Wednesday, December 18, 2013

They Came Back From My Childhood

When I was a child I had a Best Friend of the name September a.k.a. Autumn. I was Born in Oct. so we made her name September since her real name was Autumn. At the time I was around 6 or 7 years old and we would go sit on the fence, play in the tree's, talk a lot, go out and play in the back yard but one thing I do know is she always had on a Nighty (white) and she told me she was sick.

I would go to a house down the street and she was always there but nobody else was. It was empty! She said she was waiting for her family to move in, I didn't think anything of it as we would play down stairs in her empty room. I saw her, heard her, touched her, she was my best friend!

Looking back I know she was a ghost as my mother told me that the family down the street had a daughter that passed away and that the house was for sale. That would explain why it was empty. At that time I would go across the street where there were old grave's and there was this lady standing yet she had no shoes on and her feet not touching land, she then sat down with me and I asked her why she was there. She then told me how much she missed her husband. She had on a long grieving dress with a veil (She was waiting for him or something as I saw her Wait! We talked then she walked back to the tree's then to the wood's without shoes on. She was waiting for him or she couldn't let go of his death.

Then there was a man in an army coat he had blood on it and told me he had gotten shot down in his plane. He told me not to be afraid of him but I kinda was. I ran down to tell my dad we ran back and the man was gone and so was the blood that fell to the floor. He was in the war and I did feel bad for him.

My father believed me and told me that I was special and that things I cant figure out were just un-answerd problems (telling me it's Okay).

As a child my sister and I saw a spirit of a man with a dear head at our bed's but did not talk about it till we were grown up. We now know it was a guide. I had a Near Death Experience about 3 month's ago saw my father then woke in the hospital and ever since I have heard and felt them once again. They call my name, I hear a child say things, lots of sounds. I am not alone but I'm not in fear as I think they are guiding me to my right path! So it will be! So might it be by Father God the Father of Mother Earth Amen!

Sent in by Stacy R

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ghost Hunting at The Manor House Hotel

Ghost Hunting at The Manor House Hotel, West Auckland, County Durham, with Simply Ghost Nights - 6th May 2011

As the team enjoyed the delights of this 3* hotel prior to the nights paranormal activity commencing, none of us could anticipate what would happen when the spirit world would come out to play later that evening. The Manor House Hotel is truly a quintessential old hall, with a chequered history to say the least, with numerous sightings of figures dressed in clothing from a time long gone, monks are said to haunt the hotel and spectral children are also seen on a regular basis by staff and hotel guests a like.

The team had experienced numerous paranormal events on our previous visit to this location and were so excited to return. After a brief chat with our ghost hunters, we attempted spirit communication in a group vigil in the Knights hall. First time ghost hunter Michael was literally shaking in his boots as we called out for any sign of spirit activity, Michael screamed as he first heard one significant tap and then two more louder taps on the table. After some K2 spikes Shelly exclaimed that she could see the fleeting footwork of some ghostly shadows in the corner of the room, Michael now stated that he would sit in the corner where the shadow movement had now been seen by more ghost hunters. Michael gamely took his seat and sat where the shadows had been seen, after a few minutes Michael screamed again, as he swore something had grabbed his neck, he ran quickly to the group swearing that he would not return to the corner by himself.

As Stuart and Jan walked in the knights room, they heard the noticeable sound of footsteps behind them on the wooden dance floor, as they spun around in unison half expecting someone to be behind them, they realised no one was there they were alone in the room by themselves, and however they tried to recreate the footsteps they could not. Were these the footsteps of the lady who haunts the Knights hall, or the spirit of some former Knight , we then attempted a table tipping experiment where eventually tipped so alarmingly that Sarah stood in disbelief as she stared at the table.

We then moved onto the Eden room where the activity was less intense, but we were stunned when the majority of the group saw what resembled a bolt of light just around the table, this shocked all those that were fortunate to see this. However we were amazed when the glass divination experiment brought forward a woman from the other side, who only communicated briefly with our courageous ghost hunters. As we broke for a drink and a lavish buffet our ghost hunters exchanged their experiences of the night so far, we then moved onto the dining area where we experienced some strange scratching and tapping that we could not account for, or explain, as Rosey always states, “once you can explain the unexplainable then it all becomes boring.”

Another vigil in the Eden room reported some aggressive table tipping and in the Knights room another vigil witnessed a burst of light phenomena inside the Knights room, about eight feet away from them, this episode delighted and staggered the group that saw it.As the night drew to a close we all said our goodbyes to our intrepid ghost hunters and to the spirit world too, we agreed that The Manor House Hotel was abound with paranormal activity and it had been well worth the journey. However our thoughts turned to our next ghost hunting event the following night at Newcastle Keep, and who or what awaited us there.

Sent in by Simply Ghost Nights

Friday, August 2, 2013

Ghost Hunt at Doncaster Air Museum

23rd Apr 2011

As we arrived at The Doncaster air Museum we were greeted by the ever amiable Alan, who is always the perfect host on a ghost hunting event at this great location. As the team aired their views prior to the event commencing, we could not envisage the amount paranormal activity the spirit world would provide our ghost hunters.As with all our ghost hunting events we have found that positive energy, and laughter bring out the best results from the ghostly inhabitants of any location, and again we had a group of positive ghost hunters who could have literally boiled a kettle with the energy they created.

The ghostly activity actually started before the event had begun as Mark one of our fantastic team leaders walked around to hangar 21, to set up the meet and greet room we were to hold there he apparently saw the shadowy eerie figure of a cat walk approximately five yards in front of him and then disappear as quickly as it appeared he then proceeded to look all over for the mystery sighting of this ghoulish feline but to no avail, however the phantom cat would come back later on to haunt one of our groups in a vigil in hangar 21 with frightening consequences.

After the meet and greet we held a group vigil in hangar 21, the energies in the room were at fever pitch as we all heard tapping and banging on request, and in one incident the sound of footsteps walking the corridors were heard, as Mark and Philip our intrepid investigators rushed out to investigate the corridor, they found nobody at all and no reason for the audible footsteps we all heard.

As we then went our separate ways our feelings were that the nights activity was just about to take off literally, at The Doncaster Air Museum. In one vigil in hangar 21 Steve a veteran ghost hunter saw what appeared to be someone walk past a window, however when he and team leader Rosey immediately ran outside to see if it was anyone walking about, however Steve whooped with delight as he and Rosey agreed there was no where for this figure to go as it was a dead end that was surrounded by an 8ft high fence, this could only mean one thing that Steve may have seen an apparition, once he had calmed down he was staggered to realise that when he first saw the figure walk by one window, he never saw it continue to the next window along the building, this confirmed his view he had in fact seen a ghostly apparition.

This would not be the only amazing incident in hangar 21, a group were attempting table tipping in the main display room, when the K2 suddenly spiked into the red zone and repeated this for almost a minute on request, but what happened next neither Jamie or Mark an experienced ghost hunter could explain, when out of the blue a large flash of light lit up the room, as though someone had taken a flash photograph, but no one had taken a photo and the flash was only a couple of metres from the group. With no obvious explanation of how, why or what had caused the light phenomena we continued the remainder of the vigil in a state of excitement. In the same vigil Sam and Stu both turned around to look at the main door of hangar 21, after seeing a dark shadow at the door, half expecting to see the door open due to the imminent arrival of a ghost hunter. But no one arrived to open the door, however this was not the only recorded sighting of a dark shadow to be seen at the Doncaster Air Museum.

One episode will remain in the memory of many a ghost hunter who heard the heart rending cat crying in hangar 21, the group investigated thoroughly for any sign of the mystery feline but could not find no sign of a cat, was this the same ghostly apparition Mark had seen in the same area only hours before, and shockingly both Wendy and Dee had unexplained scratches on their arms after their vigils in hangar 21. Can these mystical scratches be attributed to the ghostlike cat that haunts the other side at Doncaster Air Museum?

In the main hangar a French pilot made his presence known in a glass divination experiment, he called himself Jacques and responded when the energetic Philip said Viva Le France, and the glass proceeded to increase speed and ferocity. In the same vigil the group were staggered when a German mechanic made contact through the glass divination experiment he claimed to be called Heinrich and was said to be attached to a German plane part from the Second world war that is in the museum. As the group said their goodbyes to Jacques the infra red motion detectors both Mark and Philip had set up inexplicably went off. Philip said he considered this was how Jacques would say goodbye to the group.

The groups experienced some fantastic results from the Franks box, such as names in the vigil group been called out and the most crude of industrial language ever used was also heard from the Franks box to the alarm of all who were in earshot. However the most fascinating incident was when Mel one of our mediums said in German “you are my darling I love you” and the Frank’s box immediately stopped on a love song. Coincidence or the results of spectral white noise, the evidence we have correlated using the Frank’s box in the last four months is in our view that they are an instrument of communication from the spirit world.

