Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Saw a Vampire in Kentucky Twice

OK here goes nothing. When I was about 11 years old, it was a typical school day and following night. I went to bed as usual and a couple of hours later I woke up to see a man standing in front of my window. The odd thing was his eyes, even though it was dark and the street lights were shining behind him I could still see his eyes. The rest of him was in shadow. We locked eyes for a few minutes and then I pulled the covers over my head. The next day I pulled the blinds and never opened them again.

A couple of years later we moved to a different house and when I was 16 he came to me again. I know for sure that it was him. It was an unconscious thing, a sort of connection.

I found out later on through years of research and thinking that I was a nut case that he began my awakening. This is a term that us vamps use that means our vampire within is brought forth. I had no idea before this that I would ever be a vampire let alone believe it.

Now as far as my visitor goes I believe that he was a full-fledged vamp were I am what I call a mortal vampire. I don't know about the life length of a full vamp. I just know about what I am. If you have any questions please ask and please don't judge.

Sent in by Angel


  1. Should we assume that you are meaning the Modern day vampire. I ask this, because the term "awakening" is generally used by them.

  2. This is strange, what color eyes were they?

  3. u're trying to say dat u're really a vampire.
    means r u??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Monty (Dracul) KinKennonMay 18, 2010 at 6:59 PM

    I for one will not judge you. I myself would love to become a vampire. I've never been able to locate a vampire. But I hope someday to find a vampire. The only question I would like to know is can you survive on animal blood instead of humans & can you be out in the day?

    prince of dracula

    1. The blood is a treat, put simply. Survival is not based on the occasion of feeding. Sustainability is remarkably similar to that of a mortal. While the hunger never truly subsides, food is as effective a sustenance as any type of blood. The feeding on a mortal is the only thing that separates our species'. The other circumstatially considerable differences are optical photosensitivity, low energy levels(physically[when gone without feeding]), a more highly tuned mental state, and (having fed) many potential "hidden strengths". Time, despite belief, is not on our side. We are worn down by varying feeding/physical habit over the years. Approximately: 50 years averages to be a 5% loss of original strength. This is why the Elders have a reputation as highly dangerous. In order for them to maintain their former strength they must feed 20x more than they once did. Most likely ending in human casualties. As for your second question, we are not bound to darkness. However, being in the sun is to us as it is to you to have a laser pointer pointed at your eyes. Not quite pleasurable. So, next time you see someone wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day submit your imagination to the possibilities.

  5. If as in modern you mean I was born in the past century then yes I was. Awakening is indeed a term that is used and having gone through it I have no better term. This happened to me long before I could look it up on the Internet. I have just adopted the term because it seems to explain the way that I felt.

  6. Hi Angel,

    Do you mean to say that you are a vampire?? And the man that you saw when you were 11 was the one that is within you?? Do you still see him ?? Have you had any such experiences further similar to this one?? I am sorry, I am not judging you but one can understand a point completely only when their questions are answered..

    Take care & stay well.


  7. Yes I am a vampire and I feel confident in saying so. I don't live on blood although I crave it and if I don't get any which is pretty much most of the time I feel sick. I am also capable of strolls in the sun light as most others like me are. Although I am very Fair skinned and I burn quite easily and if I get too much sun (like 30 mins or so) I get sick and it zaps me of my energy. Which is a pain when it's time to mow the lawn. I also have 20/15 vision as confirmed by an eye doctor and I do have a since of the paranormal. I have not met anyone like me that I know of in person so it's hard for me to say what all the specifics of this are. I do know that according to other mortal vampires we are born this way and upon encountering others like us we are awakened. In my case it was what I beleive to be a full fleged vampire. Now I can only guess at his particulars but I don't know them for sure.

    to answer your question I have only encountered him physicaly twice. The change that I went through was pretty much right after that. I was very energetic and playful plus I had a kick butt tan and then after that night I started losing the tan and haven't been capable ever since. The second time later on is saw him outside my window and then everthing that happened after that was like an extremely vivid dream. But I can remember everything but his face. He had long dark curly hair a white shirt and dark pants. I think that he took me away and brought me back but that I wasn't supposed to remember. Ever since then I have not seen him in person although I may have a mental connection but that could just be me wanting that I don't know for sure.

