Thursday, April 15, 2010

Burned as a Witch in Cedar Falls

The story starts in the year 1985, in the town called Cedar Falls, which is a destination not even located on the map. The people of this town have always been lost in time. Everything is totally out dated from the 20's or the 30's. The setting is in the woods on a dark and windy evening.

Suddenly out of the woods, running for her dear life, comes Mrs. Kramer. She is an accused witch, who the towns people believe has committed "supernatural crimes," sexually she would plant her evil into the souls of any man she desired. This broke up many homes and lots of marriages. It is also said she has caused women who were pregnant to miscarry, and some of the children have disappeared. She runs desperately through the woods bare footed, in bra and panties with the mob close behind.

She finally reaches her home. She races in and begins stacking things in front of the door. She locks her windows and runs into her bedroom, grabbing a book from the shelf above her bed. Before she can open it the angry mob barges in, quickly grabbing her. The sheriff comes in last, smiling an evil smile. He orders them to tie her to a chair, soaked with gasoline and lit on fire.

As she burns, the townspeople cheer and sing songs. There are children present, and they also engaged in the murderous affair. The sheriff silenced the cheer and told his people it is the town secret, never speak of the witch or her spirit can be awakened, the town would be doomed.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town Sidney and Barry, a newlywed couple, are driving on highway 40 destined for California. They decided to have their honeymoon in L.A.It was Barry's idea to drive down the back roads, instead of the plane, that was Sidney's idea which would have been smarter. A fast food joint is coming up at the next turn off, the exit says CEDAR FALLS POPULATION 300. They exit there and pull into the fast food joint. As they enter the joint, everyone in there stares at them. Barry asks the waitress for directions to the nearest hotel. She tells him a bed and breakfast is down the way. The couple decide to eat there instead of eating uncomfortably.

Before they could leave everything grows dark, the people in the diner are wreaking of fear. Barry and his wife don't have a clue. All of a sudden the place burst in flames and people are catching on fire. The sheriff suddenly enters trying to save everyone. Barry and Sidney race to the door, it seems to have locked when the sheriff entered. The sheriff and some others tried breaking the windows but were unsuccessful. Poor Barry and Sidney were trapped along with the others, and everyone burned that night. At least 50 people, including Barry and Sidney the two innocent bystanders, gone.

That night at about the same time many of the town peoples homes caught on fire strangely. Many of them weren't at home but those that were perished like the rest of the town.

Sent in by Lisa Augusta, Copyright 2010

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