyes closed I felt a powerful and very large entity enter the room and stand right before me. I could sense its presence almost on top of me, but my own awareness was forcing it away from me. As I sat there with eyes closed, I was locked in a struggle to not only resist the entities desire subjugate me, I was also having to force it away from me. The entire time she continued her class as if nothing were happening. I knew that an advanced student of power would have known what was going on, she pretended she didn't.

I was not afraid because I'd had a very powerful teacher, who'd given me the necessary knowledge to deflect the entities attack. I simply shut off my inner voice, and hid my spirit form it by not indulging into the experience of the attack. The entity, and the woman who brought me in so it could feed upon me were completely taken by surprised. As the class ended I asked her directly to tell me who it was that came into the room and stood in front of me, and attempted to suck my energy. She did not know what to say, as she had no idea I could "see" her and the creator who must have been ten feet tall, it was male, it was hungry, and it was not kind, or nice. It did not give a damn about helping me, and was just using her as a lure so it could feed upon whomever she brought into its presence.

After a few moments she smiled, and said "it was my teacher". I smiled and asked, that was your teacher, what was it doing trying to enter me, and if it was your teacher, what the hell does it want with me. She denied that it had any evil intentions, or that I attempted to invade my body. She was lying, and blind man could have seen it. Even a blind man would have know that monster was not there to serve her, or me, it was there feeding on her, and I was to be next. It was unable to do so, because, unlike her other students, I was more advanced in my spiritual development than her, and unwilling to surrender.

She explained she had been 20 years old or younger and met the son of Steinbeck at Woodstock. She explained that she had been on acid with him for over a week, when this entity had approached her and asked to be her teacher. She had accepted it as her teacher, and it had been with her for over 40 years. During that time she'd been divorced three times, had dozens of sexual affairs, and was now living with a cop. She was trying to make a living by selling stuff on eBay, and teaching classes.

She validated my suspicions completely. The entity was not her guide, as it had not helped her, it had sucked her energy for over 20 years, caused her 3 divorces, got her involved in dozens of sexual affairs and not done a damn thing for her, except feed upon her, and those around her. Her entire logic about having a guide to help her though life was a complete lie. I explained what I saw, what I felt, and why I rejected her beliefs. I rejected her as my teacher, left and never returned.

Today, she is still teaching her classes, still using her classes to lure in other food for the monster that keeps her sick, but not too sick. It helps her make a little money, but never enough to really do well. She is always chasing the dollar, never happy, and never at peace. The entity she calls a "spirit guide", just Sylvia Brown is just sucking, and will continue to do so until it kills her. It will then move to her children, or someone else who is around her.

Possession is more common than anyone can imagine, and for the most part it is voluntary. Well meaning, but very stupid people willingly volunteer to become food for these entities. These are the same entities that idiot, adventure seekers go out to find when they go out to do "investigations".

I'd suggest everyone across the board give up the idea that seeking spirits, talking with them, or using them is free. The ultimate currency in the universe is energy. You have what they want, and they will take it form you if you allow them to. I suggest you go to The Toltec Institute, web site get the book The Sorcerer's Secrets, study it for three years, ask questions, challenge yourself to learn, don't accept common knowledge as wisdom, for the most part, it is also common ignorance. Stop looking for gurus, guides, angels or other teachers. Start at the beginning, with yourself. Defeat your own demons before you go out seeking to battle someone else's.

Death is stalking us, and will touch us soon enough. Don't look into its eyes, you'll find nothing knowing, and die, as you lived. An egotistical fool, unable to believe what anyone told because you thought you knew better.

Good luck.

Sent in by Blues Boxing, Copyright 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

They Told Me Vampire are the Real Deal

So, I won't waste space telling about me realizing paranormal stuff from childhood. We have been through that, let's skip that.

So, I meet those people who tell me that they are the real deal. They confirm me being a vampire. Tell me stuff they know, though I must say, not enough. It's not like you walk around miserable all your life and then find out you're not human.

