Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is the Boy I Love Something Inhuman?

I am Maria and I have fallen in love with a boy, called Michael, but somehow there are some things I have discovered which are really scaring me.

For some background information:

I know from his mother that he was a very happy child with a really sunny smile. But at the age of four years it changed. He hardly ever smiled and he began to live in some sort of fantasy world. He also didn't want to see any children from his class in school. At the age of 5, that phase ended, but from there he was a bit different to others.

Years passed and he was living a good life and also went to a good private school (which was not that expensive). But he fall ill there, I think he was 15 back then. That's when I met him. It was really hard for me to see his pain and suffering. The illness was terrible, and there wasn't anyone who could help him. Anytime he had hope to recover it got worse than it was before. Now he is 18 and the illness almost disappeared in a few days, after 4 years of pain.

At first I was happy, but he is not like he was. I know that this sounds like a bad vampire film, but he is really handsome now (even more than he was) and he has beautiful eyes. This was the first thing I noticed. They aren't golden, red or such... they are blue in a way I have never seen. Also his right one is a bit different to his left one and the color is changing sometimes (it remains blue but different to an hour earlier). If I would have to describe his eyes I would say that the are like this:

At the outer side they are black (very small ring around the iris cant be seen unless you take a close look). The iris is blue (not only the color is different to other people I know, the iris itself seems to be strange). And then at the end of the iris, there is something white. It looks like a flower or some sort of star, and also you have to get close to see it clearly (but it can be seen on distance just not as intense).

Ok... these are the "cool" but not scary things. Something really strange is that he doesn't feel pain anymore (he even seems to be immune to physical harm). I am not just silly like some people said. He was sitting beside a soccer game of some boys he knows, and a really strong one kicked his hand by a mistake. He kicked with full power, but Michael didn't even watch at it. He just said, "Uh lucky that you cant hurt me."
I have seen some articles about some hypnosis or mind reading powers here but is it possible to have these things and much more?

There is so much to say and ask left (because this is far not all) but I will write that at another day. Anyway thanks for reading cause to other people it must sound a bit strange.

Sent in by Maria Mair, Copyright 2010


  1. Maria,
    He must have very beautiful eyes =)


  2. Maria ,
    He might be something different , Or he may just be ( just like you said ) still in his own fantasy world - pretending things don't hurt him , and acting different for attention.
    You never know.
    Maybe he is something else.
    Try talking to him =]

  3. This doesn't sound strange, it sounds like most of the stuff said here, obviously. It's interesting about his eye/iris color. I've never heard anything like that. ^,.,^

  4. Sounds to me like he's wearing colored contact lenses and the no feeling pain thing, all boys are like that when there together.
    However i am not saying he has to be human, anyway I'll be waiting for your next post :)

  5. @barbie
    I also thought that with the fantasy world, but he hates to have the attention of more people....even the attention of a single person often annoys him. Even to me he is not much diffrent. He doesnt complain when i am around, but he doesnt look at me like a boy looks at a girl/or a person he knows, its sad but i dont think he is seeing a girlfriend or just any friend in me (he looks at anyone i know this way). Its a bit like he realises that i am there but it doesnt matter(as long as i dont come close or touch him).
    i will explain more about him, but i decided to not write it all at once because it would be much to read

  6. @victoria I dont know any contact linses who could make your eyes look like that.
    Well and he is nothing like any other boy.And that in any cases. The scary thing is, if he is with the boys he is a totally diffrent person(funny,even making jokes that make fun of himself,and also the way he is looking at anyone is a bit diffrent).At first i was thinking its his true self.....but i cant tell whats his true self is.He is changing it like i did it with my clothes at the age of 14.He can be anything you want, or anything he needs in a certain situation.

