Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Unknown in Bacolod City

I was used to have the dinner before with my boyfriend who previously worked as a security guard in a school here in Bacolod City Negros Occ. he is a stay-in security guard in the school so we spend time together for dinner before I go to the office for duty since I work as a call center agent..he stays in a barracks or the station which was made as their sleeping quarters. he actually stays there with his elder brother and his friend  who were at the same time security guard of the the school, but 3 of them has their own separate rooms. aside from the entrance to the door of the quarters the first door on spot was his elder brothers room, second was his which is about 2 meters away and adjacent to his room was his friends room.

Anyways the right side of the quarters  is where the rooms window faces and if you open the window you would only see tall mahogany trees and the back of the values education building which was said to be one of the hunted areas of the school. this is not actually my first experience in the barracks. I have some on my previous posts..

Well the story went this way.. 

My boyfriend asked me to get first to the barracks since he will still have to buy food for dinner.. it was fine for me because I was already used to the place and the dogs guarding or staying there knew me already so they wouldn't have to bark at me when I pass by the corridor going to the barracks. as I walked to the alley going to the barracks - alone! it came to my mind to take the short cut to get there. the hallway going to the barracks in the short cut was obviously dark only few light bulbs are lit and the school was surrounded by exactly by  tall mahogany trees which the school is most surrounded of.. since I'm not new to that place it should be that it would be just ok with me to take the path alone and never be scared.. but it was a reverse.. when I was about to take the path straight to where the point of the barracks should be, I felt cold wind was blowing, though the trees of the leaves and some plants around was not even swaying or moving.. I still kept on walking but as I take my steps to reach the place I felt that someone was also  following me... I tried to look back and side to side but I saw no one.. then I told myself that it was nothing.. and I spoke "tabI tabI po mga amigo mga amigo labay lng ko ah" (excuse me my unseen friends I just want to pass by).. I reached the door of the barracks but stopped for a while to see if someone was really with me but I still saw no one..

When I got into my boyfriends room I fixed some stuffs on his bed.. borrowed one of his t-shirt and changed clothes.. fixed the table so that by the time he gets in the table will be ready where the food will be put into..

I turned the electric fan on and closed the window.. I sat on the headside on the bed and I began to fell sleepy though the fact was I wasn't feeling that way before I entered the room.. my eyes get blur and I felt that my body was heavy.. so I laid flat on the bed and unknowingly  fell asleep.. it was one of the horrible experience when nightmare enters your dreams.. I felt like I'm paralyzed and couldn't move any part of my body.. I'm trying to open my eyes and the worse thing is I cant.. the most worst is I felt like someone is at my feet standing holding my feet and coldness wraps my whole being.. I'm forcing to open my eyes but I couldn't and even with my eyes close what appears were 2 mad men opening the window of the room reaching for me in the bed with their arms rotten and oozing with blood and looks like a zombie.. the other man still at the end of the bed holding my feet.. I want to scream but I couldn't and all I could do is pray.. it was very hard for me because no one can even wake me or touch me while I'm feeling stiff and paralyzed.. in continued prayers I had managed to move one of my foot and with uneasy feeling sat suddenly at the head side of the bed looking at the window.. it was still closed.. then in just a quick time my body got heavy again and somewhat like a force was pushing me to lay flat on the bed..I thought of my boyfriend.. I was about to cry. the force envelopes my whole being and they did it eyes was forced to keep close and my body laid flat on the bed.. still the same scenario.. 2  men crawling as they passed through the window reaching for me and the man holding my feet at the end of the bed.. it happened thrice that night.. with myself all alone in the room.. the last time I got up I fought the force and continuously uttered more prayers..

And the last thing that happened that night was when I already managed to keep the force out of me the door of the room banged 3x as if someone had pulled it and pushed back the door.. the bang is not that loud or hard because it was locked, it was as if someone had pulled it outside and pushed it back.. the first sound was just fine to me for I thought the little puppies was just playing near the door steps.. but the second sound get a creep on me and made me looked for something that I can grasp if in case someone was really outside the door.. I was waiting for my boyfriends voice to call my name. as I remembered before he left, he said " indI mo guid pag buksan ang pertahan kung iban na tao ang manawag ha?" ("never ever open the door if someone else will call you aside from me").. my heart begun to pound more and faster.. then the third bang sounded and it made me grasp the big stick that my boyfriend kept on his room besides his bed.. the place got more eerie and creepy as ever.. the only thing that came to my mind is to make myself strong.. after the third banging of the door it seems I heard some footsteps and a human voice seems so familiar I thought it was my boyfriends friend who went to his room to get something.. I was at least relieved knowing someone was already there..still with the doors closed I called his friend "jo wala pa c noy?" (jo is noy alredy here?).. but no one answered me.. standing at the front of the door still locked and with the stick still in my hands I slightly opened the door and saw no one.. I opened the door more and saw that his friends room was padlocked and his brothers room in padlock as well.. the little puppies was  still asleep in the same position when I got into the room and the main door in a the same position slightly opened when I left it before entering my boyfriends room and when I got the guts to peek outside the door in a tip toed manner the puppies' mom was still likewise in the same position when I passed by her  outside the barracks.. I went back to the room and locked myself in and make sure that the window was still closed and hanged  the rosary in the window.. thinking that the evil spirit if there is couldn't open the window because of the rosary as a gate keeper.

My mind is puzzled now of what is happening  and the next thing to do is to text my boyfriend to get in hurry because I already feel like its been already a long  time since he went out to buy food for dinner..

At last he came and he asked me if I'm ok.. I just said not that well.. creepy things happens again and someone's like with me all this time since we parted even not an hour ago.. he just smiled and said "hay wala mn guro ah basI guardian ko lng na" (hmm maybe its not what you think maybe its just my guardian angel).. on the second though maybe his guardian angel was with him and with me was another entity that makes the helly scare out of me.. I felt at ease after that and every time I go back to his place I always ask for his guardian angel to look for me as well.. then the next time I got there  I still feel the creeps but not as what happened before..

But I still wonder if he also feels the same I way do when I'm in that place..

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