Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Deathly Woods

OK. This might sound a little creepy, and you might think I'm making this up- BUT IM NOT! I was there. I saw it with my very own eyes. It all started like this.

I'm 32 years old and I'm a ghost hunter. I hunt for all different places where ghosts might be lurking and check the place out.My friend Agnus and I were on our laptops, finding any emails from our boss. One of them were named 'THE DEATHLY WOODS'. Agnus looked at me with a concerned look and double clicked on the Email. These were the exact words typed on the email:
I'm sorry to say but you and Olivia are going to lose your jobs. We have thought about it and would like to give you a second chance. If you fail, you will hand in your Ghost Hunting equipment and leave the HQ immediately. But if you succeed to find a major sign of a ghost, you will be a definite Ghost Hunter. 
The place that I have selected for you and Olivia is the Deathly Woods, right across the road from 'St Victoria's Church'. In the center of the woods is a graveyard, which you must discover. One of the stones says 'Ephina Wilkon'. Research it very well. 
Yours Sincerely,
George Eastburn
I couldn't believe it. We had lost our jobs? This makes no sense. But just yesterday, George said that we were excellent hunters and wouldn't survive without us! How come he sent us a farewell message? Agnus looked worried but confident at the same time. "We have to check out the Deathly Woods, tonight!" Was she crazy? "No way am I going there! Have you heard that legend about it?" I said standing nervously. "No" Agnus said, looking curious. "Well! There was once a lady who lived with her 14 children in a cottage. The cottage was where the graveyard was now. She felt rushed, and pressured. She killed her children and herself. A year ago, two children walked through the woods on Halloween night, eager to trick or treat on the other side of the town. When they were walking, they heard a sudden scream. They looked at each other with pale faces, and followed the scream. When they were closer, they saw a woman dressed in white, falling into a lake and drowning herself" I said, acting out the story as I was saying it. Agnus started laughing. "Yeah, right!" she said wiping her eyes for the laughing tears.

That night, we gathered our equipment and set off to the Deathly Woods. We saw the moon peeking behind the trees shaping an entrance. We saw stones, saying peoples names. They all happened to have the same last name- Wilkon. There was "Henry Wilkon, Samantha Wilkon, Josephine Wilkon, Phillip Wilkon and all types of names. 14 of them! Agnus held onto me close, gripping my shoulder tightly. Agnus screamed. I looked at her. She pointed at something. I followed her finger until I saw a woman in white, drowning little kids in a lake. I couldn't scream. I just couldn't. Instead, my mouth fell open, trying to make a sound but failing. We ran down the woods to the church.

Agnus looked behind us, but I didn't dare to. She pointed behind us, but I didn't look. Instead, I just kept on running. I ran so fast that I lost sight of Agnus. She had gone. I rang George to tell him the news. He didn't understand what I was saying. 'I went to the Deathly Woods and lost Agnus' I said, panting my heart out. 'That's...interesting' George said, in a strange tone. 'Have I lost my job?' I said, crossing my fingers and closing my eyes. 'Of course not! Why would I fire you?' George said, smiling. "But you sent that email to Agnus!' I said, concerned. George left a sudden pause... 'I never sent any email to Agnus'

Sent in by Olivia, Copyright

Murdered Landlord

What I am about to say is all 100% true.

One morning, about 6:30, (it is in the middle of summer) I woke to my mom shuffling around. So being my groggy self I went up to tell her to shut up and I went back into my room. It was pitch black, and my door was all the way closed. My houses heater is always on. I was facing my lamp when I felt a huge swoosh go down all my body. I was suddenly freezing. I turned my head and saw, by my empty wall, two huge red eyes staring at me. I ran and jumped out of bed into my moms room.

My basement has carpet, which is weird, because this next experience scared me terribly. It was 2:00 in the morning and I was up because I had to much candy that day. I was walking towards my IPod station when I felt like I was falling, and all I could see was black. I felt like I was falling on the giant drop, only it didn't stop. When I could see I was back in my bed. The weird part? No one except for me was staying at the house that night.

Then, me and my friend, Alexia were having a sleepover in my basement. Alexia being a smart-alec wanted to see if I had any spirits in my house, so instead of a Ouija board, we used a dice. Shutting of all the lights, we calmly said together, "If any spirits are here in this house, please roll a two." We rolled a two, we repeated this 3 times. All twos. Then Lexi got an evil look in her eyes. Her eyes turned blue, (they are normally a very noticeable vibrant green) and her voice was scratchy. Coming towards me, she whispered out the words, "Murdered Landlord." We rent our house, and the landlord is still alive. Lexi then passed out, and me in fright, passed out with her.

We woke up at 2 in the afternoon, Lexi not remembering a thing. I didn't tell her what happened. Then the thought hit me. In my backyard, my landlord has a shed which no one is allowed in. So, at 11 at night, I went into my backyard to open the door. I didn't get in, so I decided to throw a rock at the window.

Then a boy appeared. The same cold blue eyes on him. He looked the same age as me. He sneered at my then raised a bloody fist and disappeared. I ran inside and slept with the light on. I am so glad I moved away. But so many questions are still in my head.

Sent in by JD

The Spirits and the Dream World are in Danger

Since when I was small I've always seen ghosts and spirits which, means two different things. A spirit which you can see and a ghost who you cant see.

I've always talked to spirits ever since I was 4. Yes pretty creepy huh, but I've also been attacked by demons and bad souls. I've almost died about 20 times, yes its pathetic... but I've made friends with them. I've helped them in everything, with their past, life, marriage, and all those good stuff.

But on 10/10/10 the greatest evil is upon us. If we don't defeat it the spirit world is doomed, no spirits will ever exist again! We need all of your support this is why I'm writing this story to all of you who are reading this.

The dream world is in danger. Tell this to everyone you know until it reaches globally please if you believe a great reward will come upon you, trust me and every spirit in this universe.

This is not fake. Its real. People might tell you that you're crazy but your not. Help me out in this quest if you believe.

My family, ever since I was small, thinks that I'm an evil spirit. How pathetic is that? But oh well I believe on what I do not on what people say to me.

I know some of you know that all of this I'm telling you is true not fake. Some of you have partners you just don't know and more questions.

Sent in by Kairina Nunez, Copyright 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Isabella the Wicked Ghost Girl

I remember my old house. Kind of dull and not very fun, but that's not why I remember it. The reason I remember that house in Devon was because of a strange incident that happened there. We moved there because it was bigger and better than my other house... or so I thought.

Opposite our house was three houses joined together and I could only see them when I was looking out of my window, because I never thought of going into the garden and watching from there. I can vividly remember wondering if there was any kids living there, I never saw anyone go in... or out.

I was 13 at the time, still a child myself. My dad worked funny hours and my mum babied my little brother Shaun until the age of 6, the age he was when the incident happened.

Mum left me and Shaun alone (it was the first time she had done this) and we were told not to leave the house. Shaun soon got bored and I tried to amuse him with some games and stuff. It didn't work though and he just wasn't having any of it! As I passed the kitchen table to go get Shaun a snack, I noticed a tin that I had never seen before. It was green and had a flower on the top (not a real flower though). I peered in side and discovered a little key.