All our groups experienced some aggressive table tipping even to the point that the table tipped on command to each of the ghost hunters in turn. Mandy, Jo and Tony were in shock at the sight of this spectacle and also they were amazed at the banging on request they all heard in the Main Hangar. However Marie was left speechles as she and Brenda, Shelley, Sam, Dee and Tony all witnessed the table rock to and fro as they held their hands hovering above the table, with nobody making contact with the table at all.

As we were beaten by the clock yet again and the time had flew past once more, the Simply Ghost Nights team could only be in awe at the amount of activity we had all seen, this again affirmed our belief that with positive energy, laughter, and fun the spirit world will entertain, however if you are stoic and languid the spirit world will not come out to play.

Sent in by Simply Ghost Nights

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Talking Ernie Doll Scare

Thank you for reading my story. In April of this year, it was a cold night night and my father and his wife were out and I don't like being alone, so I decided to call one of my friends to keep my mind off of being alone.

Since it is warmer down in their area of the house, I walked into their living room. When you go down into that area of our house, you have to walk through an office room and there are two doorways that go from that room into two other rooms. One doorway leads into the living room and the other leads into the other kids' bedroom (the kids were with my dad and his wife).

While I was sitting in the living room talking on the phone, I heard someone say "I feel great!"! My body froze for what felt like 10 or 15 minutes but was probably only 10 seconds. I snapped out of my trance when I heard it again and while I was trying to remain as calm as I could, inside I was freaking out.

My friend asked if I was ok and I asked her to please stay on the phone with me while I checked the house. As I stood up, I heard a loud snoring sound! I took 5 steps and then I heard "I feel great!" again. This time, my friend on the other line heard it too and asked what that noise was, but I didn't say anything yet.

I was trying to be quiet in case somebody was in my house. I walked into the office room, and didn't see anything that could possibly be making that sound. The second I turned by back so that I could look into the playroom, I heard "I feel great!" right behind me! I turned and saw my brothers' sleep and snore Ernie doll propped up in a corner facing me. It started snoring while I was staring at it. I ran out of that room and into the main living room, slamming the door shut. About 5 minutes later, I heard Ernie say he felt great about three more times, even through the shut door.

The next morning, I told my father about it and he said maybe the battery was dying or it's motion activated but his wife tried everything she could think of and the doll was silent. Then, she pressed her fingers into its' stomach and he announced that he felt great. I have heard that there was a child that died in our house before we lived there, and we have had previous experiences with its' spirit and other spirits before.

Please comment and tell me what you think!

Sent in by kmarie

Friday, July 5, 2013

Paranormal Activity In Abilene Texas Duplex

I'm back again with another story it would seem,this story takes place right now.

I didn't move to Abilene Texas until December of 09, I was moving as my relationship with my parents is sometimes not to grand and to be closer to my fiancé at the time, well for about a month we lived in Clyde but soon moved to Abilene some time in February.

The place we found and rented is in an alley way and is kind of small, but big enough for us as it has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, it was also affordable for us at the time. Well when we moved in we didn't have anything out of the ordinary happen, but after about a month of living there it soon became active. At the time I was very depressed about having to let my parents take my cat back with them, as he got sick at the other place and this place didn't allow pets. Well I would be in the kitchen cleaning and out of the corner of my eyes I would see black or white shadows in the shape of cats. I didn't really mind, it did creep me out a little, but not to much.

Some times when I was sitting on the couch in the living room and my fiancé was in the other room, I would feel a cat jump upon the couch next to me and sit down, again that didn't bother me as animal spirits bring me comfort when I'm in a room by myself, this happened only twice.

One night when we were coming home from the university he goes to, I went to put something in our room and he went to the bathroom witch was right across from our room, well when we both came out I looked over at our office and saw a grayish shadow of a little boy standing close to me and watching us, the office is also next to our room and bathroom. When I looked back at my fiancé and then back at the office the boy was gone. In my minds eye the little boy is about 6 or 7 years old, he has tannish dark colored skin with short black hair, I cant really tell what he is wearing though.

A few mornings later we both woke up and heard the sound of a door slamming, however the doors in our house don't latch right except the closet doors and the front and back door, so it made me think it was office closet door by how close it sounded. Nothing else happened that day.

Sometime in the spring we had more activity, but it all was in the office and still is. We couldn't figure out why, but the office was the only room that had strange things happen in it. At this time we convinced the realtor's and owner of the duplex's to let us have my cat Yukito, we just had to pay a deposit.

Well for a few weeks we kept him in the house as we had to so he got use to the new place as he is an outdoor and indoor cat. Well we would open the window in the office at times to help air out the room as our place gets to be hot and stuffy, well when we did that we soon realized things moved on us in the office and then reappear some where else in the house or some other place in he office.

Well one day while we were out doing some errands, we came home and found one of the pieces of the blinds was broken and we don't really know how it was broken either, as the door to the office is always shut as we also have a hamster, we shut it so the cat cant mess with the hamster. We were also both in the office earlier that day, but no where near the window, so we just find that it is odd.

Eventually we put a small testament book on the window sill and things stopped, so we figure it had something to do with the window in that room and found that to be odd.

Well one day before he got out for summer we were going to meet this person at the grocery store to sell him a aquarium we didn't want anymore, well we used the money we got for the aquarium to go get some things from the store, on our way out of the store it was raining pretty heavy, so we were trying to get back to the car as fast as we could.

When we got home we had forgotten we left the window open, so the window sill was wet as was the testament book, we shut it and then moved the book across the room so it could dry and so we could dry the window sill. Well the night before my fiancé had emptied my bag as it had all of my Pokemon games and game boy advanced and Ds in it, well he put crystal and sapphire on the computer desk right next to each other. I cant really remember when it happened, but right after we moved the book my Pokemon Sapphire game disappeared off of the desk, all that was on the desk was crystal. We couldn't figure out what happened to it, but both decided it disappeared when we moved the book from the window, to this day we still can not find it, that is one thing that has yet to be found.

Well after we put the testament book back nothing else happened. This June we got married and spent 1 week and a half at my moms as my car was being fixed. When we got my car back finally we headed home. Took us an hour and half to get back to Abilene, but we were happy to be home. When got into the house it was very hot as usual and we had a lot of wedding gifts that cluttered it up for a while. I also had to go on a killing spree of flies as our kitchen window was covered in horse flies.

Now its late July and we are still in the same place, we recently got a new kitten as the cat I fell in love with at the school had kittens. My husband wouldn't let me have the mama as we don't have money to spay her so we took one of her kittens. Well when we brought him home, the activity started back up, but its nothing to bad. Occasionally I will see white sheets out of the corner of my eyes in random places and then just disappear where I saw them. I was in the office with both of the cats sleeping at my feet when I heard some one behind me messing with the many things that clutter the office as we threw most of the stuff in there. I first thought it was the cats but looked and they were a sleep so I just went on to believe it was the little boy saying he was still around.

Last night I had a problem with flies appearing out of no where, I would kill one and then more showed up. Eventually I killed them all too. I also was walking in to the kitchen to get a drink when I thought I saw a black and white face on the wall above the fridge, but I don't know if it was the tea kettles shadow I saw or what, but what I saw didn't look like the tea kettles shadow and I tried to explain that to my husband.

So far nothing has hurt us and the spirit in the place doesn't seem to mind us being there, I guess every now and then he likes to tell us he is still there so we don't forget.

Sent in by Rayen Lanham

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bride To Be

I'm Sarah a normal 13 year old girl, a while back about last year, sounds daft but I went to go to the toilet. As I was on the toilet I felt a super cold draft hit me but my hair didn't move it was like stepping in a freezer. I looked at the door it was closed then I looked up at the window it was closed. Suddenly in the mirror something caught my eye I looked at it. It was a young woman, about in her 40's she had big glass's on like jam jars they were like brown coloured on the outside. She had short curly hair in an updo and was dressed in pink and white like a wedding dress. I forgot what happened but it just vanished another cold shiver went down my spine. I flushed the chain and ran as fast as I could down stairs thinking something was watching me I flicked the lights of and burst the living room door open. "What's wrong Sarah" my mam said to me as my dad looked at me I said nothing happened. as we were watching TV I was thinking about it, not wanting to tell my mam. I got my mam to walk me to my bed.

About one month had past now I had told my mam and dad the other week they just thought I was stupid. I was in the shower for 10 minutes. As I got out I felt that shiver again I thought what it was I looked straight at my mirror but she wasn't there. I flicked my hair forward then wrapped it up in a towel then stood up straight again. I froze as I seen her in the mirror again this time she was holding a big bunch of roses. I knew I wasn't imagining it because I started to cry then she went sad. I wiped my eyes with my hand then put a towel round my body still looking at the lady in the mirror. I stepped back she smiled I gasped and ran into my room. Not wanting to see her again I let my hair dry naturally so I didn't look in the mirror.

