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Discussing Vampires with Adamaris

This is a continuation of a discussion that began on another story here ( If you want to catch up on what's going on you can go to Through the Eyes of a Vampire ). I have been requested to give this it's own page here. Most regular visitors have seen comments posted by Adamaris and know how interesting his viewpoints on Vampires are. Maia seems to be a very intelligent and considerate person and so we can be assured of an interesting discussion here. Keep in mind that this discussion is "in progress".

Maia to Adamaris

Is there really a limit to science? Science is often considered a paradigm for investigation, where body of knowledge and observations of our world provide a framework to explain and develop theories; which are systematically organized into sets of laws and rules. Perhaps if we enforce this aspect, science can only provide us with a finite view of the truth. If we expect science alone to provide absolute answers to a problem, we encourage misunderstandings and fail to reach a solution. In this instance, I agree, science is limited because we cannot predict uncertainties or rationalize our existence.

On the other hand, most scientific developments arise from intuition, curiosity and observation; therefore, can we really impose a limitation on these attributes? Man kind by nature is curious, intuitive and perceptive. If these attributes are restricted, then will science also be limited?

On the issue of trust, betrayal, forgiveness and friendships:

Your assumption about my forgetfulness saddens me and it will only come to pass if you so desire. One can consider me lucky or cursed, but I remember events and situations from a tender age with absolute clarity. Sometimes, I wish my memories would fade, completely forget events in my life, but what I consider a curse is also at times beneficial, I really should not complain. Obviously, you are aware of others wants and needs, have you considered there may be people who may not have a hidden agenda? Are you wondering if I have a hidden agenda? I find it quite odd posting this comment but I feel compelled to explain. I schedule time after work to converse with you, the effort I undertake is planned and what is communicated is intentional. I attempt to understand you and offer my hand in friendship. The outcome really is up to you. I hope, by now, you are able to deduce those who are sincere and those who are not.

The brief explanation of your perception of trust and your withdrawal is really very saddening. It appears you have forgiven but once someone repeatedly breaks your trust, forgiveness becomes irrelevant. It is equivalent to mental abuse, we accept it. I do not think you are over emotional of even dramatic, some would say expressions of such emotions suggests a higher emotional quotient. Some people find expressing how they feel very difficult and require counseling to attain a level of openness. However, the restrictions you have imposed upon yourself will inadvertently only hurt you and prevent personal growth. It seems to me, pain and sorrow still exist and continually consume your psyche. You have mentioned earlier. “I am as I am, and that is what I shall be”. I take it you do not want to heal? One can heal though, it takes time, tenacity and perhaps a dose of faith and can only be accomplished by self realization. I really do understand when someone continually breaks one’s trust and perhaps, later I will explain why I truly empathize with you. One more question, this post is getting rather large and I’m on call. The friend that continually betrayed you, are you still in contact with them?

Thank you for being so candid with your answers, I really wasn’t expecting this level of openness but glad you responded this way. I’m also assuming that my comments may not be accepted as they are intended, therefore adding this disclaimer that if I have overstepped the mark, sorry!

Written by Maia, Copyright 2010


  1. Maia
    I agree with what you have written, there is great truth in it. Unfortunately the brain, although thought to be the greatest computer, has many limitations. These limitations of man may in turn limit what science can discover. There is also the idea that not everything has a logical explanation although this concept is debatable. There are some things science may be able to provide a great deal of evidence on, but no definite answers. It is a difficult subject as one can go so many ways.
    People like to believe that they will never be forgotten, but unfortunately that is not always true. Hopefully, if I have left an impression I will not be forgotten so quickly, but truly only time can tell. I do forgive, but the issue lies in the fact that trust can never be fully restored. If trust cannot be restored, how can true forgiveness take place? That pain, to very simply put it, has allowed me to grow stronger as a person. I am no longer the shy individual I once was and therefore to some extent it has benefited me. I am still in contact with them as I have in some ways forgiven them. However that relationship is somewhat tainted, and uncomfortable. It is uncomfortable because she fails to see what she has done wrong, and in turn believes she is right. The story is rather long, but because of what she wanted the first time, I lost almost every person I had considered a friend. If they were not against me, they simply stepped back to protect themselves and thus I was alone. I am simply stating the truth as briefly and as simply as I can. There is a lot of information missing. Someone who was a part of the situation acknowledges now that it had turned this way. It was not simply my perception. However, I can also say that I probably did not handle the situation perfectly, but in saying that, no one knows everything.
    I enjoy your comments. However, please keep in mind that my posts are not my full thoughts. There is only so much that can be written in a paragraph. Also, words can often be perceived in the wrong way, and therefore I may not mean something in the way in which you may believe it is intended. This is not to say that anything you have written is wrong, just simply to keep that thought in mind.
    I am blunt in what I write. I have little interest in lying.

  2. Vampire Truth AdminMarch 9, 2010 at 11:42 AM

    Adamaris, if you have any problem with us moving this out of the Xavier page let me know. It was Maia's suggestion and I thought it was a good idea

  3. Adamaris
    Trust can only be restored if the person is sincere in their apology, then forgiveness can blossom. It takes both individuals to resolve the matter and one can only succeed if the memory of what caused the betrayal is not held against that person and not reiterated in some future conversation, even if the trust is broken again. Unfortunately, repeated incidents which cannot be resolved often end in trust being irrevocable. To that end, you are absolutely correct, forgiveness can not be achieved. This does not mean that a relationship with that person will cease, it will merely exist devoid of trust.

    The problems encountered posting on a website is well recognised which is why I pose many questions to attain some clarity. You are correct, your perception and the manner in which you provide information can be misinterpreted and perception is subjective. I know your posts are not your complete thoughts and observations, one can deduce by your intonation and style. I know there is a wealth of information and knowledge you would like to share and I am sure by your popularity, that others would also enjoy understanding your perceptions. I would also like if you expressed those thoughts for a given topic. Not every question or concept needs to be answered or explained in one posting.

    This new thread will provide the opportunity for you to express your thoughts, albeit, those you want to share. I know you treasure your privacy, I do as well and I like you, will restrict some information. If you really desire to know something, then you know how to contact me and I will respond one way or another.
    I am happy you are blunt and so far you have made sense to me ;)

    Take care

  4. Adamaris and Maia,

    You sound like two soulmates that just found each other.

  5. Adamaris, i agree....trust can never be fully restored - there is always that rift between people once trust is broken.

    But then on the other hand Maia, it is possible to "let it go" - as in not hold the issue against the person but to just move forward...and also - i do not believe it is possible to have a relationship of any kind with a being that I do not trust....its just too complicated and time consuming.

  6. Yes, they sounds like two soulmates.

    I think Maia is enough a worth person to be a whole-blood.

  7. Maia
    You are correct. I have met many who have said that they have forgiven another, but then will constantly mutter snide remarks. That very bitterness and mistrust is why forgiving another is not as easy as it may appear. People are not easily able to turn a blind eye when they feel they have been wronged. In a sense, it is simply protecting oneself, in another instance it is the strain that will often always remain in a relationship. There are also sometimes other factors to consider. One action does not always cause just one reaction. In my case it simply spiralled out of control. In the end I was faced with a lot of different problems on my own. During this time was when I started to perfect my outer masks. I smiled, but it was never a true smile. Now I do not care for the matter, I have grown from the experience.
    I enjoy conversing with others on a deeper level. It allows me to think and it is far more interesting than a lot of the conversations I have in general.
    Thank you, I was quite surprised to discover the thread. One must always have their secrets.

    Everything is dependent on the situation. As I have mentioned frequently, nothing is ever just black and white. There are many circumstances in which forgiveness can be achieved, but in the same instance there are many instances when it simply cannot. Only the people involved within the problem itself can identify whether they can forgive or not.

  8. Maia - I don't think anyone has asked this , ( I'm sorry if they did & I'm repeating the question ) but do you want to be a vampire?

  9. Adamaris,

    It seems to me that you've met rotten people in the past for them to do such a thing and steal your trust continusly, but then again most people are rotten. Its hard to find honest hearted people now, people just lie as a sport now, so I can not trust any body.


    I have to agree theres something about those two that makes them so alike its strange. But why do you say that so randomly?

  10. I have a friend who always says: ' I will forgive but I won't forget.' That is not a true forgiveness in my opinion. The true pardon is selfless, in order to forgive one needs to forget or try to put the past behind, so the absolution is the release of hope and trust for a better past. However, it is one of the hardest thing for people to do. It all depends on the cause of misconduct or accusation, if it was done by a mistake or it was deliberete. If we forgive someone, we are obligated to offer them our trust. The trust is a gamble that we have to take at times. The truster must accept the risk of being betrayed.
    Being deceived in the past, put me in an awkward relationship with people and I have started questioning the notion of trust. What one can do is to learn from one's mistakes and try not to judge others, or to dwell on their judgement too much. Perhaps the judgement is not as mush a snap decision, it is an early warning and detection device, a form of instinct and sense. But in order to judge others, we need to look unto ourselves and discover our own imperfections, because sometimes the problem lies within us.