    I'm sure that to most people I sound like a nut and trust me I battled with that idea for like fifteen years. These are true acounts of what's happened in my life. Also to certain idividuals out there, I am not a poser and I don't walk around acting like a vampire in fact I have only ever told 5 people non of which are in my family. I also like hanging out in the day just as long as it's shaded. It's actualy quite dificult to deal with what I am as I feel I can't talk about it even with the friends I've told. So if anything it kinda sucks no pun intended. I decided to spill the beans on here because I'm looking for some comfort I guess. I just hope I don't regret it.

  8. UknowVampiresDontExistMay 19, 2010 at 7:31 AM

    Well Hello vampire fletchling! Is this what baby vampires first do when they are "awakened" do they come on an online blog and start telling strangers about their secret or do they go out and suck the blood of strangers?

    Where is he now?

  9. Well his eyes appeared to be red but I beleive that it was eyeshine sort of like an animals eyes would do as that allows them to see in the dark. I don't know where he is and I'm not a fledgeling as I was born this way and have been awakened for almost twenty years.

  10. Okay, because I am branded the rude one already, I guess I should keep up my Identity. Just remember, You are the one who decided to open up your case to the world, not I.

    My brother has 20/15 vision. Dang, I better inform him he is a "mortal Vamp" He is also a vegetarian, I guess lack of blood doesn't effect him. Do you want to know the real kicker? Our last name is Cullen.

    The Vampires Assistant, a book written by Darren Shan has a wonderful storyline about a character named Darren, who was also turned to a vampire, amazingly he lost his tan, and was unable to go into the sunlight as well. He also, just like you, gets sick if he does not feed on blood.

    Now, I am not cutting down everyone from KY when I say this, because I know some great people who live in that state, but what the heck?!? is KY the new Mecca for vampires? Seems we had another "real Vampire" from Kentucky..But she alas has become extinct, to the forum anyway :P I just have to know, is she kin of yours? Because your writing styles are quite simalar, you both are from kentucky, and the story line is somehow the same as well. If you want to dig up story lines from a book and plagerize them, but yet in change in ways to fit you own life style, pick books that are not that familiar. May I suggest reading with the first ever books written, and NO that would not be Dracula by Bram Stoker, Try Lord Byron, or maybe even John William Polidori, those would be a good start.. The "old" vapire legends would seem to have more of impact on peoples beliefs, more so then writers Like Stephanie Myers and others, who seem to take away from Vampire myth.

    And lastly...What the heck is this new thrill with "half vampires"? This is a question to anyone that keeps mentioning them.. Does this mean a human can breed with a dog and suddenly become a half werewolf.. Stephanie Myers book has major flaws when it comes to Vampires reproducing..She is a sad excuse for a writer. Her imagination must of been influenced by a bunch of psych drugs that distorted her way of thinking. I also feel that she observed too many of these "self proclaimed" vampires and decided to mesh thier ideas of living with the old myths, therefore it ended in a lame story, which was produced into an even lamer movie with pathetic actors who couldn't act to save thier own life. Anyway, Im done bashing on a pathetic excuse for a writer. Have a good day.

  11. Its just a story, a book to flare others imagination..get over it. you don't like it don't read it, plain and simple. and if Angel is a vamp. then let him or her be (sorry don't what you are). Angel isn't hurting anyone and if people have questions and truly believe then theres no harm in getting answers, even if you think it not real, others may.

  12. Wow, brownie points for living up to your own standards. I'm sorry that I'm not a corpse that crawls around and sucks on people or a winged creature that looks kinda devily and crawls around and sucks on people because to me it seems that that is your idea of vampires if not I'm not sure what is. Firstly I haven't read the vampires assisstant books and I feel that Stephanie meyers characters don't have enough tooth so to speek but I give her kudos for writing stories that appeal to the demagraphic that it does and Now she's rich. If i could write the next twilight series or Harry potter series I most certainly would because money might not be able to buy happiness but it can sure help with the bills. I'm just curious as to your approach towards vampires you seem so set in your ideals of what they are that it angers you when somebody opposses them. If you care to have a discussion about books or movies or even mythology involving vampires I'm game as I have studied the subject. I figure that it's better to be informed so I can have proper discussions. I'm not a miss informed teen who reads teen books and watches teen movies. Although I did watch a show about the real vlad dracul last last night.

    As far as the other person from ky I don't know them as I said before i haven't met another like me yet. My writing style is simply how I write. I am well aware that I chose to post and I am also capable of defending myself. I am not trying to covert anyone to being vamp beleivers or anything so as far as that is concerned I am entitled to my beliefs as are you.

