Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lilith a Poem

This poem is about perhaps the most ancient vampire of them all. Hope you like it anyway.

I was feeling dejected, drowning in a reservoir of my own sadness,
Sitting alone in the dark among the deepening shadows of despair,
Mourning a love gone forever, I felt myself on the edge of madness,
Waiting for death to come and release me from my melancholy fears,
Suddenly, a vivacious lady of pure wanton beauty stood before me,
She looked at me sullenly through strangely hypnotic dark eyes,
She smiled at me with a smile that held within it a deep mystery,
A smile that beckoned to me, but I couldn't help wondering why.
She introduced herself as Lilith and offered me her elegant hand,
I took it in mine, I kissed her fingers, and told her my own name,
As she sat beside me I felt an anxiousness I couldn't understand,
But I didn't know then, what I know now.
I didn't know her true aim.

I was mesmerized by the words of love she filled my thoughts with,
Seducing me with all her tales of the natural beauty of passion,
Telling me to relax, that it was much better to receive than to give,
Before too long we were naked together in an avaricious liaison.
I couldn't stop her, I seemed to be hypnotized by her seduction,
I tried to fight it, but it was so much easier to give into her lust,
I couldn't have known then that I was being used for reproduction,
To feed this monstrous demon created, like Adam, from the dust.
For how could I, a non believer, have known this Lilith was a devil?
When my atheistic learnings had taught me there was no such thing.
Now I'm racked with remorse and guilt at the part I played in her evil.
I'll never forget the horror of watching as she devoured her offspring!

Sent in by Borloff, Copyright 2010


  1. Borloff,

    I liked this. Good post.

  2. Very interesting and descriptive poem! Do you have others? This is really good!

  3. Creepy a little (to me), but good.

  4. I have got others, I have sent another to this site, just waiting to see if they post it lol. Thanks for all the comments, they are very much appretiated

  5. Post more up... i liked it =)

  6. Vampire Truth AdminMay 9, 2010 at 3:12 PM

    Borloff - You should consider creating yourself a blog of your own at Paranormal Culture to post all of your poetry. I am sure a lot of people would be interested in reading them and they would also be able to post comments AND you would be the one who would moderate the comments. (Paranormal Culture members get a free blog of their own)

  7. its rele intersting... made since...

  8. this is well written and intresting i never herd of this before i did like it alot

  9. does any of you believe lilith is real just curious because there many religoins

  10. Hi Elizabeth,

    I believe it's true, I have read many stories on lilith.

    Stay well

  11. Love this it's so amazing
    also it makes me wonder

  12. sure she's real. and Eve doesn't even deserve to be called a woman, right?

  13. Hi again. I haven't been on the site in awhile and I was wondering if you submited another poem yet. If you have, what's the title? Your poems are vey nice. And yes, I'm still doing teh face things. ^,.,^

  14. Vampire Truth or MythMarch 11, 2011 at 2:00 AM

    This writer has a blog loaded down with their poems at Paranormal Culture

  15. You can believe or not.Many refuse to see the truth.

  16. Vampire Truth or MythMarch 22, 2011 at 2:47 AM

    It is a poem and was not intended to be or presented as the truth. It is a POEM



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