  11. Ariana,

    I had a soulmate one and she died. No one ever really replaces them.

  12. Adamaris

    I do agree with your comments. To forgive is an absolute, without thoughts of vindication or retaliation which may manifest at some given time in the future. Over time I have discovered in order to forget a betrayal of trust, one would simply require a lobotomy! Forgetting such a traumatic event is extremely difficult, almost impossible. The psyche creates justifications, we blame others, we victimise ourselves in order to make sense of the betrayal. The human mind is unable to forget experiences such as betrayal, rejection or untruths. If one was able to forget such examples of disloyalty, we would not experience the side of mankind we loathe. We would not have cases where people are emotional wrecks; we would not need counselors or psychiatrists to help some individuals through such a period in their lives. Equally, we would stagnate is our ability to learn and evolve.

    I am thankful you have grown from the experience, but you are guarded. Will this experience prevent or at least restrict you from forging new friendships and sharing you life with others? There is a fine balance between ostracising yourself to prevent such re-occurrence and sufficiently allowing yourself to newer, potentially better experiences, coupled with hindsight.

    Always a pleasure conversing with you, take care, Maia

  13. Barbie
    No one has ever asked this question before and I am not sure why you asked, very strange, however, I would like you to explain, if you don't mind. To answer you question. I am happy with who I am and being completely human. I have no desire to become a vampire :)

    I am dismayed by your outlook, it appears someone hurt you and now your viewpoint is distorted. Do you really believe people are rotten? Do you not trust anybody? I do agree that it has become very difficult to meet people who are honest; so many people have hidden agendas as a means to an end. However, not all exhibit those flaws.

    I am surprised by your comment. I am aware I share similarities with regard to philosophies with Adamaris. I like conversing with him; he encourages me to think beyond what is considered “normal”. I enjoy the intellectual banter, the sharing of ideas. I must admit I have missed the dialogue with someone who understands first hand instead of going into a long diatribe and lengthy descriptions.

    You have chosen an interesting avatar, are you truly a seeker of the truth?
    Nothing is as it seems each event, each betrayal of trust is unique to the parties that experienced it and cannot be compared to other person’s experiences. Indeed, forgiveness is an absolute. However, as you correctly pointed out, we can learn from experiences and be prepared to distinguish early signs of mistrust. My mum very often reminds me "behaviour breeds behaviour", to that end, yes, we do have to analyse our own behaviour to understand what impacted the relationship. A little dose of self-realisation can go very far in one’s understanding of the self.

  14. Adamaris

    In an earlier post you mentioned you possess a number of strange abilities. We really did not discuss this aspect in detail and now seems prudent, if you are willing. I am particularly interested in understanding if all your senses are sensitive to the environment. Previously, you briefly mentioned you have an advance olfactory system and auditory abilities. I would very much like to explore any other abilities you may possess in addition to expanding what you previously stated.

    Firstly can we focus on all your senses, assuming you possess all five?, if you feel inclined. Thereafter, it would be interesting to explore your extra sensory abilities as well. You mentioned your ability to “read” people and I am intrigued and wondered if you need to be in close proximity to an individual or if proximity is irrelevant
    Finally, are there any other senses or abilities you possess which have not been covered by the questions asked above?

    Always a pleasure, II look forward to your responses, take care, Maia

  15. Adamaris, ok...you have a point. For myself - I'd rather not let myself be in that situation again - you know....the whole once bitten, twice shy thing.....

    By the way, thank you to you and Maia for being so enlightening...I have enjoyed reading over your discussions.

  16. Maia ,
    There's nothing really behind the question , I was just wondering. You seemed very interested in vampires
    and I thought that perhaps you would like to be one =]

  17. Maia,

    I dont know, it feels like whole world is rotten, the way people treat others.The way rthe upper class looks down at the lower class. Or how our Society rates and judges people by the way they look, or if someone has a different outlook on something. But the people I have to say that are not rotten are the ones that got kicked out of society and dont follow the rest of the pack. The ones who love you for you are, not what you are. Thats how I see things, and I have been hurt before numerous and numerous times, and its sad because when you have something to give people just take and take and want more untill theres nothing left and now im all out and im done,And it must seem hard for people especially children to follow ridiculas people that call themselves "cool" and try to blend in with society and not try to be there own bright selves . Sorry if I went to deep, I started getting into the moment.


    Thats very sad,but shes still with you in your heart. And your right no one can replace them

  18. Ariana
    I believe that sometimes inadvertently people come to trust in others naturally. It is only when one gets hurt that they realise. There are also those who may have once been compassionate, such as I, but when repeatedly harmed through this they ignore such emotions. Ones greatest instinct is often to protect oneself first. I cannot preach much in regards to trusting others, as I do not do so myself. I will look though at others optimistically, ignore their faults, and I may even find them a likeable character but I will not trust them. I know a few with some questionable aspects to their character.
    I have also noticed your name means to seek truth, prudent name. When one cannot forget, I agree, that in a sense it is not true forgiveness. However, can you truly blame anyone for such an opinion? I have tried that approach a few times, to not hold what they had done against them. Unfortunately, it ended badly, and events simply repeated themselves with slight alterations. I often say, ‘I do not judge, merely observe’. However, I will unwittingly get an idea about a person, but I will not put it against them or let it obscure my view. I simply keep it in the back of my mind, and eventually it will resurface when situations arise. People also prioritise, defending whom they prefer the most. In a battle amongst ‘friends’ it can be a sickening blow. When tensions simmer down, and everything that had happened still lingers, it is uncomfortable. I fought my own battles, and thus I will continue to do so.
    I believe it is also not always just humans who cannot forget what has wronged them. It is a fundamental survival instinct to protect oneself. In a sense, everything would have various degrees of such a mindset. I am able to converse freely and light heartedly to any number of people. Whether that smile is genuine is debatable.
    If there is a question, I will try to answer it unless it is one of the few things I do not wish to disclose.
    Regarding any of my basic senses, I would prefer questions simply so that I can narrow down what I write and be more specific.
    As soon as someone begins a proper, personal conversation with me I will start reading them. Otherwise, I am clueless. It is not an intentional or often conscious process. The information gathered though can help with a variety of things. For example, as long as I am not asked for an opinion and left to think by myself, I will very often come up with a very clear and very random statement about them at some point. It can be regarding anything, and in nearly all cases I am right. My deductions are also not bound strictly to people related topics either. The amount of times I have scared people from my often off hand random statements are surprising. Half the time I do not even realise I have said a word.
    I cannot think at this precise time anything specific, partially due to the vast amount of work that I must do before the early morning. The only thought that comes to mind is perhaps the often supernatural experiences I have witnessed. Unfortunately in one case someone had to experience one with me. Luckily though, it was one of the less haunting encounters.

  19. Maia,
    yes I am. I have been looking for the truth all my life, I don't even know what it is, it's hard to define. I have got an obsession with knowing and discovering new things. I like to ponder over matters of life, death and immortality. It can get very frustraiting at times, more you know less you feel. Sometimes my thoughts are keeping me awake at night. I enjoy your posts, I am truly happy to find out that there are people out there, who are looking for knowledge and honesty.
    The truth and honesty is more needed now than at any previous period of our history. The truth is the essence of virtue, integrity and freedom.
    We alway admire what we don't understant , or what we cannot get.

    I do agree with you, the society is unstable and spoilt. We look up to people who show us a wrong principle, but are believed to be ' cool ' by the majority. You have to be strong and see the difference, you need to try to go by your morals and ethics. The morality was once considered a prime virtue. Now it is something we are ashamed of. We critisize and judge and we don't realize that there is a fine line between the judgement and condemnation.
    Our words can hurt others and we can be hurt by them too. So we need more courtesy and understanding. ' No one is too big to be courteous, but some are too little.'

  20. Quaereveritatem,

    It seems that not many people have morals anymore which is very sad. It seems that people do as they please without caring of how they effect others. I try as hard as I can to go by my morals and I step out of my way to be courteous and respectful towards others and people just repay me in disrepect and rudeness and im sick of it. Should I still be kind or should i just stop?!


    I agree with you. Do you feel closed towards people, Feel like you forgave them countless times and eventually just stoped forgiving them?

  21. Ariana

    I really do understand your observations and please, never be sorry about expressing your opinions. Our experiences helps us understand, learn and progress. You are correct in most part. I am generalising when I say most people are focused on the outer self, rarely do we delve into the inner workings of our psyche and ever rarer, self examination of our consciousness. I hope you do not become discouraged, I recognise you have been hurt, but one aspect we learn about what causes hurt is we accumulate experiences and knowledge on how to deal with such situations in the future.

    We must also recognise the world is inhabited by people who are callous, discourteous, rude and disrespectful. In contrast, many possess ethical and moral attributes which you have stated earlier. If you succumb to the negative traits, you are exactly as they are. Do you want to be perceived in such a manner? I think not, hold true to your ideals, your morals, your ethics, it is who you are, your unique identify. Do not relinquish the power you hold and let that be taken away from you, only you can control that.