  13. From my perspective, the symptoms that have been described seem rather common or explainable. I am not trying to immediately discredit you, merely stating my opinion. I have come across many people with similar symptoms whilst in the sun, it is not uncommon.
    Kentucky seems to be having a boom in vampirism, must be something in the water.
    I have had weird things appear in front of me, some most definitely super natural, others perhaps just weird. The appearances of such beings do not necessarily mean that there is a particular reason behind them.
    I am also forwarding the notion that perhaps psychological expectations may influence the unconscious to consciously believe that certain symptoms are occurring or are more intense than they actually are. Example could be that the belief in being a vampire may in turn cause desire to have blood despite not having a biological need for such substances.
    I also have taken the advice to join paranormal culture.
    I agree that Stephanie Meyer has many flaws in her works, but by appealing to the target market it has made her rich. To some extent it is admirable, but at the same time irritating.

  14. When I mentioned the Stephanie Myers books, that was a question to everyone in gerneral..I even stated that.. If you take personally, then so be it.. And if you read my post under the Skeptic section, you would see my reasoning behind doubting everyone who comes on here claiming to be a Vampire.. Again, if my posts are offensive, then there must be reason why... You stated that you are entitled to your oppinions, that is one thing I can agree with you on.. You are entitled, just as anyone here. I try to back my oppinions up with facts, and logic.. If I a wrong, then I can admit I am wrong. I actually haven't read the Vampire Assistant either, I just felt the need to point it out, because my 14 year daughter reads these posts as well, and she was the one to point those things out to me.. Because she is a fan of Stephanie Myers and the twilight series, I pick arguements with her as well.. Why? because I like to pick at her head, she disagrees, not because she believes in Vampires, infact she doesn't, she just loves the story lines.
    Yes Stephanie Myers made a lot of money, big deal! That is not my point, my point is that a majority of young reader fantasizes over the imagination of a writer and somehow wants to live that fantasy.. That is irritating to me.. To explore/research the idea of vampires is one thing, but when many false claims are made on a daily basis, it gets a bit annoying... I encourage people on this site to explore, research or whatever.. What they believe in the end is up to them. But what I do not encourage is for ppl to blindly take the word of a stranger, especially since so many posts have obviously turned out to be jokes..

    As far as the remark of me asking you if you are a kind to Samantha.. That is called Sarcasm.. And yes.. If you want to discuss books, movies or whatever else.. That would be perfect! It sure beats the idea of so many people coming on here saying they are a Vampire. Infact that would wonderful discussion! So I could agree with that. I am always up for a great discussion, as long as it doesn't involve ideas of being something, especially when that something can be picked apart. And thanks for the brownie points, about time someone reconizes that I deserve some points... Again, that is called sarcasm, dont want you misinterpeting it. :D


    This is one is for you.. I cant even comprehend what you are even trying to say to me. Perhaps you should learn to read full posts before spewing nonsense. I shall lead you to the Skeptic corner also... People do get hurt from believing in others claims, especially when those Claims turn out to be fasle... To some, they come here and purposely make a game out of all this.. When faced with facts, they spew out nonsense such as you just did, then eventually disappear. I am harsh with certain topics, that is a fact I won't deny. Consisider me the mother of the forum, only wanting to protect those young souls on here from getting swept up in stories that contadict themselves.

    Anyway, I am through with this particular thread, there are many other threads on this forum, and many with great knowledgeable conversation, other then the typical "I am a Vampire" quote.... Enjoy living in a fantasy world!!

  15. Well just as you don't appreciate people telling what you would consider lies and I'm sure there are those I don't appreciate being told that either I'm lying or that I am dilusional. As far as the "symptoms" of my condition are concerned they started happening before I ever got into the fictional and mythological stories. No I do not have any other medical conditions or disorders and I didn't come on here for the sake of a joke. I simply came on here to ask and answer questions. Plus no matter what I say if your not willing to believe me then it shouldn't make any difference. As far as the dissillusioned youth that comes here well then I'm sure that they tend to beleive what they want. I can only relay my experiences. And if all this is in my head according to psychologist's role play is perfectly healthy as long as it doesn't involve harm to others and I couldn't hurt a fly.

    Of course I also recognize sarcasm when I see it and use it quite frequently.

