Friday, March 12, 2010

My Guardian Angel Vampire

I've had multiple run ins with vampires and I now have a new outlook on modern day vampires. Whether or not you believe my stories is up to you, but I utterly believe that I have a guardian angel in the form of a vampire that watches over me.

I have read through several vampire stories here. I'm surprised to see how many experiences others have had! I would like to share my own experiences, for I have had several.

When I was really little, I used to have this babysitter who was also my after school teacher. She was an older lady (maybe 45 or older) and she used to tell me all these scary ghost stories. One day, she told me that she was going to tell me a secret. She told me that I have a natural talent for keeping the paranormal away. I didn't really understand at the time, but I always remembered the last thing she said to me that day. "You must stink to every spirit, ghost, or witch around! But vampires might be a problem for you."

Ever since then, I've had multiple run ins with vampires. When I was in the 4th grade, my friend had woods behind her house. One day, we decided to explore them. She told me that to figure out if you were close to her house, there was a strange shaped tree that you could look for. The tree was shaped like a lopsided heart, and the branches grew out and then down, like vines. She ran far ahead of me, and I ended up getting lost.

It started to get dusky outside and I sat down in the leaves and started crying. I was only 9 at the time, so I was extremely scared. I heard a lot of rustling and looked around hoping it was my friend. I didn't see anything. Then I heard it again, and I thought maybe it was a dog or something. The wind was blowing fiercely around me even though it had been perfectly calm before the rustling started. I felt like the wind was wrapping its arms around me to hold me and comfort me. I heard a voice telling me that everything would be okay, but when I turned to look, no one was there. I was really freaked out at this point, so I started walking, and that's when I ran into him. He was a little taller than an average man, and he was pale. His eyes were a really deep blue but had a red tint near the iris. He smelled really strange, like compost and cinnamon. His hair was really long and black, almost down to his knees. This person (or vampire, I would later think, looking back) wrapped his arms around me and told me not to cry, because I would find my friend. I will never forget that smell. When I recoiled (because of the smell), he smiled at me and walked away.

I walked a short distance only to find that weird tree was right there in front of me the whole time. I found the house and I told my friend and her mom, but they didn't believe me. They said they had no neighbors like that.

Several years later, when I was in the 7th grade, I was in West Virginia visiting my grandmother. She had just recently been re-diagnosed with breast cancer, and we knew she would not make it much longer. When I was really young, I always used to walk on the train tracks down to the tunnel. I got there and it was kind of rainy, so I decided to head back. I was walking on the tracks and I had headphones on listening to music. Usually trains don't come through at the time I was walking, and I knew that. But for some reason, my grandma later explained, the schedule had been thrown off because of a part of the track that had closed. A train was coming at me and I couldn't even hear it. The rain started to pick up so I started to run against it, still unaware of the train. Suddenly, my music stopped and in my headphones I could hear someone softly saying, "Look out, the train is coming!" And I turned around and was swept off of my feet immediately afterwards. I thought I had died. Someone had grabbed me and moved me from the tracks. But there was no one around. Later that night, I was taking a bath and I heard a knock on the window. Of course, I was freaked out and wasn't going to open it. Whoever was out there opened it, and a gust of wind came in and I could hear someone's voice saying that they would always protect me.

My most recent story takes place only a few weeks ago. I was at the beach with my family and cousins and was walking along at night. They ran ahead of me, which I liked because I got to talk on the phone to my boyfriend. I was suddenly confronted by a man. Patrick kept saying there was static on the phone as I was staring at this man. I immediately hung up and started to dial 911. The wind (as usual) picked up again, and the man came closer. I threatened him, saying I would call the police if he didn't leave me alone. He kept coming closer and I started to run. I felt the wind arms around me again and I felt like I was being pulled. I turned around and walked to the man. He had long black hair and the same eyes just like the man in the forest had so many years ago. He hugged me and told me that he's always watching over me, and that nothing will harm me. That smell came back... the one of compost and cinnamon. He kissed me on the forehead and his lips felt extremely cold. He smiled the way he did before and walked away. Several minutes later, my boyfriend called me back. He told me that he kept calling, but the phone kept hissing instead of ringing. I walked back to the house alone. I was in so much shock and a little scared, but then I felt comforted.