After almost an hour of Shaun whining, I decided to grab the key and open the back door with it. I let my brother outside and I followed explaining to him that he needed to listen to me when I said "we have to be in before mum gets back... okay?" He nodded and ran straight to the swing set. We giggled as I pushed him higher and higher, and for a split second I looked towards the houses. In the second house (directly opposite ours) I saw a little girl watching me. I stopped pushing and rushed over to the fence immediately. We starred at each other for minutes! But what happened after was even weirder.

Mum had arrived early and we were still outside when she came. The first thing I expected was a telling off for leaving the house. But mum was fine with us 'exploring'.

The morning after, mum was still in bed at 11:00 am and so me and Shaun took a wander outside gain. But this time we didn't see the little girl in the window... we saw her in our garden. Shaun screamed loudly but I covered his mouth with one hand so he didn't startle the girl. She looked and me and ran to Shaun smiling at him and wanting to play. I was in shock and didn't think anything of it. At least they were having fun. The girl would laugh and play with little Shaun but every few minutes she would look at me. Her smile would fade to a displeased look and she would stare at me for endless seconds.

Finally I said "erm... we have to go now." The little girl looked. She didn't seem too pleased. After maybe 5 minutes I asked " what's your name?"

"Isabella" She would reply.

I took young Shaun inside and watched as she hopped over the fence and crossed the quiet road to her house.

I never saw her much... but Shaun did!

He said she hit him on the arm, and there it was... a little hand print all red and saw. He also complained that she opened his door every night and closed it again just to wake him up. But the worst worrying thing was when I woke up to get a drink and I saw Isabella on the kitchen floor... dead I think! But I also saw her in her window... the day after. A ghost... that's what she was! She hated me for no reason... and we were her victims!

I never told my mother because she just wouldn't of believed me!

But everybody else did.

Sent in by Beth Joseph

My Possessed Friend

Hello today what I will tell you is true, it happened on November 13, 1988. My friend Sarah was my best friend when we were in 6th grade. I always hanged out with her and her friends. Everything Was good but until one faithful day...

One night when Sarah went to sleep she saw a old face on the closet door. She screamed for her mom. I heard the scream ( I was living next door ). her mom finally came in and she told her there's nothing there.

Next day Sarah told me what happened exactly. I started to laugh a little and joke around, but she looked dead serous. The next three nights I heard her scream again and again. A week later she never wanted to hang out, she always yelled at me and was always angry.

I didn't know what was going on till two weeks later. She didn't come to school for a week, and I brought her the homework she ripped the sheets in a million pieces. I was staring to worry about her, she wouldn't even eat for days.

I knew that she was being attacked by an invisible force, she would always speak backwards and fast.

One night she started scratching herself, screaming and attacking her parents. The next day the went to the hospital because she was bleeding put of her mouth. Months pass it got more severe and deadly, her voice changed deeper and her face changed older.

They finally figured out it was a demon possession when she screamed when she saw the crucifix.
A priest came to bless the house, she reacted very violently, cursing and attacking the priest.
They performed an exorcism 5 days after the blessing. I heard screaming, yelling and a weird language she never even spoke.

Hours past and my friend Sarah stopped breathing, no pulse and her skin was pale. I was so sad that my friend died that night, her mom almost fainted from crying. It was a night that would always be in my mind...

Sent in by Mark

Whispers From the Past

I was 18 years old when I moved out of home and went to university. My parents had a hard time letting me go, as I was their baby girl and a couple of tragedies had occurred in my high school life.

Anyway the day I arrived in my uni dorm, I was unpacking my boxes when the in-room phone rang. That's funny I though to myself as I didn't remember connecting the phone. I picked it up and said "Hello, it's Isabelle."

The voice on the other end replied with "Hello sweetheart did you miss me?" followed by a laugh.

I threw the phone away from myself and closed my eyes. I recognized the voice. It was the voice of my dead boyfriend. I shook my head and forced myself to believe I was imagining things.

The phone rang again but this time I didn't answer it. I let it go to the message bank.
"Hello sweetheart did you miss me" and laughter floated up through the answering machine.
I gave a small yelp and disconnected  the phone.
"It's just a prank" I told myself, "a stupid prank"

I held the disconnected phone in my hand and it rung again. I decided to throw caution to the wind.
"Hello" I answered my voice shaky
"Hello sweetheart did you miss me" the voice asked followed by the laughter yet again
"Paul?" I asked trying to suppress the tears.
"Of course it's me sweetheart" he replied.

I put my hand over my mouth to stop myself from crying out. Paul was my boyfriend and he had died two years ago in a car crash. How could he be calling me now?

"Well sweetheart did you miss me?" Paul asked.
"Of course I did" I replied my voice cracking.
"I've missed you too sweetheart" Paul replied "I wish I could see you again"
"But Paul you're dead" I cried.
"Sweetheart, how can you say that to me don't you love me?" Paul sounded angry.
"I did" I replied tears leaking out of my eyes.

Paul was silent for a moment and then he laughed.
"What's so funny" I asked
"You said you'd love me for ever" Paul replied
"But you're dead" I repeated.
"Forever means forever sweetheart" Paul whispered.
"But Paul I have to move on" I said trying to be reasonable.
"FOREVER MEANS FOREVER" Paul shouted, his voice sounding almost demonic.

I closed my eyes and opened them again, this wasn't my imagination, it wasn't a prank and it wasn't a dream. was it possible that Paul was contacting me from 'the other side'

"I'm sorry Paul" I said. "I do still love you"
"I forgive you sweetheart" he whispered huskily
"You shouldn't, I'm the reason you're dead. I was the one driving the car. I got you killed. I"m so bloody sorry Paul" I screeched.

Paul laughed, "Oh sweetheart I forgive you for that too"
"Don't forgive me Paul" I said "I don't deserve forgiveness"
"No you don't sweetheart, but I do love you, and love means never having to say you're sorry" Paul replied

I stayed silent for a few minutes. Paul had said the exact same thing to me once upon a time, after our first big fight.

"Anyway sweetheart I should go" Paul said breaking the silence.
"Paul wait, how are you calling me?" I asked my voice taking on hints of desperation.
"Good bye sweetheart, will you miss me?" Paul laughed then hung up.

I put the phone down and sighed.Somehow Paul had called to tell me he forgave for getting him killed. Till this day I never understood how he did it.

Sent in by The Dark Angel

An Incubus is Following Me

Okay, Well My story is true, and to this day I believe something is following me. I'm scared of living at this part so much, i just need help.

Well some background on my life. I live in Philadelphia. When I was 4, I lived with my mother, step father and 2 brothers. I believe an Incubus entity is actually stalking me.

We moved to an apartment complex, because we couldn't afford a house. We had our own rooms, and I would always have trouble sleeping in mine. I would always go to sleep, and wake up with my panties off. This begin to happen when I was four. Now at the time, a child's mind doesn't think "oh maybe my step-father is touching me, or my brothers are sexually messed up like that."

That's NEVER crossed my mind, because my brothers were 6, and 10 at the time. ALL the time i would go to sleep and wake up with my panties off. This was actually impossible for them to even consider doing this to me, seeing as how my room was too big, and i had little toys to play with, so i always slept with my grandmother when she came to visit.

My grandmother hated her room door opened and hated people coming in and out to wake her up. So she would lock her door, and have the air conditioner on. I would also wake up with my panties off. (It's shocking this happened). This panties problem happened from the age of 4-6.

I NEVER told my mom or anyone. My mother and step-father went off to live in a house, and me and my 2 brothers went to live with our grandmother.

