Sunday, March 21, 2010

For Those Who are Skeptical of Vampires

Vampires, do they really exist? or are they only a myth? Many people base their opinions of vampires solely on science and if science says they are only a myth people automatically believe so. Science is very limited and cannot give us the evidence that vampires exist or not.

People are too into what's happening in the public eye to open their minds and realize that there very well could be paranormal creatures living amongst us. People pay less and less attention to detail of what goes on in the real world and the truth of what really goes on and pay too much attention to what goes on in what they believe to be all there is. If only people would step outside the world of science they would be able to see the possibility that science cannot support.

Spirits do in fact exist and many people are now starting to see that, so why cant they open their minds a little more to see that the existence of vampires is not totally impossible. I ask you not to believe in all this but to open your mind to the possibility. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

For the ones claiming to be real vampires I have a few questions if you wouldn't mind answering:
  • Are you truly immortal? (not saying that you will in fact live forever but that it is possible)
  • If you were to be interviewed would you be able to provide legit evidence that you are truthfully real?
  • How can you tell a human from a vampire? any obvious characteristics?
  • How is a human changed into a vampire? explain the process if you can.

Thank you again for reading this and commenting if you do. And to the ones claiming to be real if you could answer my questions it would be much appreciated.

Written by Rose, Copyright 2010


  1. Umm,I am sorry to say this but all the people who do say they are they are totally lying!And they can't live for an eternity they age SLOWLY!They only age 1 year in like 30 years..I can't believe in such thing as people making up a such a serious lie! They take it as a joke when it is completly serious!
    And the people who do make it up they don't realize by making up such thing they could be in danger!!!

  2. The only way for us to know is to see it ourselves. People lie all the time. We should believe everything they say. Im not crazy but I do believe in supernature activities are happening out there. I just wish I could see it for myself.

  3. Truely to say, ones soul would be more of the nature in my opinion than their physical mortal bodies. Immortality can mean many different things. But in all religions and thought it places the word eternal and forever right with it. This being said, if you believe in immortality you are believing that you will exzist after death of the physical shell we obtain so shortly while walking this journey. So if you believe you are a vampire, than perhaps spiritually in your deepest soul you are eternal and immortal.

  4. Thanks for writing this article, Rose
    For most of my life I have wanted to see an actual vampire. And I certainly don't mean the ones that say they are vampires or the ones that live off of a person's chi/energy. I am not interested in those kind. I would love to meet a vampire. A real, blood-sucking, and all-powerful-and-immortal vampire. I do believe in that kind of vampire, as crazy as it may sound. If I see a real one, then it would be one of the best days of my life.


  5. I wrote an article about the misconceptions of vampirism here.

  6. Hey, I would enjoy meeting a vampire also...I'm not a Twilight lover...Infact, I hate how the movie/book makes vampires so "Dramatic" and unrealistic. I would like to meet a vampire that would send a chill down my spine so that way...I would know for a fact that I meet one..I would want to meet him/her as there intense gripping selves...Not a love struck'dramatic vampire named "Edward" or w/e he's called. And if I do meet one someday, I will meet them with honor and dignity...Even if im only 15...Age isn't a factor with vampires

  7. I'd say age is a factor w vampires. A very respectful aknowledged thing is age. For someone so young in mortal numbers or vampire numbers(but how do u honestly count that anyways truthfully), you would have to be a already exzisting individual in one or the others life to be kept or protected or acknowledged. That is my understanding anyways? Does anyone disagree? I'd love to know how that does become up for discusion.? Hum? Is there an app age w meeting or interacting w a vampire?

  8. What I meant by the age comment was that even though I am young physically, that doesn't mean my mind is too. I simply meant that if I were to meet a vampire...I would turn into a star-struck fan and grovel at there feet...I would greet them in the same way as I do all people...only a little more respectively...Because they still are humans(Metiphorically Speaking of course) Not "Creatures"

  9. i'm not sure but i think i "supposebly" am a vampire, though im kind of new to this and just asked help from scarlet(see physic vampire) any way althuogh i agreewith dolnick, and if i didn't already know vampires were real, i would want proof. and also id like to add that although a lot of people lie, i dont. and its got nothing to do with the superstition, i just feel bad.

  10. Hi Vampire Truth:

    I am unable to find, the Story "Vampire-My Real Story" That was posted on Sep 2009. Its not showing in Vampire Index. Pl help.

  11. Vampire Truth AdminMarch 29, 2010 at 4:08 AM

    Shailey - Here it is

  12. Vampires don't exisit because the physics don't work. To date not as single vampire has resolved or explained how they live without let's say a heart beat without experiencing brain death. Or how you can have super human strength wihout muscle mass. Or how they can live on blood that for all intended purposes is salt water and contains almost no calories.

    Remember the laws of themodynamics says you can't get something from nothing. This law governs everything fromstars to trees to you and me.

    Can one of you vampires can explain it.

  13. Mike,

    I am not a vampire but it's a big world. Never say never about anything. We always claimed that we've discovered everything. We haven't. I think even if you met one you would not believe. It is good not to believe though sometimes it keeps you safe in your own mind. Just remember, if one is after you and you want to get rid of it, cutting off it's head will stop it.
    Have a good night.

  14. i believe in spirits and ghosts etc. but the idea of vampires being real is just stupid. some1 wrote a book (fictional) about vampires and then loads of people got obsessed with it and convinced thmselves that vampires are real. has any1 got proof of vampires being real? and y do u want vampires to be real? if they are real then they're gonna suck ur blood or some ****. and you said at the start that science is very limited. wat do u mean by that? because science makes up people, animals, plants and everything in the universe. if some1 finds a picture of a real vampire, then there could be a tiny chance that they exist. just dont convince yourself that they exist. every1 who says that they are 1 are just people with no friends who just got obsessed with films like twilight or other terrible films. if u think that ur a vampire, u need to go out and get some friends NOW!!!

  15. (clears throat) Hello there my name is Carlos Hernandez, and I will answer the following questions that Rose has asked
    •Are you truly immortal? (not saying that you will in fact live forever but that it is possible)
    •If you were to be interviewed would you be able to provide legit evidence that you are truthfully real?
    •How can you tell a human from a vampire? any obvious characteristics?
    •How is a human changed into a vampire? explain the process if you can.