  22. Ariana
    I prefer to keep a certain distance from others. Each individual is different with different personalities, qualities and of course flaws. I simply observe and respond to the situations I am presented with. In terms of my own reliance on others, I allow people to talk with me about numerous problems they have but my own personal problems will remain almost always my own. Sometimes I will seek a secondary opinion but it is seldom, if ever, something that could cause me future problems. I will simply state the truth to others. To some extent your statement is quite correct. I will forgive a person numerous times as I acknowledge that no one is ever perfect, however it will get to a point where I simply do not care. My scope of consideration is rather low. As soon as someone or something is outside of it, I simply lack any emotion. This is also the case for remorse, however luckily, it is not completely nonexistent.

  23. Adamaris

    When posing questions, it is often beneficial to understand the scope and context so the questions posed are relevant. In your case, I do not know what is relevant, therefore posing questions out of some perceived context may not provide the information I am looking for. I am willing to try, however, it would be wonderful if you could expand on a answer if you suspect I am pursuing a certain line of thought.

    1) What is your range of smell? (i.e. can you smell specific scents and discriminate between them),
    2) Which smells/scents are strongest? weakest? (this question relates to above, but want your perception)
    3) I have noticed when a person is sick, one can smell a certain scent, what have you experienced ?
    4) You mentioned in another post, you can hear a pin drop in a room. Can you hear conversations in other rooms/places? and how clearly?
    4b) Does the person have to be in your line of sight in order to differentiate sounds? (you may have already answered this question, but decided to pose it nevertheless).
    5) You mentioned you can see well in the dark. To what extent? (i.e. can you distinguish trees, houses, flowers,clouds to the same extent as daylight?
    6) What is the heaviest object you can lift?
    7) How fast can you run?
    8) What are your favourite food types and drinks?

    I think for now, these questions are a good starting point. If anyone else on these posts thinks of any questions, here's your opportunity to post.
    thanks again and take care Maia

  24. I agree with Maia. Do not lower your standards and ignore your morals, respect and decency as that is what help defines you as an individual. To simply conform to society is in a sense losing what you once valued. Do not become what you so disapprove of. However, in saying this, do not blame man fully for such a world. Mans instinct is to firstly protect themselves and then their family in most cases. The world is a harsh place, with many striving to survive and thus their attention will focus on doing so. One may watch a young woman being brutally attacked on the street, but many will do nothing to help. Apart from protecting one’s own life, a fear that can override and other urge, there are other considerations. For example, if an average man who so happened to be the sole provider of his family was at the scene, could you blame him for not helping? If he were to die, what would happen to his family? Can one truly judge others in such circumstances when so safely sat within their own home? The world is complex. There are good people, bad people and those who are simply trying to survive.

  25. Adamaris and Maia,

    You are right, I should just be who I am and go by my morals. And maybe I should not hate the world so and society so much.

    Could you give me some advice of how to deal with people and to learn to let things go and not let myself get worked up? You two seem very well educated even Quaereveritatem and would love to hear your advice.



  26. Ariana,
    One can get very fed up with repetitious attempts of proving oneself to others, being refused and ignored . Why is it that we only seem to believe negative things people say about us, no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary. A smal occurence can cancel out what was once true.We need to develop a consistent sense of our inner self, rather than being swamped by the range of roles and choises avaliable.

    It is easily done to be weak and broken, but every experience makes us stronger. The more you care, the stronger you can be. Don't give up easily, try to go by your ethics, there is nothing to loose.

  27. Hi Adamaris

    Sorry, I was sick, picked up a virus from work and wasn't feeling well at all.
    Thank you for taking the time to explain your differences, I certainly understand you capability much more.

    I was also thinking the other day, I wonder if vampires have souls, what do you think?

  28. As long as something has the ability to love, to feel emotions for another, I believe that they have a soul. One may suppress their emotions, pretend they feel nothing to the point of believing it, but it is still there. A soul is what I perceive to be the centre, the essence of a being and thus every being has one.
    I am sceptic when it comes to the notion of vampires. I know there are very strange things in this world, many unexplainable, but I have yet to come across proof over the existence of such beings. Therefore, although I do not dismiss the notion, I do not fully believe in it either. Vampires may be simply a product of the human mind. Then there is also the theory of incorrect labelling of certain beings. It is debatable. Regarding other creatures however, I have a stronger belief. I question beliefs and theories even if they are controversial. When I see things with my own eyes it strengthens what I perceive as reality, but does not fully convince me. I cannot forget though what I have seen and therefore I ground my knowledge with that.
    In regards to souls in general, I am not ignorant enough to believe that humans are the only higher species that should have a soul. Mans arrogance has placed this view of humans being above all other animals. The topic is tricky as one can even debate the existence over souls. I do think there are souls, what it truly is though is questionable.
    I hope you feel better. What is your belief on the topic? If my writing is slightly incoherent I apologise. I have been exhausted lately and the fact it is 3:25am does not help.

  29. Adamaris
    why were you awake until the wee hours of the morning? (just curious) :)

  30. Adamaris,
    I wrote a post questioning the concept of a soul mates on the Talk Paranormal website. Here is the link: http://www.talkparanormal.com/thread-6368.html.

    We can probably discuss this concepts, perhaps afterward?


  31. I have a peculiar body clock. I sleep very little, perhaps two to three hours a night. Therefore when I am closer to the time that I will finally rest my thoughts are often incoherent. However, I do make up for this lack of sleep sometimes on the weekends. During this time I may sleep for twelve hours. I have roughly just over half the amount of time most people will sleep in a week. I am mainly nocturnal, but one cannot escape the day and thus I live in both.
    I believe in order to see the thread one must be member. With this being so I cannot view it.

  32. Adamaris
    I have often wondered about the concept of a soul mate, does the definition differ depending on which culture and society influenced your religious and spiritual belief system and what would characterize and define a soul mate?

    The common belief is for every person, there is another person who is a “perfect fit,” When you find that special someone who you wish to spend the rest of your life with, that person is considered to be your ‘soul mate’.

    However, the concept of a soul mate differs depending on your belief system, for example based on some Sanskrit scriptures, Hindu philosophies, a soul mate can be defined as a soul which is reincarnated within the same group of souls and loved over several lifetimes. It is believed that soul mates have spent their previous lifetimes together. Underlying this concept is the idea of Karma, where the groups of souls pay their karmic debt and thereafter the karmic restriction is dissolved. Once liberated from the cycle of birth and rebirth the souls return to the ultimate being, God. In essence, the theory is centered on loving the same soul through many lifetimes.

    In contrast, Greek mythology suggests humans originally consisted of four arms, four legs, and a single head comprising of two faces. The Greek god Zeus feared these beings power and divided them forever: condemned and scattered around the world, they spend their lives searching for the other half to complete them in an attempt to become a full person. When the two halves sometimes cross paths during various lifetimes, they have a cosmic powerful bond because they really are of the same soul.

    Furthermore, according to Christianity, Mark 10:7-9 declares, “A man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.” A husband and wife are “united,” “one flesh,” “no longer two, but one,” and “joined together,” i.e., soul mates?

    I have discovered many different interpretations of what is considered a soul mate. Often we have a tendency to categorize, label and file concepts which are beyond common interpretation and definition into a set of inflexible rules and anything which does not fit is often considered incorrect, in this case who can say what determines a soul mate?

    I believe all love is sacred, whether you consider such theories regarding reincarnation or the scattering of the souls.

    What do youl think?

  33. Adamaris,

    I have a random question, what country were you born in just wondering?


    I hope you feel much :) better being sick is never fun


  34. I feel that one can have a group of people that can walk ther path w them on this life time to help them w lessons and awakening into new unexplored things. Perhaps if two souls met @ the same time alone, then they may feel a indiscribable attatchment or bond? Most of the people that I communicate with are one of two ways... The 1st very in love and well suited! Or 2. Unsatisfied and lost and only settled for the next best thing and now are miserable. So I believe that one would know if they have incountered a person who needs to walk on the same path w them and they moght even feel a strong urge to court them or claim them.non the less love can be found in the most of ackward places and events. And just because u think u may have found your soulmate @ a certain point n your life doesn't mean that that person was only met for that momment n time and not forever. :( the closeness felt in a first interaction w two close newly made bonds is my favorite feeling almost though. It is a form of happiness and excitment and sometimes when that fads so does the thought of that person being your soulmate. For those of us that have lost a dearly loved one and are still n mourning, I do send out my deepest prayers and wish you a happy exzistance once again. We all deserve a soulmate or a positive meet! Blessed be!

  35. Maia,

    I was curious about your profession. If you do not mind answering, I was wondering if you were perhaps a psychologist or counselor. It just seems that you have an ability to draw out information from people more than others.

