Friday, June 14, 2013

The Incubus And A Mysterious Cat Who Guarded Me

I was raped when I was 18 and got pregnant. One day I was sitting alone at the living room watching TV when I hear a moaning sound, and the sound was so near that I can clearly hear it... I looked beside me and I didn't see anything, then after a few minutes it just stopped. I didn't tell my mom what happened and just ignored it.

On my 7th or 8th month of pregnancy, I stayed in my mom's room. I remember, there was a white cat (not our pet) who always come to visit me every night and just lay down beside me as if guarding me till the morning. If I hear any scratches he will wake up and start to look around and there are times I will wake up and see him lying on my stomach. My mom got pissed off because  she doesn't like cats so what she did she closed all the windows.

One night it, w/ a heavy rain outside. I was awakened by the sound of the wind. I was surprised when I saw the cat sitting outside the window and staring at me... I felt poor for the cat that I let him inside. And the whole night he was there. Just to make the story short, he was there guarding me the whole time till I gave birth to my son. After my birth, I've never seen the cat again.

The first night of my baby in the house, we were both sleeping. Then during my deep sleep, in my dreams or in my mind (I can't explain) I saw a man standing in front of me) his face is not clear. He was trying to take my baby away from me, I got so scared that I wanted to scream. Or even move but I can't. I just closed my eyes and started to pray in my mind saying "God, please help me. And just like a blink of an eye he was gone. I got up and start screaming, calling my mom. My mom told me she will just sleep beside me w/ my baby. So I slept again thinking it was just a nightmare, but it repeated again.

So many times that I didn't want to go to sleep thinking I will see him again. But my body was always feeling tired that my eyes just want to close. So many times I awakened my mom by my screams that she even thought I was going crazy. There are times when I see this man in front of me naked but I never seen his face. He starts to moan so loud like he really wants to have sexual intercourse with me... but every time he would do that I will just close my eyes and start to pray. It even came to the point that it became worse that even my mom saw all the light scratches all over my body. Scratches that was not from me. Still my mom thought I was just making stories til every maid/helper(girls) was attacked by this man during their sleep. Even my cousin who never believes in this stuff experienced the same thing when she had her vacation in our house. Even my ex husband was bothered by what is happening to me.

After 2 years I got married and got my second child (daughter), still the same thing happened. It only stopped when one day, I was sleeping and had my daughter sleeping beside me... I left the door opened.

After I few minutes, I closed my eyes and started to sleep... then I see a man standing next to the door and coming close to me. He tried to grab my arms and the same thing happened again.. I cant scream nor even move my hands. Then suddenly I said a prayer something like a Latin. I cant remember. It was like the first time I said those words and the way I talked was a fast... and then he was gone.

I woke up holding my daughter's hand.. and looked at her and I saw she's sleeping quietly. She even smiled during her sleep.

I told my mom about what happened then she said it was my daughter's angel who helped me.

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  1. I never experienced an incubus incident........



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