Friday, May 21, 2010

Whispers in the Wind a Vampire Tale

I want to show all of you here just how EASY it is to perpetrate a hoax in our modern age, the following is a bit of creative writing I and my friend McLeod had put together, originally the idea was to post it and continue the rouse for a bit to show just how easily deceived we allow ourselves to be at times. But the more I thought on it, I began to feel pure guilt for wanting to deceive, and knew I would be only lowering my own standards just to prove a point. After consulting with Mcleod and with his permission I have decided to instead just post it " as is " to show you what a few well thought and well spun ideas can be woven into.

Many of you here have come to respect me and my opinions and for that I am truly honored and flattered and did not want to lose the faith of my true friends or those who have come to rely or enjoy my commentary.

So I now present to you "Whispers in the Wind " a FICTIONAL tale I penned with the help of McLeod, please enjoy it for what it is... PURE ESCAPISM.

Whispers in the Wind

I may not count as a one hundred percent 'encounter', as one would say. Since I am not standing in front of you in the flesh.

Why am I coming forward? Because many cast doubt upon my identity and not mine alone. There are others like myself.  We are however,  a dieing "breed".

It is alright if anyone is to cast judgment upon my kind, in fact I welcome it, to doubt is to be human, and I welcome the protection it brings.

Of all things we are, we are not liars, When it comes to ourselves anyway.

I must start by saying that I have read many numerous accounts upon this site, and I am not writing of those who claim to be as I.

I am writing about the accounts of legends and myths. I have read the tales of Cain and Lilith, and others. I myself am not here to tell you that they are true. As interesting as the stories are, I in fact, do not know.

I do not know who the first "Vampire" was, I quote as Vampire, because the term itself disturbs me, for they have been labeled monsters, I myself am not a monster, or at least I don't feel that I am.

I strive to survive just as any other creature on this earth, including humans. If I were to be honest, I would say of all creatures, Humans are the true monsters.

Through the ages I have witnessed so many wrong doings, innocents being killed in the name of "Vampire", or witchcraft and so on. It is no different today, as it was then. Perhaps it is the idea of torture that humans strive for, I am not sure of this anymore. It just saddens me, although I am cursed to walk the earth labeled a monster, in some ways I am also grateful, because I have seen what has become of humanity, and tis not a thing one should be proud of.

I have also read many questions  upon this site, some directed towards those who say they are also "vampires", I will not tell you who is or who is not a "Vampire" as you say, that is not for me to disclose, and I refuse to be part of any games. I believe that is amongst you as readers to decipher. As I was saying though. I have read many questions pertaining to the subject at hand. Questions of  "How do you survive? Where do you get your money? and How do you stay hidden?

Let me ask each of you this, How does a homeless person survive?  When you cast an animal aside and make it to fend for itself, does it not do it?  Is survival not a part of nature?  It is not a secret that each and every living thing upon this earth is fighting for survival.. I am a living breathing soul, I do what I can to survive, I am not the monster portrayed in film or books. I am as any creature, living my life, striving for survival. I may not be able to go into the sunlight, but that does not make me a monster. I chose to stay in the darkness, due to fear, fear for my life, not because the sun could kill me, more because the fear of other humans. I guess one could say it is my compulsion now to live in the dark, why? because I have become adjusted to the night, when I do enter the sunlight, it not only hurts my eyes, but my head as well, I also burn easily, maybe this is due to living life in the night time only. I suppose I could slowly adjust to the sun again, but as I have said, It has become almost a compulsion to avoid it. perhaps a lot is due to the past fears, even today, I find some things hard to overcome. My eyes are no different then any other human eye color, in fact, mine are Hazel in shade. They do not glow red, however, I do chuckle at that. Perhaps that comes from misconceptions of those in the past, or within the books written. I am not so illiterate that I am unable to use the technologies of today, including a computer, as I have said survival is about adaptation and its preposterous to me that anyone should claim otherwise.

If only our " kinds " could co-exist, think of what we could share and learn together, not just for today but for tomorrow. could not someone who has been a living witness to triumph and tragedy prove useful? could not the longevity we possess help when it comes to some of your "kinds" best and brightest minds? this is and always has been what we have sought, to help humanity is to help ourselves for we are in fact... human.

Sent in by Nevaeh, Copyright 2010


  1. I must say, you two have vivid imaginations. I am disappointed that you even considered decieving people here. I will thank you for not going thru with it and posting this as pure fiction rather than implied fact.

  2. I give it 2 fangs...errr I mean thumbs up. Now you see if more of you spent a little more time enhancing your " tales " perhaps you could go into creative writing, Nev had penned the base line plot for this in under 2 hours, sent it to me, I edited and made a few additions and suggestions, after 1 day of back and forth emails(when our time allowed, not every five minutes) we had come up with not only the story but a way to keep our IP traveling by using wi-fi hotspots and internet cafe's in our respective states. Is this the greatest work of fiction ever written? No, not by a long shot, it is, however, simply meant to entertain and when all is said and done isn't that what this forum is truly about?

  3. UknowVampiresDontExistMay 21, 2010 at 9:23 AM

    Aw Nevaeh I believe you! Your life is so amazing it must be better than mine....the thought of vampires has always intrigued me...I hope you can change me..?

    I’m just kidding but it really is good. ;)

  4. I dont have time to be carefull, I know that you moniter these sites and your word string programs will find this if I say. adam and eve, two 1st couples, blood share, superhuman, jesus, roman empire, hunter team, abilitys, body swap, mind push. that should get your attention. my old memories are coming back, iv been here about 6-7 yrs. I dont know who i was exactly but i know im not a 29yr old londoner, I remember I was born in irland between 1713 and 1717, I was one of a team 4 lead by a woman, tall, dark hair, but their all dead. I want to know who I was. I remember being able to do amazing things, and i remember where I hide proof of it all. places that time would not destroy it, I dont want to but i need to know or im going to get it and tell the world

  5. ROFL @ UKnowVampiresDontExist.. I think we need to move to Kentucky, we would obviously have a better chance at getting bitten there :P

  6. so umm..Who Was you? LOL... I honestly did not understand that post in the least. Someone enlighten me.

  7. whowasi,

    I saw that episode of " sanctuary " too! doesn't Amanda tapping look fantastic with black

  8. 4 days before I blog the names of anyone over 130 years old. plus the name of the 600yr old telepath who is a script writer for a very popular tv programe. I know your watching this

  9. Nevaeh, thanx 4 being so honest,when almost every1 else here deceives people by makin up false stories:) nice story by d way!:)

  10. I think it was a great story, i would love to become a vampire.i have red hair,their are myths that speak of redheads becoming vampires. how amazing would that be...



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