They told me about Elders, Guardians, aging, strength, etc. you know, stuff you're talking about here. So, I read a little here, and I must say - it all matches. But, oh yeah, there is big but. No one told me about 1000 - 5000 years of life span. Are you serious?

I mean, are we really, like, corpses and stuff? Like - how about those who were born that way? You can't be born as a corpse.

They told me also about kind of a... rebirth. The memories that come back during your first years in new body (supposing that soul just finds another body, continuing existence as vampire)... So, if those are not dreams, I kinda am killed all the time. If those are memories as they say to me, because then those are realistic dreams with pain and emotions and stuff. I mean, c'mon.

I knew who I was before them, you know, it's just something you know. Like, an arrow with lights is pointing at you with a sign saying "not normal" on it. I even once bit my classmate really badly and I was just a kid, (he insulted me, and I felt sudden anger and just instinct made me bite him ... long story. He was in shock, still is not talking to me quite normally).

Guys, c'mon. They tell me those things, I'm in shock. Now I find this website where it seems everyone is a real deal, and the shock is even bigger.

Sent in by 'Beyond', Copyright 2010

Eddie Inglesiese the Voice of a Vampire

Okay, the voice has stopped (for now) So I have decided it is time to tell you all my story.

As far as he knows he has no name, he was born 1726 and at the age of 17 he died and found himself in a dark room, 1743 was the year he changed, he found he was a vampire. He was found by a family in an Italian village, he has no idea who his family were. This family who found him gave him a new name and a new life, they knew what he was and although he didn't remember anything he knew that most Italian families probably didn't know much about what he was.

267 years later he is in the United Kingdom, reaching out to anyone willing to listen, he wants to convey a message to everyone through me and find a family he had once lost.

Why did he choose me? He chose me because of how lonely he feels, he felt my loneliness and he thought he found someone who understood how he felt. He keeps saying he'll protect me and nothing will happen to me.

Two years ago was when my life had changed completely, first I started hearing this voice and then a whole lot of other things had began. After the voice came the demonic beings watching me and trying to hurt me, then there was the pain.... The dreams followed after that and then I wasn't the confident, daredevil little girl I used to be, I became a researcher, a girl who kept all of her feeling bottled up inside.

Well I tell a lie, the voice started a week after a dream I had. I dreamt I was at a school and I sat in a car with this man with long hair and dark eyes he asked me "do you want to be a vampire?" At first I said yes then I changed my mind but by then it was too late and he bit into my skin, my neck hurt badly and I woke up and that was when I had my first dream.

So was the dream the reason I hear this voice? I do not know, all I know is that this voice could either be looking after me like he says or he's a demon trying to hurt me.

Believe what you want but I don't think I'm crazy, not anymore.

Written by Louise Chapman, Copyright 2010?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Whispers in the Wind a Vampire Tale

I want to show all of you here just how EASY it is to perpetrate a hoax in our modern age, the following is a bit of creative writing I and my friend McLeod had put together, originally the idea was to post it and continue the rouse for a bit to show just how easily deceived we allow ourselves to be at times. But the more I thought on it, I began to feel pure guilt for wanting to deceive, and knew I would be only lowering my own standards just to prove a point. After consulting with Mcleod and with his permission I have decided to instead just post it " as is " to show you what a few well thought and well spun ideas can be woven into.

Many of you here have come to respect me and my opinions and for that I am truly honored and flattered and did not want to lose the faith of my true friends or those who have come to rely or enjoy my commentary.

So I now present to you "Whispers in the Wind " a FICTIONAL tale I penned with the help of McLeod, please enjoy it for what it is... PURE ESCAPISM.

Whispers in the Wind

I may not count as a one hundred percent 'encounter', as one would say. Since I am not standing in front of you in the flesh.

Why am I coming forward? Because many cast doubt upon my identity and not mine alone. There are others like myself.  We are however,  a dieing "breed".

It is alright if anyone is to cast judgment upon my kind, in fact I welcome it, to doubt is to be human, and I welcome the protection it brings.

Of all things we are, we are not liars, When it comes to ourselves anyway.

I must start by saying that I have read many numerous accounts upon this site, and I am not writing of those who claim to be as I.