  16. Well now it seem Nevaeh has already made all the points I would have...I wonder if I in just a few short weeks have become an Anachronism?

  17. hey angel,
    look, i dunno if i should believe wat you have to say ........ but wat i do believe is that besides humans and the other lifeforms, supernatural creatures do exist.... and they're around us. all the time. i posses certain psychic abilities myself and i've encountered events i've seen before time... it was like dejavu.. but stronger.... so, i trust u and i just want to know more coz i've been searching for real vampires for a long time.... i spend hours online but dont seem to find any strong evidence to my belief. and now dat i've read wat u have to say and i get this slight feeling that u probably aren't lying, i just wanna ask u one simple question... can tell me something bout u that i havent read anywhere??? something only vampires know..... please!!!! this is really important to me!!!!!!!! i've read papers, journals, books...all say the same things- the blood, fangs, immortal,light...... can u please tell me something else.. please!!!!!

  18. I don't really know a lot about the immortal vampire. I know probably the same amount about them as you. Unfortunatly they tend to be pretty elusive kinda like Bigfoot. I have only had an encounter with what I am pretty sure is a real vampire, I never got to talk to him about what the specifics are. All I know is what I have learned about myself. What I call mortal vampires in fact most others like me would think I was crazy if I told them I beleive that there are immortal vampires with fangs and everything. My theory on that is that anything is possible until scientifically proven wrong. So far the scientists can't disprove vampires or anything supernatural for that matter. There are two types of mortal vamps psychic and sanguinariun. We have a lack of a pranic energy and we have to obtain that from other sources. We don't die with out it but the energy makes us healthier. I am a sanguinariun so I obtain energy from blood or at least I would if I had someone how would be my donor.

  19. so that means you do crave for human blood often then!!!! and isn't this urge strong??? and this vampire you speak bout, did u ever try to make any contact???? like mind to mind contact!!! how old are you????
    SORRY IM BOTHERING YOU WITH SO MANY QUESTION!!!! its just that i've been really curious bout it for a long time..... and i din have anyone who would answer all this for me...

  20. UknowVampiresDontExistMay 20, 2010 at 11:05 AM

    I think you need to have a discussion with Unknown who is currently residing in the "For those who are skeptical of vampires" page, he/she claims that Sanguinarians are humans who drink blood and not vampires.
    Here is the quote from their post.
    “Sanguinarians yes are in fact humans that drink blood. However they are not real Vampyres.”

    You see this is why it is impossible for some people to ever believe that there are vampires on here let alone on earth....because every "vampire" is saying different things and also the so called vampires on here don't tend to converse with each other and my guess is they all know each others game but they have a secret pact not to expose each other.

    Considering you are a “Sanguinarian” vampire you sure know how to spell it.

  21. I'm sew sory that I didnd speeal the wurd write, speealing is not my strong sute. Anyway I haven't talked to anyone else because I just came on this site. There is also not a convention where sangs coverge and discuss the specifics. Although there are covens apparently.


    yes I crave blood. And I'm almost 30 not like 100 or something.

  22. J,

    I wana ask you one question.. Isn't it strange that you believe in what Angel says though you don't know her but you don't believe it when someonelse on other sites claim that they have symptoms of being a vampire?? You also stated here that there is no harm in getting answers but when we ask questions in other sites, you say that we are nuts in believing it.. Why is that you are so confused about what you think & what you wana say?? I appreciate that you like vampire stuffs but then why do you criticize people with what they want to believe in.. Everything on earth needs a proof is it?? Anyone who comes here is in a search of truth & wants to learn more about vampires..
    Believing in vampires is left to your discretion but it all depends on how you put across your points to others.. No one should be hurt by the way you express things..

    I just wanted to understand your thoughts about vampires coz you make 2 different thoughts on the same topic so that made me wonder.. Again i wana say that i don't have any issues with it but it's always better to know someone with you interact coz that makes things clear & we can have better conversations henceforth..

    Have a nice day & God bless you


  23. I'm not one to judge, i cant say of you are one or not ... none of us can see what you see we only can trust what ou say on here is true, I believe in the modern day vampires not being the beautiful immortals we all believe they are, most modern day vampires use donors and equipment to get the blood to avoid risk of infections from the donor, i dont know if this has ever been asked to you but i'll ask it anyways, how do you drink blood?

