Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happily a Vampire

VampiresMy name is Allyson Kooper, and I am a very happy person, or rather vampire. I was turned by my lover 105 years ago. Soon after, he abandoned me. At first I was upset. I moved away from my family and loved ones. For nine years I wandered Europe, alone and depressed. That was until I met the love of my life, Alexander Godfrey. He was a sweet Irish man whom I must say is very good in bed. I told him my secret a month after we fell in love, and he took it surprisingly well. No screaming or running away, just slightly shocked and silent.But, he accepted me for who I am, and a year later I changed him. We have recently moved to Canada, searching for other vampires. We have found a clan, and we are waiting for them to respond.

Like most vamps, we are irritated by sunlight. The whole glowing like diamonds is total bull. It huts our eyes and skin a little that's it. Alexander and I are both unearthly beautiful ( to trying to toot my own horn, I'm just telling the truth). I am short, only 5'2 with long, strawberry blond hair, and blue-grey eyes. My skin is uber pale, and I have very sharp, white teeth. Alexander says I'm the most beautiful women in history, but he ha to say those things, because he loves me. Alex has soft, short back hair, and dark brown eyes. He's tall and very muscular. He is the most beautiful man I have ever seen, and as I said before, he is GREAT in the bed.

Sookie Stackhouse, Books 1-7I think it's stupid when I hear stories about sad lonely vampires who just sit around in there self-pity all day. If you are gong to live forever, you might as well have a good eternal life.There's no point in being sad forever. To all you sad vampires out there, go find a companion and stop complaining! And to everyone else, have a good life. And sorry for the spelling mistakes.

Written by Allyson Kooper, Copyright 2010

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For Those Who are Skeptical of Vampires

Vampires, do they really exist? or are they only a myth? Many people base their opinions of vampires solely on science and if science says they are only a myth people automatically believe so. Science is very limited and cannot give us the evidence that vampires exist or not.

People are too into what's happening in the public eye to open their minds and realize that there very well could be paranormal creatures living amongst us. People pay less and less attention to detail of what goes on in the real world and the truth of what really goes on and pay too much attention to what goes on in what they believe to be all there is. If only people would step outside the world of science they would be able to see the possibility that science cannot support.

Spirits do in fact exist and many people are now starting to see that, so why cant they open their minds a little more to see that the existence of vampires is not totally impossible. I ask you not to believe in all this but to open your mind to the possibility. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

For the ones claiming to be real vampires I have a few questions if you wouldn't mind answering:
  • Are you truly immortal? (not saying that you will in fact live forever but that it is possible)
  • If you were to be interviewed would you be able to provide legit evidence that you are truthfully real?
  • How can you tell a human from a vampire? any obvious characteristics?
  • How is a human changed into a vampire? explain the process if you can.

Thank you again for reading this and commenting if you do. And to the ones claiming to be real if you could answer my questions it would be much appreciated.

Written by Rose, Copyright 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mysterious Dark Personality

Last year I was going to be in the annual fashion show at my school. Now, I had already known this boy, but I had no idea what he was. My best friend was friends with him and he had uncanny abilities. He could see auras and he could also astral project. He kept telling me how a spirit kept stalking him. Somehow, we came to talk about vampires and he said that he was a vampire... I guess that he trusted me because I doubt he would have told anyone else. Not even my best friend knew, and she knew him longer. I was shocked! That was one of the last times I ever spoke to him. He also told me that my aura was very bright, I was unsure that my aura was that bright, it made him squint to look at it. I believed him when I first saw mine, it was an electric blue. Now, onto the second story.

I remember it like it was yesterday. The first day of High School, it was this year. I was sitting next to a very mysterious boy. He was quiet and did not speak English. He spoke only Spanish and so do I. I was one of the two people that could speak to him. The next day I came to class, he was across the room. This mystified me. Why did he move? Then in a few days time I was right in front of him. What bothered me about him was the way he acted. He looked like he could sprint out of there any second, and he was clutching his binder anxiously. I looked at him and smiled, hoping for him to calm down, he did actually. He had the darkest smile I had ever seen, like he was hiding a juicy secret. It seemed like he was tempting me, actually. Like he wanted me to move closer...

That same day I sat right next to him to help him, because the other Spanish speaker left. I asked if he understood and he said he did. So I went to work, but he did absolutely nothing. He looked extremely tense next to me. It seemed only with me, though. It was really unnatural. His eyes were also unusual, they were obviously dark but different in a way. He seemed... inhuman. I think I was the only one who saw it in him. And when class ended his page was blank, even though he understood!