  36. Ariana
    Thank you for your kind thoughts, I do feel much better. However, I have discovered I am allergic to Scotch Broom and my symptoms were exasperated. How are you? hope you are well :)

  37. Adamaris
    I have not conversed with you in a while, are you well?

  38. Madeleine
    I was trained in the medical field but I am no longer in that profession. You are quite intuitive. However, I merely listen to people and answers to questions often provide clues on how people feel.

  39. Maia,

    Oh thats not good, I did not know people could be allergic to Scotch Broom!

    And I am well thank you for asking :)

  40. I apologise for not writing sooner. The simplest explanation for why I have not responded in a while would simply be 'life'. I am quite tired as well so I apologise if I am in any way confusing or incoherent.

    I am familiar with those different definitions of soul mate regarding different cultures. Indeed there are differences between each explanation, however each contains some similarities. In essence, it is two separate entities combining to form one.
    I believe most love is sacred. There are also different types of love, although in English it is all termed under the same word. Some of these different categories are Agape, Storge, Philia and Eros.
    Agape being defined as selfless love, with Storge as the love that grows between family members. Then there is Philia for friendship and finally Eros, for passionate and sexual love. Therefore one can even debate whether all love is truly sacred or if there are exceptions. It also depends on what one perceives as true love.
    Regarding reincarnation, or scattering of souls, I do not know. It is dependent on belief. But regardless of belief there is the same unity of two souls. One can examine a thousand reasons to why something happens and only come up with theories. However, that mystery is what makes it so miraculous and it is the product, the ending that truly matters. Sometimes, one just needs to stop and appreciate what is right in front of them as it is. The world was not made to be fully understood by the wit of man. Yet, in the same instance, one can always try.
    You state all love is sacred. However, you have not stated really your own thoughts regarding soul mates. One can love many in a lifetime, but theoretically there is only one soul mate.


    I was born in England but I have travelled to various locations around the world. There are some beautiful places on this earth.

  41. Adamaris,

    Can you name some of you favorite places youve travelled
    to. And yes some parts of this Earth are beautiful. I love earth and nature. I just dont understand why people ruin it.

  42. Ariana

    Some of my favourite places that I have travelled to are Singapore, Thailand, Langkawi, Egypt, Borneo, Holland, Kualar Lumpur and Penang to name a few. Each is different and each has different qualities for beauty lies within the eye of the beholder. Although Egypt may not have had the lush forests of Borneo, it has spectacular canyons, vast open skies, and corals with a sea as light and blue as the sky. The people, the culture, everything makes a place what it is, and what it is not.
    Some people ruin this world for greed, but also due to lack of knowledge and ignorance. Men may destroy a forest, not out of greed or malice, but to live. This population is ever expanding, with a culture that is ever demanding, so someone has to supply for it. There will always be someone willing to sell and destroy. Some may know what they are doing, others may not.
    Ones first instinct is to look out for themselves, then their family. One does not directly see the greater impact it has, and thus many do not care. In one sense, one can blame the ignorance of man, but on the other hand, one can also simply accept that mans nature is as it is.

  43. Adamaris,
    Yes thoses places that youve listed are magnificent!But do you agree with Mankind destroying our forests, to make new homes for the rapidly growing population ?


  44. The man is capable of many things. The potential of man can vary due to complexity of human nature. We always evaluate each situation what we should or should not do. What we know we apply to our lives.
    The world contains many beautiful and unique places. This beauty of the world is being neglected and abused by many people these days. But what the beauty is and why some people fail to see it?
    If you acknowledge each individual you meet, touch every stone you come across or remember every moment of your life, then you would indeed realize what beauty really is. It is all around us and it is a shame that people destroy it recklessly, out of their own ignorance and selfishness.
    The nature herself is remarkable, even if we experience her terrible and colossal powers. Nature is teaching us to be humble and we have to respect her intensity and strength.
    What appeals to us and what we find beautiful is entirely up to us, it is based on our own perceptions and observation. It is a very subjective feeling and it is indeed in the eye of the beholder to see the delight of things and places.
    In some instances it is about finding beauty in ugliness. One can look at the painting and yet see nothing in it or even ignore it, other can stare for hours and admire each stroke of a brush. In other instance a ruin of an ancient structure can be a pile of stones for some, for others it can be a blueprint of the past engraved into the surface of earth which links us to our ancestors.
    It is very sad to think that the future generations will not have an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty, if we remain ignorant and continue damaging the nature.
    Man has been gifted with reason and ability to create, so he can contribute to what has been given to him. And yet man has not been a creator but a destroyer. We all originate from the nature so we should listen to her suggestions, have some respect and gratitude.

  45. Hi Adamaris
    Sorry for the delay in responding, I have a new position at work and often I am unable to keep up with posts on this website, but I will endeavour to answer your questions more promptly in the future. In answer to you question, I do not really believe in one true soul mate. I think depending on which path / destiny we choose, we meet the person who shares attributes which are compatible with our own. I do not think "love" or a soul mate is predestined. I would like to believe we have a choice, not spend aimlessly searching for the ideal. I believe it is for the individual to discover their partner. Does you understand my point of view?

  46. Adamaris
    Would you consider becoming a member of TP? you can very easily create an email account which would protect your privacy. In fact, I have done exactly what I am recommending. I created an account on yahoo.com and registered with the new email address, hence allowing me access to the website, whilst maintaining my privacy as well.

    I tend to spend more time in TP land because the discussions are not limited to vampirism and there are many opportunities for debate.

  47. Adamaris
    you mentioned in an earlier post that you visited Singapore, Thailand, Langkawi, Egypt, Borneo, Holland, Kualar Lumpur and Penang to name a few. You briefly explained your observations of Egypt, but I would like to know what did you find most fascinating and interesting about the other countries you visited.

  48. Hi,

    How are you? I hope you are well. I had to get away from the other posts here to read yours again.

    Sometimes, you seem like the most sensible being here. No fighting or arguing just conversation.

    I see you and Maia are getting along well. That's very good.

    I hope your life is going great and England is not too cold. I heard that your fair country just had a big snow storm.

    Anyways, I will get the point. Tell me, do you think that there will ever be an end to the world--An Armageddon?

    If you do think so, do you think it will be sooner than later and does this worry you? Do you think humans will be destroyed by viruses or do you think we will just kill ourselves with nuclear weapons? Do you think there is any way for all of us to get a long because I don't think we ever will? How can the human race change? And what will make us change? I was once told that the only way the human race could change was if we all had a common foe to fight? Is that stupid or what? It’s always fighting.

    Your friend Mark

  49. Ariana
    The morally correct answer would be to state that the destruction of forests is a despicable act, and that mans greed should have its limits. However, man will do as he does. A majority of the world that is now inhabited by man was once covered by vast forests. Also one must ask, where does one live, when there is no room?
    Personally, I love the natural world, the world that is far away from man. However, I also know the reality of the world we live in. I would like to think that man does all he can to preserve the forest, but there are so many variables that become obstacles.
    In the more economically developed countries, why must a couple want two children or more? Is one not enough? People do not like to think that they are part of the problem, and that they have a direct effect. One action causes a reaction, and if one cannot see the direct reaction then it is easy to ignore it.

    I find the entire experience fascinating. The heat, the smell of each new place, the unfamiliar sounds, the different culture and people, the food, the gestures and so on and so forth. As I have mentioned, the natural world is something that rather intrigues me and thus I like more reclusive locations, near forests preferably. I also quite like the diverse wildlife each new place has to offer. What is also simply mesmerising and indescribably beautiful, is a star scattered sky, away from the city that covers such a sight. I apologise, I seem to be going slightly sentimental.
    In conclusion, each place is so utterly unique, how could I choose? There is too much. There are events I have not been the most appreciative of, but that simply builds on the experience. However, to be completely truthful, one of my more cherished trips, when I think about it, had to be to Langkawi. One particular event that springs to mind is December of 2004, sitting on the balcony there.

  50. Adamaris

    I have also traveled to Singapore, Thailand, Egypt, Borneo, Holland and Kuala Lumpur and many other countries and cities throughout the world. I can recall wonderful memories of my adventures and experiences, each memory is timeless. I wonder, what did you learn about the most during your excursions? I know you mentioned your experiences were many, but if you had to choose, what was the most profound experience you encountered in each counrty?

    You are aware by mentioning the particular event in Langkawi will lead to furhter questioning right ? ;) Do you mind recounting your experiences in Langkawi? you were sitting on the balcony and.....?