  7. Maria,
    Have you seen him eat before? if you have what does he eat?

  8. Cheyenne
    When his illness was stronger, he did eat the same like his family. But later he went to bed because he felt sick. But most of the time he is drinking tea now because he hates water.
    but i noticed, that he totally stopped to eat sweet things like nougat,chocolate etc..Mostly things everyone likes. And a man who knows him since his childhood told me, that eyecolor blue connected with vampires etc. is very dangerous. He said that those with blue eyes are no modern vampires, their blood is older(and they should be much more powerful then even the strongest modern fullbloods). He had no idea who i was talking about, nor who i am. But i think its strange that he knows so much about that. I am not shure if i should talk to michael or him. I am scared because before i left he told me some facts fitting michael. He said if its something like this it would be insane dangerouse because these things are inhuman vampires even if they doesnt look so. When i told him what someone should do who is in love with such a vampire he laughed and said, uh there are a few good things for the loving one....their beloved creature wont die, no matter what happens. As he realised how shocked i was he laughed again and said, that its almost impossible, that one of them would apperar. And even if, thats not a clan or something, they are limited to a small number(much believe 4) and they cant create anything like themselfes, he also said. I just should forget about the beasts because thy are more of a legend than a fact.....

  9. I think that its nice to be in love with a possible vampire. He's lucky he has someone like you :) by the way the vampires that the guy was probably talking about could possibly be blue bloods. Well, if they exist anyway.

    Nice to meet you and take care.


  10. um... There's another person whose user name is Ren so I guess I'm Ren2. hehehe

    Take care!!!


  11. Maria - It doesn't matter if its to much to read.. we WILL read it haha =]
    we Love to know this stuff . =]

  12. I wouldn't jump to the idea that he is something "inhuman" as you say. There are lots of other things that could explain why he acts the way he does, and as far as the eyes, i've seen plenty of people with different types of eyes. heh, I have that black ring around mine as well, mine also change colors, that doesn't mean I am a vampire tho. Also with him being sick for so long, maybe his outlook on life has changed, he may be just seeing things different, if you understand that all.. Also you mentioned him giving up certain foods, have you ever thought that maybe certain foods irritate his stomach, or just make him sick.. I'm not that big on chocolate or most sweets, it is because it makes me sick. and also, a lot of people aren't that fond of water. I just think you need to consider the fact that he was sick for so long and some of his eating habbits changed due to that. Maybe it is possible that you are over analyzing the situation too, just as most people start doing when in a relationship.. People change, it is all a part of growing and maturing.

  13. quite intersting n believable

  14. Nevaeh
    Yes the inhuman is really strange, but i didnt say that myself. I just posted it here.
    And i can understand that you think i am overreacting. Actually i am someone who beliefes in science. I took me quite a while to decide if i should post anything. I will continue the "report" today so maybe someone can tell anything about the things i found out or watched.

  15. Maria

    I find your story really interesting as I am fascinated with the legend (or facts) based around vampires and their existance. You are right to question something that you do not fully understand and it would be interesting to read the rest of your story!

    Don't be swayed by the scepticism of people as it is the people (like yourself) who question the facts and challenge reality that uncover truth's that no-one else would have thought possible!

    Human beings are ignorant in their idea that we are the most powerful beings on earth!! I think that the truly clever creatures do not need to prove how powerful they are as they do not have to satisfy their own childish ego's.

    However, I would tread carefully if you are that suspicious and would probably try and have it out with your boyfriend as there may be other explanations as to his behaviour such as depression or another trait of mental illness, (not saying he is a crack pot, just that this may be the reason why he is so subdued and withdrawn from human contact).

    Let me know how you get on :)

    Take Care

    Rachael x

  16. Rachael
    He is not my boyfriend. He could be if he wanted to have a girlfriend(and if he would like me just a bit but i am not sure....it doesnt seem so). And he hates drugs-he doesnt care about legal or illegal ones, they are all the same to him. There was never any sighn that he used them.
    to an another topic: I am surprised how nice people here are. I dont want to say that i expected something worse but its much diffrent than i thought it would be.

    anyway i will continue with writing here today

  17. You know..he couldn't just be a vampire..he could be a werewolf too..Though he kinda has the signs of a vampire in him..not sure..I don't know about man witches..hmmm...

    Well,keep us posted..It's interesting..

  18. Hi Maria

    I think you have mistaken what I said hunni, I never said he might be on drugs, I used the term 'crack pot' as it is a phrase we use in England.

    I am looking forward to hearing more about this guy!! So he is not your boyfriend? But you are in love with him? is that right?

    Is there anybody else who has noticed strange things about him?