I hadn't seen her ever since but I think I was imagining this at night I could hear ring a ring a roses like some one was humming it. I looked around I seen a black figure at my window it looked like a little girl so I sat up and blinked it was gone? Then I seen something black in my mirror like a head then I looked at it it stopped then was gone then I seen something white drop down on my floor but it dropped slowly like an orb.

I told my mam again what I saw in the bathroom but she never believed me. We looked at some really old photo's of my mam and dad's old house and when they were little. My mam told me that her mam died in a car crash on the way to her wedding when she was 4. I started to cry and my mam asked what's wrong and I said that "it must of been terrible for you" but I was more crying over the woman was holding a bunch of roses and was dressed in a wedding dress. I asked my mam if she had any photos of her. She did but she said there in the loft I'll get dad to get them for you so he did, I had a lump in my throat as I seen her brown glasses and her curly updo hair. I told my mam about it I think its that she believes me but she doesn't want to RIP my grandmother.

Sent in by Sarah Richardson

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Very Haunting Dreams And A Visit From A Presence

Hello, now I want to let you know that this is a true story and I'm not just making it up to get attention.

When I was a little kid I had a dream, and in that dream I was running around on the highway with my friends (there were no cars) and we were all having a good time until everyone disappeared. I looked around everything was silent until I heard I frightening scream, then all of a sudden I could hear footsteps coming my way and when I tried to move my dream went completely white.

Now this exact dream has happened twice in a row, when I woke up I was under my blankets. Now I was very frightened of the dark and even more frightened from the dream, I had slowly lifted my blanket up to look around, there was little looking space then I dropped it. I had seen a dark figure of some sort, it was wearing a torn dark black suit (like a grim reapers suit) I was very frightened.

The next week I was staying over a friends house, we had all stayed up late and decided to go to bed nothing unusual had happened until midnight. I had woken up, I was laying under my friends bed because that's where I wanted to sleep. I had a look around but I couldn't move for some reason. I could see out under the bed and there it was, the dark figure I could see its feet and I could here it growling like it was angry. I didn't make a noise it knew I was there then everything went white (like in the dream).

The very next morning I got out from under the bed and there was a patch of black fabric, I was freaking out I knew it wasn't a dream. Nothing had happened for the next couple of months until midnight again. But this time it was a dream. I was driving with a friend of mine out into a dark forest with fog and there was an old abandoned house. The lights were on we went inside. Inside it was my family and my friends (it must of been a party or something) then we all herd a loud growl. We all went to the window and my friend went outside, everyone said no don't go there... then he turned around and he was bleeding from his eyes and he said He's coming, why not go and die. He went out there and about five seconds later blood went spilling on the window then my dream went white.

A couple of years later when I was 14 mum had asked me to go and get something from the shed. The shed was right next to the house and none of the family ever went in there much. I went there and I thought I saw a dark figure go into the corner (we had a big shed) I didn't know if my mind was playing tricks or not until I felt someone breathing on me. I was frightened but I knew not to run or something could happen. I stood there and said I know you're there, the breathing got louder and heavier and I could hear some growling I kept asking why has it been near me and is it linked in my dreams the breathing stopped I thought I was safe so I went back to the house because I thought it was gone. As I walked through the house door I herd a loud growl coming from the shed and that was the last I had seen him or had those dreams

Sent in by Mitchell Smith

Demons And Claw Prints

It was just like any other afternoon. The sun had already gone down and the nightfall had arrived. It was my friend and I at my historical, creaky, two-story house right by a yard where a school once stood. Not to mention, we lived right down the road from a funeral home. There was a lot of hidden history we could get in search for but… some things just came to us. Those creeping noises from the old wood floor that made my bones tighten and my body shiver. The weird noises, the windows crackling, door slamming “by itself,” and when the wind blows it almost sounds like soft whispers- but coming from where? Could it be the family of four who died here in the past? Were these assumptions coming from my head or is this real? The conflict was I didn’t know what to believe, myself or the noises.

I sat in my room with my friend; everything was peace and quiet. There was always a thought in the back of my mind - I could just feel something bad around me like evil waiting for a seamless time to attack. Then it happened. All I heard was my friend yelp, her hand close to her shoulder like it was in some kind of pain. Immediately after I could tell whatever had happened wasn’t right - I rushed us into the bathroom, lifted up her shirt and saw the most horrifying mark. It was just us in the room. How could something smack her and leave a handprint? I held my hand up to the print to see the difference. I discovered that hand was no hand… it was a claw. I couldn’t even say the word, still to this day I can’t. But I guess its okay to just write it down. Maybe it won’t affect “it”… or needless to say, the demon.

Now the problem wasn’t to believe it or not, but can we, can I make it through this situation okay? I knew there was no way my parents would believe this had happened. I called my sister, thinking she’s an expert on supernatural things. Maybe she could help me. With a rosary she gave me to keep me safe, I wore it around my neck constantly. There was no doubt that I was more frightened than my friend. I was once told that if a demon attacks somebody around you (like a friend), what it really wants is you. You - that word echoed in my head. “You, you, you, you, you…ME.”

I couldn’t sleep in my room for days, I didn’t even want to be alone In my own house. I had to fix this. There is no way I could live the rest of my life afraid of a demon, but it’s possible for a demon to live theirs with me. I called a youth pastor I had known about and told him the situation. My friend and I met with him immediately after to talk about “what to do, and what not to do.” We learned that the only thing we’re doing wrong is not being with God. Since I didn’t have God in my life, it gave full power to anything and everything that wanted to steal my soul: the demons. All I had to do was believe in God, accept him in my heart, and that day - I did. I would not lie; ever since that day I have felt nothing but love around me.

Sent in by Jenna

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Temporary Enlightenment And Gold Colored Aura

Years ago, I was visiting at my Grandmother's house for the weekend along with 2 of my little cousins. So it was just a regular Saturday afternoon, and the youngest, Dylan, was using the computer. He was searching for videos of demons, which I thought was creepy, even though they where just dumb and fake. Now, he was not doing this on his own. I myself have always been interested with paranormal things, and that is where he got it from. However, it is just a small interest for me. I only enjoy reading ghost stories, and frankly, would like nothing more to do with them.

So anyway, he was surfing the web for said videos, and for some reason, I completely freaked out. I began running through the house yelling things like; "QUIT WATCHING THOSE VIDEOS!" or "SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!" I would do something, but I was to freaked out to even be in the presence of the computer room. So I gave up and went into the spare bedroom where I usually stayed when I went to my Grandmas house.

Now keep in mind that my Grandma is a very religious person, and the spare room where I was had all sorts of decorations involving religion, such as pictures of biblical events and angels, crosses, little toys that played bible verses, and figurines of angels. Anyway, I was freaking out in the side room bed when my other cousin, Autumn, came in to check on me.I didn't say anything and she didn't say anything, but she began walking around the room and looking at all the little trinkets.

At one point, she played this little lamb that recited the 23rd Psalm, AKA The Lord is my Shepard prayer. I have never been that much of a religious person, but when the lamb was played, I felt all my fears melt away. It literally felt like a warm melting sensation. After I was over, I began saying slowly and evenly "I fear no evil", like what the lamb said in the Psalm, over and over again. Autumn looked at me like I was crazy, and then I got up and took her hand. I led her to the little plaque on the wall that had the same prayer the lamb and began reading it flawlessly.

Later, I went outside and barefoot, I walking on the rocks that normally hurt really bad unless you had shoes on. I skipped around and jumped up and down but I still did not get hurt. Autumn was standing there in awe and I asked her to try barefoot like me. She limped around and could not even come close to duplicating my actions. Then I banged my fist several times on a large metal platform, but my hand only barely got red! Again, I asked Autumn to try, but she got hurt on her first try.

Later on these things began to hurt again, and I felt very confused. Autumn reported that she had seen a gold-ish glow around me, and I searched it online. I found out that this means, and I quote from a website: GOLD AURA COLOR: The color of enlightenment and divine protection. When seen within the aura, it says that the person is being guided by their highest good. It is divine guidance. Protection, wisdom, inner knowledge, spiritual mind, intuitive thinker.

I swear these are all true events. I am not quite sure if it has anything to do with this website, but thought it fit in. I posted it to get feedback on what other people think, and could have possibly have had similar experiences.

Thank you for your time.

Sent in by Domestic_Goddess

Randal In My Room Who Is He?

I am 15 years old and I live in South Africa. As a child I would see things that would scare me and my mom would say I just had an overactive imagination until a complete stranger confirmed it. I'm like a paranormal magnet. Wherever I go I always have some sort of encounter, but the 1st violent one happened last night.

It was about 11:30 pm and I was unusually still awake. I began to feel my blood pressure rise which usually happens when ever a close encounter is near, but I didn't suspect anything, because for the past 3 years I have had something sit on my bed alongside me at exactly 03:00 am every night. Never has it attacked, I liked to think of it as my grandmother whom I was very close to and it the time never occurred to me. But anyway the only people who were in the house at the time was my mother, my sister (who is only 2) and me, and I heard footsteps in the tiled passage that runs along our bedrooms and from the sound of it the feet were bare.

