Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Frozen Yet Moving

I have no experience with vampires, they are just the new phenomenon. I have read about them since before a vampire was something to fall in love with and it has become some what of an escape.

I think the reason why there is so much attention on them is not because of the danger(although quit apparent) it is one of jealousy. We want so much to be entangled in a world where we are bigger than the everyday mundane lives that we all seem to live. We want to know we live for something more than to just live and die. The vampire is seen as a creature not apart of this world but merely visiting.The outsider who can bite back.

We want so badly to be in such control, to have such ability, that we familiarize ourselves with the vampire and slowly but surely play them down to a level we would be comfortable with. Comfortable enough to talk to, to touch, to befriend. I haven't figured out if this is a good thing or a bad thing yet but one thing is for sure I prefer them as the mystery they are.

If they were in such close reach to me, would I reach back? Would you? It makes you think how much you would be willing to give up to join something you only think you know.

We are frozen in such ideas, thoughts, and stories. constantly digging and hoping we find more. But at the same time we live these lives that are not something we want. Reality collides into us day after day and all we do is shove it back because we don't want what it offers. We want something we don't know. So I guess what I'm getting to is not weather they exist or not, or even if they are something we don't want to come across or someone we want to love, but why we would want to be apart of it and what we do for it?

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  1. I can agree with this post, and it is something I have asked many times. Why would anyone want to be a Vampire? I have not heard any answers that could possibly make any logical sense.

  2. I agreee, why would anyone want to be a vampire? People say to release themselves from burdens but wouldnt life as a vampire be harder? Seeing loved ones die while you survive? To see all the wars and know you can never die while others can?

  3. Those who know what it feels like to actually BE a vampire and know everything that a Vampire has to cope with would never say they wished to be one. If they did, they definitely regret it now. It *is* harder. If you want to fit in, you have to control your hunger around humans. You can never let loose and just be what you really are.
    And then the never-ending loosing people. You may never get too close to a person whether he/she is a vampire or not. But mostly the person is human and humans die. You can never get too close because the pain of loosing that person is just too much. Remember when a human looses his/hers family? A relative? Is it then easy?.=/
    Wars and all the events aren't actually helpful either. To see all the people killing each other for unreasonable reasons. At one point you have to ask yourself /no matter what or who you are/: Do they just want the killings and blood spilling?
    Anyway, those who know what being a Vampire means, don't wish to be one. But the problem usually is that those already are and mostly unwillingly.

  4. Is anyone ever truly themselves? Everyone wears a social mask even if they are not fully aware of it. If one has a particular condition, they adapt, everyone is capable of it. Some actions are even unconscious, as it is how one changes in order to blend with the crowd. I often don't state the first opinion in regards to senses when amongst others, or touch people with my hands. I just stop myself, I don't think too much on it. It is never due to spiritual reasons, just practical.
    There is a time to mourn, but life will always go on. People come and go through life and that is normal. What matters, are the times spent and the memories formed. In the end, nature will do as it does, and one just has to understand that. Everything has its time and sometimes that is harder to accept. The memories can hurt; rather the knowledge that you will never see them again is more painful. However, one comes to know that everything has its end and is it not better to have loved and lost? To have that bond is far more valuable than never forming it at all.
    Man is designed with both sex and aggression as prominent themes within the unconscious. It is in nature, and man will do as he does. Everything has its time as one can never stop the nature of man. There will always be an opposing view and therefore there will always be war.
    Humans are attracted to immortality as death is the greatest fear. Then there is the glamorised view of vampires, their youth, their beauty and sexuality. It is appealing to a great many. Within society, each person wants to emphasise their individuality. This individuality which can set them apart, and even be seen as greater than man, can be in the view of becoming a vampire. Even the lone mysterious image of a vampire can draw a great many. It can be seen as an escape, as a way of making one’s life better and more appealing. This is just my speculation.