  24. Hi Angel,

    Dreams are unlimited & things go beyond our imagination in dreams, no one has any control over it.. I am sure no one would have any issues with your dreams but things get little complicated when you claim that there are vampire symptoms in you.. You will find it difficult to make everyone believe what you are.. Hence please be very careful in what you claim coz there are many who claim to be a vampire & then turn off & never come back, at the end what happens is people like me who believe in them get hurt when something as such happens.. I am not saying that you are lying but i am just making you a little prepared for whatever you have said.. I hope that all is well with you..

    Take care


  25. I won't judge you either. From one reason and one only, I know almost exactly what you mean. Well, I'm not a judgemental person either but that's not important.
    I've experienced a lot of paranormal happenings around myself before I figured out what I am. Of course I never really believed... I still have doubts. Don't ask why.
    Anyway. I understand this and it's possible. I was helped as well by someone... And I didn't dream of being one once either.xD
    Anyway, it's nice to see you know now what you are and are aware of it.[; Yet I am curious. What do you feed upon? And how do you fight the hunger when you're around humans?

  26. If I were to have a donor I would use every precaution to keep both of us safe. I am well aware of the dangers involved and I would not want to harm anyone. Since I don't have a donor I usualy wait out the cravings until they go away and when I get a scratch or something I lick it clean and that sort of helps but only temporarily. It's definatly hard but I deal with it. I was particularly hard in school between classes. My school was always packed and when I was squished between so many people a craving would come on. Back then I actually had a friend that wouldn't mind poking himself with a safety pin but that was before I knew better.

    For those of you who mention the fantasy aspect, I don't exactly have a lot of fun with it. I have suffered alot of mental anguise over this and when people tell me I'm living in a fantasy and I'm a young person who reads to much Stephanie meyer it doesn't help.

    Lux I can see why others disappear from this site. I'm sure that most aren't truthful but for those who are it's hard to take everybody (not you) saying that you lie. I have so far relayed my experiences and want I know and believe to be true. My first encounter with the "vamp" was most certainly not a dream. I didn't come on here to make people believe or to prey upon the open minded. I simply posted to relay my stories. In the end everything on this site are simply stories whether true or not.

  27. If you could would you stop being a vampire? Oh and I have a certain love for vampires and I have always wanted to meet one and see it up close. Although I don't know how true this I really hope it is, so I will believe you. Why would I judge? Vampires are awesome! Can you die without blood? Do you think there would be vampires in utah??? Anyways thank you for sharing your story. bye..

  28. Vampire Truth AdminMay 22, 2010 at 5:43 AM

    Angel - If you know you are telling the truth it should not matter if others believe it or not. The belief or disbelief of others cannot change what is real. Its always like that. I personally encountered ghosts on more than one occasion. When I tell people of what happened a lot do not believe me or they think I was deluded or something. I dont get angry or upset in the least. Many ask for proof but there is none that I can give; they were personal experiences and I have no doubt as to what I went through.

    My only point is that we should not be too concerned about whether or not everyone believes us (or believes in us). A mature adult knows what they know and they do not need the belief of others to confirm it or prove it.

  29. I agree with the Admin. But there's something we all have inside ourselves: Being approved by others.=/ Sadly we crave approving whether we like it or not. Some are just better at hiding, keeping it locked than others.^^
    And thanks Angel for the answer. I see I'm definitely not the only one who's having trouble being among people, crowds to be exact... /school.../.[=

  30. Pandora
    honestly my life would be easier without it. No i can not die without blood but I does keep me healthier. And I'm sure there are vampires in Utah. We tend not to wave red flags to show where we are though. Although there are a couple of us that have gone public and one of them lives in Vegas.

    thanks, really. I never posted on here to look for beleif or approval but for disscusion. I appologize if I got defensive. I kinda felt like as soon as I came on here I got attacked. I can fully understand that some people don't beleive me but certain things were said that seemed personal and not very nice. I appreciate your website and I may post on your ghost site and tell some ghost stories as I am very interested in that subject as well. I promise I have my big girl britches on and only well people attack me directly well then I try a defend myself in the nicest way possible. Thanks again admin

  31. Good Morning Angel,

    I know that you have got hurt by what i said & i apologize for that...
    When someone says i don't believe you, try & understand where are they coming from coz not everyone wants to have a disbelief. There could be a reason why people act the other way, give them a chance to explain why & how do they feel about your article coz you will get to know how do people react & respond when someone claims to be a vampire.. There are many who have been betrayed so the next time when someone says " i am a vampire", it's difficult to believe & yes, i also agree that people's opinion should not bother you but at times i know that somewhere in the corner of our heart, we do get hurt..
    When we say that we will not beleive, will not mean that we never "wana believe"....
    Please do post more & tell us more about the ghost stories coz i love them..