This panties thing Stopped when I turned 7, but instead of my panties coming off at night, I would always have the urge to have sexual enter course. (I was 7... I knew nothing about sex) It was like I would get horny for 4 minutes, then the next it was gone. That happened until i was 10.

We were growing and my grandmothers apartment complex was small, so my brothers were always out late and I was in the house with my grandmother.

At the age of 10 i got interested in Paranormal activities. Thing's of that nature.

I would often stay up late to watch ghost shows and TV stories about them, and whenever i did, i would always feel watched, see shadows, hear banging and get cold. I figured the banging, was the upstairs neighbors, the cold was the Air from outside, and the shadows were my eye's adjusting to the dark spots.

What I didn't know was this THING was still bothering me. I NEVER slept walked in my life, ever. I would often sleep in the living room, and end up in the bathroom floor. That would never click with me but i never thought too much of it.

When i turned 14, i moved with my mother in a house in west Philadelphia. Even to this day, i remember the 1st night i spent in that house. It will forever scar me until I am in my grave.

I was watching TV, and something kept waking me up. i would wake up, fall asleep, wake up, fall asleep. Something that night had did something to me, because from my mothers knowledge, my brother came to visit, and when he came into my room, I woke up screaming. I said something to him and I don't recall what i said, but he said these exact words to me. "What the hell are you saying girl?"

When i turned 14, i started watching "Ghost hunters," my favorite TV show. I've grown to actually notice when this thing comes around me. I would often see black shadows dart up the steps. We own 2 cats, they would often look past me at the wall as if something was behind me.

Our youngest cat chases "something" always in our dining room.

What ever this thing is, i believe it's an Incubus, I'm always "sexually pleasured" without mine or anyone else doing. I often feel like killing myself, or the thought of my life being a waste. I never hear voices, but there is something here.

I cannot live this way. Whatever this thing is, it will NOT leave me alone. I've never told anyone about this in my life.

This story is 100%, I have nothing to gain by lying. I only seek help, because I'm too scared to tell my mother, or anyone else.

I just need a piece of mind, please.

Sent in by Renee

The Ghost in the Barn

Ok so when I was 4 ( I'm 13 now) my mom got a house that her friend used to live in. He was a 10 year old boy and his name was Joe. His parents treated him like crap and made him sleep where our laundry room now is (which isn't big at all). And one day him and his brother were playing in the backyard and he told his brother that he was going to hang himself in the barn because he didn't like being treated like that. His brother didn't take him seriously and he just shook his head and went inside. When he went back out to get him for dinner he couldn't find him so he went and looked everywhere then finally he looked in the barn to find his brother hanging from a rope with a knocked over chair below him.

Well nothing ever happened to us. We saw Joe walking around in the house and in the yard sometimes but we didn't do anything about it because he never hurt us or bothered us at all. Well my mom got a new boyfriend 5 months ago and he dropped his pocket knife out by the barn so he went to look for it at like 8 o'clock and he heard something say 'get away' well he just shrugged it off and continued looking for his knife and a minute later he felt his neck get really hot like he got burned with something. He got freaked out and came back to the house. He told my mom to look at his neck to see if it was burnt. She said no but you have 3 scratches.

She went with him back to the barn and he got scratched again on his leg, the same as last time just 3 scratches. My mom took pictures of his scratches and this time me her and him went out there with the camera to take pictures and talk to Joe. He went in the barn the back way and he tried to open the door and when he tried to open it he jumped and he came over to my mom and told her he felt like he got burnt again on his back. She lifted up his shirt and he had 3 long scratch marks on his back and this time it drew blood. From his shoulder to his lower back.

He provoked Joe and again he got scratched on his leg his stomach and his arm. We went back inside and took pictures of his scratches and my little sister got freaked out. We went back out again and it happened again taking the pictures when he felt the heat. And again the week after that them and 2 of their friends went out there cause they didn't believe them and it didn't do anything. It was still daytime. They went out at night and it did it again with someone standing by him and his friend didn't get scratched and my moms friend said that it seemed to get worse as they walked away so they started to walk away and and then it choked him.

I don't know if it was Joe if maybe he reminds him of his dad and wants revenge for beating him or if its not Joe and its some demon or something. But it really freaks us out. If it is Joe he hasn't done anything for a good 25 years to anybody and I really don't think its him. I used to believe people when they said ghosts (or whatever it is) don't want to hurt you but we learned the hard way that some do want to hurt you. or even try to kill you.

Sent in by Mackenzie

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Crying Baby

A loving family of 3, a mom (Barbra), a dad (Mitcheal), and a soon to be baby boy (Jack). They were all living in Rock Island in a nice and clean house. They were waiting for the arrival of there baby boy Jack. One night at 10:37 they rushed to the hospital. About 10 hours later there new baby Jack was born 7lb. 7 oz. and 20.5 inches long. A health boy they had.

When they got home they unloaded everything and went inside. Barbra was really tired from the delivery of the baby so she went to bed and asked Mitcheal if he would watch the baby for a few hours. After she got up and was very well rested she went down to watch baby Jack.

A few weeks went by were no body in the house could sleep. The baby would not stop crying for hours on end. It got so bad that they finally went to the doctors to see what was wrong with baby Jack. The doctor came back and told them Jack had colic. Nothing could help him or get him to stop. The doctor said that by the age of 6 months it would stop. At this time he was 4 months old.

Barbra and Mitcheal were still tired from the night before. 1 hour later Jack woke them up. Mitcheal was tired of the baby always waking up in the middle of the night.

The day before Christmas Eva Barbra started packing for her business trip she has to take tomorrow. Mitcheal was yelling at Barbra for leaving him home with baby Jack. So the dad was all alone with baby Jack. Once again baby Jack cried loudly and Mitcheal got up and tried to get him to stop. Baby Jack wouldn't stop so Mitcheal decided to "take care" of him.

Mitcheal went to his room with baby Jack. At 1:13 am he opened the window, found a cord and wrapped it around his neck. "I'll stop your crying" was the last thing that baby Jack heard before flying out the window. SNAP!  He franticly pulled baby Jack back in threw the window. Mitcheal was scared that he actually did that. Mitcheal put baby Jack back into his crib. Mitcheal didn't know what to do next so he went to bed.

The next day Mitcheal got up and opened his presents from his wife. He turned on the Christmas lights and sat back down with a beer but unknown to him the Christmas lights were starting a fire while the fireplace is burning he turns on the Christmas parade. The fire upstairs finally burnt threw the floor and the collapsing house killed Mitcheal. And now if you light a fire, look at the colored flames, and at 1:13 am you will see baby Jacks face in the flames and hear the snapping of baby Jacks neck. All the sudden the fire will go out and the coals wont even light.

Sent in by Emma and Courtney, Copyright 2011


Hi my name is Megan and I'm a 17 years old psychic. I have lived in an apartment near the creek for about four years along with my dad.

When I moved into the apartment with my dad I was almost 13 years old. The same day I moved in I had a small strange little feeling of something not being quite right. I told my dad about it but he ignored me. The first night it was clear that my room was unusually cold.

A few weeks later I started to feel a very strong presence inside my room. It felt like someone was near my bed, this went on for about a week or two. After a while I started to see a man with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He looked to be in his late 20's to early 30's. I started to see the face of one of the sprits.

After a few years I stopped sleeping in my room because it got to a point where I could not sleep in it anymore. This stopped a lot of the supernatural stuff. But when I decided to go to high school after couple of years of home schooling things got worse because I was having a very hard time at school because I was always the quiet girl who the other girls out casted but I also have depression.

