Monday, May 24, 2010

They Told Me Vampire are the Real Deal

So, I won't waste space telling about me realizing paranormal stuff from childhood. We have been through that, let's skip that.

So, I meet those people who tell me that they are the real deal. They confirm me being a vampire. Tell me stuff they know, though I must say, not enough. It's not like you walk around miserable all your life and then find out you're not human.

They told me about Elders, Guardians, aging, strength, etc. you know, stuff you're talking about here. So, I read a little here, and I must say - it all matches. But, oh yeah, there is big but. No one told me about 1000 - 5000 years of life span. Are you serious?

I mean, are we really, like, corpses and stuff? Like - how about those who were born that way? You can't be born as a corpse.

They told me also about kind of a... rebirth. The memories that come back during your first years in new body (supposing that soul just finds another body, continuing existence as vampire)... So, if those are not dreams, I kinda am killed all the time. If those are memories as they say to me, because then those are realistic dreams with pain and emotions and stuff. I mean, c'mon.

I knew who I was before them, you know, it's just something you know. Like, an arrow with lights is pointing at you with a sign saying "not normal" on it. I even once bit my classmate really badly and I was just a kid, (he insulted me, and I felt sudden anger and just instinct made me bite him ... long story. He was in shock, still is not talking to me quite normally).

Guys, c'mon. They tell me those things, I'm in shock. Now I find this website where it seems everyone is a real deal, and the shock is even bigger.

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  1. wow i'm not surprised your in shock to find out your a vampire. i could only dream of being one so i'd say your lucky but that's just me. better to be a vampire than part of ahuman race that has no respect for itself where people kill for the hell of it. at least vamps do it just to survive

  2. Don't feel to bad about the school thing. Your not alone, when I was in grade school this kid kept picking on me constantly. Until one day out of nowhere he spat on me, my immediate response was to bite the tar out of his arm. Needless to say I got sent to the principles office.

    When were your turned do you remember the details?

  3. e hallsworth

    Every being has responsibility over their own actions, regardless if they are human or not. A human can kill in order to survive or for other reasons, just the same as any other creature. If one has distaste over their own race, then better yourself, to then prove that there is hope for humanity. Rather than just moan about the flaws in humanity, do something about it. There is infinite good as well as infinite evil, but which do we naturally hear about more?
    Just because there are a few dirty drops in an ocean, it does not make the entire ocean dirty.
    I bite; there is nothing peculiar about that. I just give a little warning beforehand.
    To wish one was a vampire is just being naive. There is a great difference between reality and fiction. What one wishes is to be like the romantic vampires portrayed in books and movies, not the actual reality of one.

  4. wanting to no moreMay 27, 2010 at 9:03 AM

    i understand what you are saying about more people wanting the vampire thing because of things such as twilight and other vampire movies i understand that is fiction but it still doesnt stop me wondering how much of it is true... do you really live forever..can u only come out at night and does it really take away you soul because if this is true how is it we no nothing about it ......but they must be some reality behind the fiction other wise were does it come from.... i have only just started becoming more curious about all this maybe im looking for a way out to not come to the end that has already been mapped out for me as soon as i was born i have reacuring dreams of being turned and wunder if it means anythin. i need a diffrent direction and i am drawn to this everytime i think .. all i no is if vampires are real and the fiction holds truth i want to be apart of that truth...

  5. hello wanting to no more. sounds like me n you are in the same place in life of wanting to be a vampire. i too have recurring thoughts and dreams and am always drawn to anything concerning vampires. i also do not want the end to come and wish to remain young. lets hope it's not fiction and that we realise our dreams

  6. Tell me something, why did you never had bloodthirstiness before ? So, you suddenly perceive oh, i´m a vampire ? sounds a wee bit strange to me. But i have to say, i cant insinuate you something because i dont now you .. . Please just answer my question.

  7. so i guess you'll be getting over the shock i to am a vampire but only a half blood. now usually people think of vampires and think there old correct? wrong i am only 18 but look like an 16 year old features wise. for many this is un belivable and so far i too find it diffucult to belive i can never grow older and for many of you who wish for this life honestly do not no how hard it is

  8. oh and forgot to mention about that half thing. I'm not halfblood. I have all characteristics of fullblood, as I was not born from any parent being half or anything like that, but reborn from once being actually turned. I also can't feel anything else inside of me besides connection with Lucifer, whom I mentioned already. Just these awkward abilities, psychic, probably something i might have gained being friends with those demons my memories push inside my head.
    So, just wanted to make clear that there is no halfblood stuff involved. but smth more like the other side [that sometimes switches on and does weird stuff].
    oh and, something not about this whole thing but interesting -
    you know how you normally get dejavu's ? well, I get them and instantly remember how i actually saw a dream a few years or month ago and it's more like dream coming true than a dejavu. and i've had dejavu's about having dejavu's. or instead of reality seeing in from of my eyes something that will happen in a few secons so it's like "a few seconds old dejavu"... maybe anyone has something alike that happened to you, guys?

