Friday, March 12, 2010

Milky White Eyes White Dress Stained With Blood

Every night at around midnight, I always seem to wake up. My eyes would travel to the foot of my bed, almost like an instinct, and I'd see a hunched figure. It was a dark shape, and I couldn't see its face. I'd fall asleep after that, and the pleasant dream I'd had earlier would then be a nightmare. The nightmare would be filled with images of an asylum, a girl gone crazy, her long white nightgown stained with blood.

In the morning I would wake up gasping. My parents kept asking me if I were okay, that they hear me making terrified noises in the middle of the night.

One night I tried to confront the ghost. I was in my bed, covers drawn up to my nose. I stayed up until midnight. That was when I got drowsy. My eyelids suddenly felt heavy and I stifled a yawn. The dark figure didn't appear this time. I tried again the next night. The same result: no dark figure. I was relieved that the ghost had finally left me alone - or had it?

My parents one day told me that they were going to go to Seattle to visit my older brother. I didn't want to come, seeing as I was one of my school's top students and I didn't want to be thrown off track and get behind.

The first night my parents were gone, I had just finished watching TV. It was in the middle of the night, I know, but it was too dark to clarify the real time. You see, my house is rather large. It has long hallways that I often ignored. But tonight, it looked extra dark and extra creepy than usual. As I made my way down to my room, slowly, I kept feeling someone breathing on my neck. In peripheral vision (out of the corner of my eye), I would see a figure clothed in white, dark hair covering their face. I walked faster, but they always seemed to be appearing beside me.

I finally reached my room. I yanked the door open and didn't hesitate; I slammed the door shut. I jumped into my bed, whimpering under the covers. My eyes were squeezed shut as I waited an agonizingly long time.

Finally, curiosity got the best of me. I opened my eyes, and I saw the girl, laying beside me. Her eyes were milky white. I didn't see anything else. I screamed and closed my eyes again. I stayed like that until morning, when I called my parents and told them to come home immediately.

After they arrived, they took me to a physician. They thought I was crazy. But I'm not. I still see her every night. She sleeps in the same bed as I do. Milky white eyes, white dress stained by blood.

Sent in by Asmeralda

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