    Bullet 1: I am partially immortal i will live for a long time but I will soon die.
    Bullet 2: I have some evidence so yes I would.
    Bullet 3: For me a Human smells "good" I can smell their blood a vampire however does smell like something but I can't really explain the smell it's like gaving a lot of different scents and smelling every single one of them, but one you can't really tell what the smell is. Also a vampire's eyes are different from Human eyes.
    Bullet 4: A Human (when bitten) is being "drained" from their blood but has some left and then the venom is injected it burns their blood like its boiling up and the they are what we vampires call a newborn.
    -I hope I could help if you have any more questions just ask
    Carlos Hernandez

  16. Please. We are getting extremely exhausted of hearing about people claiming to be a vampyre. We do not appreciate the light that is being shed on all of us.We wish to remain unknown and unseen. True Vampyres would not reveal themselves. We do not enjoy this. It is not a gift,but a curse. To wander the endless blackhole alone.We do have feelings still, and long for emotional contact. But unfortunately, we cannot allow it.We find you all so beatiful for alot of reasons. Your innocence, your frailty. unfortunately,we cannot. and again that is why we remain in the shadows.I will leave you with this thought. Do you really think that you are the only species on the face of this earth? So please do not insult our kind. Let us be.

  17. Vampire Truth AdminMay 11, 2010 at 3:58 AM

    "unknown" The why are you revealing yourself? And why are YOU claiming to be a vampire? You are getting extremely exhausted from people claiming to be a vampire yet here you are claiming the same :)

  18. I will never leave my identity. therefore you will never know who I am. I just want to let others like myself know, that this needs to stop. They are drawing too much attention to our kind. Like this one young lady "Samantha". I am concerned for the others safety of course. would'nt you be? You can think what you want to. That does not offend me.It is a shame however, that someone could be so close minded and righteous. Don't you? "Good Morrow."

  19. Hi Unknown, I don't think we want to insult your kind, but are simply interested. I would love to hear more of your views on this subject.

  20. Vampire Truth AdminMay 11, 2010 at 6:23 AM


    Of course I am concerned for the safety of others. That is the purpose behind the "no personal contact info" rule. As for names who knows what someone's name really is? One could easily call themselves Margaret the Vampire while not really bearing that name. And although you did not post your name here you did leave your IP address trail :) I would not do anything with that nor do I actively seek the information it is just part of how the net works. I am just saying that you may be leaving more about your identity than you reckon.

    You do sound very interesting and I would very much like to hear your thoughts and comments so do not take offense at anything I have said as none is intended. Just expressing my opinion and giving some info.

  21. I understand, you say you have my Ip address? that is fine it's just a room. I do not live here. I am in many places. I get bored of one place very quickly, and so I tend to wander.Again I am not offended. It takes more than words to hurt me.I could understand all of you being curious.Then you have all these other folk claiming to be Vampyres, and giving us a bad name.So honestly, it does not matter what I tell you. For years, people have made us to be monsters.Our name has already been tattered and ruined now hasn't it?

  22. Dear Unknown, I can see that it upsets you that there are so many posers out there claiming to be Vampyres, but maybe if you could be honest and open with us - it could help a little. It could give us some insight into what you truely are and us some sence of understaning you better. That is mainly the reason for most of us joining this site. You seem alone and bored with yourself so can't you just vent all your frustrations out on us? With you beining unknown to us, it could make the whole process so much easier. On the monsters part - they are everywhere - alot of bad people around. Don't try to control something that you can not change - this is the way of the human race and life in general, we try to feel safe in the things we believe in. I know I may seem to forward in my response to you, but would rather get to the point, than drag this out and end up with more questions than answers. Hope you know that my intentions are sincere, and I would very much like to hear from you again.

  23. I felt I would let a little time pass till I came back to check . And of course there is still claims being made by folk, that they are vampyres.Their very presence irritates me.I have spoken to the others. They too agree this must be stopped. There is people here putting our identities at risk. If you were all true vampyres. Then you too must know the very first rules. Expose nothing, protect your kind,and be strong and beautiful,without regret. However from what I gather from these comments that are being made,is that these folk are clearly false.I have brought this to the attention of the elders. They are furious.We ask again that this cease immediately."Good Morrow"

  24. Vampire Truth AdminMay 15, 2010 at 3:44 AM

    unknown - You want all this to cease? :) Just buy the website out and you can do as you wish. BUT then what would you do about the thousands of other sites, blogs, forums etc where people are talking about vampires? "They are furious"? :) What about? Some people on the internet?

  25. It is more than just "Some people on the internet". It is not as if we have websites about your kind and what your daily routine consists of. How would you like if someone was constantly trying to pry into your buisness.Stop and think for a minute. How would that make you feel?And don't for one second,say that it would not bother you. You know that it would.I have looked at numerous posts on this site. I can tell you this they are all inaccurate, and not true.How do I know this? A true Vampyre would not be giving away secrets.It's amazing, how you seemed so nice on the other comment that you made. Then go to being so hostile? Is there a missing void in your life? Makes me wonder. You are hostile creatures, and that is why true Vampyres will not let themselves be known. Sorry but you cannot be trusted. Therefore, we will not share our secrets with you.

  26. Vampire Truth AdminMay 15, 2010 at 5:49 AM

    unknown - if they are all inaccurate, and not true then why are you worried?

    Hostile? No, I was not hostile at all.

  27. It concerns me still. It sparks an interest in people and sends them on a "witch hunt". They will never stop searching for the truth.Because of that, we will always be in danger.Also it upsets us that they are making us out to be monsters, and the statements that are being made are ludicris. Because this is all people know.Since this is the case, if they were in fact to ever encounter one. They are going to already have passed judgment on us,simply because of the claims people have made.Again that puts our kind in extreme danger.And we can not allow it.

  28. Unknown,

    A true vampire would not let themselves be known? That is a cop-out of so many other people on here claiming to be something they are not. If that were a true statement to be believed then why would you be on here stating it? It doesn't matter if you are hidden behind a computer or not, you would have just exposed the idea of vampires being real, therefore you would also be in trouble, because you decided to post against others making thier claims. In turn that would peak the curiosity of people even more. If people asking questions is such a bother, then why put yourself in a spotlight to continue thier curiosity and get them to ask questions? If one puts themself out there, then they must accept the consequences of thier actions. I don't believe you are a vampire, if anything you said were even true, then you would not be here posting, you wouldn't even care what others would have to say, especially if those claims they are making are false.. Lastly, you state that "you cannot be trusted, therefore we will not share our secrets with you", well luv, you aren't aloud to share those secrets anyway, if what you said was based on truth, then it is against the "law". No you are not a vampire, you just want to post to cause controversy, and manipulate more young minds into believing in something. If you were indeed a real vampire, then you wouldn't announce it so bluntly, you try to convince people they are not real, just to keep a "secret" hidden.