  51. Mark
    From where I am it is getting more and more pleasant with each passing day. Unfortunately, when it finally does become warmer, another cold spell comes along and thus it is as though it is winter again. Luckily it has not snowed heavily and settled for a while and thus life moves on.
    Where there is a beginning, there comes an end. Everything has its time. Stars die, and so too will Solaris. However, the end of man may come far sooner than then. Man does many strange things, and plays in what should never be touched. Therefore, mankind may be the cause of its own demise. There are so many ways in which it could be done. In regards to it ‘scaring’ me, I would say not particularly. Things will come as they come and thus I will take them as they do. There is no point in fearing what may be the inevitable.
    Man will always fight. If it is not one thing, it is another. There will always be a reason for violence, whether it is race, culture, beliefs, religion, territory etc. It is simply nature, and it will be as it is. Human kind may change in various ways, but due to all the individuals there is always an opposing view.
    There is some truth in that statement. Fighting against a common foe does help in uniting one another. Wilfred Owen, a World War I poet, had many bitter remarks about war but there was one positive thing he did say. He mentioned that some of the best comradeships were formed due to the war. There will always be violence, war, and many unpleasant things, but there are good things within these horrors. It is just a little harder to see.
    As I have mentioned, I have learnt a lot due to all the different experiences I have had. Some events were good, whilst others not so much. It is so difficult to choose a single event for each trip. One of the most interesting aspects was simply getting to know the people, and their way of life. I also did a lot of different things which varied from simply relaxing, to going out into the towns or participating in various unusual excursions. I have swum amongst reefs, hiked through jungles, crept through caves, along with numerous wild life encounters to name a few. But as I have also said, simply getting to know the people was quite interesting. Cultures greatly vary, and despite my personal views, it is interesting to consider another view point. Also, it was a variety of small things that also intrigued me, therefore I could not choose. The entire time, was one experience with many events within it. Some trips I greatly enjoyed, whilst others I despised.
    How did I know you would question my ambiguous statement further? That fateful year was also the year of the tsunami. Those who are familiar with geography would know it was caused by a movement in the earth’s plates, thus causing an earthquake to phrase it simply. Although I was lucky enough to miss the actual wave, I was in the earthquake that struck. I was initially sitting on the bed, but moved to the balcony when the earth began to move. It was not the wisest decision, I am aware of that, but nevertheless it was not too severe and I am not one who is naturally fearful. I sat on the balcony as the earth became like the sea, and rocked liked the waves. I remember that day as I remember being told about the sea possibly receding which would cause a tsunami. The following day, when news came of what had happened elsewhere, it was to say the least interesting. The following year I went to Penang, which was only the next island. There I saw the small make shift accommodations still in use, with pictures of deceased loved ones hung outside. I was lucky.

  52. Adamaris

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I am sorry, I am of the impression I caused sadness when I asked you to recall those memories, that was not my intention, I had no idea. Indeed the tsunami caused much devastation and many lost their lives, and unfortunately the social infrastructure has still not recovered. I believe it wasn't your time to leave this existence, not sure if luck had any hand to play.

    One another subject, I was reading recently articles regarding the Mayan calendar. What are your thoughts regarding the 2012 phenomenon and predictions?

  53. Adamaris
    A friend of mine question me on what has influenced my life, and also asked what has had the most profound influence? Can you please tell me?

  54. I was also wondering, do you believe in the existence of vampires?. There is Samantha and Xavier who profess to being vampires, do you believe them? if yes, why and if no, why. I am just curious and hope I have not offended you.
    thank you :)

  55. Adamaris
    I have read your posts and want to ask you where do you live? I only want to know where you are writing from? are you english or american? are you in the us or england? or somewhere else?. the way you talk is old-fashioned and I am interested.
    Thank you in advance for telling me
    your friend

  56. Adamaris
    do you believe in vampires?

  57. Maia
    If it were something that I did not wish to disclose, then I would not have mentioned it.
    Rather than causing any emotion relating to sadness, it was in fact rather interesting. However, it did strike me when I was in Penang the following year. Perhaps due to the fact I was so close, or just simply witnessing first hand some of the devastation it caused.
    If time is already decided, and ones existence comes to an end at a specific point, then who decides what comes and what goes?
    Indeed I have heard of the 2012 predictions. It is an interesting concept and there are those who firmly believe in it. I have also heard that there have been other predictions, such as interpretations from the Bible that the world will end on this year. Therefore it is suggested that it is not only the Mayans who are making such predictions. There are also those who even debate whether it is the end of the world, or simply a new beginning. As I have mentioned, it is a very interesting concept. However, in regards to whether I believe it or not, that is debatable. Although sceptic and often logic based in my thoughts, I am also open minded. I acknowledge that there are strange beings and occurrences in this world and therefore I will not simply dismiss the notion. One can theorise and predict as much as one would like, however, we will only truly know with time. What are your thoughts regarding this predicted event?

    If the question is regarding yourself, then I would not know. However, if you are trying to ask me the same question that your friend asked you then that is difficult. There are so many things that influence me, many of which I may not even be aware of. There are also positive and negative influences which can cause numerous effects. Therefore, everything in some way has an influence which creates the person I am. I think this is applicable to most although it is more difficult for those who are entirely close minded.
    It depends on what one defines as a vampire. I believe that there are many strange things in this world, some of which I have personally witnessed. I also acknowledge that some beings, whether human or not, may be incorrectly classified. It is ambiguous to what is, and what a vampire is not. I have watched Xavier’s post for a while, and I have seen some of Samantha’s.
    I will not entirely dismiss the prospect of them being what they say they are. However, I do have my doubts. I have found a few peculiar things from Xavier and Samantha seems, to phrase as politely as possible, immature. She states she is well over a hundred years old, although has amnesia. Some believe me to be a vampire, but that is entirely dependent on what one believes to be a vampire. Rather than making a blunt statement, I allow people to ask questions, and then identify and form what they believe is correct. I cannot force a person to believe something. You have not offended me in the slightest.
    I am half English and half eastern European and I reside in England. Please read what I wrote to ‘gadgetgirl’ in regards to vampires. If there is anything more you would like to know, simply ask.

  58. Hello Adamaris

    I was reading through your last few posts and .....considering all the amazing, beautiful things you have seen, the awe-inspiring places you've been, i was just wondering: do you paint? Do photography? Write? are you creative and if so what type?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer :)

  59. Adamaris,
    in the previous posts people asked you about what influenced your life. I would like to expand this question a little bit further. As you said before, we can be affected by things or situations we are not even aware of and sometimes we can be manipulated by them unconsciously. The freedom of making choices gives us an opportunity to decide for ourselves, what we want or wish to be influenced by, thus we can make our own belief. I think that keeping an open mind is a significant attribution of human nature. People often say that something has a bad influence on us, they 'kindly' point out what we should or should not do. Some influences can be bad indeed, the extreme ideology systems in particular, they have a tendency of stripping away the liberty of decision making for people, they loose sense of respect, acceptance and eventually will cause more damage than good.
    What I would like to ask you is and I am quite curious about, have you got any kind of philosophy you go by and what do you believe in ? I don't mean to be intrusive in any way, I am simply curiuos.
    I found that people don't need any philosophy or sense of rightness nowadays. The concept of right and wrong seems to be lost. The society encourages us to be kind and just to each other and yet, if people are asked for a little favour they begin to rebel. Curiously, peace-time appeals for people to make a small sacrifice in the rate at which they increase their life standard, seem to be less effective than war-time appeals for individuals to lay down their lives.
    What is a concept of life? We do indeed create our own conceptual system. It is not something we often think about, we often act without any understanding of the underlying reasons.
    We tend to view the reality almost briefly,moving on constantly, however we try to perceive things by considering other possibilities.
    Everything happens only a certain number of times. Some experiences are a deep part of our being that we cannot conceive our life without it. The most profound experiences in our life have the roots in childhood, things we consider trivial but they are not.

    You travel quite a bit then. The world is a beautiful place, but I'd like to ask you what are your favourite places in England? Have you got any preferred locations you like to return to?
    Thanks for taking the time.

  60. Hello Adamaris I have been reading some of the posts on here for quite some time now and have finally decided to comment and stop lurking. I have a question. Were you born the way you are? That is to say not altogether a regular human. And if so then do you know your parents or keep in touch them or any other family members or all they all gone?
    Sorry if these questions are too personal you do not have to answer if you do not wish to. Thank you.

  61. Adamaris,
    You asked what are my thoughts regarding the 2012 predicted events?

    Calendars exist for keeping track of the passage of time, even complex calendars developed by the Mayan. It is certainly not rational to use it to predict the future, I don't believe this can be accomplished either, we create our futures by what influences our decisions and the path we choose in life. I also believe that calendars, whether developed in 2010 or ancient, are unable to warn of us of things that could potentially happen, especially on a specific date such as 2012. I have often observed susceptibility to cognitive illusions and our propensity to see patterns where they don’t exist and often common sense frequently misleads us. However, I am open to possibilities which are rational and well thought-out; in the case of Mayan predictions, I believe they simply created a calendar; sometimes a spade is just a spade, no matter how you percieve it.

  62. Riann
    One could say that I do enjoy a few creative pursuits. I do a variety of art which includes drawing and painting. I particularly enjoy using charcoal. I also enjoy photography, although it is not a main hobby of mine. I write, although I have yet to truly finish one of my projects. I used to play the violin, but for some reason that part of me is no longer there. I still listen to a variety of music though, but I also enjoy the quiet. It is never truly silent.


