Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Crying Baby

A loving family of 3, a mom (Barbra), a dad (Mitcheal), and a soon to be baby boy (Jack). They were all living in Rock Island in a nice and clean house. They were waiting for the arrival of there baby boy Jack. One night at 10:37 they rushed to the hospital. About 10 hours later there new baby Jack was born 7lb. 7 oz. and 20.5 inches long. A health boy they had.

When they got home they unloaded everything and went inside. Barbra was really tired from the delivery of the baby so she went to bed and asked Mitcheal if he would watch the baby for a few hours. After she got up and was very well rested she went down to watch baby Jack.

A few weeks went by were no body in the house could sleep. The baby would not stop crying for hours on end. It got so bad that they finally went to the doctors to see what was wrong with baby Jack. The doctor came back and told them Jack had colic. Nothing could help him or get him to stop. The doctor said that by the age of 6 months it would stop. At this time he was 4 months old.

Barbra and Mitcheal were still tired from the night before. 1 hour later Jack woke them up. Mitcheal was tired of the baby always waking up in the middle of the night.

The day before Christmas Eva Barbra started packing for her business trip she has to take tomorrow. Mitcheal was yelling at Barbra for leaving him home with baby Jack. So the dad was all alone with baby Jack. Once again baby Jack cried loudly and Mitcheal got up and tried to get him to stop. Baby Jack wouldn't stop so Mitcheal decided to "take care" of him.

Mitcheal went to his room with baby Jack. At 1:13 am he opened the window, found a cord and wrapped it around his neck. "I'll stop your crying" was the last thing that baby Jack heard before flying out the window. SNAP!  He franticly pulled baby Jack back in threw the window. Mitcheal was scared that he actually did that. Mitcheal put baby Jack back into his crib. Mitcheal didn't know what to do next so he went to bed.

The next day Mitcheal got up and opened his presents from his wife. He turned on the Christmas lights and sat back down with a beer but unknown to him the Christmas lights were starting a fire while the fireplace is burning he turns on the Christmas parade. The fire upstairs finally burnt threw the floor and the collapsing house killed Mitcheal. And now if you light a fire, look at the colored flames, and at 1:13 am you will see baby Jacks face in the flames and hear the snapping of baby Jacks neck. All the sudden the fire will go out and the coals wont even light.

Sent in by Emma and Courtney, Copyright 2011

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