  29. All I could say in response to that is to believe what you want. I have looked at alot of your other comments as well. I have to say, you seem a little uneducated "my Dear".The reaon we are on here to begin with ,is to try to convince the others to stop shedding light on our kind.I don't think they realize what kind of danger we are in because of this.This has absolutely nothing to do with manipulating anyone. They can make up their own minds.Why would you even be on here? It seems as if you have nothing nice to say about anyone. Have you ever heard of "curiosity killed the cat". And no a true Vampyre would not reveal secrest about themselves,that is why I know these others are not real. A true Vampyre would try everything in their power to protect their own kind. this is why I am trying to convince these others, to stop this. "Good Morrow"

  30. Unknown,

    Is it the fact that I hit on some truths, is that why you feel the need to say I am uneducated? If I am so far off, then why do you feel the need to correct me, especially if you come here to stop others from giving up secrets. If the others are not real, then again, why does it matter what they say? You misunderstand me completely. What is wrong with someone pointing out facts that someone else may not be a "Vampyre"? I met some great people on here and have talked to them off the site as well. So as far you implying that I am not a nice person, believe as wish my dear. Why am I on this site? One could ask you the same thing, sure you say it is to stop these people from talking, but in the end others see you posting as well, speaking as if you are a vampire and saying you want to protect them, but it just makes them even more curious, so what good does that do? I will say it again, if you want someone to not believe, or want to remain a secret, then why come on and announce that you are a Vampire yourself? It is not I who is clueless, but you. I am not trying to be mean to you. You must realize that emotions can't be read through words. If I wanted to be mean, I definately could be, then again, anyone could be mean. Before you go off spouting nonsense of how "uneducated or how rude I am, then maybe you need to look a little closer at the different threads and understand why I have said the things I have said. There are some great people on here, and you can't judge everyone as being mean just because they don't believe, infact if you are as you say you are, then one would think that you should be thrilled to meet someone like me, someone who doesn't believe in Vampires, it would only help to keep the "secret" hidden more, don't you think?

    Because I don't want to speak to you under two different threads, I will acknowledge the post you left under Samantha's thread to me.. No, I don't want to meet a Vampire. Why you would think that is beyond me. Infact, I won't even make assumptions as to why I think you said that.. Adamaris was right, you missed the point of my responses to Samantha. Which brings me back to question again, Why attack me if you want to stop people from posing and shedding extra light on Vampires? If want to be a vamp, more power to you, but as for me, I don't believe you are, and I don't care.. I have said this to others, if you don't like my comments, don't reply to them, but if you do reply, I probably will answer. As far as me thinking that you might of been mean in that post? No, I don't feel that way either, you are entitled to post as you wish, just as I am. If we disagree, so be it, that is why it is called a discussion, not everyone can agree on the same things. Anyway, Buona Notte!


    Thank you for trying to clear things up for me under the Samantha Thread.

  31. Unknown,

    I notice you use the spelling " VamPYRE " instead of " VamPIRE ". This indicates to me you are just another aging counter-culture wanna be who claims to be a " revolutionary " or perhaps you are just really way to into the now less popular but still being played by some RPG " Vampire: the Masquerade "

    Now that being said if we are talking about a " vamPYRE " then yes that exists as we all known the definition of Vampyre is much different from the so-called Vampire.

    For those who do not know the definition of the " VamPYRE " is as follows:"Vampyres" (as opposed to "Vampires") are individuals who are attracted to the contemporary vampire lore and who seek to emulate it by dressing in exotic vampire-like costumery, decorating their homes in dark Victorian (or funeral parlor) gloom, assuming prosthetic fangs and colored contact lenses. It is partly outgrown but distinct from the Gothic subculture.

    Either way you did not answer Nev's question...IF you were so very concerned for your so-called " brethren " then why risk public exposure in an age where digital information is easily acquired and traced? Aren't you the one who is now doing the very same thing you are scolding the " others " you mention for?

    I understand the real world is scary and we all want our " security blanket " but there comes a day when its time to put our toys away and realize that when we look in the mirror...that is all we are or will ever be.

    now for everyone who is keeping score...there is NO santa, there is NO easter bunny, Godzilla sightings in Japan have been very quite and oh yeah Vampires do not exist.

  32. I am truly confused now- I should have checked what was going on everyday. Life must be lived though? Correct? So we have another vampire wanting the topic to not be discussed?... I am here for research and every now and then we get a good peace of information I can jot down. But most sights repeat themselves or never grow. I don't think this sight is being as productive as it could. I mean I got a good storyline, if I were writing a story or a novel about Sam and others on here but the discussions have become a form of categorized insult tactics designed to win in a competition of what's real and what's not- :( there are many things all of us have not seen w physical eyes that are "not real" to some of us, because we can not see. Maybe its you have chosen not to see... And I do understand that we are talking about vampires existing or not- but I do know that people have strong minds and willpower and minds once set are seldom changed. So the battle will never be won or lost to either of sides. You each are just wasting space and energy on what is not of any importance in the long hall. Stagnation. It prevents so many of us from progressing and as we lay dormant in our ways and age- we become people we would of never imagined ourselves to be n the end. The unsocial, unwilling to help, disrespectful and highly critical neighbor. The ones that keep the balls from the kids when they fly over the fence... I think everyone gets the point- one side doesn't believe and one side wants the conversation to stop. But guess what? Us n the middle just want to talk about other things than materialistic, dollar sign values of America or the world. Some of us are interested in other cultures and lifestyles, other aspects of religion and philosophy(spell check?). Us in the middle have imaginations and are curious and want to expand and grow. I think that's why this sight is originally here- not to post comments of slashing thought form intended to get a mere response of some lesser intellect. A game this has become. One for attention and stubborn intitiveness. If anyone wants to talk about the things were here to talk about let me know!

  33. Des,

    I seriously thought in vain if I was going to reply to you or not. You are confused, that is a good thing, that will lead you to ask more questions and eventually come to your OWN realization of the truth. To condem people from thier thoughts or what they have reasearched is not your job here. This is a forum called Vampire Truth, people blog thier ideas, experiances and so on, if one does not quit agree or has a different idea of what the truth is, then they are bashed because they do not conform, if one exposes the flaws in others stories, they are bashed again because of this. So tell me where most are seeking the truth? You say you want the truth, then you must accept all sides of the issue at hand, wether you agree or disagree. I have seen many excellent posts on here from different people, but some of those posts have been overlooked, perhaps it is because they dispute the idea of vampires, I am not sure. If you want the truth, look further then a forum, ask questions, don't rely on someone else to tell you what is real and what is not, I have said that before. I personally do not believe in the idea of vampires existing, everything I have researched or read points to this, I come here to enlighten others on what I have learned, what you take from that is up to you. I don't care what your belief is, that is your belief, but if I can offer new ideas, then that is great. You also state "Us in the middle have imaginations and are curious" Isn't everyone curious? It is a curiousity that got people searching to begin with, you are NO different then any other person posting on this site, your imagination is NO greater then anyone else. You may offer new questions, but ask those questions, don't just look for a way to stop others from discussing thier view points. I was once a teenager as well, and at one time I believed in the ideas of vampires, more so I liked the idea of immortality, the mystery, or the romantic idea of it all, but I have grown out of that, and I have seeked for the truth, I am not afraid to admit that I once believed, we all have to believe in something to keep our minds from stressing over the everyday strains of life. Imagination is good, if it is imagination you seek, that is your business, but if it is truth you seek, then accept all possible ideas and take from it what you can.