  9. This all seems pretty out there to me. I have recently been pulled to investigating the Vampire Culture/History/Folklore. No real reason just a gut feeling to check things out it's been a gut feeling my whole life. I don't so I believe and I don't say I don't but that dejavu this creeps me out because that happens to me quite often. I wasn't going to type a comment until I saw that. I am just interested as to how this all came about for you.

  10. To Mist which one of your parents is a vampire? I am 31 yrs old and look about 17, I still get carded for the movies. Does that make me a half vampire too? I never knew my dad so it could be. Maybe one day you can tell everyone how hard it is to be a vampire. I think I would love to be an honest to God vampire (who by the way believes in God) I mean a real vampire, not just believe that I am to the point that people think I'm mentally unstable, but a genuine vampire. If you have any suggestions on how I can become a real vampire, please please write back. Thanks

  11. super intrigued - what do you mean by 'how his all came about for you'? as i understand, it works automatically - you are reborn, grow up and get your memories back. As for dejavu thing - I don't know. Psychic ability? I mean, I also heard a lot of dejavu stories, but these seems a lot more like visions with a dejavu feeling.

  12. 31 young - I'm sorry, but a lot of other creatures have the ability to not age as fast as humans. Just, google supernatural creatures.

  13. If your are the dark or the real i need your names. The list for guardian needs to be notified. IF the darkness is your only witness the time to stand is opening and the world is dire we must have the list.

  14. If your are the dark of the real i need your names. The list for guardian needs to be notified. IF the darkness is your only witness the time to stand is opening and the world is dire we must have the list.

  15. beyond- I don't quite understand your comment about other creatures have the ability to not age as fast as humans. I googled it, but I guess I still don't understand, maybe you could explain it more, if you feel like it. I completely understand about the dejavu thing, it happens to me and my sister, that's how we avoided a really bad car accident, and a few other mishaps. Anyhow I was wondering how old are you, because you said before in another comment something about P.E. and attacking some kid. And what is this connection to lucifer? Are you guys pals?

  16. 31 young, well, it was maybe my bad to ask you to google because, well, it's not quite right place for finding answers with twilight and harry potter all over internet. ;D
    well, there are two ways not to age - being born as a creature that doesn't age fast [but will age anyways] and magic [now hear you can go beyond your imagination, but you have to be SOOOOO advanced]. don't ask me about magic, my friend is a witch, but i don't ever ask her anything about it because, well, magic and me - we are strangers.
    well, that thing i said about the age - basically, to make a point that you may not be a vampire but maybe something else. but most of those creatures are shapeshifter kinds so... you may also not get old, being a werecreature but it won't make you live 200 years or more but 100 or so, you just slowed down, and then at the age of 50 you'll start becoming old again.
    well, the oldest memory comes from somewhere around 1850 i think... because i googled dresses, houses and style of everything around me when i saw. besides people with torches running and that pain, ugh...
    yes, I attacked that dude because he disturbed my chase. i guess, it was "moment-thing".
    Lucifer.. I don't know myself quite sure. I was told by Elders have another side that i have to discover, and besides vampire stuff i have these memories of demons [whom i remember being almost as close as family]. and, well, Lucifer responds to me. I'm not satanic, I don't care about Satan, don't care about any fallen hosts, only a little interested in who they are. But Lucifer... well, if I'm right, he might even saved my life a few times by being my guardian angel. I mean, my parents once tried to exorcise me [;D]. they poured some holy water in my tea [since then i never take anything to drink or eat from anyone]. well, i didn't feel anything.. for a few hours. then i was getting worse and worse. then in the middle of night i wake up, and find my body in weird position, and weird electric-blue light on me, that seems to be sucking something out of my body. in horror as i couldn't move, i mean, i was scared, anyone would, but i felt somehow safe. so, next time i open my eyes early morning, feeling super good. never believed in holy water before. besides going into church is weird. it's like once i take a step in it, something is trying to suffocate me. [and, no, i don't have any phobias or whatsoever]. my parents are still "trying to kill me" ;D actually, as an example - my parents called priest to come to my room and "clear it out". well, what i do - close my eyes and ask Lucifer out loud to make him not to come. a few hours later priest calls, and tells my parents that "something" happened on his way, and he won't be coming. we never hear from him again. not even one single priest was able to get to me. seriously. ;D it's like Lucifer is so cute he takes care of me ;]. Just, can't talk about him without feeling warm ^^.

  17. so ..? you're a vampire? i just don't get why you're publicizing it, or however you spell it . but that's cool , you should ask the real deal more, because you know you're not gonna get the real answers online.

  18. iuno, I have some vampires to ask stuff. not... internet.
    but i'm talking about if freely here because there are people who are interested in this. why not tell if i keep my identity unknown at the same time?

  19. All I have to say is VAMPIRES DO NOT SPARKLE. That's only in Twilight, and I love Twilight but lets face reality here buddies...just saying...Anyways back to the story this is really interesting, please continue to update and post on here ^_^

  20. Hah...I remember my mum told me how I use to lift up peoples skirts and sit for a min trying to find a place to bite them. My mum use to take me to my cot and you could hear my teeth clacking in anger trying to bite her XD

  21. never been a believer in any of this stuff but the visions things got me .... i see things even whole days in my dreams then they happen like a week or so later =/



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