I am writing about the accounts of legends and myths. I have read the tales of Cain and Lilith, and others. I myself am not here to tell you that they are true. As interesting as the stories are, I in fact, do not know.

I do not know who the first "Vampire" was, I quote as Vampire, because the term itself disturbs me, for they have been labeled monsters, I myself am not a monster, or at least I don't feel that I am.

I strive to survive just as any other creature on this earth, including humans. If I were to be honest, I would say of all creatures, Humans are the true monsters.

Through the ages I have witnessed so many wrong doings, innocents being killed in the name of "Vampire", or witchcraft and so on. It is no different today, as it was then. Perhaps it is the idea of torture that humans strive for, I am not sure of this anymore. It just saddens me, although I am cursed to walk the earth labeled a monster, in some ways I am also grateful, because I have seen what has become of humanity, and tis not a thing one should be proud of.

I have also read many questions  upon this site, some directed towards those who say they are also "vampires", I will not tell you who is or who is not a "Vampire" as you say, that is not for me to disclose, and I refuse to be part of any games. I believe that is amongst you as readers to decipher. As I was saying though. I have read many questions pertaining to the subject at hand. Questions of  "How do you survive? Where do you get your money? and How do you stay hidden?

Let me ask each of you this, How does a homeless person survive?  When you cast an animal aside and make it to fend for itself, does it not do it?  Is survival not a part of nature?  It is not a secret that each and every living thing upon this earth is fighting for survival.. I am a living breathing soul, I do what I can to survive, I am not the monster portrayed in film or books. I am as any creature, living my life, striving for survival. I may not be able to go into the sunlight, but that does not make me a monster. I chose to stay in the darkness, due to fear, fear for my life, not because the sun could kill me, more because the fear of other humans. I guess one could say it is my compulsion now to live in the dark, why? because I have become adjusted to the night, when I do enter the sunlight, it not only hurts my eyes, but my head as well, I also burn easily, maybe this is due to living life in the night time only. I suppose I could slowly adjust to the sun again, but as I have said, It has become almost a compulsion to avoid it. perhaps a lot is due to the past fears, even today, I find some things hard to overcome. My eyes are no different then any other human eye color, in fact, mine are Hazel in shade. They do not glow red, however, I do chuckle at that. Perhaps that comes from misconceptions of those in the past, or within the books written. I am not so illiterate that I am unable to use the technologies of today, including a computer, as I have said survival is about adaptation and its preposterous to me that anyone should claim otherwise.

If only our " kinds " could co-exist, think of what we could share and learn together, not just for today but for tomorrow. could not someone who has been a living witness to triumph and tragedy prove useful? could not the longevity we possess help when it comes to some of your "kinds" best and brightest minds? this is and always has been what we have sought, to help humanity is to help ourselves for we are in fact... human.

Sent in by Nevaeh, Copyright 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Saw a Vampire in Kentucky Twice

OK here goes nothing. When I was about 11 years old, it was a typical school day and following night. I went to bed as usual and a couple of hours later I woke up to see a man standing in front of my window. The odd thing was his eyes, even though it was dark and the street lights were shining behind him I could still see his eyes. The rest of him was in shadow. We locked eyes for a few minutes and then I pulled the covers over my head. The next day I pulled the blinds and never opened them again.

A couple of years later we moved to a different house and when I was 16 he came to me again. I know for sure that it was him. It was an unconscious thing, a sort of connection.

I found out later on through years of research and thinking that I was a nut case that he began my awakening. This is a term that us vamps use that means our vampire within is brought forth. I had no idea before this that I would ever be a vampire let alone believe it.

Now as far as my visitor goes I believe that he was a full-fledged vamp were I am what I call a mortal vampire. I don't know about the life length of a full vamp. I just know about what I am. If you have any questions please ask and please don't judge.

Sent in by Angel

I Saw a Vampire in Kentucky Twice

OK here goes nothing. When I was about 11 years old, it was a typical school day and following night. I went to bed as usual and a couple of hours later I woke up to see a man standing in front of my window. The odd thing was his eyes, even though it was dark and the street lights were shining behind him I could still see his eyes. The rest of him was in shadow. We locked eyes for a few minutes and then I pulled the covers over my head. The next day I pulled the blinds and never opened them again.