    As far as Unknown and I... Our discussion is amongst us, I personally like him/her. If we seem harsh to one another, so be it. That is between the two of us, you are not a peace maker on the forum, all though I can appreciate that you try. If we have confused you by our tactics of discussion, then I would say that all your questions have not been answered and you were not quite sure to begin with, or you would not have been confused so easily. If you want to discuss vampires, then do so.. Keep questioning, if you don't question, then you will never find the answers. As far as Unknown and I, if we fail to agree with one another, then that is between the two of us, we don't need someone to inform us of something we already know. If we are misreading one another, then we will figure it out soon enough.

    One last thing before I end this, I am not a sheep, I do not conform to others ideas. I refuse to follow blindly, when truth is out there somewhere. If someday it is discovered that vampires are real, and there are some living amongst us who are hundreds of years old, then I would be the first to admit I was wrong. But until that time happens, I will stick with the facts I have learned.

  34. Hi All,

    I thought I can share my joy with some of you whom I know (through blogs), that I will be getting married soon. I had no hopes of getting married to a guy whom i loved but now I am & am very happy about it.. For those who are reading my comment here for the first time, let me give a little brief about why am I so happy, I suffered for almost 8 months to convince my parents to accept the guy whom i love & at one point of time i had lost all my hopes & wanted to give up & quit but there were many over here & other blogs who supported to me consoled me & stayed with me in my bad times. So, I would like to thank everybody..

    I know that this is the vampire site where one can discuss only about vampires & not marriage but I am very curious to make you all part of it.. I also felt the necessity of revelaing it now coz there are lot of disturbances over here, atleast my comment can make them forget about thier fights..

    Once again thank you all for reading my post.. God bless you all..

    Please remember that everyone here is very special & makes a lot of difference in each others life so let's stop fighting & pool in together to discuss on what we have to share on what we know..


  35. Once again. All of you are missing the point. You keep implying that I am a fraud. That is fine. Everyone is entitles to their own opinion.And as for saying "why do I care what people are saying if it is not real" .Stop and think for a moment. How would you feel if someone was making false claims about you.You sit there and say you don't care. But obviously you do. That is why all of you are on this site to begin with.You give all of us a bad name. And as for the comment of another angry teenager.This makes me smile. So thank you.For this is something we rarely do.I am probably older than all of you!! And as for you mcleoud making statements about masquerade etc.You as well are passing judgment. What do you think a Real Vampyre or should I say "Vampire" should look like? Let me see, you think we all wander around wearing capes etc. Again this makes me smile. They could look like anyone,just to blend in.But again, this has been put into your heads from movies etc.As for myself I am not scolding anyone. As for revealing secrets.I have not done so. And I will not.If I was in fact a fraud.I would be telling you everything,now dont" you think? But as I had stated earlier. You already have made up your mind about are all so naive and closeminded. Makes it so much easier.We almost feel sorry for you.

  36. Also mcleoud. if you really knew the difference between Vampyre and Vampire. then you would know that Vampyre is the archaic spelling. Meaning the ancient way of spelling it. However they mean the same thing.So do your research before you pass judgement on others. "Good Day my Friend"

  37. -Unknown

    Ok. I've read every part of your comments. Your saying "If you were all true vampyres. Then you too must know the very first rules. Expose nothing, protect your kind,and be strong and beautiful,without regret." What exactly do call what your doing talking to us, giving us imformation about "Your Kind" about how like you said "We do not appreciate the light that is being shed on all of us.We wish to remain unknown and unseen. True Vampyres would not reveal themselves. We do not enjoy this. It is not a gift,but a curse. To wander the endless blackhole alone.We do have feelings still, and long for emotional contact. But unfortunately, we cannot allow it.We find you all so beatiful for alot of reasons. Your innocence, your frailty. unfortunately,we cannot. and again that is why we remain in the shadows"

    You may not have given your name but you are the one revealing what exactly "Your kind" are doing and what they do.

    Now I've heard of many, many, many stories of vampires. This story or fact wherever it is to you, is the first time I've ever heard that vampires are not monsters. What exactly do you call your self besides vampires? Never mind I dont care. But from my conclusion we are not saying anything about vampires. Im sure these people are just looking for answers as well as i am. I've looked at so many blogs about vampires and stuff. People there are insane. They force themselves to believe that they are truly vampires. They say this and that, they say they "eat" human blood, blah, blah, blah. They just nothing but fools desperate for attension.

    So tell me why I should'nt believe that your just as crazy as these people who claim that they are in fact vampires?

  38. I think unknown may have a superiority complex. Statements such as, 'less than worthy’ and 'feeling sorry for others' may be evidence of this. An apology is sometimes only a formality rather than an opinion. One often likes to believe that vampires are a 'higher race' and therefore have dominance over humans. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why so many wish to become vampires, as moronic as that dream is. There are some interesting points brought up though, however many are predictable.
    What is your opinion about grains and seeds? I personally find them very irritating.

  39. UknowVampiresDontExistMay 17, 2010 at 2:20 PM


    I gather you're a vampire?
    If you are please I need a bite right now, my most recent vampire bit me and now I am addicted to the bite endorphins I need a bite ASAP. I am BEGGING!! Aghhhhhh my neck is on fire!

    Please ASAP please YOU know where to find me….

  40. wow. Dolnick. You seem very immature and uneducated. That is fine.I do not seek anyones approval.Especially yours.It is obvious how close minded you are. All of you people on this site are saying you seek "the truth".Yet when ever someone revelas them selves. All you can do is verbally bash them.I take it you do not have many friends. Am I correct? Oh and just to correct you. Sanguinarians yes are in fact humans that drink blood. However they are not real Vampyres. You beleive what you wish. And another thing is I do not appreciate you telling me to Shut up". You have alot of guts behind a computer screen.I think you really need to grow up my child.But I suppose that will come with time. One could hope in your case.And yes again I do feel sorry for you.I did notice one of you earlier comments that you made .Dolnick you said "I wish I could see it for myself". Well perhaps I will be seeing you soon then. We are not suppose to reveal our location however if it is ok. I would like to show you. Then maybe you would quiet.

  41. And as far as this silliness is concerned. begging and pleading for someone to bite you. You cannot be turned into a Vampyre. Again one of those silly hollywood stories. You are born one ,plain and simple.In fact if that were possible, we would not want to "turn" a human into one, For all of you all shallowminded.You think it is all like the movies? that makes me laugh.the stories about garlic, the weird eyes, and wearing capes, these are just all tales of a demented individual.I do not know what else to tell all of you. You are all entitled to your opinion.And thats exactly what it is. a close minded, judgemental, uneducated opinion.!!!!!!!