I then heard whispers as though this person was struggling to breath, at that moment a tremendous wind rushed through the house which was unusual because the trees outside were still. This wind was so strong it blew my hair in all different directions, now I was scared. My mothers room door began banging which shows how strong the wind was because it pushed the rusted handle of my mothers room door down.

I got up to see if my mum and sis were fine but I couldn't move my legs from the standing position another wind then blew me over and threw me on my bed. My body then became paralyzed. I couldn't breathe. My body began burning like I was on fire and I heard laughing, I began to cry terribly in silence.

I then felt like something was trying to pull my body apart and I was in excruciating pain. I then heard a voice (a female voice, which did not sound like my mothers) say "enough Randal, I'm going to tell mummy" I then began to convulse and saliva poured from my mouth (I do not have any medical condition besides asthma) I was painfully aware of what was happening but couldn't do anything about it.

Then another wind came and all the torture stopped and I heard laughing and the footsteps again and then nothing- silence. My body is in terrible pain. My mother did not hear or see anything and my mum says my sister slept soundly the whole night through for the first time in ages. My mum thinks I just slept in the wrong position, but I know I didn't and I wasn't dreaming.

It was a frightening event but I would like to conquer this demon and I'm not scared of it. Please tell me how I can contact this demon or what I can do to stop this. Please.

Sent in by Brent dos Santos

Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm Not Alone Voices And Footsteps In the Attic

This story begins near the end of summer 2011. The last week. Me, my mother and my sister went to England for a week to visit our cousins. We had a great time. But throughout the whole week, I felt as if I was not alone when I was. Like I was being watched but nobody else was there.

The weirdest thing happened on the last night. I was sleeping my two of 3 of my cousins. One of my cousins was on the bed, the other lay beside me on a bed on the floor. We had to leave earlier in the morning to catch our flight. My cousins in my room wanted me to wake them before I left to say one final goodbye and I did. I woke them at 4:30 and we were leaving at 5:00am. I lay back down to get some more sleep. I was on the floor right next to a drawer. 2 minutes trying to get more sleep, I heard what sounded like a drawer opening very slowly. I looked up to see the drawer slightly ajar, in fact, quite open a bit. I got up and shut it. Then, a low droning sound raged throughout the house. It was not that loud, but very clear to hear. I thought surely my cousins would complain, but not a word, probably too tired. I was awake and began to get a bit scared.

I heard footsteps up in there attic, back and forth, sounding like it was directly above me up the next floor. The droning continued, and someone went downstairs. Soon, they came back up, with what I think was a cup of tea, I could not see, but I think it was because as they went back into there room, the sound of a cup being placed down shivered throughout the house. The droning sound stopped for awhile after that. I was now very scared and wanting my mother to come through and say it was time to get up. The noise started again...then...a noise was coming from downstairs. Two men talking. I could not make out what they were saying, but they were talking, using a whispering tone. Mumbling... the problem is, there was only one male adult in the house. And the other male was upstairs. One of the voices sounded like my father, which was impossible because he was back in Scotland. The voices stopped. My mother came and got me, and got ready. Got to the on the plane...and got back to Scotland!

The story does not end there. I have never felt alone since. Weird things have been happening. When I was in my room, I never felt alone and always felt some sort of tension rise up in me, reaching so high I wanted to scream in fear. I found a fingerprint on my door, blood. It was blood and It was not of my mother or my sister. I keep seeing huge black figures out of the corner of my eye. That ends it so far... but something is haunting me. I don't know what.

Sent in by Matthew

Sometimes I See Things

Sometimes I see things. Sometimes the vision makes absolutely no sense, until it happens and then it makes perfect sense. For instance the terrorist attacks on September 11, I saw it before it happened, and I knew what was going to happen exactly. But other things such as car accidents, murders, and things like that, don't make sense at the time I see it and then when it comes on the news, it's like "that was the vision".

When I have the visions I lose consciousness for a moment, no matter when it happens, even if I am driving down the road, I just temporarily black out, and then I get nauseous for a minute and then I'm fine. I gave up for a while on trying to harness it until recently I was sitting out on the back porch at about midnight and my dog started growling at the woods. I looked over and saw an apparition from the chest up walk about 30 yards along the edge of the woods and then turn and walk into the woods. At that time my dog whimpered and ran to the back door, and the thing turned around and looked dead at me. It had red glowing eyes. I took a picture of it on my phone so I would have proof.

My family and my friend were down visiting about 3 days later, and my mom and my wife were standing on the back porch looking at the woods at about the same time and they saw two shadows going back and forth towards each other and then turn into one shadow shaped like someone hunched over running and then it ran into the ground. Well, me being the ghost hunting type, my friend and I started off by going to the edge of the woods and somewhat taunted it to come out. At the time we did not know what we were dealing with. I felt something grab my arm and at the same time something pushed on his chest and we decided it would be a good night for ghost hunting.

We proceeded to go to a place called Fort Duffield, an old civil war fort, which is near Fort Knox where I am stationed. The first night was not so bad, a few strange occurrences, the car speeding up by itself, the lights in the civil war hospital were on when we took a picture but not in the picture. There was also a woman in one window that was not there when we snapped the picture. The second night may have been the most interesting night I have ever had.

We went back out to Fort Duffield, and to start off, we recorded to voice records on my phone in search of EVP. The first one came back with the words "go away" three times in a row. And it wasn't faint like many EVP's you hear, it was plain as day. Which kind of made me worry, because if they were that determined to make themselves known, maybe they weren't ghosts. The second EVP is what let us both know that they were in fact not ghost's, the second contained my friends name. " hello Christopher... Welcome to hell... Ha ha ha ha ha..." on the way back down the 1/4 mile incline up to the Fort, we saw the same red eyes from the woods at home start down the hill towards us, but this time there were about fifteen sets of footsteps with him. At this time we proceeded to break land speed records to the bottom of the hill. When we arrived at the car is the last thing I remember before it wasn't me anymore.

From here is just the account of my friend and his father with whom he talked to while all of the preceding happened. Apparently I stopped running and walked slowly to the car, something no one in their right mind would do if they were scared like I was before I blacked out. The car would not start and my door would not unlock. When I finally was able to get in the car, a gust of wind blew the car as if they had caught us, and then the car started. My friend said he drove down the road exiting the place at about 60 mph and I told him to slow down so that we wouldn't get in another wreck. (I've never been in a wreck, and neither has he. Hmmm.) then I guess I started to hyperventilate and he asked if I was alright and I said that it wasn't me.

He pulled off to the side of the road and started to recite the lords prayer. Now, I'm not religious nor is he, but apparently at this time I, or it passed out and slumped over. He leaned me back in the seat and felt for a pulse and breathing. I had neither. He said part of the lords prayer again and thumped me on the chest and I woke up and jumped out of the car, and started dry heaving in this store parking lot. He got out and came around the car, and I could still feel something in me, he touched my shoulder and asked if I was alright, and then I felt fine, but he could no longer move. I pushed him fairly hard and he snapped back out of it and ran to the car, and got in. I started for the car but stopped when I saw a black shadow-like being in the back seat. It started to lunge toward him and I yelled for him to get out of the car and as he jumped out, the thing kind of flickered into the front seat and ran out of the car and around the other side of the building. So assuming it was gone we took off.

A few miles down the road I blacked out again, but he says I was still awake. He was looking for a well lit area so he pulled into a Ford dealership and got out he said he asked me/it how it felt. And it chuckled, now he said my voice matched the one on the EVP. He tried to light a cigarette but it looked at his lighter and made it go out. It picked up his saint Christopher medallion and threw it at him. And he again recited the lords prayer, but this time it didn't work, it just laughed and I walked out into the street and was almost struck by a car. He asked what its name was and it said "legion...we are many..." sounds familiar but I don't know where from, anyway... Since these events, there have been things following us. Trying to contact us, they have been messing with us and one has even tried to wreck my car. But my visions are more frequent now and I no longer black out when I see things. But obviously whatever is here that is causing this to happen is a malevolent force.

What should I do, because I don't really want to lose my ability, but I don't necessarily want literal demons following me at every turn...

Sent in by spike

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Storage Company Poltergeist

I have a storage unit in Indianapolis Indiana. This place is huge. 200ft long isles and very large circumference. Since I have 24 access I just happened to be there at 3:00 in the morning one night (or morning). I have heard knocks before but really didn't think anything of it, but started to upon realizing I was the only one there.

It started one night when I was in the restroom and in one of the stalls. I heard for a short time what sounded like a cart moving across the floor for about 5 seconds and unintelligible speech, garbled if you will. I said to myself its pretty late for someone to be here although it does happen of course. I walked out thinking to see someone there but there was nothing there. I would have heard the cart continue on down the hall if someone was pushing it.