A couple of years later we moved to a different house and when I was 16 he came to me again. I know for sure that it was him. It was an unconscious thing, a sort of connection.

I found out later on through years of research and thinking that I was a nut case that he began my awakening. This is a term that us vamps use that means our vampire within is brought forth. I had no idea before this that I would ever be a vampire let alone believe it.

Now as far as my visitor goes I believe that he was a full-fledged vamp were I am what I call a mortal vampire. I don't know about the life length of a full vamp. I just know about what I am. If you have any questions please ask and please don't judge.

Sent in by Angel, Copyright 2010

Frozen Yet Moving

I have no experience with vampires, they are just the new phenomenon. I have read about them since before a vampire was something to fall in love with and it has become some what of an escape.

I think the reason why there is so much attention on them is not because of the danger(although quit apparent) it is one of jealousy. We want so much to be entangled in a world where we are bigger than the everyday mundane lives that we all seem to live. We want to know we live for something more than to just live and die. The vampire is seen as a creature not apart of this world but merely visiting.The outsider who can bite back.

We want so badly to be in such control, to have such ability, that we familiarize ourselves with the vampire and slowly but surely play them down to a level we would be comfortable with. Comfortable enough to talk to, to touch, to befriend. I haven't figured out if this is a good thing or a bad thing yet but one thing is for sure I prefer them as the mystery they are.

If they were in such close reach to me, would I reach back? Would you? It makes you think how much you would be willing to give up to join something you only think you know.

We are frozen in such ideas, thoughts, and stories. constantly digging and hoping we find more. But at the same time we live these lives that are not something we want. Reality collides into us day after day and all we do is shove it back because we don't want what it offers. We want something we don't know. So I guess what I'm getting to is not weather they exist or not, or even if they are something we don't want to come across or someone we want to love, but why we would want to be apart of it and what we do for it?

Sent in by BeautyinRuins, Copyright 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Do Witches Still Exist?

Do witches still exist? Well of course they do, they started to evolve around the 1800's. A lot of black magic was done to protect them from certain events and even to show how powerful they were. Like one year in the 1980's in a country in Africa (Kenya) there were reports of raining frogs and fishes, it was the most mysterious event that ever occurred, it sure had a lot of people guessing.

Had it ever dawned on people that these were the works of witches, some witches do these things for fun. There's a lot of mysterious things that happen in this world, things that people don't want to get involved in, things that people are truly afraid of, things that are not of human or regular understanding, that is when people like myself and other interested parties step in. We've uncovered a lot of things and realize that witches and warlocks were behind these events.

My fellow Americans there is a higher power to the darkside, rituals and sacrifices are done everyday with devil worshiping clubs, they change their appearance to look like me and you but only if you knew what they do on their spare time. All the witches and warlocks gather in one place to restore to them more power. Some people like us may be these kinds of people and they may walk and talk like us, they may even live next door to you, they may be one of your co-workers, they might even be in your family. Watch out for them stay alert for any funny action any mysterious acts, because there main day of the year is Halloween so they can lure children into eating their poison candy with razors, needles and crushed up glass inside of them so if you're a parent you might want to check that.

Witches and warlocks are real and they dwell in the four corners of the earth, my fellow Americans just be more cautious... The things that I have written are very true and please respect the fact that people all around need to be aware that it is possible.

By Kinita Burton, Copyright 2010


Would you like to learn the truth about such things as Witches, Wicca, Wizards and Magic? Seperate myth from fact and learn about the origins and practice of Magic

Witches Wiccans and Magick ~ Traditions and History

Contrary to popular belief, Wicca is NOT an old religion! It is NOT the “old ways”. Wicca was founded in the early 1950’s by a man named Gerald Gardner. Gardner was initiated into a coven of Witches that practiced the “old Religion” in England in the late 1930’s when England still had witchcraft laws in effect making it illegal to practice any form of the craft. When the laws were repelled in the early 50’s, Gardner broke away from his coven claiming that the information he had received was too sparse for his liking. He then went on to form his own covens combining his knowledge from the Free Masons and the Order of the Golden Dawn (having supposedly been a member of both) and of ceremonial magic. This was the beginning of Wicca and the start of what we know as the “Gardnerian Tradition”.