  42. Vampire Truth AdminMay 17, 2010 at 3:02 PM

    "unknown" - You say "All of you people.... blah blah blah" Are you saying that all the people here are doing/saying the same thing?

    About the "shut up" remark. That was my fault as the moderator, but that comment has been removed.

    And the "begging and pleading for someone to bite you" That was obviously a joke...

    AND as for you - You came here saying 'oh dont tell anyone about us, dont reveal our secret, etc etc" and now here you are giving lessons on Vampires :)

  43. Unknown.. I must say, you and I agree on one thing, the silliness of movies. Yes, movies and books are a figment of the authors imagination. But you would know that I already believed that, if you bothered to read all of my posts as you said. I do however have one question for you, if you want to remains hidden, then why would allow yourself to be seen by someone you do not know? Wouldn't the exposure be "dangerous"? I think you have left a little more slip out then what you realize, your goal was to come and shut others up, but you are exposing yourself at the same time. And last question, why is it that when someone does not believe you, you resort to a hostile nature of calling everyone uneducated.. You call others on here judgemental, but are you not being just as judgemental?

  44. Naveah, I truely enjoyed your response and have to admite you are spoken very well with your thoughts. It has been a while since I have had the brivalge to communicate with someone of such interesting views and though it was critisiam it was very productive. Infact I noticed that you opened your log with the same words that I once had used(similar). I have been meditating on what you have spoken. You are very impowering and I feel you are very knowledgable. I accept your critisim and delight that you are here! It is true, I am seeking answers. I don't like all the bickering though with everyone, it isn't productive and costly in time. However, you make good since... I am a peacemaker, I work in the peacefulness of blessings for many. We all do have a quest and yes we all do ave amagination. We all are curious. And now my eye leans toward you. I hope you except my apology- I was not purposly sounding you. Retrasing my message- I was not clear in my topic. It was pointed toward all of the bickering starting with Samanthas badgering and since forth. It is irratating to log in and find only hatred and battles. I am hoping that this sight can overcome it and develop more conversations of knowledge and experiences and not this constent bickering. But you are correct- I am not willed here for peace. I thankyou for your insight and I am no longer troubled after meditating. A voice is a special gift and to be heard is a even better one. Blessed be and thankyou.

  45. what is this now your threatin me. im uneducated havent you already said that to most of the people here already. pick something new already. you'll see me soon. ill be waiting for you ok

  46. UknowVampiresDontExistMay 17, 2010 at 4:12 PM

    Hey Mrs Unknown or perhaps Mr? anyway just a lil' piece of advice from your very willing donor, don't get too heated up because some people are criticizing your "vampires are real but we have to conceal ourselves from the humans which is why I'm admitting I'm a vampire on the same site I'm moaning at my fella vampires not to admit that they are vampires" claim.

    BTW where in my post did I say that biting me will change me?....I thought I said I have already been bitten oh sorry my bad I didn't realize your little brain cell would not compute this, next time I'll make sure to spell it out to you as I would to a child.
    I haven't heard anyone on this site mentioning vampires as cape wearers either....

    So will you bite me or not?!?


  47. And awaaaaaaaay we go.....


    After carefully re-reading my last post I could not find any reference to the phrase " another angry teenager " as for my mind being closed, if it were I certainly would not
    be checking out the arguments for/against on a site such as this or any of the pro vs con of alien encounters I go to as well.

    Now as for " movies and television " I am proud to say that in my more than thirty five years on this little blue marble ( note to board admin I hope that was ok as it will help me make my point ) I have seen but 3 vampire movies...they are as follows " Love at first bite " a campy 70's disco era attempt a romantic comedy. " Dracula: dead and loving it " another spoof...and I am uncertain which of these it was however I will list both " Abbott and Costello meet the mummy/meet the werewolf " in one of those they also encounter a vampire. so obviously my view has not been tainted by the recent influx of hollywood pandering to the tween/teen set. I am also well aware that should such a thing exist it would not fashion itself in such attire...HOWEVER it has also been said " the best place to hide something is in plain site " so perhaps your " kind " pulls a double bluff upon us poor uneducated little unworthy mortals...

    Now we go to the spelling...yes I am aware of that being you put it... archaic spelling stemming from middle ages " kings english " now looking again at my post I simply pointed out how it was " adopted " by the counter culture and suspected you may be of that genre. to this point you have posted or said anything to me or anyone else that has swayed my thinking...not judgement...thinking to the other direction.

    Now as for you revealing so called " secrets " would not posting the mantra or doctrine of your kind count? personally I don't find Jeff Sharlet's novels all that engrossing myself
    but hey if you wish to spout from them so be it

    I will give you points and I agree there is no proof to make a concrete argument on either side...I am a skeptic...I do not believe such an entity could exist in the space and time continuum we occupy. I do have some experience in these matters as for nearly 2 years I was a chat mod for a well-known group of ghost hunters and we were given access to vast libraries of information on all things " supernatural " do I believe in not in the sense they are spirits but this is not the place for me to make that case.

    I believe you are someone who is passionate about the ideology of such a being existing and by taking up the mantle you are hoping that others will follow and " feed " your ego...ahhh sustenance we take it where we can. hang in there my friend they will eventually get the medication dosage sorted

  48. I understand I came across a little hostile Nevaeh. And for that I do apologize.I did not mean for it to come out the way that it did. I can understand the curiousity that everyone has. There has been alot of research being done. People definitely want to know the truth. I must admit,it does become boring when all you have is your guilt to keep you company. And by that I mean myself. I do wish I could talk to someone.But again I am even more concerned than ever now. Because each time I make a statement,someone verbally bashes me.However in one of the earlier comments that was made by Dolsnick, did make me a little angry, and so yes I did ask them if they really wanted to see the truth. I should have thought twice before saying that, because then I would not only be putting myself but my kind in danger as well. Please tell me what I should do. "With best regards" unknown

  49. Hello again,

    I have tried time and again with everyone here. Again you all say you seek out the truth. But that does not seem it is the case. Everytime someone comes on this site making such claims. All any of you do is criticize them. That is too bad. With attitudes like that noone will ever know the truth.AS for you mcleoud you say you went ghost hunting? well than I rest my case. obviously you do believe that other entities do exist. Otherwise you would not be chasing shadows.Isn't that just a little hypocritical? Need I say more. AS for you Dolnick. I threaten said in one of your earlier posts, that you would like to see. So I simply offered.However Nevaeh brings up a good point.I can understand you being skeptical. Especially after all of the comments that were made by others earlier on.This site was suppose to be for folks to come on here and discuss whether Vampyres exist or not. Instead that is not the case. It is just a bunch of beings arguing.It is ridiculous.I agree with Des, It is not productive. "Good Day"

  50. Vampire Truth AdminMay 18, 2010 at 5:50 AM

    unknown - "All any of you do is criticize them" - Nope not true at all, in fact there are a lot of people here who believe.