  19. Wow very interesting Maria. So is he still sick now?
    Has he gotten any better?
    I hope he didn't try and harm you or anything.
    If he did just be careful. Just watch yourself okay??
    That's neat I didn't know that the blue eyes are not modern vampires.

  20. Rachael
    Oh, sorry i didnt realize that you mean the UK version of crack pot. And because of the strange things it is easy to think about drugs.

    No he is not my boyfriend. But i would enjoy him to be, even if it seems impossible.

    Well actually the last question is a strange thing itself.....nobody i know seems to care about all this. Even if there is something strange they don realize it. I have seen a post about hypnosis here but it sounds to me like it would work only on a single person+it needs eye contact. It has to be something diffrent cause something is affecting any person around him. And its not just some sort of ability he uses, its seems to be always active without a break. But for some reason it affects me diffrent than others(i dont beliefe that i am immune).

  21. Hello Maria,

    Your story is good but it looks incomplete & if you want people to figure out his identity, then please write more, we would like to help you trace him out.. Do not tell anyhting about him to your friend coz yu never know how people would react when they get to know about all these things unless you have enough evidence.. Title head of your story says, "Boy i love is something in human" but you also say that you aint his galfriend?? This is little confusing??? Does he talk to you?? Does he like you??? If you want to know more about him, you have to spend more time with him & analyze his day to day activities like the way he thinks, eats, watches, dislikes, habbits etc.. Do not reveal about him in a different way to others unless you are sure coz he could be in a trouble if he is still a normal guy.. Does he have any friends ?? What do they have to say about him ???
    I guess you have lots to answer but responding to all of these would help you work on it..
    Some of them wouldn't believe in such things coz some humans believe in what they see in real & god has not made our minds to think or see beyond what is unseen, hence it's hard to make others believe on such stuffs.. I believe you & please keep us posted..

    Nice talking to you.


  22. I've heard that vampires don't age and they are immortal. Well if this is true then I guess Micheal is not a vampire. Also he was born. Vampires are not born, they simply exist. You need to notice his day-to-day activities. I just feel that maybe his illness has just left him a little traumatized and I guess the things that matter to us don't mean much to him. Plus a lot of people can change their eye colour. It is quite common.

  23. Vampires do age actually ;)
    Sasha-Vampires do age,and they are turned.he might have been turned..

  24. well if he were hiptonyzed a cirten way u could devour pain as if it were a chereo and the eye thing id like mine not the wite but mine could be very dark brown to a lighter shade but i use a lot of telepathy to tell people to back off and give a weird stare that i dont kno y or were i got it if not my anser its a mystery

  25. as i've read setphnie meyer's twilight saga i just can think yhat he would be just so handsome as

  26. Vampire Truth AdminMay 2, 2010 at 4:04 AM

    vishakha so just because you read a fictional book that makes you think a Vampire would be handsome? Why would you even think all Vampires looked alike anyway? I mean think about, it makes no sense. Please dont base your thoughts about reality on what you read in a fictional novel. No offense intended but I am guessing you are about 12.

  27. Some things from Twilight are actually based on the truth just like someof the tv shows like ''Charmed'' ;)

  28. Vampire Truth AdminMay 11, 2010 at 4:00 AM

    Very little if any at all is based upon true facts. Ask anyone who is into Wicca or Witchcraft about Charmed and see if they tell you it is based upon truth.

  29. umm..I know a person who is into witchcraft and so am I :)
    Like there is an actual book of shadows and everything ;)
    you can actually get a blank book of shadows (can get one on the internet) so witches can write they're own spells and witchy things in them :)

  30. Vampire Truth AdminMay 11, 2010 at 10:11 AM

    BooBoo - yes, I know that :) I am just saying that what you see on those shows is not real witchcraft. If you are really interested you should see http://www.trueghosttales.com/witches.php there are also several other pages there;
    Wheel of the Year - The 8 Wiccan Sabbaths
    Witches Wiccans & Magick ~ Traditions & History
    Wicca - Origins, Codes, Symbols, Magick & Truth
    Origins Myths & Truths about Witchcraft & Witches

  31. Just a word of advice, witchcraft is not a game. Don't play around with things you have limited knowledge on. One may have an interest in such subjects, but having an interest and experimenting with limited knowledge is very different. It is best to leave things as they are unless one has access to a vast amount of information and precautions.
    Twilight is based on Stephanie's own perception of vampires, and she admits she recreated the idea of vampires to suit her own image.