After class ended, I was haunted by his darkness, I had never met anyone so dark in personality. He was like a drug, and I wanted to find out was his secret was. After that day, he withdrew from class. I have only seen him in the halls. And he still has that same mysterious, temping, dark smile that drives me insane.

Sent in by Angelica, Copyright 2010

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Milky White Eyes White Dress Stained With Blood

Every night at around midnight, I always seem to wake up. My eyes would travel to the foot of my bed, almost like an instinct, and I'd see a hunched figure. It was a dark shape, and I couldn't see its face. I'd fall asleep after that, and the pleasant dream I'd had earlier would then be a nightmare. The nightmare would be filled with images of an asylum, a girl gone crazy, her long white nightgown stained with blood.

In the morning I would wake up gasping. My parents kept asking me if I were okay, that they hear me making terrified noises in the middle of the night.

One night I tried to confront the ghost. I was in my bed, covers drawn up to my nose. I stayed up until midnight. That was when I got drowsy. My eyelids suddenly felt heavy and I stifled a yawn. The dark figure didn't appear this time. I tried again the next night. The same result: no dark figure. I was relieved that the ghost had finally left me alone - or had it?

My parents one day told me that they were going to go to Seattle to visit my older brother. I didn't want to come, seeing as I was one of my school's top students and I didn't want to be thrown off track and get behind.

The first night my parents were gone, I had just finished watching TV. It was in the middle of the night, I know, but it was too dark to clarify the real time. You see, my house is rather large. It has long hallways that I often ignored. But tonight, it looked extra dark and extra creepy than usual. As I made my way down to my room, slowly, I kept feeling someone breathing on my neck. In peripheral vision (out of the corner of my eye), I would see a figure clothed in white, dark hair covering their face. I walked faster, but they always seemed to be appearing beside me.

I finally reached my room. I yanked the door open and didn't hesitate; I slammed the door shut. I jumped into my bed, whimpering under the covers. My eyes were squeezed shut as I waited an agonizingly long time.

Finally, curiosity got the best of me. I opened my eyes, and I saw the girl, laying beside me. Her eyes were milky white. I didn't see anything else. I screamed and closed my eyes again. I stayed like that until morning, when I called my parents and told them to come home immediately.

After they arrived, they took me to a physician. They thought I was crazy. But I'm not. I still see her every night. She sleeps in the same bed as I do. Milky white eyes, white dress stained by blood.

Sent in by Asmeralda

My Guardian Angel Vampire

I've had multiple run ins with vampires and I now have a new outlook on modern day vampires. Whether or not you believe my stories is up to you, but I utterly believe that I have a guardian angel in the form of a vampire that watches over me.

I have read through several vampire stories here. I'm surprised to see how many experiences others have had! I would like to share my own experiences, for I have had several.

When I was really little, I used to have this babysitter who was also my after school teacher. She was an older lady (maybe 45 or older) and she used to tell me all these scary ghost stories. One day, she told me that she was going to tell me a secret. She told me that I have a natural talent for keeping the paranormal away. I didn't really understand at the time, but I always remembered the last thing she said to me that day. "You must stink to every spirit, ghost, or witch around! But vampires might be a problem for you."

Ever since then, I've had multiple run ins with vampires. When I was in the 4th grade, my friend had woods behind her house. One day, we decided to explore them. She told me that to figure out if you were close to her house, there was a strange shaped tree that you could look for. The tree was shaped like a lopsided heart, and the branches grew out and then down, like vines. She ran far ahead of me, and I ended up getting lost.

It started to get dusky outside and I sat down in the leaves and started crying. I was only 9 at the time, so I was extremely scared. I heard a lot of rustling and looked around hoping it was my friend. I didn't see anything. Then I heard it again, and I thought maybe it was a dog or something. The wind was blowing fiercely around me even though it had been perfectly calm before the rustling started. I felt like the wind was wrapping its arms around me to hold me and comfort me. I heard a voice telling me that everything would be okay, but when I turned to look, no one was there. I was really freaked out at this point, so I started walking, and that's when I ran into him. He was a little taller than an average man, and he was pale. His eyes were a really deep blue but had a red tint near the iris. He smelled really strange, like compost and cinnamon. His hair was really long and black, almost down to his knees. This person (or vampire, I would later think, looking back) wrapped his arms around me and told me not to cry, because I would find my friend. I will never forget that smell. When I recoiled (because of the smell), he smiled at me and walked away.

I walked a short distance only to find that weird tree was right there in front of me the whole time. I found the house and I told my friend and her mom, but they didn't believe me. They said they had no neighbors like that.