    "AS for you mcleoud you say you went ghost hunting? well than I rest my case. obviously you do believe that other entities do exist. Otherwise you would not be chasing shadows.Isn’t that just a little hypocritical?" Bad logic. Just because a person believes in the existence of ghosts does not mean they have to believe in Vampires (or vice versa).

    If the only thing you see here is a "bunch of beings arguing" then perhaps you havent read all the comments because there is certainly much more than that going on here.

  51. fine whatever you say. ill still be waiting for you to show me ok

  52. Des,

    No need to appoligize. We all get a little carried away at times, but I believe it is merely trying to get our thoughts across in type, it can sometimes be a little frustrating, and we come off sounding differently then we intend. I hold no hatred for you or anyone else. I understand what you were trying to do, and I can respect you for that. You and I, we are cool :)


    I think you underestimate the people who post here. There are a lot of knowledgeable folks who post on this sight, and when you came on instantly casting judgements, and calling others uneducated, of course we will stand up for ourselves. You ask me what you should do? I am not in the position to tell you what to do, but if you want others to respect you, then you must first start respecting them. I openly admit that I can come off as being very rude, or harsh in my statements at times, but you must understand where that comes from. You see we have watched Samantha come on this forum, convincing people she was something she wasn't. When her contradictions and many lies she told started catching up, she instantly started threatning and bashing, then ran off. Her lies caused a lot hurt to one poster that I keep in contact with, this poster wanted to believe so much in the idea of vampires, that she was amazed with samantha's posts, and I imagine in complete awe of the idea that she was talking with a vampire on a forum.. When truth came out, this young poster was mortified that she was caught up in all the lies told, and very much hurt. So you see, when someone comes on claiming to be something, but contradicting the very words they speak, I feel the need to speak, just to protect another young kid from being swept up into lies and being hurt, or even feel like a fool for believing. When I say "manipulation" of those who post on here, that is where it all comes from.. So if want others to take you seriously, then first off, think before you type.

  53. Well Navaeh, you say I need to respect others on this forum. But the moment I came on here. I have been verbally bashed. Look at the posts. From people telling me I have some kind of mental disorder, to I need to have medication adjusted? eg. Look at the post from mcleoud to me.How do you expect me to feel.I am not trying to inflict any kind of hurt on others what so ever. If I have,it was not my intention.I could completely understand where you come from. However , please do not doubt what I say, for it is real. I do not know what else to say to everyone.Except, I wish you would have an open mind. and I am not personally attacking you. I mean everyone here, should at least have an open mind. Thank you for listening. "with best regards" unknown

  54. Hae Nevaeh,

    Most of them are inspired by the way you put your thoughts across to us.. I don't know if its the experience or your perception that makes you a perfect & knowledgable person.. I must admitt, I like the way you make people understand...

    Des - I also liked the way you calmed yourself & responded to Nevaeh with cool temper & I believe that worked due to meditation..

    Unknown - Irrespective of whether you are a real vampire or an ordinary person, we always respect you for what you are.. When someone claims to be a vampire & starts interacting, some try to judge, some just believe & some criticize & when you don't like what you don't want to hear or read, you will definetly feel bad & hurt. No one has the right to hurt anybody unless we know them personally... It's true that some claim to be a vampire just for the heck of it hence we get upset that they make fun of different creatures. It isn't correct..
    You don't have to feel scared about what you are. I would suggest you to relax, do good things & never react when someone threatens you coz they don't know you hence there is no point in arguing & making someone believe.. End of the day, its "emotions that keep us together". When someone compliments, we feel happy about it but when someone criticizes, we get angry & react.. Things would get better if we dont react for such things at all.. Humans will ask a lot of questions since we are curious to know too many things about others so dont get offended when someone asks you a lot of questions.. You can either respond with a cool temper or just ignore the comments.. This will help to certain extent...

    It feels nice to see such posts which spreads a lot of bond, unity & knowledge..

    Stay well & Take care


  55. Vampire Truth AdminMay 19, 2010 at 6:07 AM

    unknown - You announce yourself to be a real vampire and then you are surprised that people question you about that?

    You say that you were verbally bashed the moment you came here? Not true!

    Here was the first response written to you:

    "Written by Vampire Truth Admin on May 11, 2010.

    “unknown” The why are you revealing yourself? And why are YOU claiming to be a vampire? You are getting extremely exhausted from people claiming to be a vampire yet here you are claiming the same :)"

    The second response:

    " Written by Chantell on May 11, 2010.

    Hi Unknown, I don’t think we want to insult your kind, but are simply interested. I would love to hear more of your views on this subject."

    The 3rd response:

    " Written by Vampire Truth Admin on May 11, 2010. unknown Of course I am concerned for the safety of others. That is the purpose behind the “no personal contact info” rule. As for names who knows what someone’s name really is? One could easily call themselves Margaret the Vampire while not really bearing that name. And although you did not post your name here you did leave your IP address trail :) I would not do anything with that nor do I actively seek the information it is just part of how the net works. I am just saying that you may be leaving more about your identity than you reckon.

    You do sound very interesting and I would very much like to hear your thoughts and comments so do not take offense at anything I have said as none is intended. Just expressing my opinion and giving some info."


    Written by Chantell on May 12, 2010.

    Dear Unknown, I can see that it upsets you that there are so many posers out there claiming to be Vampyres, but maybe if you could be honest and open with us – it could help a little. It could give us some insight into what you truely are and us some sence of understaning you better. That is mainly the reason for most of us joining this site. You seem alone and bored with yourself so can’t you just vent all your frustrations out on us? With you beining unknown to us, it could make the whole process so much easier. On the monsters part – they are everywhere – alot of bad people around. Don’t try to control something that you can not change – this is the way of the human race and life in general, we try to feel safe in the things we believe in. I know I may seem to forward in my response to you, but would rather get to the point, than drag this out and end up with more questions than answers. Hope you know that my intentions are sincere, and I would very much like to hear from you again."

    Where is all the verbal bashing that happened as soon as you came on that you are talking about?

  56. Lux,

    You are a gem. You already know that I like you, and we both have communicated with one another off this site, so I respect you for the person I know you are.


    I know this going out on a stretch here, but how would you feel about opening a new blog for yourself, maybe it would be easier for others to understand you more if you explained a few things, you can always do that without giving away too many secrets, infact you have already stated the biggest by telling others you are a Vampire. Or if you prefer not to do that, then would you please consider joining Paranormal Culture. I don't have the website off hand, but I am sure Admin can post it again for you.. You can talk to others in private msgs on that site. I would just like to know more about you as a person, and maybe some of your experiances. I also believe others would like to know. Excuse me if I am making no sense at the moment, I am still coming down from anasthesia

    I do have to mention one thing though, and I don't mean to try and offend anyone, But Vampyre was not the first recorded use of the term, I believe other terms such as "Upir" were dated much further back, I believe that term was used in 1000 AD or something like that, I need to research again. Don't quote me on that just yet, as I mentioned, I could be wrong about the year. Anyway, Unknown I am glad to see you stuck around, that alone tells a lot.