    I have a few various philosophical ideals and beliefs that I go by. I believe in God, and that is by my own choice. Therefore I believe in living respectfully and to some extent peacefully. I am also very conscious that there are always two sides to any story. Therefore it is very difficult for me to ever have a stable view on a majority of issues. I believe that although ignorance may be bliss, it is often the foundation of stupidity. Through this, I try to ensure that I am aware of what statements I make, although I know I am far from perfect. I make mistakes. I have a very strange personality, and thus writing this is difficult. As I make one statement, I can negate it in the next with both being true. Although peaceful, I am a fighter. Unless one knew me it is hard to explain. I adapt, and I am able to blend in with almost any situation. From what you know of me here, even if I were standing beside you, it would not enter your head that it was me. However, despite this almost split personality, I try to avoid lies unless necessary. I am able to avoid many situations by keeping things as close to the truth as possible. Therefore, regardless of how I am, I am still aware that it is truthfully what I think. I enjoy knowledge and understanding, thus further illustrating my distaste of ignorance. I also tend to go with the flow. To summarise, I have my morals, but in the same instance I can be just as cruel as I am kind. To write every thought and every ideal I go by would be very long. I used to have a very good quote I lived by, but I cannot remember as it was too long ago.
    You mentioned that many things take root within childhood, a Freudian concept, I agree. Many things within our childhood do tend to affect how one is as an adult.
    My favourite place in England would most likely be London and the area surrounding it. Although I would like to go and visit other places, I am not interested in reliving the same trip twice. Each is a new experience, and if I end up heading in a similar direction then I treat it as though it is new. I do not like dwelling on the past for a variety of reasons, and when I do I keep it as short as possible.
    However as we are on topic, I did not enjoy my stay in Devon. Although, I did learn that revenge can be sweet.
    I have often watched a variety of things without making myself known.
    I have heard a variety of peculiar stories regarding my father’s side of the family and we have discussed such experiences. However, there is a barrier to what is revealed and what remains concealed. I have been warned not to do certain things, but that is as far as it will go. Whenever it gets too deep, the topic of conversation is often changed. Regarding my family, even those who know me in real life know very little.

    I agree with what you have written. It is true that man often tries to view things as greater than they actually are or to try and find patterns where there are none. I had a joke with another that on their grave will be the phrase, ‘thirteen paces south of the north tower’, or something to that effect. It does not mean anything literal or symbolical. It is simply taking that concept.
    Libenter homines id quod volunt credunt - Men gladly believe that which they wish for.

  63. I agree with what you say about the quiet....i find it very peaceful though. Would you say that you are still passionate about life? Afterall, you have seen and experienced a great deal. I am sorry you donot play the violin anymore...listening to violin music is for me a bitter-sweet pleasure- i can only imagine how amazing it must be to play.

  64. Riann

    It depends on what one may perceive as passionate in regards to life. I have days when there is so much I want to do, see, or feel. I am often like this whilst in the middle of some scheme or project of mine. It gives me a break from the monotony. Then there are days where I just simply lack any enthusiasm. I find sometimes that nothing can stir a smile or a spark of interest.
    When I have one of these lethargic periods, along with being tired, my mask often slips. I am never as I appear. It is easy to recognise the change in my facial expression and a ‘friend’ of mine had even said on one occasion that I appeared, ‘utterly heartbroken.’ I think the concept of good and bad is applicable to most people. There are times when life could not get any better, and times where one wishes they never had a life at all.
    The violin does have a bitter sweet quality about it. I don’t play an instrument anymore; in fact I quite often refuse to play even a note. I simply quietly observe.

    I have been reading over some of the posts that other people have written lately. Libenter homines id quod volunt credunt – Men gladly believe that which they wish for. I have in a previous post written this statement. It is bemusing to find just how gullible man can be and how one can so easily ignore flaws due to one’s wish for it to be true. A lie may seem pleasant now when you have friends, but it has consequences eventually. What you wish for, may not be what is the truth.

  65. Hi Adamaris
    In your response to Quaereveritatem you mentioned you did not enjoy your stay in Devon and you learned about the sweetness of revenge. Do you mind expanding on this ambiguous statement?

    I was also pondering on everyone's responses including Xavier's recent post regarding human needs and the desire for success and greed. Quite obviously Julius Caesar's quote is very apt in this context; "Men gladly believe that which they wish for". I often observed we don't really ignore flaws, sometime we are completely aware of it's existance but we accept it because of peer pressure or other social constraints. Sometimes, as you mentioned earlier, we adapt our behaviour to meet the current needs of the individual or situation.

    I have also often wondered what type of personality is attracted to this website and conclude we are all looking for something, whether it be belief, answers or merely to question. So I am asking you the same question I posed to Xavier, Why do you post here? what is your intent? what is your purpose?

    I also wondered, what are your most harrowing and pleasurable experiences? and what do you fear the most?

    I want to gain a deeper understanding and if you wish not to response, I understand and respect your decision.

  66. Adamaris -

    Libenter homines id quod volunt credunt - I agree with that - much to my chagrin, I actually was one of those gullible people. Experience is lifes best teacher and yes, even on here there are many preposterous claims. However, a person that blindingly believes what another says, without proof, reveals a vulerability - they yearn for the world to be more than what they see, hence they choose to 'overlook' flaws in stories, character etc.

  67. Adamaris,
    I noticed that you can write a different laungues. What laungues do you know and speak?


  68. Hi Quaereveritatem
    Your perspective is quite interesting, however, with regard to the desire for success, I disagree a little with your statement which suggests every being desires something. This is not always the case, the statement in generalized, suggesting tangible benefits.

    However, there are some individuals who simply exist with no intention of reaping reward, whether monetary or power. The philosophical writings of Hinduism convey such a concept and I am fortunate to know it can exist, it's very rare, nevertheless, it does exist. Indeed you state Buddhism suppresses such desire, this is true, one can reach a level of consciousness and behaviour can be adapted where this desire in no longer a priority. However, what if one was raised not to exhibit these attributes? We are all conditioned from birth based on the culture / familial values we are born into, if these base desires are not demonstrated, not learned, would one be seeking it?

    I do agree that our desires are a reflection of our peers, we want to be acknowledged, to be accepted, to be praised and rewarded. However, gaining knowledge is also a desire is it not? we strive to understand, analyze, rationalize the concept or idea and thus becomes part of the compendium of knowledge we store. Some strive to obtain knowledge at the detriment of others, it can become a very strong desire to know as much as possible and often this desire can manifest into greed for knowledge.

    I think the lesson to learn is self belief and confidence in yourself. holding true to your value and belief system. Human kind will always compare, we are social creatures and unfortunately our society encourages this type of behaviour. It is also a base instinct or can be interpreted as an attribute and once conditioned to accept, it is very difficult to remove the desire. I also think that what you do is as important as what you know. One kind gesture, one helping hand, one change can potentially benefit many.

  69. Hello Maia,
    very interesting thoughts you have written.
    If I said that some people desire nothing I would be very wrong. Man is a self - conscious being, he is aware of his own reality and dignity. Every desire transforms and shape our being. It is a fundamental force of human existence and it is present in every human without which the survival would be meaningless. As soon as man recognizes himself as a genuine being he begins to acquire knowledge. He develops sense of needs. You stated that some individuals have no intention of reaping reward but still they may desire some other things, something which goes beyond any reward or recognition. They might prefer peace to popularity, tranquility to noise and simplicity to fame. They might not care about human appreciation because they submitted themselves to a higher purpose, or to the sense of their own happiness. Some people do not dwell that much on opinions of others and yet there are people who constantly strive for attention, recognition and fame.
    I would divide desire into two parts and that is how I explain it to myself: The inventive desire and destructive or damaging desire.
    The inventive desire is the longing for perfection and justice. For instance, the desire for perfect and flawless state. Or desire of every religious person for eternal life after death, or for respectful life in service to the society.
    Indeed without positive desires the humanity would be still stumbling in the dark and chaos. The world would be lacking art, literature and ideals. There is also a fundamental desire, the desire for freedom, if one nation is a subject to the tyranny, they fight for freedom.
    Everyone is seeking something, even if those attributes are not demonstrated or learnt as you mentioned, man will find a way to invoke them. That is what sets us apart from animals.
    Every child wants to feel safe and loved. When those prime human needs are deprived, child develops either constant craving for love or he/she is not able to demonstrate any kind of love.
    Even in the most primitive human societies, people have some sort of goals they want to meet. whether it is a desire to expand their territory or a desire to maintain their belief system.
    People want to believe that the life make sense, the wish for heaven and God, but there is also evolutionary view, which states that humans are product of natural selection and individuals are only survival machines with no higher purpose whatsoever. So many philosophers, scientists and religious leaders tried to explain the origins of life and yet we still ask the same questions.
    Naturally, hunger for knowledge is desire too, but there is a difference between the greed for knowing things and desire to learn. We cannot ignore our needs and by suppressing them we could seriously damage our thinking faculties. It also depends on what sort of knowledge we want to acquire. The knowledge we could benefit from or the knowledge which could destroy us and others. Our desires link to wishes, wish to know what is true and what is false.
    In the second part of my division are destructive desires. Unhealthy ones, desire to kill, desire for revenge or death. It is up to us two distinguish between them too, to make good choices and benefit from them. Desire should be a motivation not a destruction.
    As you said in your post it is essential for each individual to have self - confidence and to be true to himself and to maintain his/hers beliefs. People will always seek what they cannot get, the world will not be perfect, there will never be ultimate peace and people will continue to hate each other. Evil and good coexist, however every kindness and honesty make a huge difference. Sometimes we don't understand the life itself, but what we don't realize is that we are all stitched up together to form a picture, something larger that can be understood until we step back to see the whole thing.