Origins Myths and Truths about Witchcraft and Witches

What comes to mind when you think of a witch? If it is the fearsome, cackling hag leaning over a boiling cauldron or a silhouette in the moon of an old woman in a pointed hat flying her broomstick... nothing could be further from the truth. Witches have had many misconceptions throughout the years... one of the most heinous ones being that they were evil and deserved hanging or burning. Witch trials in both Europe and the colonies which would become the United States took place between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries because of the perceived threat against Christianity. Mass fear and negative images were used to further other agendas... which led to violence against people who were not even practicing what they were accused of.


Wicca - Origins, Moral Codes, Symbols, Magick and Truth

"Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill; as ye harm none, do what ye will" - taken from the Rede of the Wiccae Wicca itself is a comparatively new religion. It is classified as neopagan (or "new" pagan), although it does base many of its beliefs in the old ways. It is however a misconception that Wicca is ancient. It is based in the ancient ways, but Wicca itself was made popular in the 1950's by a man named Gerald Gardner.


The Wheel of the Year: The Eight Wiccan Sabbaths

The wheel of the year is a representation of the Earths yearly cycle. It is called “wheel of the year” because if you drew a circle and made eight lines all intersecting in the center, it would look similar to a wagon wheel. Each point on this circle represents a progression or an event as the seasons pass. Thus the wheel “turns” so to speak. Each turn of the wheel is celebrated in Wicca and other religions as well. Wiccans celebrate each turn of the wheel with something called a Sabbath. Sabbaths are solar celebrations just as Esbats are lunar celebrations. We are celebrating each season change and each midpoint in-between because we feel that these turns are important and each represent something different.


Wizards Warlocks and Sorcerers

Magic has been around since the beginning of time. Since humankind's inception, our species has been fascinated with how we as mere mortals can manipulate what is around us... creating something new and entirely different. Women who do this have been called "witches" for centuries... but the art of magic was not restricted to women alone. Christianity in medieval times referred to any male witch as a warlock. This word in its Old English origin is "waerloga" (one who breaks an oath or deceives). In Scottish lore, the word is often simply used to refer to a male witch. In modern Wicca, the word "witch" applies to both male and female, and most consider the term "warlock" an incorrect word.

The Old Ghost Man

I was like 6 years old when I saw this old creepy ghost man. Before I used to live in my old house in Astoria, Queens. This is what happened:

I woke up in the middle of the night and went to the kitchen to drink some water, but then I heard like the moan of somebody. I felt something pull me on my leg, but then fade away. I looked outside the window. I saw an old man. I knew he was a ghost because he was all white and you could see things through him (only a little, tiny bit.) I kept on staring. He barley did anything! The only thing he did was just stare at the street. The moon shined on him, but he had no shadow!


I took about three steps back because I was so scared! (Although I never thought about screaming because I never do and never will.) I always thought ghosts were real anyway. Still I thought maybe I was just seeing things. I looked back he wasn't there anymore!

Later I heard footsteps and felt somebody putting their cold hand on my shoulder and then fade away. I knew I wasn't alone in that room. That ghost was in my house I was scared and I wasn't I didn't really know. I even felt a eerie wind go through me, although all the windows were closed. I just fell to the floor and went to sleep.

When I woke up I was back in my room, but there was beautiful bracelet on my hand I have never seen before. I still have that bracelet until now. I already moved in another house, but not because of what happened, but because the house was to small. From this day and on I see things, hear things and where ever I go and eat if I look somewhere else for a while I then look back at my food, and it's like half eaten.

This is about a man that was always in my house, but I don't know who or what it really is.