    On another note an open mind is a good thing to have, you can't constantly shoot everything down, some things are unexplainable, I know that first hand, but I simply choose to look at things with more of a skeptical mind, if I can not find any logic behind it, then I can say, yes it is paranormal. Anyway.. I need to end this session, because im loosing my train of thought on it... Again, I appologize if I am making no sense, but please consider those 2 options, I think either one of them would be an excellent choice to help others understand you more, without getting caught up in the blame game or he said/she said.. if you know what I mean.

  57. Lux, Thankyou for your insight and thought into all of our logs. I truely enjoyed Naveah's comment. I would love to here more from you and Naveah.(I hope I am spelling the name correctly- I'm on my blkberry). I would love to read more about the vampires name in AD bibical geneology terms! I had read along time ago that there was a peribal or some nature of that in the bible were Jesus healed this village of Vampires and they returned to normal. Do you think that's where all this orginated? It is interedting to think about the true origins of stories and myths. It is information like this that intrigies me. Thank you so much for your compliment and blessed be to all!

  58. I believe that in the Bible it states that Jesus cured ten Lepers. However, as they were segregated from the community, one could interpret it as a small village. I do not think Jesus came across any vampires.

  59. I have to agree with Adamaris on that one, about the ten Lepers.

  60. I appreciate the comments from all of you. And you have a very valid point. To be honest it does take quite a bit to open up. I did make a promise however.I have to openly admit,it does become lonely and boring at times.You never know who you can trust. We usually do no trust humans.For we fear we put ourselves in danger. However I do know of one instance where one of our kind was revealed. I put myself in danger by even telling you this. Anyhow. they too trusted a human, and now they are no longer.I just do not know what to do. Can you imagine what would happen to us? Talk about scientific experiments!! But who knows really. "with best wishes to all of you" unknown

  61. Neveah,

    Thank you sooo much. You know, I am not brainy like others & I don't have the ability to make people understand the way i want to but i try my best to keep a calm atmosphere but at times i feel miserably..
    I like interacting with you everytime coz I have observed that when you wana make someone understand your point, you JUST do it the right way & people do take it the way its communicated.. At times we do not understand the right intention behind the message conveyed to us & then we end up fighting..

    Have a nice day ahead


  62. Unknown,

    Again my post was misread. I pointed out that I was a mod for a chat room which was run by T.A.P.S. though I did not feel it proper to mention the name at the time and give them even further publicity. I have never participated in an actual ghost hunt with them or any other group.

    As I pointed out I am a skeptic to all things of supernatural origin, now that being said I have seen unexplainable evidence of hauntings and i do not mean the amyitville horror ( side note boys and girls the family came forward a few years ago and admitted it was all a hoax as they were cash strapped) I have not, to this day, seen any evidence of even the possible hint that a true vampiric race exists or has ever existed.

    Also it seems I may have been a bit curt in my posts as well but i will give you credit for your replies and having the courage to stick to your convictions. I still do not believe the you personally nor any of our other friends are Vampires nor do I believe that human evolution has ever or will ever take that path.

  63. Nevaeh,

    Kudos my new found friend and ( oh god ) kindred spirit. your posts, while sometimes sarcastic are always thought provoking and well stated fact. Please continue to enlighten those who dwell in the dark and think " hrmmm this is a very old book, I bet no ones ever read it so I can use references from it to PROVE I am a vampire " or who believe that if you skip to the waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back of google when you search any of the terms for what is commonly called " vampire " no one else will know, you are a voice of sanity in an ocean of delusion

  64. Thanks for the clear up! Who knows where I got that from. But I could have sworn that I have read that somewhere...??? I have to admit I have not looked it up in the bible. I know it talks of physcics, and witchs and stuff but I haven't seen the actual word Vampire in bibical terms.

  65. Unknown, I am just curious(yes curious again), if you could please just answer one question. You had made a comment about us believing hollywood stories about stuff like caps and eyes... Well, my big interest here is the "eyes", what about the eyes is hollywood that we might be miss understanding? Are your eyes the same of ours? Do they have blk rings around the color and a different color around the pupils? Eyes are the windows to the soul. Do your eyes shine your soul threw them? If you are born a vampire then how does the mother start your first feedings? Is it breastmilk as we do(all mammals)do??? Do your babies grow rapidly or slowly? Do you have birthdays and events like christmas? Do you worship God or is there a different deity you hold dear? Do you marry? Divorce? Drive? How do you travel( I have always wondered that). Do you believe in werewolfs? What culture is the most similar to yours? Do your babies learn faster than a traditional American toddler? Is there a lot of supernatural witchy stuff in your life or is it more on the lines of budisahm?(Spell check again plz!) How does the sunlight effect your eyes and head? It would be nice just to get a peek into this life of yours to see why you say you are a vampire and what makes you different from us. Do you just grow up knowing that this is what you are(like a actual name) like I grew up knowing I was gifted and my family taught all of us many different religions. I have studied many different religions and have decided to be new age eclectic with a Godly worshiping backbone. Do you have pets growing up? Brothers and sisters? How old is your grandfather or grandmother? How do you do a funeral in your heritage if you eventually die? Is it like a monarchy? Do you get hungry and crave weird stuff? What's your favorite color?(Mine is colbult blue).I crave choclate symphony bars and we do normal funerals. I have 9 cats and 3 dogs, 5 fish and a bird. I have 4 children and a husband. Oh are you male? I feel like you are... Though I may be wrong... I have 1 grandparent remaining. I never met my granfathers on either side except maybe my mothers once or twice when I was little. Do you like art? I draw abstract art w oil pastals. I hope you share with us. Its just questions about your life,what harm can that bring? We all go threw events and sadness and happiness! Have a blessed day!!! Lux, congrads on your ingagment! I am so excited to hear the news- you always bring such a sweet presence to this forum. I wish you the best of what marriage can offer and bless you with peace and good will threwout your years. It is so nice to know that love still lives threwout the world.

