Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Ongoing Debate Do Vampires Exist?

The debate of whether or not immortal (undead) vampires do or do not exist is going to go on just as long as whether or not we were created or evolved.

But do you all honestly think that a real vampire (not the ones that want to be one, or consider themselves psychic vamps or drink blood from donors) would actually go about telling the world or even go online to discuss it with people?

IMHO people who talk about “signs” or they are turning into a vamp are delusional people that need to escape their fantasy realm for a real one. And for those that claim to be a vamp and drink donor blood, or use mind powers to feed are also full of crap. Humanly speaking we have plenty of untapped potential that could very easily explain the reflexes and such (though I doubt your athletic ability and reflexes are any better than an average person).

Now do *I* believe in real vampires? Yup sure do, why? Because there are enough things we can’t explain and there is no proof that says they don’t (of course there is none that says they do either). Do I feel they are like in the movie? Would be nice, but I highly doubt it. They consider us cattle, would you honestly play with your food?

Would I like to be an undead vamp? Sure why not, living for centuries undead seeing the world at night appeals to me very much. Am I concerned about being damned? Nope, give me a good 500 years here and I’ll willingly jump into hell.

Do I drink blood now? sometimes, but not always, blood is very appealing to me. I love the taste, the feel, the warmth and especially the smell. My mouth does water when I get a hint of the smell of blood. I’m more or less pale, I hate sunlight, always cold to the touch, I have sharp canine teeth and my ears are slightly pointed. But does that make me a vampire? Of course not, I’m just your average individual person.

Sent in by Robert, Copyright 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crying Lady in the Park

I was pretty much the first person that would look for a simple explanation to a "ghost story" told by family or friends. Still to this day every time I tell my story, which is not often, I get a cold chill the same way that I felt that night.

One hot Saturday night after dropping my daughter and niece off at a party my wife and I headed home. We started talking about just things going on at home which eventually sparked up a very heated argument. My wife was crying and did not want our other kids to see her that way. So we went to a park that is only blocks from our home. Once there we continued to argue. This is just not any park. It's a place that has meaning to us. We grew up playing there and a place that has very fond memories for my wife of her father.

She began crying louder and more deeply as she recalled the days of her childhood with her daddy. We had also said very hurtful things to each other. She walked away from me saying to leave her alone. By this time we had been there for a couple of hours and it was about 2:00 a.m. I couldn't leave her there and began looking.

I saw her sitting at the edge of the pond sobbing very hard, when I got close to her she kept saying how she wish she was dead so she could be with her dad. Then as I held her hand I began to hear her echo, so I thought. I guess she must have heard it too because she stopped, looked at me and we both just froze as the crying seemed to get louder.

About 20 feet to our left ironically there is a weeping willow tree with a bench right across from it. And on that bench was a woman sitting, in what looked like a white blouse and a full length skirt, with her head full of black long wavy thick hair buried in her hands. We looked at each other and my wife said we needed to see what was wrong.

As we walked her way I asked her if she was o.k. We got no answer from her after asking her at least three times. I finally decided to ask her in Spanish, "do you need help". What we heard without her as much as looking our way chilled us. The crying then stopped, someone in the most deepest male voice said "no". As we hauled out of there we know there was no way that at 2:00 a.m. we would have seen her or anyone else arrive at the park.

We still go there, fish on the pond and even take our grandson. But as soon people start to leave, so do we.

Written by Mario, Copyright 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Vampires - My Real Life Story

I have been searching websites recently to do with this particular topic, then I found you and I feel compelled to tell you my story. I have heard many stories and read many stories such as Dracula and the twilight series which I found highly entertaining. I am well aware of the many in the population who deny vampires still exist, well in answer I say I exist and to me I am very real.

Let me explain, I was changed by another of my kind. Unbelievable? I understand that completely. The truth is I do not remember my transformation. I have lost a week or so worth of memory. I came home late in the morning (according to my mother soon after). I was almost crazed, I lost my food appetite, I became sensitive to light ( so much that I cannot stand it).

I have moved from my old home and I live in the deserted areas of Scotland, UK. I spend all day under the ground or  deep in caves. The only reason I write this is in a library. People give me strange looks and I can hardly blame them, I understand. I am highly pale, I have good looks, and a vice like grip. I feed once a year and this is usually on any blood available.

I was distressed to learn that many of you crave this life. You do not, you do not know what it is to be me.

I found Dracula amusing and a good read. Twilight, slightly ridiculous, highly exaggerated.

I am alone, I am cut from old friends and family, I am a loner. And I believe I always will be. I am only known to the world at night, I cannot come out on cloudy days and I certainly cannot continue to college etc. I am not normal, I am like a higher race, more aware of everything and I could not hold human company.

Laugh if you will, I see your point but, unfortunately I cannot laugh this off. I wish. I am a menace and truly dangerous. Good luck, I hope you are never subjected to my existence.

Feel free to comment my friends, I am open minded, I will not be offended.

Sent in by William, Copyright 2009