Several years later, when I was in the 7th grade, I was in West Virginia visiting my grandmother. She had just recently been re-diagnosed with breast cancer, and we knew she would not make it much longer. When I was really young, I always used to walk on the train tracks down to the tunnel. I got there and it was kind of rainy, so I decided to head back. I was walking on the tracks and I had headphones on listening to music. Usually trains don't come through at the time I was walking, and I knew that. But for some reason, my grandma later explained, the schedule had been thrown off because of a part of the track that had closed. A train was coming at me and I couldn't even hear it. The rain started to pick up so I started to run against it, still unaware of the train. Suddenly, my music stopped and in my headphones I could hear someone softly saying, "Look out, the train is coming!" And I turned around and was swept off of my feet immediately afterwards. I thought I had died. Someone had grabbed me and moved me from the tracks. But there was no one around. Later that night, I was taking a bath and I heard a knock on the window. Of course, I was freaked out and wasn't going to open it. Whoever was out there opened it, and a gust of wind came in and I could hear someone's voice saying that they would always protect me.

My most recent story takes place only a few weeks ago. I was at the beach with my family and cousins and was walking along at night. They ran ahead of me, which I liked because I got to talk on the phone to my boyfriend. I was suddenly confronted by a man. Patrick kept saying there was static on the phone as I was staring at this man. I immediately hung up and started to dial 911. The wind (as usual) picked up again, and the man came closer. I threatened him, saying I would call the police if he didn't leave me alone. He kept coming closer and I started to run. I felt the wind arms around me again and I felt like I was being pulled. I turned around and walked to the man. He had long black hair and the same eyes just like the man in the forest had so many years ago. He hugged me and told me that he's always watching over me, and that nothing will harm me. That smell came back... the one of compost and cinnamon. He kissed me on the forehead and his lips felt extremely cold. He smiled the way he did before and walked away. Several minutes later, my boyfriend called me back. He told me that he kept calling, but the phone kept hissing instead of ringing. I walked back to the house alone. I was in so much shock and a little scared, but then I felt comforted.

I now have a new outlook on modern day vampires. I don't think they're as bad as everyone says. Many people, including my friends who study the paranormal, have told me that I naturally repel evil spirits, and some have even noted that I smell like the compost and cinnamon. Whether you believe my stories is up to you, but I utterly believe that I have a guardian angel in the form of a vampire that watches over me.

Written by Brittany, Copyright 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Discussing Vampires with Adamaris

This is a continuation of a discussion that began on another story here ( If you want to catch up on what's going on you can go to Through the Eyes of a Vampire ). I have been requested to give this it's own page here. Most regular visitors have seen comments posted by Adamaris and know how interesting his viewpoints on Vampires are. Maia seems to be a very intelligent and considerate person and so we can be assured of an interesting discussion here. Keep in mind that this discussion is "in progress".

Maia to Adamaris

Is there really a limit to science? Science is often considered a paradigm for investigation, where body of knowledge and observations of our world provide a framework to explain and develop theories; which are systematically organized into sets of laws and rules. Perhaps if we enforce this aspect, science can only provide us with a finite view of the truth. If we expect science alone to provide absolute answers to a problem, we encourage misunderstandings and fail to reach a solution. In this instance, I agree, science is limited because we cannot predict uncertainties or rationalize our existence.

On the other hand, most scientific developments arise from intuition, curiosity and observation; therefore, can we really impose a limitation on these attributes? Man kind by nature is curious, intuitive and perceptive. If these attributes are restricted, then will science also be limited?

On the issue of trust, betrayal, forgiveness and friendships:

Your assumption about my forgetfulness saddens me and it will only come to pass if you so desire. One can consider me lucky or cursed, but I remember events and situations from a tender age with absolute clarity. Sometimes, I wish my memories would fade, completely forget events in my life, but what I consider a curse is also at times beneficial, I really should not complain. Obviously, you are aware of others wants and needs, have you considered there may be people who may not have a hidden agenda? Are you wondering if I have a hidden agenda? I find it quite odd posting this comment but I feel compelled to explain. I schedule time after work to converse with you, the effort I undertake is planned and what is communicated is intentional. I attempt to understand you and offer my hand in friendship. The outcome really is up to you. I hope, by now, you are able to deduce those who are sincere and those who are not.

The brief explanation of your perception of trust and your withdrawal is really very saddening. It appears you have forgiven but once someone repeatedly breaks your trust, forgiveness becomes irrelevant. It is equivalent to mental abuse, we accept it. I do not think you are over emotional of even dramatic, some would say expressions of such emotions suggests a higher emotional quotient. Some people find expressing how they feel very difficult and require counseling to attain a level of openness. However, the restrictions you have imposed upon yourself will inadvertently only hurt you and prevent personal growth. It seems to me, pain and sorrow still exist and continually consume your psyche. You have mentioned earlier. “I am as I am, and that is what I shall be”. I take it you do not want to heal? One can heal though, it takes time, tenacity and perhaps a dose of faith and can only be accomplished by self realization. I really do understand when someone continually breaks one’s trust and perhaps, later I will explain why I truly empathize with you. One more question, this post is getting rather large and I’m on call. The friend that continually betrayed you, are you still in contact with them?