I started to see Angels around me. But I also believe that I have other spirits around me. The other spirits have caused me to feel, hear, smell, see chills, cold spots, warm spots, tingling, white light, green and purple orb, the outlines of three spirits, floating body parts, hearing an unearthly voice which sounded like a recording, someone near my ear, someone near my neck, arms, back, neck, chest, lower back be touched, someone's head in my face, someone touching my necklace around my neck, feeling someone putting their hand or cheek to my face, someone touching my hair, someone touching my hair with their hand and then coming to my ear, when I'm on the couch there is a pulling force it feels like someone is holding me, breathing, someone coming up the stairs footsteps stop at my bedroom window, spirit makes smell which smells like  burning cloth or something sulphuric, some times it is like someone is on top of me, crackling and other strange sounds, someone holding me, someone kissing me more than once (very very creepy). And of course he is not a dead boyfriend.

Sent in by Megan, Copyright 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Haunting in Waco

My dad would leave early for work after waking us up for school. Most mornings I would walk the 5 blocks to school instead of getting a ride. My sister had to ride with my dad because her school was father away. But this morning she was playing sick and I told my dad I would walk since he was already running late after fighting with my sister about playing hooky.

As I left my sister was still in her room laying down. Her best friend had showed up shortly after my dad had left for work. Well I left and when I came home I found them outside under the tree. I asked them what was wrong. They told me that they thought they had seen a ghost in my room. Thinking that they were joking, I was only 10 at the time, I walk into the house and go to my room to do homework. As I opened the door I saw a little girl with blue eyes and blonde hair in an old western night gown on my bed. She just sat there looking at me before slowly disappearing. I go and find my sister and her friend still sitting outside and tell them its fine for them to come in.

A few days later after this I talk them into going into different rooms of the house and take recordings we started off in my dads room since I got the uneasiest feelings in his room. We all decided to stay silent while we recorded. When we played back the tape we were shocked to hear a man and female fighting and a young girl crying begging her father to stop. We also caught the sounds of things breaking and the sounds of him beating her.

It made me feel very sad and then I had a rush of anger toward the man for hurting his wife. I yelled at him to leave them alone and that he was not welcome in my home and that he needed to leave. I then felt hand around my neck choking me I started seeing spots before my eyes and trying to force him off. Well finally after a few seconds he let go.

Trying to breathe I ran out of the house and refused to go back in till my dad got home. He didn't believe us but he told us that a long time ago there was a man that lived there that did beat his wife and daughter to death. I asked him if the girls name was Sarah and he asked me how I knew and if I had been reading on the history of the house.

It turned out that I'm a bit sensitive like my mom had been. My dad tried his best to listen to me and help me thru it all and he had the house blessed to help the family trapped there to move on.

Many more paranormal things happened once my dad remarried but that's another few stories.

Sent in by Roxxy, Copyright 2011

Black Outs and a Thirst for Blood

This has only started happening about 4 months ago.

Some times during the night or day I seem to have black outs, I will not realize where I am or what I'm doing.

A few weeks ago I found my self at the back of my flat sitting on the cement in the middle of the night,with no lights on with my arms and hands all cut and scratched up.

I live in the middle of Australia, and this time of year it's winter.

When I got back in side my flat I went and turned the lights on and went in to the bathroom.

As I walked into the bathroom I looked in the mirror and I had blood all over my face and when I washed my face and rinsed my mouth it was full of blood.

This really freaked me out, since then it's happened a couple more times but always seem to be the same thing.

The last time it happened my father was staying over and he woke up to all the doors and windows opened and me sitting out side on the cement in the dark rocking back and forth and cutting my self. (This is what he has told me).

He yelled at me but I didn't answer so he walked over and took the knife from me and tried to snap me out of a trance like state.

The last thing I remember is going to sleep in my room watch dvd's. then being wet when my father threw a bucket of water on me out side.

He's not a easy person to scare but when I looked up at him his eyes where wide and u could tell he was worried.

Still to this day I don't know what's going on but it's starting to affect my work and my life.

So if you have any comments or any info on what might be going on please let me know thanks

Sent in by K-Time,

Cant Sleep in My Own Room Because of a Presence

My first experience was when we were still living in our old house. It was late at night and I couldn't sleep. I put the blanket over my head but it didn't help, I just felt suffocating. So, I removed the blanket and took a deep breath. Then I turned to my right side and looked at the wall, I turned my gaze to the foot of the wall and I saw the bottom of a white flowing dress - with a foot. The foot raised a bit and started to walk then disappeared.

My second experience was in my elementary school restroom. There was this urban legend back then that when you look at the mirror and say "I'm pretty", a girl will suddenly appear. When I first heard about it, I thought it was all just a joke 'cause what kind of ghost would appear if you say "I'm pretty" right? Anyway, the story went like this. There was once a girl in that restroom, she was very beautiful. Then the janitor saw her and he used that advantage to get her attention. The janitor raped her and then killed her in that restroom. So going back, I told that story to my friends and they said they want to try it. When we were in the restroom, I backed out 'cause I was really scared. I went out of the restroom while my 2 friends stayed and chanted the "I'm Pretty". I was already outside when I turned around and I saw the lights flickering, on and off, on and off. I was about to get closer to get them when the door suddenly closed and I saw a bloody girl on the far end of the restroom. I called up my classmates to help me get them. When we returned, the door opened and they got out crying. I didn't mention it after that and we never dared to even talk about it.

My third, fourth and fifth experience was in my bedroom. One was when I was typing, then on my left side I can smell a scent of a candle then I turned to my right, I can't smell anything then I turned to my left and the smell was there again. The other one was when I was about to sleep one summer night. It was really, really, really hot during that time may it be evening or morning. So I was about to sleep, I closed my eyes and I felt my feet turn ice cold. The rest of my body was in normal temperature but my feet were cold. I got a little scared that time, so I just went to sleep. The next one was when I was sitting on my bed listening to music. My door suddenly opened, I stopped and went to the door slowly. By the time I got to the door, I checked if it wasn't locked to my surprise... my door is locked and before I sat on the bed, I even made sure if my door was really closed. I then closed the door and went back to bed and just closed my eyes.

Now that I'm in College, I can still feel some presence. But not as frequent as before, except that, something happened to me when I was in the restroom (yes, another restroom). I was peeing in the 3rd cubicle. I saw the door moving and there was a slight knock, I looked on the floor to see if there was a shadow 'cause someone might be knocking and from there you can see someone's shadow if someone's outside. But there was no shadow and the door was still moving and the knock on the door was even louder like the one knocking was getting mad then I opened it. I opened the door, there was 2 people by the sink (one is a friend) and they didn't hear it. I'm the only one who heard the knocking. I told my best friend about this and we tested if she can see my shadow on the floor and guess what? She can see my shadow if she's inside the cubicle.

So, until now... I can't sleep in my bedroom. I can't sleep at all whenever I'm in my room because there were strange things happened there as well and whenever I'm there, I feel like someone's watching me - my every move, when I sleep, etc.

Sent in by Ian S.F., Copyright 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Ghost of 1900s on the Mountain

It was a bright evening like about 7:30 and me and my 2 friends started a hike. We were hiking up a steep hill when it turned 8:00. We were very tired so we got a 15 minute rest. Then we started our hike again.

