Friday, June 3, 2011

Large Black Figure and Flaming Skull

This story is completely true and very unexplainable on my part but any ways here ya go.

It all started when I was about 6 or 7 years old I was living with my foster parents in Missouri at the time. Their house was next to some really big woods the kind you get lost in. Well anyways my foster sisters and I went for a hike one day to an old abandoned shack a few miles in where a hermit was supposed to live. We never saw a hermit which made me feel a little better about being so far into the woods but as we were standing there we heard trees cracking like something was rushing through them.

Before long we saw a large black figure standing a few yards away from the shack. It was completely solid in the form of a man but really tall and it had a dark wisp all around it. We ran home immediately not looking back the whole time. We were home in record time it took us an hour to hike out and only about 3 minutes to get home. When we got back we were all a little freaked out but we laughed it off like it was our imagination.

Everything was going normally for about a month when weird stuff began to happen to everyone. We would lose things we just sat on the table or someone's drink would be gone before they had the chance to drink it. Real random stuff everybody was having nightmares and seeing things. A few days later everything stopped to everyone else but me. I was still having nightmares and the scariest thing in my life happened to me. When I was in my room sleeping I was suddenly waken up but a light through my door. That didn't bother me at all but next thing I knew I felt a cold breeze sweep past me and the curtains moved.

At this time it began to rain extremely hard even though there were no clouds in the sky. I looked outside towards the woods (my room was at the back of the house and I could see straight into the woods) I just glanced for a second and out of no where a human skull came flying right into the window. It was on fire even with the ran pouring down. The skull slammed into the glass and slid down to the ground below (about 12 ft. down) and made a dent where it landed. Everything went quiet the rain stopped and the crickets started chirping as if I had never happened. I made sure to pass out immediately I didn't want to be even more scarred.

In the morning I ran out to check were the skull landed and see if there was any cracks in my window from the impact. As I ran outside to show my foster dad were the thing landed (didn't tell him what exactly hit my window) I saw the figure just standing at the edge of the woods. When we got to the back of the house the skull, the hole, the cracks in the window, and the figure were all gone. everything stopped after that night. I still see the figure a lot even though I've moved several times over the years.

I'm currently in Kansas and I still see it. I don't know why its following me but I always have an ominous feeling if I go outside by my self I love the night but I'm afraid I might see that thing again.

If any one knows what's going on please tell me prayers don't sway the thing at all it just stands and watches always.

Sent in by luna


  1. ok i know you may not do this but here ask the lord and lady to protect you and make it so the things that wish u harm can not see you smell you touch you or hear you and at the end say as you wish so will it be sorry if i cant do more it worked for me good luck

  2. Could be a Ghost Rider, their skulls are on fire.



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