By Ashley Cobos, Copyright 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

McCoin Farm Haunting

It was the first day of winter and it was raining and there was thunder outside. I had just moved in to a new home made in the late 1800's, it was called the McCoin farm. When I moved in I knew something wasn't right about this house but no one believed me.

I was in my room reading with the TV on like I did on Tuesdays. I stopped reading because I heard a strange sound, it was like a weak man saying "I will buy you the dog j-just don't hurt me!" I got scared like someone broke in and got my brother so I ran into his room, nobody was there. I was thinking I was just making myself believe there was someone in my room to move back so I just ignored it.

I lied on my bed and watched TV when my cross on my neck got cold. I took it off and put it in a heart glass where I keep my other crosses. I got up because I saw a reddish thing in my closet and when I did I freaked out. On the ground was a dead cat that was burned but still alive and it was my cat. I screamed
"MOM!" my mom ran up and asked me "What honey!" I pointed to the cat. My mom took it to the vet and it stayed there for two weeks to heal.

Later that night my bed felt wetish and I knew I don't pee the bed. I got up and clicked on the light. There on my bed was blood everywhere and a girl with a knife looking at me with an evil smile and walked to me. My mom's room is right next to mine so I screamed "Mom help, help, help!" She ran in the girl was gone. I was breathing hard holding my chest and my mom said "honey what's the matter?" I had no idea what just happened so I said "bad nightmare can I sleep with you for a while?" and my mom said "yes grab griaffey and come on."

The day after that I went to the library and grabbed a book on the McCoin farm. I went all the way back. I found what I wanted so I this is what it was. "a young woman was found killed and two young boys the daughter and father are OK but a little shocked" I went a few page's more and this was the last thing in a paper "Mickey McCoin was found killed and the daughter Jess had told the cops she has killed them all". I soon found out she killed them all in my room and she didn't believe in god.

I went home that night, put on my cross and told my mother. She said she knows she saw her today playing with your toys and she already called the ghost team. Before they came we had our house blessed he said at the beginning "in the name of the lord" then everything happened to me. I started getting hot and pale. I changed into a different person as Jess went into me. Jess made me evil! She said "there is no god your god is never going to save her before I kill her!" I felt a stabbing pain as I was fighting Jess out. Then when I got out I grabbed the cross that was on my neck and said a bible page. Then I grabbed my cross and put it over my head and yelled "In the name of the Lord I command you to leave forever!" Jess was gone forever.

I will never forget that place. They set all the other ghosts free too. I hope they are happy in heaven and Jess is sad in hell.

Sent in by Aurora Morrison, Copyright 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lilith a Poem

This poem is about perhaps the most ancient vampire of them all. Hope you like it anyway.

I was feeling dejected, drowning in a reservoir of my own sadness,
Sitting alone in the dark among the deepening shadows of despair,
Mourning a love gone forever, I felt myself on the edge of madness,
Waiting for death to come and release me from my melancholy fears,
Suddenly, a vivacious lady of pure wanton beauty stood before me,
She looked at me sullenly through strangely hypnotic dark eyes,
She smiled at me with a smile that held within it a deep mystery,
A smile that beckoned to me, but I couldn't help wondering why.
She introduced herself as Lilith and offered me her elegant hand,
I took it in mine, I kissed her fingers, and told her my own name,
As she sat beside me I felt an anxiousness I couldn't understand,
But I didn't know then, what I know now.
I didn't know her true aim.

I was mesmerized by the words of love she filled my thoughts with,
Seducing me with all her tales of the natural beauty of passion,
Telling me to relax, that it was much better to receive than to give,
Before too long we were naked together in an avaricious liaison.
I couldn't stop her, I seemed to be hypnotized by her seduction,
I tried to fight it, but it was so much easier to give into her lust,
I couldn't have known then that I was being used for reproduction,
To feed this monstrous demon created, like Adam, from the dust.
For how could I, a non believer, have known this Lilith was a devil?
When my atheistic learnings had taught me there was no such thing.
Now I'm racked with remorse and guilt at the part I played in her evil.
I'll never forget the horror of watching as she devoured her offspring!

Sent in by Borloff, Copyright 2010