By the time we got to the top, it was 9:00. It was dark and we had no shelter. We all agreed we would spend the night here. We lay still in the dark and quite night when all of a sudden my friend, Jess, spots a bright dim light coming toward her. She screams! We all wake up and ask, What? What happened?

Jess starts breathing heavily and told what happened and also says that there was a big man standing at her feet and saying something to here but she couldn't really understand what it was that he was saying. We all get scared because we were in the middle of nowhere and now we see a ghost lurking about? Insane!

Well it wasn't insane after my other friend saw it at about 3:00 in the morning. She said that the same thing Jess said happened to her but this time it was different. She said that when the man was saying something he said, why are you here get out! I will kill you! Then that man vanished! We all got scared and started to hike again.

By the time it was almost morning (8:00) we got the the end of the big hill and hurried home to my house house. Me and my friends told my mom what happened and my mom got terrified. My mom had knew who that man was. He was a very bad man that used to go killing people and then he got killed by a man while he was searching the hill that you were hiking on to find this emerald because this man had killed his wife so he killed him in the 1900's. That man goes searching around every where for his killer so he could kill him.

We had gotten so terrified that I would never ever go hiking on a hill again and we would always go with someone no matter how old we were.

Sent in by Roma, Copyright 2011

The Haunted Mansion

In the far end of the woods stood a haunted mansion peering through the trees. The moon’s light lit up the dark stone walls. The house which towered above me had an unusual sense, a sense that seemed that death grew upon it. It was creepy, so creepy that it made me feel that something was slithering behind me.

I was shivering in the misty air, beneath the souls of innocent people. I can feel the wind sweep past my face. The trees were scratching its way down the mysterious, broken, colourless windows. The sight was graved beneath my heart. The screaming haunted my ears.

I felt hungry, surrounded by the lonely trees. The atmosphere haunted me; the taste of death was overcoming me, the sound tried to deafen me, but no it couldn’t no way it can...

I began to realize how close I was to the place now. It looks filthier than it looked over there! Many people say that it was once a boarding school, but closed down after a mysterious death of a teacher in one of the toilets. But who knows what really happened to her maybe a ghost of some kind?

I’m now standing right in front of the door. My heart was pounding, pounding just like a drum being hit on its surface. The air was thick, just like cobwebs hanging in my lungs. The deadly air had a nasty taste; it tasted like death of innocent people whom suffered this abhorrent disaster. There was a sudden SMASH in the corner of the room. I seem to walk slowly towards it not knowing what lies beneath it. Seeming like a secret door I open it with a nasty smile. Maybe it’s just like those movies that when they open a door in mysterious place that lots of gold come in a small room or maybe a room full of wonderful things! As quick as a flash the door slammed behind me “BOOM” It said.

As I walk around the deserted corridors, I shiver with a spooky feeling. I can see the miserable shine of the sun peering through the trees in the window. The house was as deadly as the fire of hell. I suddenly remember how my mother used to cuddle me when I was cold, but she was no way near me now!  The whispering awoke me from my lovely dream.

I felt as if I was stabbed in my heart. The skulls made me feel suspicious that something like that might happen to me. I felt as if I was being watched all the way through the house.  I was terrified, and darted to the nearest room I could see! When I closed the door shut I realized I was on the top floor sitting in a bathroom. I couldn’t breathe properly, as if something was hanging in my lungs. I could ear footsteps coming up the staircase. I could feel my heart thumping in my chest. The footsteps got louder and so did my heart. It seemed as if I was going to faint. The footsteps stopped however I could hear scratching on the door of the bathroom. The sense was more terrifying than ever! It sounded just like my dad but in a deeper voice, but how, my dad died four years ago. No this can’t be, am I dreaming, this can’t be a dream, certainly it can’t!

Sent in by Assrar, Copyright 201

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Screams in the Dark

She was my best friend.  But I try never to think about her.  It's only on certain nights, when I'm all alone in my room, that I remember...

It was last year when my best friend asked me to stay at her house overnight.  She lived in a big, gloomy house set way back in the woods far from the road.  And she didn't want to be alone there at night. Her parents had gone out that evening and wouldn't be back until the next afternoon. My friend said we could have a really good time without her parents around. So I decided to stay the night. We watched TV and ate popcorn in the living room until late at night. When all of a sudden the power went out.

We were in total darkness We got scared.  We hadn't noticed it before, but now the downstairs seemed too big, and almost sinister looking. They could only find one single candle in which to light their way to bed. They started to go upstairs. Then all of a sudden, they both ran up the steps to my friend's room as if something was coming up from behind us. After they closed the door, they laughed at themselves. The two girls were not dismayed. Especially  my friend, who was more venturesome. They lay chatting for a time in the candle's feeble light. When suddenly, they thought they heard a sound from somewhere below. It sounded like somebody sharpening a knife against stone. Then they heard another sound. A sound as of someone moving about the house.

We both stopped talking and stared at each other, feeling really scared inside. For a while there was only silence in the room. I was frightened.  But my friend started to laugh. She said she had heard a sound like that in her house before.  She said it was probably the shutters or something.  That made me feel better and we started to talk again. Then we heard it again! SCRRITCH. SCRRITCH. The sound made my head hurt as if somebody's fingernails were scratching on a chalkboard.  But this sound was much worse.  It shrieked up from the dark, lonely rooms below us.  SCRRITCH.   My friend got a horrible look in her eyes, as though something horrible had come into her head. My friend said that she was going down to investigate. I tried to per swayed her. But  before I could catch her, she took the candle and departed out of the room, slamming the door shut. Ignoring my pleas not to go downstairs.  Leaving me alone in absolute darkness.

I heard her footsteps as she ran down the first flight of stairs, and then stop. I sat in the dark, sick with fright.  I called out my friend's name but my voice was greeted by only cold silence. I didn't want to stay in the dark room alone, but even more I didn't want to go out into that other more forbidding darkness. SCRRAITCH.  I heard it again, that disgusting sound. Then I heard my friend's footsteps. Moving down the next and final flight of stairs. She went more slowly, as if she really didn't want to. I heard her reach the bottom. I waited in the room, wondering what my friend was doing. I told myself she must be all right. You see, the noise had stopped right after I heard her reach the bottom of the stairs.

It didn't come after that anymore. My friend probably had just fixed the shutter, or whatever was making that horrible screeching noise. Maybe she had known for sure about that all the time. She had just acted strangely to scare me. Maybe she was sitting on the steps now, laughing at me. I thought about going down myself, but A feeling of fear swept over me that held me back like a hand against my throat. I decided I would wait where I was for my friend to return. I would wait here until her parent's returned, if necessary. Nothing could make me leave my secure darkness for that darker unknown outside the room.

Time passed as I fearfully awaited my friends return. My ears strained for any sound and my nerves tingled at imagined shadows. Presently after a long silence I heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. A slow, shuffling noise on the bottom step. Was it my friend? It had to be. Yet the footsteps seemed to heavy, too deliberate. My heart began to pound and for a moment I lost control of my mind. It flew to the most horrible corners of my imagination and I shivered with terror. I decided If it was my friend I would get her back, for playing this awful trick on me. And if it wasn't, well there was nothing I could do...