  70. Hi Adamaris
    I was reading the recent revelations regarding Samantha and it's quite entertaining, reminds me of those archaic "B" movies filmed during the 1950/60s often resembling simplistic plots, poor acting and appalling scripts. However, I was particularly surprised by your response to a post submitted by "Danny", who believes she is some sort of tortured creature. Your response was interesting because you reveal another part of yourself, probably unintentionally, but nevertheless, the statement triggered curiosity. I wonder what things would make your skin crawl and give one nightmares, care to elaborate, in detail please?

    I am also curious about your ability to predict and wonder whether predictions you state are based on events or people or both. Indeed, I would like to understand and explore your psychic abilities further. I have gained some insight and understanding of your psychological makeup and I am fascinated by this latest revelation. I wonder how would you react to a challenge? Would you be offended if I challenged you to predict my intentions and rationality for posting on this website, especially since I mainly post questions and viewpoints to your thread. It is a challenge, you may perceive this as a test, but you stated you are seldom wrong and my instincts suggests you may be correct, however, I would like you to try, if you don't mind. I know this is a bold request, however, one does not gain knowledge without taking some risks. If you desire not to play, I will abide, albeit disappointingly with your request.

  71. Hi Adamaris,

    You caught my attention when you posted under Samantha's story. I am not sure exactly why, but as I read through your posts, you reminded of someone I once knew. You seem very cultured and maybe that is what sets you apart from the rest. Just as Maia, I am intrugued with you. I admit that I haven't read everything under this section as of yet, I briefly looked over it.

    You have touched a bit on instincts and certain feelings you get from others, I like to call those vibrations, because people do give off vibrations whether they realize it or not. Sometimes it isn't always easy to grasp the intentions of others on the internet, but I have talked to few that instantly gave off a vibe of "stay clear", as well in person. For me, I believe the more in-tune one is with thier surroundings, then it is easier to sense things that others easily over look, if that makes any sense to you.

    I look forward to reading more from you, I have found this section so far to have the most intelligence of conversations and plan to read through it more thoroughly. Have a good evening.

  72. i noticed something weird i am a slight part vamp but dont drink blood i am a werewolf and eat raw meat but since im more were than vamp i hav dog k9 teeth and lost my human teeth twice and now these is this normal plz tell me

  73. Adamaris

    Thats very impressive to know more than two languages. What century were you born in.


  74. Nevaeh
    One may interpret it as vibrations. However, to a certain extent, vibrations can be said to be from what is occurring at the present time. I have experienced thoughts that have been prior to the event with no indications. I can understand what you are trying to communicate though. Perhaps perceptiveness also plays a key role, as more may be revealed in unconscious actions that the conscious fails to notice. It is all debatable as nothing is clearly set.
    Thank you for your comments. If you wish to read anything further, there is a great deal on Xavier’s post. I would not expect you to read the entire thread so quickly though, as it is very long.
    I am physically sixteen.

  75. Adamaris,

    Thank you. I will certainly have to look for you on Xavier's posts. Would you consider joining Paranormal Culture with some us from here? http://paranormalculture.com/

  76. UknowVampiresDontExistMay 3, 2010 at 1:16 PM

    Curious question here, are you male or female.

  77. UknowVampiresDontExist

    Does it truly matter? Whether I am male or female, what purpose would it serve knowing? Mans perception of others can often be changed by mere things such as gender, race and age. I believe the furthest so far I have gone though, in relations to my physical appearance, would be age.

  78. UknowVampiresDontExistMay 3, 2010 at 4:38 PM

    Gawd...can you stop telling me things I know I just asked out of curiosity I know that it doesn’t matter keep it to yourself if you want, I wasn’t asking an inquiry on your personal life. SORRY
    By the way, only because I don't use words like you it doesn’t make me less intelligent, appearances can be deceiving and I can write like that if I want and I actually do when I write English essays.
    You think you are better than everyone but all you really do is say ordinary things but you sure know how to write them eloquently and that’s all it is, just a brain trick you have mastered. Did you by any chance study philosophy?

    I did read your unnecessarily long post on “Samantha the real vampire” and what you simply done was rewrite things that people have previously said(including things I’ve said) but in your complicated and unnecessary style.

    I understand exactly what you mean by the way and you are right but I was merely curious. I hope it is not a crime in your thick book of magic. I also hope that the revelation of your physical age is not giving you any feelings of regret because it is far too significant, considering you are such a premium being.

    I’m not even trying to be rude and I will push your words back at your face. I am as I am. I am cruel and I am kind, but I am honest.

    Anyway if I had to speculate then I say you are female. Tchau

  79. UknowVampiresDontExist

    I prefer to keep some ambiguity in regards to myself; there is no need to act so offended.
    I write in the way in which I like, and I write what my personal opinion is regardless of what others have also written. There have been numerous times when you have merely repeated my 'unnecessarily long posts' and thus it is a two way street.
    I have never stated that I am better than any other on this site, only that I notice that those who are supposedly so mature; write as though they were child. I am also entitled to my opinion, just as you are.
    I have numerous underlying messages within my posts. It is no qualm of mine if you cannot understand them. There is also truth in the simplest of words, but one must understand what is being said. If you perceive my writing as arrogant or condescending, that is your opinion.
    I have never studied philosophy, and I do not rely on tricks in order to convey a message. People are often easy to manipulate, but there is no point in such shallow tactics when one is trying to convey an opinion.
    One could also say that you are arrogant. You seem to have this preconceived idea that you are some sanity amongst a sea of insanity. What you say is the only right and everyone else is merely a moron. You will probably be thinking of trying to negate this statement which is a typical response. However by reading this, you will further try to negate it in some other way. You try in every possible way to infuriate the people of this site as soon as something collides with your narrow opinion of reality.
    There is my little piece of honesty. You are amusing. I bear no ill will towards you, regardless of what my post may indicate. I can perceive another as many things, but it is merely an observation as every human is, to some extent different. You are as you are, regardless if one considers the statements written as compliments or insults.

  80. UknowVampiresDontExistMay 5, 2010 at 10:20 AM


    You can’t insult someone and not expect retaliation, oh I know what you’re going to say, “it depends how one perceives it” blah blah. So I’m not arrogant. And as for amusing, maybe but you, you are boring, very boring.
    My intention is not to “infuriate” anyone and if something I write makes someone mad then it is no “qualm” of mine that they can’t control their temper. “My narrow opinion of reality” I don’t feel you inside my head so you can’t judge from a few posts on the internet where the discussions are primarily about vampires.
    You also think humans are predictable but you are no different.

    I don’t know what you claim to be but I’m not going to read your essays to find out. You enjoy being ambiguous and mysterious…….You think its funny how people think you’re a guy right?
    Just an observation I could be wrong.

    Do you know what your problem is? You like to talk rubbish…..you talk what is common sense in everyone’s head that it doesn’t even need to be acknowledged, you like being excessive and I don’t know why you do it. It is like you put a life’s worth of experience in one point to convey it.

  81. UknowVampiresDontExist

    I doubt you even understand half of what I write, regardless of what you may argue. As I have already mentioned, it is no concern of mine if you cannot understand me and thus find me boring. I acknowledge that I sometimes write rather long posts but I have a right to post as I wish.
    Rather, it is somewhat interesting to discover just how much of an individual’s personality can be revealed in the way in which they write. It may not cover the entire scope of their personality, but it does reveal a variety of different aspects. This includes unconscious thoughts and pressures that are often otherwise missed.
    Surprisingly I am far more unpredictable than predictable. As I have mentioned in previous posts my personalities from here and ‘real life’ are incredibly different.
    The reason I do not wish to reveal my gender is very simple, it is of little concern to me. People often, even if they are unaware of it, form specific views depending on gender which is what I like to avoid.
    You can also be seen as one who merely delivers accusative and argumentative thoughts that have no need to be written. People may often think the same as what you write, but they have the courtesy not to be so rude in the way in which they write it.
    I am not going to bother repeating myself to you. You are obstinate, arrogant, and hormonal. You believe to be something so magnificent, when in reality you are just another moody teenager venting her anger on the internet.
    ‘It is like you put a life’s worth of experience in one point to convey it.’ I shall take that as a compliment.