    Thank you so much for reading it.....


  32. Angel,
    I think your story is quite good. And even if you made it up or not. Just think why not. It could be real. I think people who don't understand some things will deny it and it's just basic human nature. I think it's a real story. And to the people that disbelieve maybe they don't open themselves up to certain things and unconsciously dont want to crawl out of there safe shell. Or they use the logical side of there brain and think rationally about life. And it's true people that think that way have a closed mind about those things. But if you think of it from a different angle then it really makes you think. Us people of earth have not even discovered even half of earths secrets. So just think of all the stuff thats out there waiting to be discovered, or maybe it has just has not been named. I think aliens and vampires are in the same boat. People will believe and people will deny. You have to see something with your own eyes to believe it most people think these days. Like ghosts for example we have so so much evedience about them and some people still shake there heads the other way. Well that's just my oppinion and I believe you :)

    Have a great day

  33. Lux

    Thank you and appology accepted although I wasn't actualy hurt by what you said. I understand where your coming from trust me. You also have to understand my side as well. I will definetly post my ghost stories when I have time again as I have alot.


    Thanks it's nice to have someone on the same page. I agree that there are so many things that are undiscovered on our own planet let alone beyond the stars. Who knows what there is until we find it.

  34. lux,
    I've only been on this one page and have answered to only this one. so with the other pages its not me maybe someone else going by j. and my statement above was for the remark the person above said about stephanie myers books. and i don't criticize what others believe i'm all for you or whoever asking questions, the more you understand about something the better. It sounds to me like you think I'm talking smack about vamps. or people who believe in them, don't get me wrong, i'm not, never have, i myself am curious about them.

  35. Hi J,

    If that's true then i am sorry. The reason why I mistook you was the oher person starts of as Jezzica & ends the note as J (posting in "Could these be a sings that I am a vampire") just as you do, hence i mistook & clarified on why did you have 2 different thoughts on the same topic.. Forgive me for that..
    Besides, I have no issues with your opinion on vamps coz everyone has the right to express thier views & i also appreciate that you don't let yourself take off on others..
    I like reading vampire fictions but would love to know more about them which is REAL.

    Thanks for clearing the confusion J but to how do we avoid this when the other person posts here with the same alphabet?? Just a question...

    Enjoy your day!


  36. Hi I was just wondering why; if anyone feels these things are a hoax; they take the time to comment? It seems to me it would be a waste of your time. I neither do or do not believe. I am just on these forums doing research. Some may do this for giggles; some may do it because they truly believe; or heck some may actually be telling the truth for all we know. And I don't understand why so many conversations turn toward the Twilight books! And just because the supernatural world is in an uproar in holywood at the moment doesn't mean that these questions; these fears; and this overwhelming interest was caused by it. And abotu Mrs. Meyer; that woman didn't write those books trying to say she believes or that she has had encounters she wrote them from a beloved dream she kept having. She is a mormon for gosh sakes! She just fell in love with the characters and so did the majority of the world. There is nothing wrong with that. Books are written with the intent to captivate a certain audience and whisk them away into fantasy (fiction atleast). Every audience is different. What you may not like others maybe captivated by. Obviously she didn't write the norm even though there were some likenesses to popular theory. I don't feel it is right to judge especially someone that poured their heart into what they love. I myself love paranormal romances, the thought of the unknown is very appealing, but I don't care for historical romances or science fiction. Do I believe them to be inferior? No, not at all. They are just not my cup of tea. I just think before you judge you should put yourself in the others place. No matter if you like the art or not; can you create it? I am a fellow writer and I can honestly say that there is no way I could write a 500 word novel. I live by the rule to take a step back and look at every personal position. I give kudos to all that have the creativity to take an immortal legend from all walks of life and still find creative twists to captivate and make your audience fall in love. And for anyone that belives they have "the virus" kudos for having the courage to stand up and admit it even if it is anonymously online. You take alot of criticism even though as humans we believe in many things that we can't see, touch, or feel (ex: an afterlife for example). I am very religious and even though it is a touchy subject I believe that is a prime example of believing in the unknown no matter how many may dispute it is the unknown.