The shuffling footsteps had reached the second flight of stairs. I coward back toward the back board of the bed in terror. I felt the skin crawl on the back of my neck as the footsteps reached the top of the stairs and moved slowly down the hall towards the room I was in. They came along the hall and turned into the room. My eyes forced wide awaken from a panic state of shocked horror, as the door creaked slightly as it swung open. I stared at the dark figure looming in the doorway.

She called out to her friend, but there was no answer as the steps came out across the bedroom. She laughed anxiously and begged her friend not to play jokes on her. But only silence answered as the footsteps paused beside the bed. She reached out her hand  and felt a wave of relief as it touched the soft edge of her friend's dressing gown. She was so happy. She no longer wanted to scare her friend back. She lifted her hand around her friend's nightgown collar to touch her friend's face. But instead felt something cold and wet... As her fingers moved up there was nothing. Only the bloody stump where her friend's head had been.

SHE SCREAMED AND SCREAMED. When the parents arrived back home, there eyes were seared by a dreadful sight. On the stairs a trail of blood. The footsteps leading upward. And on the floor in the girl's bedroom, lay my friend's corpse, it's head severed from the trunk. And on the bed the girl sat. Her lips mumbling the torched fancies of a maniac. In time the police officials pieced the story together from her ravings of what happened on that awful night. But she remained completely mad. The deed was contributed to a homicidal lunatic. Who had just escaped from the nearby sanatorium.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Hungry Ghost Festival

For those who are unfamiliar with the Chinese culture, the Hungry Ghost Festival falls on the 7th month of the lunar calendar. It is the month where all the ghosts are released from Hell, like a spring break. So as tradition goes, every start of the 7th month, we will prepare offerings like rice, roast pork and tea to fill their hunger. And we will burn incense for 'them' so that they will not cause us any trouble.

A few nights ago, I decided to help my mom with the ritual before I go for my party. We laid out the offerings by the roadside and lit 2 red candles by the sides like the usual alter. We took out 3 sticks of incense, light it and I prayed my safety on the road cause I just bought my car not long ago. After which, I leaned forward and plant the joss sticks into the ground. And as I was trying to get back up, I saw a dark shadow at the corner of my eye. The moment I turned towards my left, the shadow swirled and vanished. This happened in less than 2 seconds. I wasn't SCARED scared but I did have a bit of a HUH!? in my heart silently maybe cause it was too fast to register. I decided that it MUST be my shadow cause I'm standing under the lamp post and stop my thoughts from running wild.

Few hours and a couple of shots later, I was pretty tipsy but I still managed to drive. There were 6 of us and my friend's place is like 5 minutes away from where we were, so I thought I'll take the risk to drop them off. OF ALL DAYS, I did a wrong turn and landed myself on this road towards a police road block.

(Drink driving is a serious offence in Singapore. Penalty is usually a compound of of $3000 - $5000 and revocation of the driving license plus a 2 year suspension. Maybe even be sentenced to a jail term.)

As we move closer towards the police stop, they took the breathalyzer test on all the drivers in front of me. Everyone in the car started to panic. I kept repeating in my head that "I'm going to die! I'm going to fail the breathalyzer test. I'm screwed!" and tried my best to look sober and less worried. When it was my turn, the police took a look at me, and gave me the signal to drive through.

I couldn't explain how god damn relieved I was! But then again, the police was just right in front of me, how could he not see that we have 6 people in the car? Was I really that lucky? Or did I get my prayers answered?

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Sent in by dithium, Copyright 2010

Extraterrestrial Contact in Brazil

Intrigued by the story divulged by Project Portal, which promotes encounters with Bilu, the Extraterrestrial being,  Fernando Motolese and Vinícius K-Max went to the Boa Sorte farm in Corguinho / MS – Brazil to investigate the phenomena occurring at the location. Much has been speculated over the veracity of the ET Bilu, the being coming from the Constellation Pegasus asking human beings to seek knowledge, practice physical exercise and to prefer non-industrialized products, but never a serious and independent investigation was made.

With their attention brought to the matter on account of material covered by the Brazilian Press [Domingo Espetacular (TV Record), CQC (Bandeirantes) and Super Pop (Rede TV)], the producers started to compile a dossier with information attesting to the fact that something different was happening with regard to the information disclosed on TV.

So, Fernando made a track for Bilu and this was how they managed to schedule a chat with Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, founder of Projeto Portal, at the farm where the beings appear, under the pretext of producing a video clip.

There were two visits. On the first, for three days in December 2010, lights and a portal of yellow light appeared in the sky, more or less 30 meters from the ground, with around 3 meters in diameter. Vinícius K-Max recounts that “the experience was impressive, I was frozen watching what was happening and couldn’t believe it. Nothing entered or left the portal, but that ball of light hypnotized me for some moments.”

The second time, in January 2011, they stayed at the farm for 15 days living with members of the project, had various close encounters of the 4th kind with Bilu and began the ‘the test of the shell. The test became well know when Bilu delivered a shell to Cristiano Teixeira of TV Record, who unfortunately requested that Bilu remain secluded. The person who is successful in the 7 stages of the test (still unknown) and returning the shell to Bilu will be authorized to reveal the 49 extraterrestrial races to the world.

The six month investigation and recording of these contacts with the producers and with the media gave rise to the documentary “The Test of the Shell”, which was launched by The objective is to raise global awareness of the Test of the Shell, to encounter other people that are attempting to return the shell to Bilu and thus to reveal the 49 extraterrestrial races to the world.

With the first episode in the series, exclusively obtained images will be revealed that show the full behind-the-scenes contact with Rede Record, Rede Bandeirantes and Rede TV in full, so that the public can come to their own conclusions.

Author Note:
Besides this, I remain in contact with Projeto Portal, in order to collect more information that will be used in other episodes, and to record the encounter of new candidates with the Test of the Shell.

I'm here to find interested people to enjoy us on the investigation, go to Corguinho and, if you can, deliver the Shell to Bilu or finally discover something else.

Thank you
Fernando Motolese

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Sent in by Fernando Motolese, Copyright 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

She Has Found Me!

Awhile back I submitted a story Angry Ghost in the Strip Club if you read that you will understand this story a lot more. Just last night I have started seeing her again the woman from the club as I got out of the shower I saw her reflection in the mirror standing behind me I thought I was just seeing things since I had just woken up.

As I am writing this now I can hear her in my bedroom walking around waiting for me I think. How can after so many years she find me? Somehow I knew she would. I started having nightmares again about that night its like she was letting me know she was coming or something.

Right now I can feel her watching me. She knows I am writing about her. I don't think this is a spirit, I think she is demon... Sorry if this story seems jumbled, trying to get this written while also watching my back.

Ok now I have just came back, it has been about an hour since I wrote the first paragraph. The police were at my door someone rang them saying they heard a woman screaming in my house. They came in and checked, one went into my room and came out white as a sheet turned to me and said you should leave sir if I was you. Which I am doing right after I send this. I will try and keep this story updated if anything else happens.

Sent in by Chris

The Girl in The Window

One day my cousin and I were looking for an adventure in my small town in Tennessee. I remembered my friend Corrisa saying something about there being a "haunted house" around the neighborhood. So i called her up, and she offered to take us to it. That particular day, we had thunderstorms off and on but we just said that that would "Set the mood." Corrisa told us the story of the place as we were coming upon the house...

"Back in the 1900's there was a family of three living in this house. The daughter being about the age of ten, stayed upstairs in her room most of the time." Corrisa proceeded to tell me that the young girl's father had tortured and raped her on multiple occasions. When one night, he made the child watch as her murdered her mother. Sometime after he murdered her mother he killed the young girl also. Corrisa told us about the many times she had walked by the house and noticed a child standing in the top right window looking out at her.