Remember, I said it stopped just outside of the restroom. I know what I heard. Something with weight moving on a cement floor like a warehouse type of sound.

As I walked further down the hall I heard a knocking sound. Very unusual like I never heard before. I thought someone was still there. It was coming from the ceiling but I didn't think much of it because there is a partial second floor.

Then a week later I was there again at 3:00 in the morning and was in my storage unit. I sat down in my chair for a minute and dozed off and was semi awakened by a loud knocking coming from the ceiling on the other end of the building. It was coming closer and closer and I woke up. I distinctly remember sitting there awake, I wasn't dreaming.

I looked at my cell phone and it said 4:20AM. At this point the knocking came closer and louder to my area. Very strange, like the housing of the storage units was being twisted. No footsteps at all. I was a little scared and had my storage unit door 2/3rds of the way down. All of a sudden it got real quiet and then a sound of water came or like clothes being rubbed together real fast to create a brushing type sound. I thought initially that someone was bringing in sacks but it wasn't so. Then a child's ball hit the floor with such force I felt the vibrations. Or a ball that held air is what it sounded like. Then I heard a child giggle and laugh. Then it gradually left like it went through a doorway in time and space. I waited a couple minutes because I was nervous and went out and there was nobody there. I looked down the 200ft isles and ran to the front door and there was no cars. There's is no way humans were responsible in my opinion.

Then I did research and found out that criteria for Poltergeist is knocking, children laughing, and a water type sound among some others such as foul smells and such. I encountered 3 of them. I don't know about a ball bouncing, it wasn't mentioned in the data. This happened I swear.

This entity knew I was there and didn't want me there making noise and tried to scare me out. It seemed angry but not violent. I am a believer now of ghosts but here's the thing, it may not be dead humans coming back but alien beings who are from another dimension and found a way to contact us. Perhaps even invisible beings. I believe in UFO's and have had major sighting which I will tell shortly.

I have a question for any expert out there. What would happen if I met it head on, walked right out to the source of the sound. Would it be risky for physical damage or even death, I don't know. I want to meet this and try to communicate if I can. I'm scared but I'm going back.

Sent in by Rick Creighton

Paranormal Things My Whole Life Past Present Future

My whole life I have had paranormal things happen to me.

When I was 4 years old I was swinging in the backyard and an old man probably in his early 80's dressed in what seemed to be farmers clothing from an era of what seemed to be early 1900's, approached me and began swinging next to me. Later I went into my house and told my mother about him, but she never saw anyone with me.

A couple days later she was looking out the kitchen window and saw me talking to what appeared to her "thin air". Then she noticed the swing next to me began swinging in sequence with me.

This is where everything starts for me. When I was 7 years old I was having a slumber party and it was late at night and the blinds to my bedroom were open, looking in at me was something with red eyes and it was growling maliciously at me. I ran out of my room in fear and tears... my mother said it was probably just my imagination.

Then when I was about 10, I had just given my life to Christ, I was asleep in my bed and awoke because I felt a huge pressure on my chest like I was being held down... I tried screaming but nothing came out, I tried to move but felt paralyzed, when I began praying in my head was when the pressure lifted.

Then growing up, I have heard my name being called by a voice that was deep and a man, I've heard my mothers voice calling me when she wasn't home, I've been pushed off my front steps leading up to the house with what sounded like a loud growl, one time I was home alone and was asleep... woke up because I felt like I was being held down, when I finally got out of bed I went to go take a shower and saw a gigantic hand print going across my chest twice the size of my hand so I knew it wasn't mine and I was home alone.

I've had covers taken off of me. I've seen silhouettes of people in my doorway. I've seen a cream colored orb looking thing by my bed. I had a dream that my aunt was going to pass away and in my dream I knew the time and what she died from, awoke at 3:00 am because the phone rang and my mom answered and they told her her sister had passed. I have dreams that people are going to get pregnant and it always comes to pass.... to sum things up I just feel like if I try to talk to people about it they would sum it up as me being crazy. But as for me, I just want answers.

What is going on and why have I been dealing with this stuff my whole life?

I always did find it interesting that the house I grew up in was originally built and paid for, for the landowners sister. She said her sister went in and walked around the house and told her she didn't want it... always found that to be of interest. Also one time my friend and I came across an abandoned shack in the woods and it  had broken up tombstones in it dating back to the 1800's. I don't know how to go about this. I have told my husband about everything and he believes me because he has had paranormal experiences as well. I suppose what I'm aiming for are answers as to what is going on and what I'm dealing with. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

Sent in by Annikens

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Unknown in Bacolod City

I was used to have the dinner before with my boyfriend who previously worked as a security guard in a school here in Bacolod City Negros Occ. he is a stay-in security guard in the school so we spend time together for dinner before I go to the office for duty since I work as a call center agent..he stays in a barracks or the station which was made as their sleeping quarters. he actually stays there with his elder brother and his friend  who were at the same time security guard of the the school, but 3 of them has their own separate rooms. aside from the entrance to the door of the quarters the first door on spot was his elder brothers room, second was his which is about 2 meters away and adjacent to his room was his friends room.

Anyways the right side of the quarters  is where the rooms window faces and if you open the window you would only see tall mahogany trees and the back of the values education building which was said to be one of the hunted areas of the school. this is not actually my first experience in the barracks. I have some on my previous posts..

Well the story went this way.. 

My boyfriend asked me to get first to the barracks since he will still have to buy food for dinner.. it was fine for me because I was already used to the place and the dogs guarding or staying there knew me already so they wouldn't have to bark at me when I pass by the corridor going to the barracks. as I walked to the alley going to the barracks - alone! it came to my mind to take the short cut to get there. the hallway going to the barracks in the short cut was obviously dark only few light bulbs are lit and the school was surrounded by exactly by  tall mahogany trees which the school is most surrounded of.. since I'm not new to that place it should be that it would be just ok with me to take the path alone and never be scared.. but it was a reverse.. when I was about to take the path straight to where the point of the barracks should be, I felt cold wind was blowing, though the trees of the leaves and some plants around was not even swaying or moving.. I still kept on walking but as I take my steps to reach the place I felt that someone was also  following me... I tried to look back and side to side but I saw no one.. then I told myself that it was nothing.. and I spoke "tabI tabI po mga amigo mga amigo labay lng ko ah" (excuse me my unseen friends I just want to pass by).. I reached the door of the barracks but stopped for a while to see if someone was really with me but I still saw no one..

When I got into my boyfriends room I fixed some stuffs on his bed.. borrowed one of his t-shirt and changed clothes.. fixed the table so that by the time he gets in the table will be ready where the food will be put into..

I turned the electric fan on and closed the window.. I sat on the headside on the bed and I began to fell sleepy though the fact was I wasn't feeling that way before I entered the room.. my eyes get blur and I felt that my body was heavy.. so I laid flat on the bed and unknowingly  fell asleep.. it was one of the horrible experience when nightmare enters your dreams.. I felt like I'm paralyzed and couldn't move any part of my body.. I'm trying to open my eyes and the worse thing is I cant.. the most worst is I felt like someone is at my feet standing holding my feet and coldness wraps my whole being.. I'm forcing to open my eyes but I couldn't and even with my eyes close what appears were 2 mad men opening the window of the room reaching for me in the bed with their arms rotten and oozing with blood and looks like a zombie.. the other man still at the end of the bed holding my feet.. I want to scream but I couldn't and all I could do is pray.. it was very hard for me because no one can even wake me or touch me while I'm feeling stiff and paralyzed.. in continued prayers I had managed to move one of my foot and with uneasy feeling sat suddenly at the head side of the bed looking at the window.. it was still closed.. then in just a quick time my body got heavy again and somewhat like a force was pushing me to lay flat on the bed..I thought of my boyfriend.. I was about to cry. the force envelopes my whole being and they did it eyes was forced to keep close and my body laid flat on the bed.. still the same scenario.. 2  men crawling as they passed through the window reaching for me and the man holding my feet at the end of the bed.. it happened thrice that night.. with myself all alone in the room.. the last time I got up I fought the force and continuously uttered more prayers..