  37. did u really saw a vampire? or are you yourself a vampire or du have any of their resemblance r any of such blood sucking habbits in u r wat exactly?

  38. this is really cool ive been into vampires for a while now

    thats really amazing i have never heard anything like this its so cool i believe you all the way there are so many things that havent been discovered on earth or anywhere else and i really think people get out of hand wen they talk about vampires

  39. Do you really know how it is to be a vampire? Because you may be telling the truth or not but it seems that you are. I am somewhat happy to find someone that claims to be like me, you may believe or not, but its hard to exist in this world today. I am 18 years old and i have lived at this age for a while, I never go outside because the light weakens me, so I get information from the internet. One day i was curious to see if there are still others walking on the face of the earth today, luckily i found you angel and I am very glad. Hope to learn more about you dear.

  40. Hello monalisa,

    everything I have said on here is true. As for other vampires I only know mostly from the net. Most people who consider themselves vampires say that they feed on pyschic energy. This may be true but I am a blood feeder however I do not have a donor in which to feed from. So basically I what through the hunger and sickness until it passes for a while. I beleive that I am only partial vampire where as others think that the way i am is it. My encounter as a teen and child made me believe this as fact. I actually remeber my second encounter partially. I remember lying on a couch with my head on his lap and he ran his fingers through my hair. There was also a certain smell about the place and it definitly was not my house. Next morning I awoke in my bedroom. Oh and he had a white shirt, black pants and long dark hair. He looked just like the silouhette in front on my window when I was ten. I feel that he was a full vampire. I can't tell you the specifics on full vamps because he is the only
    one that I know I've met. If you don't mind me asking how old are you really? Thanks for your message.

  41. Hi Angel,

    I am glad you are back as you were offline for a long time.. Do you still see him in your dreams?? Is there any real experinces with vampires??

    Stay well

  42. Thanks lux,

    I haven't dreamt of him , although there are some instances where I could swear he was trying to contact me psychically. I'm not possitive of that though. I think that I am also maybe slightly sensitive to other energies but I spend to much time being blocked because I don't want to see anything while I'm trying to sleep. I'm kind of a scaredy cat.

    As for my absence I just didn't have anything else to say at the time. Plus I've been busy crafting.

  43. I would be 86 years old.

  44. hey angel in the whole vampire thing and all but hhow will you know when you see one like for what can i look for to see one i would just like to know plz plz help me

  45. To cutepie:
    I think eyes are usually the best teller. And usually the most trustworthy... but as for other solid symptoms, I'm still searching myself. I've heard from skin tone /which is probably also true/, eyes /of course/, nails, hair, the posture of a person, teeth, background of a person /like lost parents and stuff/, the way he or she breaths, mood swings and changing your mood, obvious aura, searching for shadows, the way electronics work around them, for elder vampires: their speech, way of dressing... Stuff like that... And some are more questionable than other but... Give it a try.=D But keep a logical mind with it.[;

  46. We are real and we shouldent be telling people about it. If you are one keep it to your self and let no one know

  47. Vampire Truth AdminJuly 1, 2010 at 4:41 AM

    ???? If "we" shouldnt be telling people about it then why are you here telling us about it? ;)

  48. Look around you. The person on your left could be a serial killer and the one on your right could be a child molester. Just because you can't pick them out in a crowd, doesn't mean they don't exist. The Unknown is real, those foolish enough to believe otherwise aren't being very wise.

  49. Lol I like the Vampire Truth Admins commentXD its hilarious.

  50. ummmm....not true WOMAN

  51. Vampire Truth or MythDecember 14, 2010 at 4:01 AM

    Anonymous - what are you talking about? Minaxi said

    "u’re trying to say dat u’re really a vampire. means r u??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Which is sort of confusing but roughly translated means "You are saying you are a vampire? Are you?"

    So a reply of "not true" doesnt really make any sense :)

  52. Youngin,
    instead of online or in a book,
    find a coven. I dare you, they exist
    but might take you years. By the way.....
    I am not talking about night clubs or hollywood
    cliche' crap..........Get a grip,they exist
    in ways you can't imagine.

  53. Or is it......humans......

  54. yeah, we can survive on animal blood

  55. believe me, some vampires aren't the type you would want to look for.

  56. @katie where are these supposed vampire covens?



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