Now, I have always been very interested in the paranormal. Such as ghosts, UFO's, etc. But, I had no reason to believe because I had never expirenced anything of that nature, until that day. I can officially say that I have never been so scared my entire life...

We finally reached the house after having to hide under a barn to avoid the pouring rain. We walked in the front yard and I immediatly had a weird feeling in my chest. I cant explain what exactly it felt like, but it seemed as if we werent wanted there. I looked up to the top windows where Corrisa had said she'd seen the girl. When I looked up, there was a kid just standing there looking at me.. I was in shock, as I screamed "Oh my God.." My cousin Tanner, who was recording the house at the moment, asked me what was wrong. I exclaimed "It looks like there's a kid looking at me out the window!" Then Corrisa said "Oh my gosh, it does!", as I took off running. We were all startled even more as it thundered furociously. After that scare, I was trembling, and could barely walk. So we went back to the barn nearby so I could calm down and so the rain would let back up. Finally we went back to the house a few more times. Walked around it, recorded a few more videos, and then proceeded home.

When we got back to the house we were watching the videos we took, and were astounded. In one of the windows there is clearly a little girl looking out. In another video there is a white apparition walking past the windows. There was no way it could have been a glare, because it was rainy and cloudy that day. And as for the little girl in the window, go to youtube and watch the video of the link I posted below and tell me thats not a person.

...And for the record. No one couldve been in this house at the time. One of my good friends grandfather bought the place not long ago, and he was out of town for the summer.

   -girl in window

Sent in by Taylor Hope, Copyright 2010

The Girl in the Mirror

It was December 23rd, my family and I had just moved into our new house. My father got a promotion from his last job and moved us all the way to Connecticut. The house was a three story, my room was on the third floor, it was the only room other than the bathroom.

The first night I went to bed I knew their was something wrong with this house. All I would hear was creaking and moaning. At first I thought someone didn't go to bed and they were still up. So I went downstairs and checked on everyone. They were all asleep. I went to the kitchen for some water when I saw her.

She was sitting at the kitchen table, her hair was covering her face, she was wearing a blue dress with white flowers, she looked about 16 maybe a little older. I couldn't move, I was in shock. Then she pointed at me and started to get up. I ran upstairs to my room and slammed the door shut. I could hear someone coming up the stairs panting. I sat on my bed and grabbed my baseball bat from when I played softball last year. I saw the door handle turn and she walked in my room! My jaw dropped. The girl walked right past me and went straight to my closet, she got in and closed the door. I slowly walked to my door and ran to my parents room.

I told them that it was real that I wasn't going crazy that she was actually there. They denied everything that I said, but I told them I wasn't going to sleep in my room for the rest of the night and that I was too scared to. My sister Stacie decided to let me sleep in her room. I couldn't sleep, I was too afraid. I was scared that the girl was going to come in the room and kill me. I stayed up the whole night, until it was time to get ready for school. I slowly opened my bedroom door. I walked to my bed that was in front of my closet, I grabbed my baseball bat and headed for my closet. I slowly turned the handle and opened the door. It was empty just my clothes and purses. I closed the door, relieved that she was no where to be found.

I turned around to put the clothes I picked out on my bed when I saw her again! She was walking out of the bathroom right down the hall. I screamed for my mom but I didn't seem to help she was walking towards me, shaking the whole way. She walked into my room and grabbed my notebook that was on my desk, she took a pen and wrote "the mirror, kill the mirror" she handed me the notebook and I read it, when I looked up to see her she was gone. The next few days were the same, I heard the creaking and I would sometimes wake up to her beside my bed.

The next night my family went to dinner at my uncles, I told them that I had a lot of homework to do and that I would rather stay home to finish it. I grabbed my baseball bat and went into the the third story bathroom, looked in the mirror, and their she was. She looked different this time, she had the same dress but this time she had her hair in a ponytail, had nice jewelry on and looked happy. She looked right at me and said "please, do it. break the mirror." I took my baseball bat and threw it against the mirror shattering it into a million little pieces. After that she never appeared or come into my room again. Until one night when I came home to find her on my bed. She had a big smile on her face, she looked at me and said "thank you." and then she disappeared and I never saw her again.

Sent in by Jacqueline

Newlands Corner

Well, There was 8 of us, we decided we would go to a local spot called Newlands Corner to chill out, there was 2 cars. As we parked up and turned are headlights off we noticed a red glow in the distance, not thinking anything of it we all got out the cars and walked down the hillside.

Me and my mate Dan decided we would walk further than everyone else, we approached a path. the path stretched for a few miles so we decided we would walk down it a little bit.

While we was walking down the path we heard the noise of a dog yelping, it got close and close and closer till one point when it felt like it was right in front of us. as soon as it approached us we felt the rush of air go past us and the yelping still going on, but at this point we didn't see anything, r torches were on but nothing approached us.

Anyways we carried on walking and i pulled my mobile phone out to record just incase something else happened, which it did.

22:32pm: Heard sneezing coming from a tree, when we approached, nothing was there.

22:34pm: heard footsteps walk past us, but no-one was there

22:36pm: heard crackling right in front of us and saw twigs moving, but no-one was there.

22:38pm: footsteps as if running heard coming from behind us, but no-one was there.

Times all taken off mobile.

The bit that really creeped us out was the fact we looked into the distance and we swore we could see 5 bodies hanging from a tree, all in height order, as we approached the bodies were gone.

At this point we were scared, so we ran back down the path and heard the running footsteps again, we approached are mates again and shouted run, they all stood up and pelted it back to the cars. as soon as i got in that drivers seat with everyone in the car and drove off immediately. when we arrived home, me and Dan researched to see if it had background, in which it did. The Story :

500 Years ago a family with there dog was walking down the path, thugs from the local town were lying in wait in the woods to. seeing the family they arose from the woods and pounced on the family, The dog ran yelping while 2 of the thugs chased it (sorta ties in with the sounds and recordings) the family was then tied up and in height order hung from the Fensing tree in, the thugs then ran away (hence the sound again)and the dog was silenced, one of the blokes went aside into woods where he pulled the ladies handkerchief who was hanging and sneezed on it while saying the words ''To Hell We Go''.

At this point me and my mates have never gone back down there.

Sent in by Hunter, Copyright 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Footsteps Down The Stairs

I will never forget this for as long as I live... Ok. About a week ago, I was babysitting for my neighbors. It was around 11:00 pm. I was tired, but I wanted to wait for the baby's parents to come home, (at around 12:30.) I started watching a movie after I put the baby to sleep in her room. I started to have that strange feeling that I was being watched. I figured that it was my imagination again, so I ignored the feeling. Then I heard a loud thump. I ran up the stairs to see if the baby was all right, and of course, little Cassie was sound asleep in her crib. I stared off into space for a while. I didn't know what to do.

I had no idea where the sound came from, and I didn't want to go out of Cassie's room. I went over to the bedroom door and cracked it open. Nothing was there. I slowly made my way to the stairs. I crept down them, listening for anymore sounds, but nothing was heard. As soon as I got to the bottom, I went back to the couch. It was 11:35. I relaxed myself, and dozed off for twenty minutes.