And the last thing that happened that night was when I already managed to keep the force out of me the door of the room banged 3x as if someone had pulled it and pushed back the door.. the bang is not that loud or hard because it was locked, it was as if someone had pulled it outside and pushed it back.. the first sound was just fine to me for I thought the little puppies was just playing near the door steps.. but the second sound get a creep on me and made me looked for something that I can grasp if in case someone was really outside the door.. I was waiting for my boyfriends voice to call my name. as I remembered before he left, he said " indI mo guid pag buksan ang pertahan kung iban na tao ang manawag ha?" ("never ever open the door if someone else will call you aside from me").. my heart begun to pound more and faster.. then the third bang sounded and it made me grasp the big stick that my boyfriend kept on his room besides his bed.. the place got more eerie and creepy as ever.. the only thing that came to my mind is to make myself strong.. after the third banging of the door it seems I heard some footsteps and a human voice seems so familiar I thought it was my boyfriends friend who went to his room to get something.. I was at least relieved knowing someone was already there..still with the doors closed I called his friend "jo wala pa c noy?" (jo is noy alredy here?).. but no one answered me.. standing at the front of the door still locked and with the stick still in my hands I slightly opened the door and saw no one.. I opened the door more and saw that his friends room was padlocked and his brothers room in padlock as well.. the little puppies was  still asleep in the same position when I got into the room and the main door in a the same position slightly opened when I left it before entering my boyfriends room and when I got the guts to peek outside the door in a tip toed manner the puppies' mom was still likewise in the same position when I passed by her  outside the barracks.. I went back to the room and locked myself in and make sure that the window was still closed and hanged  the rosary in the window.. thinking that the evil spirit if there is couldn't open the window because of the rosary as a gate keeper.

My mind is puzzled now of what is happening  and the next thing to do is to text my boyfriend to get in hurry because I already feel like its been already a long  time since he went out to buy food for dinner..

At last he came and he asked me if I'm ok.. I just said not that well.. creepy things happens again and someone's like with me all this time since we parted even not an hour ago.. he just smiled and said "hay wala mn guro ah basI guardian ko lng na" (hmm maybe its not what you think maybe its just my guardian angel).. on the second though maybe his guardian angel was with him and with me was another entity that makes the helly scare out of me.. I felt at ease after that and every time I go back to his place I always ask for his guardian angel to look for me as well.. then the next time I got there  I still feel the creeps but not as what happened before..

But I still wonder if he also feels the same I way do when I'm in that place..

Sent in by noymickz

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Incubus And A Mysterious Cat Who Guarded Me

I was raped when I was 18 and got pregnant. One day I was sitting alone at the living room watching TV when I hear a moaning sound, and the sound was so near that I can clearly hear it... I looked beside me and I didn't see anything, then after a few minutes it just stopped. I didn't tell my mom what happened and just ignored it.

On my 7th or 8th month of pregnancy, I stayed in my mom's room. I remember, there was a white cat (not our pet) who always come to visit me every night and just lay down beside me as if guarding me till the morning. If I hear any scratches he will wake up and start to look around and there are times I will wake up and see him lying on my stomach. My mom got pissed off because  she doesn't like cats so what she did she closed all the windows.

One night it, w/ a heavy rain outside. I was awakened by the sound of the wind. I was surprised when I saw the cat sitting outside the window and staring at me... I felt poor for the cat that I let him inside. And the whole night he was there. Just to make the story short, he was there guarding me the whole time till I gave birth to my son. After my birth, I've never seen the cat again.

The first night of my baby in the house, we were both sleeping. Then during my deep sleep, in my dreams or in my mind (I can't explain) I saw a man standing in front of me) his face is not clear. He was trying to take my baby away from me, I got so scared that I wanted to scream. Or even move but I can't. I just closed my eyes and started to pray in my mind saying "God, please help me. And just like a blink of an eye he was gone. I got up and start screaming, calling my mom. My mom told me she will just sleep beside me w/ my baby. So I slept again thinking it was just a nightmare, but it repeated again.

So many times that I didn't want to go to sleep thinking I will see him again. But my body was always feeling tired that my eyes just want to close. So many times I awakened my mom by my screams that she even thought I was going crazy. There are times when I see this man in front of me naked but I never seen his face. He starts to moan so loud like he really wants to have sexual intercourse with me... but every time he would do that I will just close my eyes and start to pray. It even came to the point that it became worse that even my mom saw all the light scratches all over my body. Scratches that was not from me. Still my mom thought I was just making stories til every maid/helper(girls) was attacked by this man during their sleep. Even my cousin who never believes in this stuff experienced the same thing when she had her vacation in our house. Even my ex husband was bothered by what is happening to me.

After 2 years I got married and got my second child (daughter), still the same thing happened. It only stopped when one day, I was sleeping and had my daughter sleeping beside me... I left the door opened.

After I few minutes, I closed my eyes and started to sleep... then I see a man standing next to the door and coming close to me. He tried to grab my arms and the same thing happened again.. I cant scream nor even move my hands. Then suddenly I said a prayer something like a Latin. I cant remember. It was like the first time I said those words and the way I talked was a fast... and then he was gone.

I woke up holding my daughter's hand.. and looked at her and I saw she's sleeping quietly. She even smiled during her sleep.

I told my mom about what happened then she said it was my daughter's angel who helped me.

Sent in by acheL

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Creeps

There was a class reunion in high school when my boyfriend brought me with him to visit his elder brother. My duty was at 12 midnight as a call center agent so we still get at least enough time to be with each other. We took our dinner there but then I got sleepy after the meal. He noticed it as well. He asked his brother if I can sleep at the sleeping quarters in his brothers room for I would still have my duty at 12 midnight. His brother agreed and he accompanied me to  his brothers room. He asked if its ok for the window to be left open and I said yes. He went back to his brother for they will get a little of the so called drinking session..

I lay with my back flat on the folding bed that acts as his brothers bed. As I stare at the open window I could only see a black color that is the color of the night. Suddenly felt tired and seems like I got a heavy feeling on my whole body. It seems like it pushes my eyes to close and my sight gets blur. I kept in control of myself though feeling uneasy I still managed to look on the surroundings of the little room with the open window. Next to that I felt a cold wind entered the room that passed from the open window. that creeped a little and I said to myself, "wala nmn sigurong magmumulto sakin dito" ("I think no one would scare me here"..) after I which it seems like I cant stand the heavy feeling of my body anymore and I fell asleep. what awoke me was the voice of my  boyfriends brother calling my name asking me to open the door for him for he get something in his room. I was about to clear my thoughts to check if I'm just dreaming that I'm hearing his voice but the heavy weight of my body still pushes me back on the bed trying not to make me get up from it, his brother still keeps the knock on the door but as I much as I want to get up the heavy weight still pushes me back on the bed. I want to open my eyes but a force seems to make it close and I felt that someone was standing at my feet looking at me. my heartbeat got faster and the chills are running more in my veins.I want to respond to my boyfriends brother but it also seems like I cant speak  a word. I remembered that as a way of fighting things back I should at least move any part of my body for my senses to come back. I had managed to move my left arm and quickly forcedly open my eyes. I sat for a while on the bed grasped for air and responded to my boyfriends brother. I walked to the door opened it for him and he asked if I'm ok.. I just answered yes but reminded him before he left to tell my boyfriend to come over me. when he closed the door back I laid again on the bed thinking of what happened. when my boyfriend came back to see me I asked him not to leave me because of what had happened.  then he told me of some hunted stories that happened in that place.

one instance one of the security guard who occupies that room before while having his window open. he  saw a lady in white passed outside the window, with that scare he run outside saw nothing and never slept on that room again. second instance his friend sleeping on his own room didn't exactly knew if its a part of his dream but he woke up like  he saw a woman screaming and shouting in front of his face and the voice seems like a deafening sound for him. he was wrapped with cold air and then he burst out of what scared him and in panic opened the door and run outside his room. well what he did was he slept into principals room still thinking of what had happened.

my next story is up next for this one seems to be so long now. I hope you understand the story.

Sent in by npymickz

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Violent Threats On EVPs

Here is a back story of how I came to my predicament:

Recently I have had an increased interested in the paranormal. I have always been interested, but more so in the last 6 months. I have found out about two ghosts in my house, Isabelle and Ted. They are very nice and friendly. Especially Isabelle, she is 7 years old, but shy. She likes to tickle my feet at night when they are out of the covers, and only then, which doesn’t bother me. They also like to open or close my laptop, dresser draws, and door when I am not in my room.

Call me crazy, I don’t care. I have documentation of them.

I use an old necklace as a pendulum to take to ghosts, and it works really well. I have made a Ouija board before, but I won’t mess with them again, they scare me. I get scared very easily, so I usually won’t talk to spirits unless someone is with me, plus it works better. I have also recorded some EVP’s with Isabelle.

All of this was 4 months ago.

Reoccurring Events

When I was younger we moved to this house it was big a beautiful but very old. That's when I was seven. I saw a ghost of what was a women with an all black dress and pretty blue like crystal eyes I saw every feature.

I already knew ghosts were in the house because I could feel them and I had dreams about them but over the years of my life more things have happened.

One time I was sleep and it felt like something had kissed me in one of our other houses. I was thirteen and I was laying down. I never sleep in the dark because I see shadows. I had the light from the t.v shining in my room so I felt something on top of me and I felt arms so I grabbed the arms and tried to push it of off me but it grabbed me and slammed me back down. I tired to moved on my side and it pinched my butt and I yelled stop and let me go and it left.

