Thursday, June 23, 2011

Murdered Landlord

What I am about to say is all 100% true.

One morning, about 6:30, (it is in the middle of summer) I woke to my mom shuffling around. So being my groggy self I went up to tell her to shut up and I went back into my room. It was pitch black, and my door was all the way closed. My houses heater is always on. I was facing my lamp when I felt a huge swoosh go down all my body. I was suddenly freezing. I turned my head and saw, by my empty wall, two huge red eyes staring at me. I ran and jumped out of bed into my moms room.

My basement has carpet, which is weird, because this next experience scared me terribly. It was 2:00 in the morning and I was up because I had to much candy that day. I was walking towards my IPod station when I felt like I was falling, and all I could see was black. I felt like I was falling on the giant drop, only it didn't stop. When I could see I was back in my bed. The weird part? No one except for me was staying at the house that night.

Then, me and my friend, Alexia were having a sleepover in my basement. Alexia being a smart-alec wanted to see if I had any spirits in my house, so instead of a Ouija board, we used a dice. Shutting of all the lights, we calmly said together, "If any spirits are here in this house, please roll a two." We rolled a two, we repeated this 3 times. All twos. Then Lexi got an evil look in her eyes. Her eyes turned blue, (they are normally a very noticeable vibrant green) and her voice was scratchy. Coming towards me, she whispered out the words, "Murdered Landlord." We rent our house, and the landlord is still alive. Lexi then passed out, and me in fright, passed out with her.

We woke up at 2 in the afternoon, Lexi not remembering a thing. I didn't tell her what happened. Then the thought hit me. In my backyard, my landlord has a shed which no one is allowed in. So, at 11 at night, I went into my backyard to open the door. I didn't get in, so I decided to throw a rock at the window.

Then a boy appeared. The same cold blue eyes on him. He looked the same age as me. He sneered at my then raised a bloody fist and disappeared. I ran inside and slept with the light on. I am so glad I moved away. But so many questions are still in my head.

Sent in by JD

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