Monday, May 17, 2010

Do Witches Still Exist?

Do witches still exist? Well of course they do, they started to evolve around the 1800's. A lot of black magic was done to protect them from certain events and even to show how powerful they were. Like one year in the 1980's in a country in Africa (Kenya) there were reports of raining frogs and fishes, it was the most mysterious event that ever occurred, it sure had a lot of people guessing.

Had it ever dawned on people that these were the works of witches, some witches do these things for fun. There's a lot of mysterious things that happen in this world, things that people don't want to get involved in, things that people are truly afraid of, things that are not of human or regular understanding, that is when people like myself and other interested parties step in. We've uncovered a lot of things and realize that witches and warlocks were behind these events.

My fellow Americans there is a higher power to the darkside, rituals and sacrifices are done everyday with devil worshiping clubs, they change their appearance to look like me and you but only if you knew what they do on their spare time. All the witches and warlocks gather in one place to restore to them more power. Some people like us may be these kinds of people and they may walk and talk like us, they may even live next door to you, they may be one of your co-workers, they might even be in your family. Watch out for them stay alert for any funny action any mysterious acts, because there main day of the year is Halloween so they can lure children into eating their poison candy with razors, needles and crushed up glass inside of them so if you're a parent you might want to check that.

Witches and warlocks are real and they dwell in the four corners of the earth, my fellow Americans just be more cautious... The things that I have written are very true and please respect the fact that people all around need to be aware that it is possible.

By Kinita Burton, Copyright 2010


Would you like to learn the truth about such things as Witches, Wicca, Wizards and Magic? Seperate myth from fact and learn about the origins and practice of Magic

Witches Wiccans and Magick ~ Traditions and History

Contrary to popular belief, Wicca is NOT an old religion! It is NOT the “old ways”. Wicca was founded in the early 1950’s by a man named Gerald Gardner. Gardner was initiated into a coven of Witches that practiced the “old Religion” in England in the late 1930’s when England still had witchcraft laws in effect making it illegal to practice any form of the craft. When the laws were repelled in the early 50’s, Gardner broke away from his coven claiming that the information he had received was too sparse for his liking. He then went on to form his own covens combining his knowledge from the Free Masons and the Order of the Golden Dawn (having supposedly been a member of both) and of ceremonial magic. This was the beginning of Wicca and the start of what we know as the “Gardnerian Tradition”.


Origins Myths and Truths about Witchcraft and Witches

What comes to mind when you think of a witch? If it is the fearsome, cackling hag leaning over a boiling cauldron or a silhouette in the moon of an old woman in a pointed hat flying her broomstick... nothing could be further from the truth. Witches have had many misconceptions throughout the years... one of the most heinous ones being that they were evil and deserved hanging or burning. Witch trials in both Europe and the colonies which would become the United States took place between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries because of the perceived threat against Christianity. Mass fear and negative images were used to further other agendas... which led to violence against people who were not even practicing what they were accused of.


Wicca - Origins, Moral Codes, Symbols, Magick and Truth

"Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill; as ye harm none, do what ye will" - taken from the Rede of the Wiccae Wicca itself is a comparatively new religion. It is classified as neopagan (or "new" pagan), although it does base many of its beliefs in the old ways. It is however a misconception that Wicca is ancient. It is based in the ancient ways, but Wicca itself was made popular in the 1950's by a man named Gerald Gardner.


The Wheel of the Year: The Eight Wiccan Sabbaths

The wheel of the year is a representation of the Earths yearly cycle. It is called “wheel of the year” because if you drew a circle and made eight lines all intersecting in the center, it would look similar to a wagon wheel. Each point on this circle represents a progression or an event as the seasons pass. Thus the wheel “turns” so to speak. Each turn of the wheel is celebrated in Wicca and other religions as well. Wiccans celebrate each turn of the wheel with something called a Sabbath. Sabbaths are solar celebrations just as Esbats are lunar celebrations. We are celebrating each season change and each midpoint in-between because we feel that these turns are important and each represent something different.


Wizards Warlocks and Sorcerers

Magic has been around since the beginning of time. Since humankind's inception, our species has been fascinated with how we as mere mortals can manipulate what is around us... creating something new and entirely different. Women who do this have been called "witches" for centuries... but the art of magic was not restricted to women alone. Christianity in medieval times referred to any male witch as a warlock. This word in its Old English origin is "waerloga" (one who breaks an oath or deceives). In Scottish lore, the word is often simply used to refer to a male witch. In modern Wicca, the word "witch" applies to both male and female, and most consider the term "warlock" an incorrect word.


  1. Hello,
    I am personally very grateful to the forces of darkness that have spared my life on several occasions. As a child I avoided a tree limb falling on me which would have killed me for sure, just so I could grow up to be a bona fide Wiccan cavorting with spirits, donating blood to the red cross yearly, and paying my taxes as well as making other types of mischief. Then at the end of last year I was seriously injured in a pedestrian/vehicle accident- I was the pedestrian, but of course that did not stop the power of "black magic" from protecting me so that I can heal, remain alive, and continue to perform all kinds of sinister acts of healing, not to mention serving the community as a social worker. I am very happy to be so powerfully protected so that I may enjoy a long happy life of donating to charities, supporting environmental causes and performing other such acts of evil such as voting and advocating for the rights of people, animals and the environment...that is in my spare time when I am not searching for children to eat...
    by the way, that was sarcasm for those hearing the loud "whoosh" as the point sails gracefully overhead.

  2. I want be a wizard( a good one)

  3. he travels in the darkness so he is never seen, you'll remember he came but forget that he's been.
    anyone EVER heard this??? i dont think itches are your problem...



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