Friday, March 5, 2010

Leprechaun in the Haunted Trailer Garden

Last year in the summer my daughter Christina was playing in the garden. The raised bed garden is outside my bedroom window and is large with onions, strawberries and other vegetable plants. My daughter was playing outside when she saw a leprechaun on several occasions. Our trailer is haunted and ghostly apparitions along with other paranormal events have occurred.

On the day when she saw the leprechaun it was a warm March day. The sun was shinning brightly outside. Christina insisted on going out the trailer's rear door. Christina ran to the garden and was playing in the garden. After about a half an hour of playing I heard Christina run back into the trailer. She was frightened and ran into my arms holding me closely. I asked her, "Christina what is wrong."

This is the description of the events, she has recalled. Christina was looking for some dolls, her older sister had hidden in the backyard by a white flowered tree. Christina heard a something digging. Christina looked up and saw a four foot leprechaun digging by the tree. Then she looked and saw a the leprechaun pulling up a four leaf clover by the roots. The roots were long and took a while for him to pull up. He was dressed with an old hat. It was green with a four leaf clover on it. The hat had a string on it and it was gold. He had on green clothes. The hat was an Abraham Lincoln hat. The string was golden from the pilgrim time period. They were shorts and a shirt. It was a long sleeved shirt.

The leprechaun was picking up four leaf clovers, The four leaf clovers were normal looking. But the creature had a difficult time pulling up the clovers because they had long roots that seemed to extend deep into the earth. The leprechaun continued to pull up each clover one by one. But, when the leprechaun picked up the clovers they turned into magical clovers. The leprechaun had a pot of gold near him. The leprechaun put the four leaf clovers in the pot.

When the leprechaun saw Christina he looked startled. But then the leprechaun became friendly. Christina said to the leprechaun, "what are you doing?" At first Christina was afraid. The leprechaun said do not be afraid. The leprechaun looked at Christina and said, "I want to show you something." The leprechaun stretched out his hand and said, "grab my hand." Christina stretched out her hand and the leprechaun grabbed her by her hand. The leprechaun raised his hands up to the heavens and Christina and the leprechaun were up above the clouds.

Then the leprechaun showed Christina a multicolored rainbow. Then Christina could see the whole world. She saw me in the trailer washing dishes and her sister on the computer. Christina saw the whole world with people doing various activities. Christian also saw the angels and God. Christina saw God's family. God and his family watching the whole world. Then Christina could hear me her mother calling her name in the Garden. Christina told the leprechaun, can you take me back home because my mother is looking for me.

Then the leprechaun raised his hands down and Christina was propelled down back to the earth. The creature returned Christina to the garden and raised up his hands and all the plants in the garden raised up and grew bigger. Then the leprechaun said I will not see you again for a real long time. The leprechaun snapped his fingers and was gone in an instant. Christina then ran back into the rear trailer door to tell me her story.

Sent in by Carri Williams, Copyright 2010

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