  5. Hi All,

    You guys make a very good & valid points out here on vampires.... Most of the gals fantasise about vampires coz they are inspired by watching vampire movies.. It is shown that they are extremly fair, can move faster, are powerful & immortal.. Most of them are happy with these qualities in vampires which may or may not be true.. They forget that if at all vampires exist, they do not lead a happy life always.. They can never be normal, they have to survive by sucking blood which is not good. They have to kill someone to surivive... We have to be happy with what we are today coz being human is not all that bad at all.. I have aslo seen people imitating vampires & leading a life like them but they forget that they are fooling themsleves.. Some misuse the identity that they want attention by claiming that they are vampires. I am not against vampires, i respect every creature on this earth but i just don't want people to say that i wana be turned....I hope i didn't hurt anyone.. If so, then i am sorry.

    Have a nice day


  6. Nicely put, Lux. Just one correction: Vampires don't have to necessary kill a person to survive.[= It is kindda easier if you wish to disappear without a trace later but... Actually most don't do that, too much trouble, and it's not a necessity.[= Besides, there's always animal blood.

  7. I can see where your all coming from. I also would like to mention that to pretend your a vampire is very stupid. Not only are you living a lie , you are a lie. because as much as you want to tell others of what you are you will always know who you actually are. it can feel good to be in that situation. so to real vampires dont encourage others if there is not a way you can let them be apart of your world. it only ends up driving them crazy for something thats so out of reach.

  8. Hi Ravyn,

    Thanks... I just wana ask if vampires are true, can they survive without killing humans or animals as killing any creature to just survive isn't good??.. Do you agree???


    I agree with what you said.. I have seen my own friends getting mad for vampires coz they have seen twillight hour & got crazy about vampires.. Even if they exist, why do people forget that it's not all that nice to be one..

    Have a good day


  9. To BeautyinRuins:
    It is stupid and real vampires usually try not to encourage and even explain why that world isn't all that shiny and get humans to realize everything. And that's why no one is flashing around and jumping saying "I'm a vampire! Come join me!" It's not nice to do that.xD Nor to be one.xD

    To Lux:
    Vampires are as true as you see them. They can say whatever they want to you but if you believe, you believe. That's why I'm letting you to decide on your own whether you see Vampires as real or fiction. I know they exist /if that's what you wanted to hear/, I know it too well. And the answer on your second question /first part - can they survive without killing/ is Yes. There's always a way to survive, from eating plenty of meat, preferably steaks as raw as possible and also other meats. It does help. Of course it still depends on a vampire specificly. There are also other foods. Blood is just... usually the best way to satisfy the hunger/thirst and keep it down for a while since meat and other food is not as efficient.
    Killing to only survive was part two... Ummm, don't humans kill animals to survive? To only survive? They breed them to kill them. Vampires don't breed humans nor animals for anything like that. It's not good however you put it, but we must keep in mind, humans do it on a daily bases.
    Anything else?.[=

  10. Ravyn & Lux,

    yea well can you guys imagine if vampires were main stream? like just another race or something, they didnt have to lie or hide. how cool would that be..

  11. Hi BeautyinRuins,

    There are few things that people partially & completely agree with.. Likewise, we may or may not agree with vampire concept & all that depends on the REAL experiences that we come across.. People who come over here claiming to be a vampire, may or may not be true, we never know what's the fact..I like reading about them but would never want to change, I am happy with what I am though I have little.. People/ Oher creatures from a different race would also feel the same that don't wana be changed to somethingelse.. Everyone has good or bad life but we have to learn to come over it...
    If vampires exist for real then they (some of them) wouldn't like us being close to them coz they feel that we would misuse them for doing research & experiments....But that's not true, some are really good..

    Take care


  12. To both Lux and BeautyinRuins,

    I think t would be interesting for them to be mainstreaming even though I think they'd loose the mystery. And I agree with you aswell Lux. Experiments would be raining on them. I somehow believe it's better for vampires to stay in the Shadows of Night.^^

  13. Hi Ravyn,

    I agree with you, Yes it would be better if they don't get public & then blame humans for whatever happens to them later.. When someone is curious to know about them, they should think about something else through which they can communicate with us & answer all our questions.. We can never stop someone from asking questions....

    Take care


  14. I doubt those who would open themselves to the world would blame humans for all the consequences. They would take the blame which would be theirs. Another thing is with the actual blame humans should are but won't.
    About communicating... It's better to keep quiet and trust only some. These sites are great help, the problem is not many know for it and some who do rather keep a low profile.

  15. How uncool it would be for humans who are so greedy.......

  16. Ravyn..how many are there..



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