Thank you for being so candid with your answers, I really wasn’t expecting this level of openness but glad you responded this way. I’m also assuming that my comments may not be accepted as they are intended, therefore adding this disclaimer that if I have overstepped the mark, sorry!

Written by Maia, Copyright 2010

Do Vampires Require a Period of Sleep?

This question was posted as a comment Through the Eyes of a Vampire.

Xavier wrote "I am about to be entering another “period of sleep” in what I am estimating to be less than 2 days from now, so until its over I am leaving one of my friends in charge of overseeing my posts, his name is Hekter"

Maia replied with the following:

Xavier / Hekter

Here is an area we haven’t explored and it would be interesting to understand. I have several questions if you don’t mind answering:

1) Do you have to prepare in anyway prior to entering a period of sleep?

2) Why do you need to enter a period of sleep? (I assume you do not sleep 8 hours a day like human)

3) Does one increase cycles of feeding knowing it has to sustain you?

4) Does the sleep evoke some type of vampire regeneration process? if so, can you elaborate? (Is it similar to humans regeneration process or completely different)

5) Can you be awoken during this time or are you dead to the world? (no pun intended because I don’t think you are dead)

6) Can you dream and do you remember your dreams?

Sleep well Xavier and don’t let the bed bugs bite

Sent in by Maia, Copyright 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

Leprechaun in the Haunted Trailer Garden

Last year in the summer my daughter Christina was playing in the garden. The raised bed garden is outside my bedroom window and is large with onions, strawberries and other vegetable plants. My daughter was playing outside when she saw a leprechaun on several occasions. Our trailer is haunted and ghostly apparitions along with other paranormal events have occurred.

On the day when she saw the leprechaun it was a warm March day. The sun was shinning brightly outside. Christina insisted on going out the trailer's rear door. Christina ran to the garden and was playing in the garden. After about a half an hour of playing I heard Christina run back into the trailer. She was frightened and ran into my arms holding me closely. I asked her, "Christina what is wrong."

This is the description of the events, she has recalled. Christina was looking for some dolls, her older sister had hidden in the backyard by a white flowered tree. Christina heard a something digging. Christina looked up and saw a four foot leprechaun digging by the tree. Then she looked and saw a the leprechaun pulling up a four leaf clover by the roots. The roots were long and took a while for him to pull up. He was dressed with an old hat. It was green with a four leaf clover on it. The hat had a string on it and it was gold. He had on green clothes. The hat was an Abraham Lincoln hat. The string was golden from the pilgrim time period. They were shorts and a shirt. It was a long sleeved shirt.

The leprechaun was picking up four leaf clovers, The four leaf clovers were normal looking. But the creature had a difficult time pulling up the clovers because they had long roots that seemed to extend deep into the earth. The leprechaun continued to pull up each clover one by one. But, when the leprechaun picked up the clovers they turned into magical clovers. The leprechaun had a pot of gold near him. The leprechaun put the four leaf clovers in the pot.

When the leprechaun saw Christina he looked startled. But then the leprechaun became friendly. Christina said to the leprechaun, "what are you doing?" At first Christina was afraid. The leprechaun said do not be afraid. The leprechaun looked at Christina and said, "I want to show you something." The leprechaun stretched out his hand and said, "grab my hand." Christina stretched out her hand and the leprechaun grabbed her by her hand. The leprechaun raised his hands up to the heavens and Christina and the leprechaun were up above the clouds.

Then the leprechaun showed Christina a multicolored rainbow. Then Christina could see the whole world. She saw me in the trailer washing dishes and her sister on the computer. Christina saw the whole world with people doing various activities. Christian also saw the angels and God. Christina saw God's family. God and his family watching the whole world. Then Christina could hear me her mother calling her name in the Garden. Christina told the leprechaun, can you take me back home because my mother is looking for me.

Then the leprechaun raised his hands down and Christina was propelled down back to the earth. The creature returned Christina to the garden and raised up his hands and all the plants in the garden raised up and grew bigger. Then the leprechaun said I will not see you again for a real long time. The leprechaun snapped his fingers and was gone in an instant. Christina then ran back into the rear trailer door to tell me her story.

Sent in by Carri Williams, Copyright 2010