Another time I heard the sound of breathing approaching me and I quickly awoke and it went away so the next night I was laying in my bed on my way to sleep and something picked me up and put me on the other side of the bed

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Skeptic’s Journey Through Grief

As a physician with a strong science background, I used to regard all things spiritual with a jaded eye—until the recent suicide of my young son, Erik. Since then, my life has been cleaved into two parts: The Before and The After, The Bliss and The Dark Despair.

Everyone deals with grief differently. I heal best by journaling my thoughts in a way that helps others. So once I was able to wipe away my tears and crawl out of bed. At first, I shared my grief, pouring my broken heart onto every page. I thought my son had been ripped from my arms forever, but soon, Erik began to challenge that belief by making his presence known to friends and family through smells, touch, apparitions, conversation, and mischievous pranks. These events defied explanation. After all, science taught me that the soul does not survive death and that nonsensical notions like clairvoyance, the afterlife, and reincarnation belong to the domain of New Age freaks and unscrupulous gypsies hunched over crystal balls.

My first reaction was to pour myself into hundreds of books, because not only was I determined to find out if my son was really alive in some other dimension, I needed scientific proof for it. What I discovered was no short of amazing. For one, I came to understand why I was a skeptic to begin with.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

4.33 AM

I have always believed in ghosts/ spirits as I, myself have seen one or two. I am believed to be a psychic by many as have spoken to ghosts and seen them frequently.

Ok, I am only 15 but had a lot of things happen to me. A lot of spooky things, unexplainable things. This for instance.


Sometime last year I went to bed like any other day but how that night would change things for months. nothing strange/weird had happened to me for ages and nothing significant had happened in school that day (they say dreams are based on what's happened to you in that day, its your subconscious talking to you.)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Murder On The Third Floor

Recently I helped out a friend from high school by painting some graphics in her new salon. Another former classmate had been employed to do the electrical work, and the three of us had several opportunities to catch up on the class of 1979. The electrician and I got into a conversation one day about some activity in his building down town. He lives on the second floor of a renovated building that was built in 1915.

The building was formerly a masonic temple. He shared several events with me and being a huge Paranormal State and Ghost Hunter fan, I was intrigued. I had just watched an episode of Ghost Hunter and saw where they had used the small mini flashlight, just barely turning it off and letting the energy of the spirit turn it on. So armed with my digital camera, my mini flashlight and a few willing friends we went to the third floor of the building where the meetings had supposedly taken place. I'm going to be a little vague with the details at this point, there will be more later, but I went upstairs to the third floor 4 times in two days and made contact.

First our digital camera's captured many bright orbs in the darkened room. Then I put the flashlight in the middle of the dark room, turned it until it went off and started asking questions, asking the spirit to turn the flashlight on if the answer was yes. What we learned was chilling. I don't care if anyone believes me, I just want to find someone with similar experiences to help me go forward from here. I asked her if she wanted me to tell her story and she signaled yes. She said she was killed by a group of men, and they were not masons! Which was a relief to me for some reason. However we were also aware of another organization that met up there and when I return tomorrow I will ask her directly if it was them.

The first night our camera's worked, the second night no one was able to use their cameras, when I asked if the cameras were a problem, I got an affirmative with the light. I got quick and consistent reaction with the flashlight, at one point I asked her to turn it off because I had a final question and she did, and then responded in the affirmative some time later. At one point when I walked across the dark room to get my flashlight the witnesses with me saw lights dancing around my back and flying across my shoulders. At that time I had felt something on the back of my legs and then felt it move up to my back and did not say anything to anyone thinking it was my imagination. No one is fearful of this spirit, we are saddened by her and feel that she is a victim.

Also the two day's that we visited the third floor after each encounter we all felt a euphoria that lasted for days. Anyone have any input?

Sent in by Cory

Was It Nightmare Or Reality?

I had this dream last year. Usually the dreams I have are those really imaginative kind but this particular one was felt real.

As usual I was sleeping in my bed that night. Apparently, the wind was also blowing. It was so strong it actually howled through the windows. But it died off minutes after. My windows were the sliding type [I live in a flat] and it was loose. So when wind blows, it would shake. The scary part was that the windows still shook after the wind stopped blowing. I was too tired and I didn’t have the courage to check it out. So I just snuggled in my blanket.

The shaking only lasted seconds as if someone was passing through it. Then I heard a voice, I think it was female one, like a whisper. It said “If you breathe, I know that you are here.” I didn’t open my eyes. I actually held my breath. Then I heard it walk towards me on the right side of my bed. I don’t know if the sound was heels or hoofs but it walked steadily and slowly towards me. I didn’t dare to look. Then it walked away towards the other side of my bed. On the left side of my bed was the Japanese sliding wooden door [I’m a fan of the Japanese culture] It kind of took up the whole wall. Anyways, whatever the thing was it walked past the front and towards the left side of my bed. Instead of hearing the hoof or heel sound, I heard it knock along the wooden door [or it could be walking on it]. And then it all stopped. I released my breath, and I thought to myself there is no way in the world that this could actually happen.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Could There Be Actual Demons Or Spirits In My House?

I live in a small city in Ontario Canada, called Peterborough. I have always since I was a little kid, known that there is more out there besides human life.

I recently moved with my fiancé and 2 small children to a old house in the north end of Peterborough, where nonstop paranormal/poltergeist activity is a regular everyday occurrence. I have managed to capture a picture of something, in the laundry room in the early hours of the morning.

The laundry room and my sons room are the 2 main areas in the house where stuff goes on. I have also recorded at least 5 hours of EVP throughout the house and what I have heard so far, is terrifying and also mind boggling. Before I get into that, I will give you some background info, the things that led up to my beliefs, and my investigations.

I was playing hide n seek with my kids one of the first couple days living here, I decided to hide in the dark laundry room just behind the door, so as I'm watching through the door crack at my kids trying to find me, something GROWLED in my right ear so close, I could feel the breath. I RAN out of there. I had a dog who had a cage/carrier in that same room, the cage began rapidly shaking, my fiancé ran over to make sure the dog was alright in there, the dog was sleeping with me upstairs, nowhere near the cage.

Befriending A Demon?

I'm really afraid to put this out there, but I really do need help.

I guess I should start by telling you all about myself. I'm a witch and its been in my family for a while. I started to be interested in my family's religion and soon got into it. This year I did my dedication ritual and changed my name (which for my safety I will not put down) and everything seemed alright... I guess. I'm psychic and have had many experiences throughout my short life (I'm 14) with spirits and although they we're weird, they have never been THIS weird or creepy.

Before I go on, I want to tell you all that I have had vivid dreams of shadow people... and its like... they're reaching out to me... calling me. "you are us and we are you" they repeat... weird I know. I wont go into full detail about this, but something had happened with my friend Cam and me and my friend Sam (who is a psychic and a therian) were trying to figure out what to do. She then came to me and said that an outside force had part in what was going on. I myself had felt like that as well.

My Weird And Scariest EVP

I was an Atheist until...

I did not believe in anything and I think that is the reason I am having so many experiences. As I am sure that you can ask any other atheist who has had their belief system flipped up side down then trampled on, that it really takes a lot to make us a true believer. I went through many stages until I was able to admit to anyone that I now believe in the paranormal. I believe that the reason it has acted so strongly with me and my family is to make me believe. I do not know why and do not think I am important in any way. Maybe the spirit just likes to get people like me and screw with them because we have such a hard time coming to terms with it.

I have turned into a ghost hunter just from trying to catch what ever this is that is going on in my life some kind of proof. I am now to the point that I can care less if anyone believes me or not because I know its true and I know other people have to know its true just as well as me. But, my weirdest and creepiest EVP I had ever caught has me amazed at what these things can do.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Seeing And Hearing Strange Stuff Since I Was 16

Ok, for the record I just wanted to say I never believed in this stuff until my mom had been experiencing stuff. I used to call her crazy when she told me stories until one morning I had sleep paralysis and my mom was in the next room. I called out to her in what seem like 30 minutes and she didn't hear me. I will recall all of my most scariest moments up to the most recent today.

When I lived with my family at around 19 (now I'm 25) I had my own room. My brother's room was directly across from mine and everyone was usually out of the house by 7 am. I was almost sleeping with my eyes closed and heard feet running on my carpet. I thought it was my brother who likes to play games and when I opened my eyes to tell him to leave I saw this little blonde girl screaming, crying and begging me to help her because she said someone was following her. I am HYSTERICAL but I can't talk or move. Then around the corner of the hallway I see a woman with long black hair in all black who felt really evil jus glide in the room. The girl screamed "stop following me!" ran through the window (its a one story house) and the woman just glided behind her.

