Thursday, May 27, 2010

Poor Preparation

I have been around the topic of paranormal events all my life. It was not something I would have volunteered or wanted to do. I would have preferred to be as blind and as stupid as the people around me. Knowing what I know has set me aside, and for a very long time caused me nothing by trouble, made me feel unwanted, unwelcome and isolated.

Now a days, a lot of people think anyone can gather a group of people who are as ignorant about this subject as themselves and just go out and do investigations. They have no idea what they are getting themselves into. They have no idea what kind of inorganic beings they will confront, and what their intentions are. A person who is about to conduct such an investigation has to understand that inorganic begins have only one use for a living person. The dark forces that exists on this plain remain here for one purpose, and its not to answer stupid questions, help you find gold, or do harm upon a person after you ask them. They are here to feed upon your life force.

This is not make believe. This is not just another scary story meant to cause you sleepless nights and scare your friends. Its the truth. There are very few average people who have been able to defeat their arrogance enough to accept that they don't know enough to be doing what they're doing. These people accomplish one of two things, and both of them are horrible. They get themselves possessed by an entity who drains their life force over a period of years, then jumps on their children, wife, husband or anyone else who is around them. Or they become slaves to these forces and they other get stupid people to come into the entity's presences so it can feed upon you. Either way you loose, and loose big.

My own personal experience taught me this and it was not pleasant to believe that someone I'd know would so easily bring me in as food for it's master. Here is my story.

I live in Stockton, California one of the most haunted places in California. It has a horrible, ugly history of evil because of the native Americans, Chinese, Japanese and Mexican people the European invaders murdered for their lands, gold or just for fun. I was attending Delta College, the only Jr college in town. I'd been studying this topic all my life and was under the direct tutelage of don Jesus Ramirez, a Mexican Shaman who taught me more things that I could ever convey in a short story.

I decided to take a mediation class form a woman who was teaching mediation at the college. I met her and right away I perceived she had a powerful energy, but what confused me was that she was using her energy to convey a sexual message to me. I thought it was funny because she was 60 years old, or older at the time, but still very attractive. I'd learned over the years that many average people will confuse a powerful personal energy for sexual attraction, so I thought nothing about it. She had super bright eyes and a great smile. I attended her classes, which I learned were only introduction classes and meant to lure students into her own group which she taught out of her home. I was invited to join her group and take classes from her. I accepted but mostly out of curiosity, as I " saw" she could not teach me about energy, as she was miss using her own, and deliberately mixing it with a sexual context. I thought it might be interesting to see who else was in her group.

I noted that her energy was completely tuned into me and convey a very powerful sexual message. Her manners, smiles, gestures and behaviors were are deliberately now focused on seduces me. I was not concerned, as I have had similar experiences with lots of women, and I've not allowed my energy to intermingle with theirs, as I've learned that sexual behavior has a lot of baggage attached to it, and its not a simple physical experience. Her sexual baiting, messaging and seduction continued. I simply bypassed it, ignored, or simply did not respond to it. After several weeks I went to her home. She always served tea as she conducted her individual class. I love tea, but for some reason, I did not drink the tea that day. I latter realized she used it to help sedate her new students. She began her lesson with a mediation as usual, and as I sat there with my eyes closed I felt a powerful and very large entity enter the room and stand right before me. I could sense its presence almost on top of me, but my own awareness was forcing it away from me. As I sat there with eyes closed, I was locked in a struggle to not only resist the entities desire subjugate me, I was also having to force it away from me. The entire time she continued her class as if nothing were happening. I knew that an advanced student of power would have known what was going on, she pretended she didn't.

I was not afraid because I'd had a very powerful teacher, who'd given me the necessary knowledge to deflect the entities attack. I simply shut off my inner voice, and hid my spirit form it by not indulging into the experience of the attack. The entity, and the woman who brought me in so it could feed upon me were completely taken by surprised. As the class ended I asked her directly to tell me who it was that came into the room and stood in front of me, and attempted to suck my energy. She did not know what to say, as she had no idea I could "see" her and the creator who must have been ten feet tall, it was male, it was hungry, and it was not kind, or nice. It did not give a damn about helping me, and was just using her as a lure so it could feed upon whomever she brought into its presence.

After a few moments she smiled, and said "it was my teacher". I smiled and asked, that was your teacher, what was it doing trying to enter me, and if it was your teacher, what the hell does it want with me. She denied that it had any evil intentions, or that I attempted to invade my body. She was lying, and blind man could have seen it. Even a blind man would have know that monster was not there to serve her, or me, it was there feeding on her, and I was to be next. It was unable to do so, because, unlike her other students, I was more advanced in my spiritual development than her, and unwilling to surrender.

She explained she had been 20 years old or younger and met the son of Steinbeck at Woodstock. She explained that she had been on acid with him for over a week, when this entity had approached her and asked to be her teacher. She had accepted it as her teacher, and it had been with her for over 40 years. During that time she'd been divorced three times, had dozens of sexual affairs, and was now living with a cop. She was trying to make a living by selling stuff on eBay, and teaching classes.

She validated my suspicions completely. The entity was not her guide, as it had not helped her, it had sucked her energy for over 20 years, caused her 3 divorces, got her involved in dozens of sexual affairs and not done a damn thing for her, except feed upon her, and those around her. Her entire logic about having a guide to help her though life was a complete lie. I explained what I saw, what I felt, and why I rejected her beliefs. I rejected her as my teacher, left and never returned.

Today, she is still teaching her classes, still using her classes to lure in other food for the monster that keeps her sick, but not too sick. It helps her make a little money, but never enough to really do well. She is always chasing the dollar, never happy, and never at peace. The entity she calls a "spirit guide", just Sylvia Brown is just sucking, and will continue to do so until it kills her. It will then move to her children, or someone else who is around her.

Possession is more common than anyone can imagine, and for the most part it is voluntary. Well meaning, but very stupid people willingly volunteer to become food for these entities. These are the same entities that idiot, adventure seekers go out to find when they go out to do "investigations".

I'd suggest everyone across the board give up the idea that seeking spirits, talking with them, or using them is free. The ultimate currency in the universe is energy. You have what they want, and they will take it form you if you allow them to. I suggest you go to The Toltec Institute, web site get the book The Sorcerer's Secrets, study it for three years, ask questions, challenge yourself to learn, don't accept common knowledge as wisdom, for the most part, it is also common ignorance. Stop looking for gurus, guides, angels or other teachers. Start at the beginning, with yourself. Defeat your own demons before you go out seeking to battle someone else's.

Death is stalking us, and will touch us soon enough. Don't look into its eyes, you'll find nothing knowing, and die, as you lived. An egotistical fool, unable to believe what anyone told because you thought you knew better.

Good luck.

Sent in by Blues Boxing, Copyright 2010

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