Monday, June 20, 2011

Cant Sleep in My Own Room Because of a Presence

My first experience was when we were still living in our old house. It was late at night and I couldn't sleep. I put the blanket over my head but it didn't help, I just felt suffocating. So, I removed the blanket and took a deep breath. Then I turned to my right side and looked at the wall, I turned my gaze to the foot of the wall and I saw the bottom of a white flowing dress - with a foot. The foot raised a bit and started to walk then disappeared.

My second experience was in my elementary school restroom. There was this urban legend back then that when you look at the mirror and say "I'm pretty", a girl will suddenly appear. When I first heard about it, I thought it was all just a joke 'cause what kind of ghost would appear if you say "I'm pretty" right? Anyway, the story went like this. There was once a girl in that restroom, she was very beautiful. Then the janitor saw her and he used that advantage to get her attention. The janitor raped her and then killed her in that restroom. So going back, I told that story to my friends and they said they want to try it. When we were in the restroom, I backed out 'cause I was really scared. I went out of the restroom while my 2 friends stayed and chanted the "I'm Pretty". I was already outside when I turned around and I saw the lights flickering, on and off, on and off. I was about to get closer to get them when the door suddenly closed and I saw a bloody girl on the far end of the restroom. I called up my classmates to help me get them. When we returned, the door opened and they got out crying. I didn't mention it after that and we never dared to even talk about it.

My third, fourth and fifth experience was in my bedroom. One was when I was typing, then on my left side I can smell a scent of a candle then I turned to my right, I can't smell anything then I turned to my left and the smell was there again. The other one was when I was about to sleep one summer night. It was really, really, really hot during that time may it be evening or morning. So I was about to sleep, I closed my eyes and I felt my feet turn ice cold. The rest of my body was in normal temperature but my feet were cold. I got a little scared that time, so I just went to sleep. The next one was when I was sitting on my bed listening to music. My door suddenly opened, I stopped and went to the door slowly. By the time I got to the door, I checked if it wasn't locked to my surprise... my door is locked and before I sat on the bed, I even made sure if my door was really closed. I then closed the door and went back to bed and just closed my eyes.

Now that I'm in College, I can still feel some presence. But not as frequent as before, except that, something happened to me when I was in the restroom (yes, another restroom). I was peeing in the 3rd cubicle. I saw the door moving and there was a slight knock, I looked on the floor to see if there was a shadow 'cause someone might be knocking and from there you can see someone's shadow if someone's outside. But there was no shadow and the door was still moving and the knock on the door was even louder like the one knocking was getting mad then I opened it. I opened the door, there was 2 people by the sink (one is a friend) and they didn't hear it. I'm the only one who heard the knocking. I told my best friend about this and we tested if she can see my shadow on the floor and guess what? She can see my shadow if she's inside the cubicle.

So, until now... I can't sleep in my bedroom. I can't sleep at all whenever I'm in my room because there were strange things happened there as well and whenever I'm there, I feel like someone's watching me - my every move, when I sleep, etc.

Sent in by Ian S.F., Copyright 2011

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