When I woke up, I heard creaking. Now, I had been in this house before, and the only part of the house that creaked like that was the attic ladder. I was angry/horrified and I wanted to find out what was going on, and yet I wanted to get out of that house as soon as I could. I couldn't leave the baby. So, I walked back up the stairs, and over to the attic door. I grabbed a flashlight out of the drawer of the table in the hall. I pulled down the ladder. I looked and looked, and of course, nothing there. Then, I heard something. I slowly came down the ladder and walked toward the stairs.

As I got closer, the sounds became more clear. I stood at the top of the stairs, and realized that what I heard were footsteps. Coming up the stairs. I froze. I could feel something breathing in my face. Then, it grabbed my ankles and started dragging me toward the attic. I struggled, and when I was almost pulled up the ladder, the grip released, and I fell. I jumped up and ran toward the baby's room, but just as I was almost to the door, I was pushed from the right. Hard. Down the stairs. When it pushed me, I hit the stairs halfway down, and tumbled down from there.

The parents walked in and I was on the floor, a sharp pain in my left arm. The mother ran to me, and the father ran up to get the baby. I tried yelling for him not to go up there, but I was still shocked. I told them exactly what happened, and surprisingly, they believed me, (after a few minutes of questions and searching around the house.) They moved not too long after. If you find that you don't believe my story, fine. But I still have the bruises around my ankles, on my forehead, and my broken arm to remember it by.

Sent in by Emily

Large Black Figure and Flaming Skull

This story is completely true and very unexplainable on my part but any ways here ya go.

It all started when I was about 6 or 7 years old I was living with my foster parents in Missouri at the time. Their house was next to some really big woods the kind you get lost in. Well anyways my foster sisters and I went for a hike one day to an old abandoned shack a few miles in where a hermit was supposed to live. We never saw a hermit which made me feel a little better about being so far into the woods but as we were standing there we heard trees cracking like something was rushing through them.

Before long we saw a large black figure standing a few yards away from the shack. It was completely solid in the form of a man but really tall and it had a dark wisp all around it. We ran home immediately not looking back the whole time. We were home in record time it took us an hour to hike out and only about 3 minutes to get home. When we got back we were all a little freaked out but we laughed it off like it was our imagination.

Everything was going normally for about a month when weird stuff began to happen to everyone. We would lose things we just sat on the table or someone's drink would be gone before they had the chance to drink it. Real random stuff everybody was having nightmares and seeing things. A few days later everything stopped to everyone else but me. I was still having nightmares and the scariest thing in my life happened to me. When I was in my room sleeping I was suddenly waken up but a light through my door. That didn't bother me at all but next thing I knew I felt a cold breeze sweep past me and the curtains moved.

At this time it began to rain extremely hard even though there were no clouds in the sky. I looked outside towards the woods (my room was at the back of the house and I could see straight into the woods) I just glanced for a second and out of no where a human skull came flying right into the window. It was on fire even with the ran pouring down. The skull slammed into the glass and slid down to the ground below (about 12 ft. down) and made a dent where it landed. Everything went quiet the rain stopped and the crickets started chirping as if I had never happened. I made sure to pass out immediately I didn't want to be even more scarred.

In the morning I ran out to check were the skull landed and see if there was any cracks in my window from the impact. As I ran outside to show my foster dad were the thing landed (didn't tell him what exactly hit my window) I saw the figure just standing at the edge of the woods. When we got to the back of the house the skull, the hole, the cracks in the window, and the figure were all gone. everything stopped after that night. I still see the figure a lot even though I've moved several times over the years.

I'm currently in Kansas and I still see it. I don't know why its following me but I always have an ominous feeling if I go outside by my self I love the night but I'm afraid I might see that thing again.

If any one knows what's going on please tell me prayers don't sway the thing at all it just stands and watches always.

Sent in by luna

My Demon Sister

I know this sounds really weird but I never really knew my real parents and siblings. Someone told me my sister, (They call her a demon) killed them.
They say she's the most powerful demon. That every other demon looks up to her. And that she looks just like me. I saw it in a book. Her. My sister. Right beside me. Looking innocent.
They called her the miracle baby because she was pre-mature,and they called me the baby who was born after her.I know she exists. She's somewhere in the world.Waiting for me.
Then that's when she gets her ideas. She almost killed me recently. She choked me. And than put a knife to my throat. Then she acted like she was gonna stab me.Its scary to know that someone you just found out about a year ago knows so much about you and you know so little about them.
From the day I found out she was my sister things were never the same. I began to have nightmares almost every night. Sometimes my dream catcher helped. I could feel her watching me as i walked to school,as i hung out with my friends.
I can feel her gaze now. As if she's in the room with me. She told me she always hated me and expected me to become a demon just like her. She says our mother called me her little angel. I have specials gifts. Not like Palm reading or seeing the future.
I am supposed to keep quiet about this stuff. Listen, for all of you who think vampires or mythical creatures are fake, take a better look at the world and then give me a call.
My real sister has demons who are her servants and she's sent some of them to kill me before. I am still shaking. Pay better attention to the things you think are just bumps when there really unexplained footsteps. Pay attention to the things you think are just the wind when there whispers when everyone is asleep.
Sent in by Taylor, Copyright 2011

Ghost Hunting at The Gainsborough Old Nick

What a night of paranormal activity that Simply Ghost Nights and all the ghost hunters were treated too, no superlatives can describe the amount of paranormal phenomena that occurred at the creepy Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre. The evening started with a brief and informative chat from John the manager of the Old Nick, who was such a splendid host for the night.

In the group séance at the start of the ghost hunt,  everyone heard unexplained banging and tapping from within the main theatre room in which we were holding our group séance. We also witnessed light analomies in the theatre room as well, all this was too much for one of our ghost hunters Jo, who quickly fled the room in a terrified state , however after a few minutes Jo bravely returned to the group vigil once more. Some of the ghost hunters claimed that they could here the theatre seats moving up and down also.

After we had all split into our four vigil groups the spirits certainly came out to entertain us at this former police station, the ghostly inhabitants left many of us astonished at the level  of spooky  happenings.

Anne Marie one of the sceptics to join us claimed to have been kicked on the shin, in one of the vigil areas in the Old Nick, Anne Marie stated at the end of the night that she had changed her opinion on the possibility of life after death. Another sceptic Nick, was left stunned as the table tipped literally into his lap in the theatre room, in a session of table tipping.

Another group of ghost hunters swore they had heard heavy footsteps on the empty staircase, in the men’s cells another group stared in disbelief as a light anomaly in the shape of a perfect circle, literally moved along the darkened cell wall from left to right, and simply vanished in front of their disbelieving eyes.

We also had some excellent results with the glass divination as well in many of the vigil areas, in one vigil a ghostly character called ‘Don’ made his presence known through glass divination, K2 spikes were produced on request in attempting spirit contact with the spirit world, this enthralled Tracey and her group in the women’s cells, especially coupled with the aggressive tapping that almost lifted the table from off the floor.

However at the latter part of the ghost night, two groups were treated to a ferocious display of table tipping in the men’s wing, Richard said that he had never observed such an astonishing sight in his life, but many of us who have had first hand experience of table tipping, said, exactly the same too.

Alas as our time there came to a close, we all felt that it had been a privilege to have witnessed so much activity in one venue. As we said our goodbyes to the spirit world and to our amiable host John, we vowed to come back to The Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre and see if the spirits would delight us once more with their appearance.

Sent in by Simplyghostnights