I now have a new outlook on modern day vampires. I don't think they're as bad as everyone says. Many people, including my friends who study the paranormal, have told me that I naturally repel evil spirits, and some have even noted that I smell like the compost and cinnamon. Whether you believe my stories is up to you, but I utterly believe that I have a guardian angel in the form of a vampire that watches over me.

Written by Brittany, Copyright 2010


  1. Awww , i really enjoyed this story =] You are very lucky that you got to see him .
    I feel being watched , but I don't what it could be .
    Did he have fangs ?

  2. Brittany,

    That was very fasinating, I loved it. I never head anything like that before thank you for sharing that with us .


  3. hi Brittany...
    u really must b a lucky gal.
    How do u know that he's a vampire? just be careful, he might end up falling in love with u and try to separate u from the humans... but i still think he's a nice person.
    u take care my dear

  4. wow, ur lucky u saw him, some people feels them or hear but cant see them.... a very lovely story and I think its at the same time a mesage to you maybe to seek deeper paranormal things...

    so are you already involved in paranormal activities or not yet?? and if yes please name them

  5. Monty (Dracul) KinKennonMarch 13, 2010 at 4:34 AM

    I for one have no doubt that he was a full blooded vampire. He will also be around to take care of you just like he promised. Vampires do tend to keep their words. I feel that I'm what you call a half-blood vampire.


  6. WoW, cool story.
    I wish i had someone like that, looking after me.

  7. That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read, how inspirational!

  8. It´s such a beautiful story... of course I can´t attest to its truthfulness,only you know if it´s real or not but
    it´s lovely and that´s what matters anyway ! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  9. that so really true? did he have fang?

    nice story. that so cool

  10. its one of a kind and the most sweetest thing i've ever heard in my life.

  11. hey u r really lucky to have a guardian who cares for u and protects u. Even i think that vampires do exist and that they r not all bad. :)

  12. I wish i had one like that. but he should not spook me.

  13. Brittany that is a really good story, well written by the way. You said that he has long black hair and blue eyes, well I was wondering what was he wearing was he wearing all black or all white? If so, I know him. I hope you´re safe and sound and he keeps protecting you.
    -Carlos Hernandez

  14. Wow. That was nice. I hope he keeps protecting you. Are there times when you wish he would leave you alone? Have any of your friends seen him yet? I've never heard of a vampire smelling like compost and cinnmon? Did he ever tell you who he was or what he was? ^,.,^

  15. Whoa thats cool hes hanging about but do you know his name??? Try having a conversation with him...i bet hes cute tooXDDD I think Im being stalking by a mean ghost though! I was half way asleep in my bed, you know where your in a light sleep and can hear still? Well I was like that and I heard something whispering in my ear angrily and in the end he was whispering really really loud! I opened my eyes and he kept on talking...I would tell you what he said but I missed half of it and the other half I was like...omgoodness whats going on???

  16. Vampire Truth AdminMarch 17, 2010 at 5:42 AM

    "i bet hes cute too..." Absolutely hilarious

  17. Hello, a little ferral Brittany

    Why did you try call a cop if that vampire saved your life?

    He is a good person blood drinker, it is funny to me that he acted as a coward that he ran away from you since you tried call a cop with cell phone against him, but he controled you to get him closely. He kissed your forehead and smiled on your face. It is a super signal for you, but it means that he bid a farewell to you. You won't see him again.

    ~Folen, aka. Fol3n

  18. I realised there is no God that she heard his voice like talking with God.

    I knew blood drinkers made many religions for humans, that humans can learn what is good and bad.

    I understand why people did draw jesus with golden circle behind jesus's head. Golden circle is a golden aura means guru, frankly, nice, calm, feels safety himself. This hidden secret about aura views.

    As Xavier said, he told us about ranks of the coven: Elders <- Lawgivers <- Genokenas <- Priests <- Workers. Is it true, Vampiretruth?

    Vampire priests knows many secrets eventually human priests.

  19. Vampire Truth Admin ,
    Lol , It humored me how you quoted Shilo's comment when she put ' i bet hes cute too '
    It is quite hilarious =]

  20. This story is so beautiful and peaceful! It is almost spiritualy told by you. I'm so amazed and in ahhh! :) thank u for sharing this. I to believe in guardians and I to believe that they may not always be wearing white and have intence light around them. I to know you have a special story. Thankyou so much for sharing this. I love stories like this. Thank you.blessed be.

  21. Wow!...Can you think of why he is protecting you?...And if so could you list them?...Just wanting to fill in the blanks about vampires...