  82. UknowVampiresDontExistMay 5, 2010 at 3:06 PM


    See, you don’t understand me at all. I can discern what you mean and don’t feel offended it’s just my opinion.
    I really can’t help it sometimes that I say everything that comes to my mind even if it is rude it doesn’t feel to me like that way at first. Last time I actually did offend a friend of mine when I called him ugly but I didn’t mean it, and I kind of regret that but sometimes the truth hurts and people have to accept it.

    Lol at “venting her anger” at least you can put “her” in that sentence, I have to put “it” and there are a million of other places I can vent my feelings why would I come here? To someone BORING like you. Is that word hurting your ego? I think it is that’s why you’re getting mad at me just like some of the others on here.
    You are not as clever as you think you are I'm sorry to break it out to you.

    By the way why are your real personality and the online personality so “incredibly” different? Which one is real and which one is fake? Or shall I reword it for you so you don’t get offended__Which one do you identify with more?
    And one more question are you a reptilian?

    And I’ll take obstinate…arrogant and hormonal as an insult. I don’t believe to be magnificent, where did you get that from I wonder….but I cant say the same for you……you wont even say what being you are. But hey keep it to yourself its better that way.

    I didn’t accuse you of anything I was just stating my opinion, you mentioned I was entitled to that. I do not know why people cannot tolerate honesty any more.

    It’s completely fine I’ll leave if it makes you feel better.

  83. Wow guys heated much? well all I have to say is that I agree with UKnow on this one (i know i did with samantha doesnt mean Im partial to UKnow but shes got some sense so far) Its good that someone finally called you out Admaris on all the bs 'sophistication and eloquence' to you seemingly college thesis posts, Also, I find it true that you (Admaris) cam be completely BORING yet so full of yourself when what you state is almost common sense yet you spin it to make it 10 pages long. That is all. Take Care =)

  84. Hello,
    where did all this dispute come from? What is a point of arguing over the internet about such trivial matters? We should accept the fact that everybody is different and we can write in any way we wish to write as long as we do it in a respectful manner. That is why the world is such a harsh place because people have no patience or courtesy anymore. We think, we are always right. If some people don't wish to reveal their gender or occupation it doesn't really matter. This is the internet, whatever one writes others will doubt him regardless. We are free to choose what to believe.
    Anybody can convey their own thoughts. There is nothing wrong with long posts or choosing different words, as long as we are able to grasp them. The simple truths are hardest to understand. There is always a hint of jealousy in accusations. Some people actually do find this particular page quite interesting. I suppose it all depends on what you wish to know and what you are looking for. It is better to be boring than ignorant. If you find this thread uninteresting then do not waste your time and don't linger. Why are we so much into snap judgments?
    Have a little patience, why argue just for the sake of arguing? It is disrespectful to accuse somebody just because you find their posts boring or too long.

  85. I have kept very silent threw this bikering and nit-picking. I still feel shameful that as humans we act more like our cousins with posible thumbs. Sometimes it takes more energy to create a negative reaction then is worth the effort. Hince, I agree- as always- we are here for one purpose and that is not to rep. Nag about who is lieing and what's wrong with their spelling or how they phrase their sentences and paragraphs. I even thought twice about even stating a opinion into this thought- but for the sake of this sit - I think we all would do good to talk about something a little more productive. This fighting is stagment and pulseating with aggression. And for what cause- we will never have to meet or tolerate eachother for any period of time? It's not like we have to dig deep within these words to make a verdic for some invisible judge. We are all here originaly for the simple purpose of "Vampires"- not lectures on verbal written slang and lies and manors... I hate to even resort to this level of vibration(but I am human also) and have to care and have a opinion as well. My opinion is- let's just move forward about our main topic and learn some neat stuff! Why don't we start researching together- like dig up facts to share about Vampires so we can have a new topic- the alien/ vampire topic is very intriging! I can't wait to get to a real computer to see the video on u tube all the way without digital flaw!!! I app. That admin. Gave me that link(thankyou). Or we can talk about what we think vampires would look like- do you think they look like in the movies or like a normal person? Let's be creative- anyone ever really believe they have talked to one? Like the one story about the girl @ the bar w her friend. That momment of awe and confusion- what was that? That was a believeable story to me- cause I do medium work- let's compare our thoughts and dig deep into facts- not just ramble on about someone elses belief or fantasy or dream. He who casts the first stone ... Do I really need to finish! Blessed be!!! :)

  86. UknowVampiresDontExist
    I am not offended, nor do I hold any emotion towards you. I may form an opinion, but there is a difference between a thought and an emotive reaction. Whether someone is arrogant, aggressive and brash, or kind, calm and quiet they are the same. A personality is a personality, whether one considers specific traits as good or not. I simply respond to you with what I think, nothing more and nothing less.
    There is also a difference between honesty and insensitivity, you appear as the latter. I will be incredibly honest about another, but I am fully aware that there are specific aspects of individuals that should not be mentioned lightly. This can be especially applicable in regards to appearance. Beauty is through perception. I admit that I am initially drawn to an outward appearance, it is nature, but when one comes to know another there is almost always an inner beauty that surpasses outer appearances. In retrospect, I could not label a single 'friend' of mine as ugly as they become themselves. They are them, and I am me, and that is all there is. People are often aware of their own faults, and depending on the situation, sometimes it has to be realised fully and other times simply ignored. You may also need to develop tact.
    If I were so boring, this post would never have existed along with various other things.
    My opinions are real, but my personalities are both just as fake as they are real. Both are neither, yet both are a significant part of me. They become my shield.
    I am merely stating my opinion. I will respond to whoever writes. I was not the one though who got angry just because someone did not give a clear simple answer.
    I go on about grammatical issues because I am trying to address a specific theory regarding vampirism. However, I do like grammar myself. In a number of traits that are associated with vampires, obsessive compulsive disorder appears to be one of them. Although it often applies in regards to counting, one may make the assumption that it could be in regards to writing properly and without hundreds of errors.
    Also, one can look at society within history and the difference in morals and such. When one states to be of a certain age, there is most often always even if it is unconscious, some ties with one’s own generation.


    Thank you.
    I respond to posts, no matter how trivial, as that is what I have come here to do. I will not ignore a post simply because it is not what I wish to hear as that would make me a hypocrite. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  87. Adamaris,
    in your post you mentioned that obsessive compulsive disorder is one of traits of vampirism. That caught my attention. Many people suffer from the identity confusion, they are swamped by range of roles and choices available today. Sometimes unconsciously, we create a persona we are not even familiar with. It is a result of pressure and influences we are exposed to. In some extent, everybody develops an alter ego or different personage which can help us to get by and achieve what we long for. Some people are better at reading others and can easily adjust their behaviour, considering who they are with.

    The reason why people want to be something they don't understand and cannot even define properly, is because they wish to live outside of human boundaries, they crave for immortality. They are afraid to be forgotten. Legends and beliefs were composed out of fear. We like to hope that everything we do serves a higher purpose. But that is not often true. Life can be very random.
    In many cases we imitate behaviour and expectations of others. Some individuals on this website implore us to have an open mind. I believe that many unknown entities can be explained logically.
    But if we remain open minded, we could explore a little bit further. My hypothesis ( besides the obsessive disorders and other illnesses concerning vampirism) is; what if there are individuals out there who do not age and were just born that way. Could this be the next step in human evolution? If so, we could try to form an answer to that. Scientists have been trying for decades to find a solution on how to stop the ageing process in humans. They discovered a gene which is responsible for it. Discoveries of new genes are constantly emergining. There are many cases of diseases that confound us even in the modern times. Take premature ageing for instance, which is caused by mutation of genes. Could there be some kind of reverse process which would cause very slow ageing in humans? If some people were born this way, they might be genetically different due to genetic mutations. What interests me the most is the complexity of this progression. Many phenomenons in the past were seen as something paranormal, because people were lacking the essential knowledge of certain principles. I could understand that such individuals would prefer to live in the shadows. What would be a concept of life and time to those people? Experiences and knowledge would make them unique. They would evolve not only genetically but also intellectually in completely different way. Would they know how to live without flaws?
    So many theories and reckoning has been done on the subject of life. The best way to live is to explore life in every possible way and learn from that experience.
    Do experiences make us wiser, or does wisdom comes with age? One can, presumably, imagine beings whose lives operated on a purely intellectual level, who calmly contemplated those propositions that rational analysis reveals to be true, and calmly pursued those goals that are rationally perceived to be benefical. Therefore a person with many years of experience would be advanced more intellectually than emotionaly. The feeling would be strangely altered. The awareness of emotion would be registered but not fully experienced. I'd expected them to be extremely selfish beings. Such individuals would be very good at observing, they would be able to spot the most minute and subtle facial gestures.
    They would certainly notice the difference in morals in passing generations, considering they' ve lived for so long. That is just my assumption, theory. However nothing that is conceived in time can be eternal, at the best it endures without limit.



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