  66. Unknown, I can understand if you are what you are, about the fear of coming out of the closet. But you have kinda already done so... If you don't worry about anyone tracking you- because it is just a room- then perhaps, because you are still talking- you want your voice to be heard. We all are here reading faithfully everyday anyways- and I think its safe to say we all enjoy the posts from everyone. I had written a series of questions(it was honestly suppose to be one) but I am just wondering- if you are what you say you are and are here talking anyways- then there must be a part of you wanting to be heard or at least acknowledged! I don't know about you but I get real excited when I see someone has responded to me! And its part of the reason I have stayed here. Haha! I don't think any of us are scientist and have the money to go on a real big vampire hunt for the quest of true knowledge! I might be very wrong though... I saw on the discovery channel once of a interview with a man who claimed to be a vampire and he was filmed live in his interview. I think its a utube clip now??? I might be wrong... I saw it about 4 months ago. He looked very gothic and pale, he had long nails and long hair. His eyes were weird lookin but I can't remember the true color- he was very artsy sounding. He had a dark room with gothic stuff threw it. I meet a physic vampire once- she had a sunny house and was very friendly. She said she was, she told me I was to??? I have struggeled with the term for years. A article on here talks about it. It made since- but I can control my energy- and transfer energy. It may sound like a lie to those who have never met a person that does energy work- but I have experienced fully lots of positive healings and impowering momments of gratitude and success threw my workings. I also know people w similar traits. So I can amagine how realities can be different but yet exzist. I am very spectical about vampires being here though and so my questions are in a good nature- just gathering bits as peaces as I go to think about in quite momments. I think labeling yourself can give room for quit the contriversale spin. And perhaps you came out to loudly and quickly. Its shocking but intriging to think you may or may not be. I believe firmly in the spirit world and paranormal events. I understand these things to be 100 percent true- but if I told a firm babtist this- they may think me to be evil. Its all just matter of opinions in the end. Just to say you are a Vampire so bluntly calls for curiosity and discusion. And sometimes people do take up the name for attention and to be self impowered. When it turns out they are fake someone that believed them does get dissappointed or hurt( exp. The younger people on here). There were a lot of hurt younger people from samanthas posts. And I'm really not making a judgemental fact or saying anything mean here- its just what I have seen from previous posts.I guess I would like you to see both our sides- even though it sounds like I'm trying to be a peacemaker again I'm not I promise. I'm just reobserving and thinking to you. So if you can understand any of this then I hope you can see that the questions asked are generalized questions of curiosity and nothing of bad intent or anything to be wrong you. Have a blessed day! Naveah, I belive you may understand what I am trying to say- or Lux??? Do you? I don't want to offend anyone- have a good day guys!

  67. Des,

    You know what?? I have to say that, you are such a master piece in terms of making good observations about anybody out here.. Neveah is knowledgable & you are all the more like here.. Though the questions that you asked were too descriptive (addressed to unknown), you still make sure that no one gets hurt.. I like that..
    Just like you even i feel happy & jump out of joy when someone responds to me, it feels nice & special.. To be honest, the comments made on me, really makes my day..

    Yes, I understand the purpose behind the questions that you have asked unknown.. Anybody in ur place would have been so curious when someone claims to be a vampire..
    As far as I know, Uknown is pretty scared about his/ her identity but there is no need to be scared at all coz we welcome who ever comes here, hence i hope you get all your answers.. Besides, I don't hate samantha for whatever she did, i hope you know that i trusted her a lot & I still like her & if she has broken our trust, then it's gona affect her indeed at the end of the day & not us.. But I just hope that nothing wrong should happen to her or anybody for that matter..
    So Des, there is nothing wrong in asking questions, coz the more you ask, the better you understand the truth.. Best of luck for that..

    Oh Yea, Love comes in any form & in any place.. Ways of expressing love might be different but it all speaks the same language across the world.. I love my guy a lot.. After god, I place my sweet mother & my guy in 2nd place..

    At last I wana thank you for sparing time to read my posts & reply on it.. I feel special & you are one of the reasons for it.. God Bless you & your family.

    Take care


  68. Luxi, Thankyou!!! You are sooooo sweet! I could amagine us getting along just fine!!! Thank you!

  69. Hi Des,

    Thank you for not coming across as hostile.I suppose you may be right. I should have never came out, perhaps I have revealed more about my self than I initially intended. To answer your question. I am a female. And no our eyes do not look any different than yours. As I stated before,we are everywhere. We look just like anyone else.We do not fly,we move just like you, only a little faster. Again I should not even be telling you this, but yes I do feel alone.We do not worship "god" as you would call it. Nor the devil.We do grow.As I said. You are not turned ,you are simply born that way. And no we do not burn immedialtely when we go out in the sun.That is ridiculous.However, it does tend to give me excruciating headaches, and my eyes sting,but that is about all. We are not afraid of garlic,crucifixes or light.The way hollywood makes us out to be is ludacris.I feel very strange now having told you this. Especially since I now seem like a hypocrite.since when I initially came on here and told others to keep quiet.Well then so I must be.But whether I do it or not.someone else will so." "Good Day" unknown

  70. To the author of the log about, Don Henrie- thankyou for the information. I will def look that up when I get settled in tonight for some fun research. I would call you by name but on the message there wasn't a author's name. My apoliges. But thankyou for the info I really enjoy looking stuff like this up anyways! :). Loise Chapman, I really admire thoughtfulness and kindness! You have complimited my heart! Thankyou! I very much so believe that we are all created for purpose and in our walk here on this plan we experiences perhaps the harshish of elements and lessons. Those who are strong receive guidance in any lesson if you are but to only acknowledge it is a lesson and walk with it instead of running threw it. I do not like to refer to my gifts as powers, I feel each and everyone of us can obtain these exact gifts if desired. I have often wondered if the desire were not there where would I be and what kind of person would I have matured into?!. It is life that has matured my soul and has brought my heart to know my truths. It is love that has guided me and faith that has expanded my intensions. There are so many things one chooses not to see out of fear, or lack of concern perhaps even. I suppose this is why one chooses to be a docter and another a mother who stays at home. Nevertheless, our world is shared by all. And all is a very big word. It is a blessing to be praised and acknowledged by such sweet intities as you all and it makes me very happy to see the conversations progreesing with observation and discusions. Unknown, I do not think of you as a hypocrite. I feel weither you are or not, you have feelings and have came to this forum for a purpose. I thankyou very much for answering my questions. I found them to be to the point however. I can see the trust is a issue for your personal innerself. I believe that trust is earned and not a free gift. I hope you stick around enough to get to know you as best as we can. I love to talk in detail because I want to gain the most experience of fulfilment at each conversation and meeting with whomever I greet or conversate with. Weither it be my children, husband, or strangers. Everyone has a story and yours is as good as the next because it is life in all essance.(I need to spell better) :( you and I may be different in a lot of ways but the one thing that we ultimatly share and always will is this planet we live on. And as devided as it may seem, as physical as it may feel- as seperated as we may think we are--- we are not. This big world- is such a small one. And we are even smaller to the big picture. Yet we are loved and valued beyond comparision. So my fellow pinpals- it was good hearing from all of you, thankyou again for all the responses and answers and blessed be!

  71. Thank you again Des for your kind words.They are very much appreciated. You made it seem like my existence actually matters in this place. "with best wishes" unknown



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