Was living in California with my boyfriend in a mostly Mexican? ranch style neighborhood. There were some Mexicans next door who would play music at all times of night. One night I woke up to turn over my pillow. You know when the pillow gets warm and you want the cold side? yeah, so as I'm doing this I hear a loud gunshot sound that came from the wall. I looked up and didn't see anything so I figured it was the crazy Mexicans next door and plus music was playing. I laid back down and something told me to open my eyes. I see an old man and close my eyes. I'm laying down thinking why is there a man in our room when the door is closed and then it hit me. I open my eyes again and there is the old man with a short fat woman standing beside him looking down on me. She was in a floral dress and he had a cowboy hat, big belt buckle and jeans. Their face were dark and I could see the outline of their face but not eyes or anything. I looked at them for the longest before tapping my boyfriend and they still stared.It was not until my boyfriend moved that they disappeared.

Staying in New Jersey for an internship and I was staying with my Aunt. She had this friend I didn't like and she lived far away from her neighborhood. One night she came to visit and it was too late for her to go home. She ended up sleeping over. Her on a day bed in the living room and me in the recliner (my aunt had a one bedroom). Anyway around 3am I felt what I would describe as a bad vibe and opened my eyes to see the friend staring at me in the dark living room with just the moonlight shining through. I wanted to ask her why she was looking at me but I shut up and figured she was on her way to the bathroom. I closed back my eyes and waited to hear the toilet flush and didn't hear anything for a good 5 minutes. I open my eyes to look at the bathroom to see the light or something and saw nothing. I'm confused now to how she went to the bathroom and went back to bed without me hearing. The apartment was small so she had to pass me. I just look up over to the day bed and see her dead asleep with rollers in her hair. When I saw her looking at me she had her normal hairstyle without rollers. CRAZY!

Moved to a new apartment in Miami and was sleeping like a baby when I heard my front door slam shut. I was scared because I though someone broke in and it was over for me. I heard this woman in my living room walking around with her heavy flip flops saying "why are they always closing the doors?" I always lock my room door and she was trying to get in. I screamed out for her to leave in Jesus name and she left.

The last one: Last night a very strong man came and held me down as in sleep paralysis. The past couple days he has been bothering me so I have reading my bible aloud and praying. He pushed me in my chest and told me in my ear that he wants silence and doesn't want to hear me again. I play the TV at night to the Christian channels and he came again shouting over the TV saying to shut it up he doesn't want to hear it.

Ugh! I know I have some kind of ability because there are way more stories to this but I wish I never had it and all this would stop. My mom, great-grandmother, grandmother all have had similar experiences.

Sent in by GodsChild

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Truth of the Infernal Grimoires

Until recently, my familiarity with the name A.E. Waite was limited to his tarot deck, which my mother was fond of. Most "new age" enthusiasts know him through the tarot. I do not know his work very well. I do know that he was a kind of historian, having written numerous books related to the occult and mysticism.

I remember a book owned by my mother's friend that mentioned Waite. I cannot recall the title or author, but it was a compendium of grimoires. It highlighted the most notorious grimoires, such as, The Grand Grimoire, The Grimoire of Honorious, and Grimorium Verum. There are several versions of these books, and printed in different languages.
Grand Grimoire

Waite's name is mentioned in this book as he was a harsh critic of these magical texts. He was ridiculed by his peers because he spoke out against the authenticity of these books. I want to throw my two cents in on the efficacy of these infamous books of magic.

To be truthful, I have owned copies of many of the most wicked grimoires in circulation today. I use the term "wicked" somewhat tongue in cheek. It took me some time to realize that many of these books are hoaxes. I feel I can state with confidence that these ancient texts have no real magic in them whatsoever. I don't know how I acquired the net bit of information I am about to share. It may have been through intuition, or by some other means.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Ravenhurst Manor

This story is the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me—I swear! I believe in ghosts, demons, and everything else that might be considered paranormal. So this is my story…about two years ago, my best friend, Jensen and I, including a couple of our friends decided that we are going to go to the Ravenhurst Manor in Whispering Pines, California. The place always reminded me of Amityville - True American Horror Story or the Murder House in Los Angeles.

Okay, so I’ll give you the creepy backstory first on this place: With its many cemeteries, gothic mansions, billowy fog, and wooded areas, Whispering Pines, California fits the bill of a haunted town about as well as any place in America. It meets all of the criteria that tend to produce urban legends—a coastal location, a volatile past, and a potent mix of old and new world religion— can be found here.

It has an extensive history of hauntings and paranormal activity that has been known to spook even the most professional of the ghost hunting community.

Ravenhurst Manor
One of the town’s most famous haunted houses is the three-story building christened, Ravenhurst Manor, which served as a school for disturbed teens in the 1800s and is said to be haunted by the ghost of its former headmistress. It is purchased in the 1960s by Maxwell Donovan who hoped to restore it, and it is then that supernatural phenomena began to occur. At one point during construction, a portion of the roof collapsed, killing three of the workers. Other builders claimed they would hear voices and footsteps whenever they are alone, and that pieces of construction equipment would often be thrown across the rooms. Even spookier, the workmen said they often spotted a Shadow Man staring at them from inside the mansion. Innumerable exorcisms and investigations have taken place at the mansion since, but the presence that haunts it is said to still remain there today.
One of my friends had done some research on Ravenhurst and wanted to check it out. During my childhood, the insidious house is vacant, with barren, gnarled and terrible old trees, and long, queerly pale grass with nightmarishly misshapen weeds in the high terraced yard where birds never lingered. I hadn’t been back to my hometown in years, since I’d went away to college and moved to San Fran. And I wasn’t that eager to go back… We had just started on Highway 101, which leads you to the road that Ravenhurst is on when I got an eerie chill. As we are driving, everyone kept on getting this feeling like something bad is going to happen, but we wanted something scary to happen so that we would have a good story to tell.

People Are Doing Witchcraft On Me

There is a voodoo-curse done on me.

I'm not sure where it originated from.

Everyone in my family seems to be in on it as well as friends, acquaintances, strangers & apparently even some Cops!

I know some people will be 'close-minded' and simply put this posting off as a person suffering from some kind of 'psychosis' but if you stay with me, you'll find I suffer from no 'mental illness'.

Could I hallucinate a pen fly across the room? I was using it, then seen it fly and end up in the middle of the floor. Could I hallucinate getting hit with a shower bottle from behind as I walk past my dresser?

Could I hallucinate conversation's where someone[ mother] is lying to me about something I was a witness to myself?

How about getting 'revenge' against my sister for participating in cursing me by ruining her clothes and as a result being 'locked up' in a regular* hospital where they detain me for 72 hours to be 'under observation'. In 3 days I see 3 'doctors' and on the 3rd day this is my 'first time speaking to a doctor'. When people/patients are coming in after me and leaving before I even get spoken to.

When I catch anxiety, because I'm over 18 and being detained against my will for no reason, and decide to try and leave I get thrown down by the staff and tied up. I'm calm I let them tie me, feeling like I'm stuck In a horror movie except I'm not an actor, and after letting them tie me up without a problem this lady begins to take my blood [3 bottles when it should be two IF anything]. Then after that she injects me with a sedative for no reason. Then I get taken to some kind of a 'recreational room' where I will sleep alone and am given a sandwich and put to take other pills which I take all too willingly because I'm 'high' off that dose the nurse had given me.[throughout the rest of my stay 3 times they tried to get me to willingly take some pills for no apparent reason but I refused]

Then after 72 hours I get 'released' off my parents consent! [I'm 21 BTW] How could they speak for me anyway?! I used the phone during be 'detained' to call them and they said through the phone 'the doctor says he's going to keep me here a year and that there's nothing they can do. I don't get no say on any treatment or to say if I even wanted one because I'm not sick!

But now ALL of a sudden last minute I get out off my parents consent? I'm like Come Again?

Soon as I'm released in the car on the ride home, my parents immediately get to telling me I HAVE TO GET HELP or I cant stay in their house! No, not telling, Yelling. At the top of their lungs for no obvious reason.

I refuse to get help. They put me in the streets for a day[one hell of a story], I come trailing back home and my 'mother' lets me stay. Till now I'm still here.

There are 'hundreds' more stories just as unbelievable as this that I've gone through because of this witchcraft-curse, involving other people I know.

This I found most interesting because I have papers to prove this. As well as video cameras from that hospital!

But this voodoo made it so that no one will help me. Even cops mock me! That's another incredibly ludicrous story that I'll save for another day. There's even more to this story A LOT more but I'll put a sock in it.

They have it so that I can't begin college, get a job, have any social life. They have me locked in this room strangely giving me things like internet, games, food. A psychic I tried to go to around here ended up being a part of this and tells me they just want to me suffer all my life. Then offers to 'HELP' me by saying she will need a 'white bird' to sacrifice and my ring to bury in a Cemetery for three days! She was trying to further curse me! [a LOT more to that story]

They also like to mock me because this voodoo allows them to hear my thoughts which they've mocked me out loud about in person in groups because they know I can not prove this.

If there is someone who could help....

Sent in by Maritza