  32. I don't eat sweet things at all because it messes with my stomach

    My dad has candida, he went to a homeopathic doctor and she said a small ring around the iris means to much sugar in your diet.

    The way he acted could be something to do with a socialising issue, if he didn't want to be out with friends or simply just a phase

    He could be trying to be manly when the football hit him and act like it didn't hurt him, like he said lucky that you cant hurt me. He could of been crying inside :D (could be a sign he likes you, men acting silly first sign ha)

    I didn't start drinking water till recentally, I didn't like it.

    What was the terrible Illness??

    There answers to all of these things happening or he could be a "vampire".
    Id talk to him instead of his family.

  33. Adamaris -Limited knowledge? I know a vampire and a witch and I am a witch myself?please don't comment if you don't know anything about it ;) just sayin'

  34. Hae BooBoo,

    There are many who would JUST believe in what you say & there are some who ask for lot of proofs for justifying your identity. They don't know you personaly hence it's better to forgive them intsead of getting upset.. I hope all is well with you..

    Take care


  35. Has anyone thought of posession? Not all are the same, and if not ever caught or dealt with the being posessing could have evolved and is easier to mask it? Vampires, witches, werewolves, fairies, nymphs, etc aren't the only explanations even though this is on a Vampire Forum Thread. Not being rude to anyone sorry if it sounds that way. I am just trying to help the girl inquiring.

  36. Booboo

    I know witchcraft is a very foolish thing to get into if one has a limited knowledge on the subject. Unless one knows what they are doing, it is best to stay very clear of it. My previous comment was a precaution to anyone considering trying it out. I know due to personal experience.
    Also, I write a response to what is written as I do not know your entire life. You wrote you are 'into witchcraft', but not that you were a witch. There is also a difference between those who say they are a witch because they follow a few things and do spells, and those who have witchcraft passed down through the family and are very well informed. I don't know you, or your life, and so I obviously would not know which you are. Anything off the internet is seldom trustworthy, and I will discourage people from trying such things, just like an Ouija board.
    I am entitled to my own opinion, and all I wrote was common sense. Please think before you comment, just saying. Have a good day
    If I sound rude or angry, to clarify, that is not my intention. I often appear to write as though I am annoyed but sometimes conveying blunt opinions, without being disrespectful, whilst commenting is somewhat difficult.

  37. hey maria..

    i completely, kinda believe u..
    i mean v ol know that vampires drink blood n stuffs..right??
    so din't u ever notice him gettin attracted towards blood n stuffs..
    did he ever tried to harm u?
    does he look at u strangely??
    in physical, leaving his eyes have u seen nething more strange??..
    keep writting it is really interestin..
    i never met with this kinda situation in my life..bt somehow i believe in vampires..so believe u too..

  38. thank you lea

    i will write on soon
    i wanted to do that earlier but much things happend.
    sadly, i just know more facts but nothing really helpful to tell whats really going on...

  39. to f and lea

    does anyone of you know whats going on when someone gets red lines on his body?
    i have never seen that, but he has strange thin red lines on his chest
    they totally dont look like wounds or something....his skin isnt scratched and the color is wrong they are deep red
    after some time they are gone, but then they come back
    at first there where only one or two short ones yet its almost a letter or a symbol
    i have to admit that i am only guessing what it could be maybe just a bunch of red lines but even if so it would be strange.........

  40. hi maria
    i think that your story is very interesting and i believe u. I think its nice that u care about him the way you do but my question is does he care about you in the same way ? do you think he does? be careful not to fall inlove with him if he doesn't feel the same way. I want to say that i wopuld really like to hear more about your story

  41. maria,
    what do the lines look like? i think i know what you are talking about.

  42. Maria,

    My eyes are the same way. Dark rim around the iris, green-ish yellow iris and right around the pupil, I have a sunflower effect with a golden color.

    And I can assure you, I am no vampire. But I am sensitive to the paranormal.

    I realize this comment is a year after your post, but if you are interested in talking more about it, you can find me on Skype all the time.

    Or, Stephy K.



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