Monday, April 12, 2010

Henry the Ouija Spirit

My story started the summer after my freshman year in high school. I am currently a junior and I'm 17. I had used the Ouija board several months before and although it frightened me, I just had to use it again.

My interest started when I first used it and the board spelled the last name of my ex. I was the only one of my two cousins who knew how to correctly spell it. That summer, my cousin and I, Jess, hung out a lot by the little creek in her woods. She had the interest in the board because she had been one of the cousins I had first used the board with.

We decided to make our own Ouija board out of notebook paper, using her ring as the pointer. We took the paper to the creek and began using it. We spoke to a little boy who called himself Benjamin, claiming he had drowned in the creek when he was young. He wanted to move on to be with his mother but he didn't know how. Jess agreed with me to help this boy. We said a few prayers and kept out fingers on the ring until it said good-bye.

With our fingers still on the board, we felt as if there was another spirit there. The pointer began moving around the board and we started to become scared. A few seconds later we heard a twig snap close by us, only we were alone. Terrified we folded to paper up and ran to her four-wheeler that we had rode to the creek. On the trip back, we kept seeing a shadow darting around in the trees. we decided when we got back to the house that it was enough for now.

Later after dinner, we went and sat on her trampoline and pulled out our homemade Ouija board. We asked about spirits and got a young girl named Connie. She told us she had once lived in the house but got lost in the woods while looking for her brother, Benjamin. We told her we had talked to him and we helped him move on. We asked her a couple questions about what she looked like. I asked her hair color and the type. "R-E-D" and "C-U-R-L-Y" were my answers. Freaked, I asked if her nickname had been Curly. "Y-E-S" Now I was practically bouncing because when Jess had been young, she had an "imaginary" friend named curly, who had red, curly hair. She told us that yes, it had been her. Then she started saying help me. There was another spirit trying to pull her away and keep her as his. We did the same for here that we had done earlier for her brother.

When she was finally gone, the ring began to move. It was cussing me out for helping Curly. Me being a dumb 15 year-old, cussed this spirit back. After awhile, this spirit was laughing, obviously having a good time fighting with me. Curious, we asked his name. "H-E-N-R-Y" Talking to him more, we found out he was a spirit trapped in Satan's service. After some time, the pointer began to move slower than it had been. We asked why. "S-A-T-A-N-I-S-C-O-M-I-N-G" Now, deeply terrified we said good-bye and went inside.

The next day, we decided to play again. This time the first and only spirit that came to us was Henry. Henry told us that he was only 19 when he died and wanted us to search the internet to locate a possible article of his death. He then FORCED us to add these to our board: . , / ? ! ; This new board we specified was made FOR HENRY ONLY. When we couldn't find an article, we asked other questions about him. He told us he hated how Satan used him as a "slave" and asked us to set him free. He gave us bible versus to read and to pray for his release. While searching, my finger was still on the ring and it moved slightly. When Jess out her finger on the ring, it moved more "H-E-S-C-O-M-I-N-G" so we began to read. While doing this the pointer moved quickly over the exclamation mark over and over. We read some more and noticed something rather funny. The one word Henry spelled repeatedly. "G-O-G-O-G-O-G-O-G-O-G-O" We eventually succeeded.

We messed around more that day and discovered Henry was rather, I don't know how you'd say it. But he wanted me and my cousin to strip for him. Classic teenager. Even dead he was trying to get girls. He even wanted us to be his girlfriends. Once while I asked where he was sitting he said "B-E-S-I-D-E-Y-O-U" So I put my hand on the bed to the left, it was cold. And being stupid I asked "where is my hand at?" he replied "P-L-E-A-S-E-M-O-V-E-I-T-Y-O-U-R-T-E-A-S-I-N-G-M-E" So I wanted a picture. This I had never done before. Never seen a ghost in my life. But he told me to take a picture of the TV screen. When I snapped the picture on Jess's cell phone. All there was was me and her on the bed. When she looked back at it, there was a mist on the floor. There was a distinguished face, and an arm reaching toward my foot. We put the board away.

This is where it gets difficult for me to talk about. That night we played again and Henry began warning us that Satan was in the room. Sitting behind my cousin. Henry said that Satan was angry with us and was going to get even. We were told he was going after Nick( Jess's bf at the time) and Chris (my bf at the time). We were so terrified we asked Henry to go protect them. He said "I-W-I-L-L" and the ring slid to good-bye. As we were laying in bed to go to sleep, we both felt a tug on the blanket at our feet, with no one there.

To this day, I still have the homemade Ouija board with me. It stays in my wallet. I no longer want it but I don't know what will happen if I throw it away. I do, however, believe that Henry was a demon like Drew from Big chief's story Talking To A Friend From Hell because my story relates to his. If Henry was ever attracted to us could it be to the board? I don't believe he wants to hurt me but I don't like having my things disappear then reappear when I ask for it back. Nothing bad happens to me. I just want to be done with the board and the spirit/demon Jess and I befriended.

Sent in by Mysti, Copyright 2010


  1. Hmm, funny. I've never seen this site before in my life. This is the first time I'm seeing this site. Hmm, what did Henry tell you about Hell. Did he tell you about any of the tortures in hell? What did the Bible verses do when you read them? What did it do for Henry??


  3. Hello.

    Though I believe your account of what happened and also your friend's account Big Chief, I fail too see how a Demon can be friendly in the least.

    I'm not a believer in religion. However Demons and spirit guides do exist. If you are fearful, this Demon will thrive.

    Imagine you have a guardian who fights all your battles. He/She/It is an epic warrior. This is your doorkeeper. He stands guard for you. Ask his name. You'll have an answer somehow, you'll just feel it. Invoke the doorkeeper if you feel afraid or under attack. It has worked for me. My doorkeeper is called Ashalan and he is FIERCE!

  4. If you have never used a Ouija board you would day its fake. I have a college degree, served in 2 branches of the military and am a business owner. My kids brought a ouija board home and i tried it as a joke, trust me this thing is real and it has supernatural power and demons associated with it. I also communicated with "Henry" otherwise known as "Kill". I asked if he was so powerfull why could he not move a pencil off the board. The piece slid and knocked it off. I said thats nothing, so I said move our hands off, it pushed with force. It can answer questions that only you know. I think Nostrodomas got his knowledge through similar demons. You can call me crazy or you can try it for yourself and ask for "Henry"



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