  22. This story is so beautiful!...

  23. Brittany, hate to say this but maybe he's trying to warn you about your boyfriend. It's a good story.
    Have a good night

  24. Hi! That was a very interesting story. Since this person never tried to harm you and actually helped you and you never saw fangs or tried to bite you - have you ever consider perhaps "it" was an angel - something good :-)

  25. Brittany,

    I don't know for sure but I think that you actually have a real Guardian Angel. Full Blooded vampires tend to be odorless. But I have heard of a type of Angel that smells like cinnamon. It has something to do with healing. Apparently, only a certain few can hear them when they speak. Others just hear a ringing in their ears. I could be wrong though.

  26. gudd story. n i believe u.......................

  27. Very interesting story I love it. So did u see the vampire again?? Like after you wrote this story?? If u do tell me please.

  28. Britt (Another Brittany)April 20, 2010 at 2:46 PM

    Hey Brittany! (My name is Brittany also) I loved story. If only I had a vampire angel vampire. I think i would need one now more than ever. (its complicated)

  29. Britany,

    I believe your story, it is very interesting and I sort of have the same thing but i havent seen mine before .... I have this voice in my head saying he is a vampire .... He's saved me countless times in the last year but its great you actually got to see yours.

    Anyways, i just thought i'd let you know that there's been reported studies of the same thing but its a nature spirit ... Which i liked to think a vampire guardian angel is more interesting.

    The other Brittany - We all have guardian angels .... who knows who yours are? You're never alone and you just call out to them and they'll be there for you because they cant help you unless you ask, take care


  30. wow... i wish i had something like that you are so!! lucky!!!!

  31. I love your story! I ope that one day you could see him again and maybe you could have a nice conversaion with him! Goodluck and take care always!

  32. Hi Brittany

    That was a cool story. I wish i knew who my guardian angel is. I've been having freaky dreams lately. It's S.C.A.R.Y. My friend told me that her guardian angel is Michael. i wish I had somebody to protect me too. Bye bye!!!!


  33. I've heard so many people say they wish that they had a guardian angel, well it's time for them all to hear the truth.

    EVERYONE has guardian angels who love us no matter what we are or who we become, the reason you never meet them is because they cant help you unless you ask for it, although they really would want. Your guardian angels are loved ones from your spirit life/ past life (please remember this existence is just a pysical existence and when we die we arent really dying we're "logging off" from this virtual reality we call life.)

    If you feel that your guardian angels cant help you then you can pray to the Ark Angel or if its a being trying to hurt you speak of love, the light and say the name of God (yes god is real but not the one in the bible).

    As for vampire guardian angels, i've never actually heard anything like it before tbh, cases like these are always nature spirits, a spirit warrior of mother nature ... They can radiate the smell of compost and cinnamon and show themselves to people if they think it is appropriate, this is also true for Guardian Angels.

    I am not saying that it isnt possible for vampires to be guardian angels because tbh nothing is impossible just a bit unlikely (i know i just quoted doctor who but its my life motto (: ).

  34. Kinda creepy. It brought back memories of when I was a teen. I always felt like if I had someone watching over me. Someone dressed in black. I remember once when I was 11, in bed and felt that I couldn't sleep unless my "guardian" was near to watch over me as I slept. I looked up and looked towards a shadowy corner, and I felt peace in my heart knowing that my "guardian", all dressed in black would stand guard over me. I was only 11, so I don't know if it was a weird, half asleep/half awake dream, or if he was really there. Also, when I was like 19, I was in the military and stationed in a place that had some hostile activity, and I didn't realize that someone was trying to shoot me. I was walking by myself and "an unseen entity" literally grabbed me and threw me like 10-15 feet. The bullet went past me head. Thankfully, it missed my head and all I ended up with in a hearing problem with my right ear. I don't know if it was "him" or if it was an angel who protected me that day.

  35. I must say brittany, i have heard knocks on my window and the wind picking up as well, from the time i was 9 up until now, but i had always frozen with fright. My mums aunt told me never to let ''it'' in. I had dreams of a forest,etc as well so i do believe u. My guardian is in the astral world and has forbidden me from going there bcause its dangerous due to the ''2012 war''.

    take care

  36. lol you never said told me if he was cute or notXD

  37. You are blessed little one

  38. Wow, pretty cool. Are you sure he was a vamp though? mabye just an angel, or something...
    i guess sometimes you just know...



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