Monday, March 15, 2010

Mysterious Dark Personality

Last year I was going to be in the annual fashion show at my school. Now, I had already known this boy, but I had no idea what he was. My best friend was friends with him and he had uncanny abilities. He could see auras and he could also astral project. He kept telling me how a spirit kept stalking him. Somehow, we came to talk about vampires and he said that he was a vampire... I guess that he trusted me because I doubt he would have told anyone else. Not even my best friend knew, and she knew him longer. I was shocked! That was one of the last times I ever spoke to him. He also told me that my aura was very bright, I was unsure that my aura was that bright, it made him squint to look at it. I believed him when I first saw mine, it was an electric blue. Now, onto the second story.

I remember it like it was yesterday. The first day of High School, it was this year. I was sitting next to a very mysterious boy. He was quiet and did not speak English. He spoke only Spanish and so do I. I was one of the two people that could speak to him. The next day I came to class, he was across the room. This mystified me. Why did he move? Then in a few days time I was right in front of him. What bothered me about him was the way he acted. He looked like he could sprint out of there any second, and he was clutching his binder anxiously. I looked at him and smiled, hoping for him to calm down, he did actually. He had the darkest smile I had ever seen, like he was hiding a juicy secret. It seemed like he was tempting me, actually. Like he wanted me to move closer...

That same day I sat right next to him to help him, because the other Spanish speaker left. I asked if he understood and he said he did. So I went to work, but he did absolutely nothing. He looked extremely tense next to me. It seemed only with me, though. It was really unnatural. His eyes were also unusual, they were obviously dark but different in a way. He seemed... inhuman. I think I was the only one who saw it in him. And when class ended his page was blank, even though he understood!

After class ended, I was haunted by his darkness, I had never met anyone so dark in personality. He was like a drug, and I wanted to find out was his secret was. After that day, he withdrew from class. I have only seen him in the halls. And he still has that same mysterious, temping, dark smile that drives me insane.

Sent in by Angelica, Copyright 2010

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