Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Deathly Woods

OK. This might sound a little creepy, and you might think I'm making this up- BUT IM NOT! I was there. I saw it with my very own eyes. It all started like this.

I'm 32 years old and I'm a ghost hunter. I hunt for all different places where ghosts might be lurking and check the place out.My friend Agnus and I were on our laptops, finding any emails from our boss. One of them were named 'THE DEATHLY WOODS'. Agnus looked at me with a concerned look and double clicked on the Email. These were the exact words typed on the email:
I'm sorry to say but you and Olivia are going to lose your jobs. We have thought about it and would like to give you a second chance. If you fail, you will hand in your Ghost Hunting equipment and leave the HQ immediately. But if you succeed to find a major sign of a ghost, you will be a definite Ghost Hunter. 
The place that I have selected for you and Olivia is the Deathly Woods, right across the road from 'St Victoria's Church'. In the center of the woods is a graveyard, which you must discover. One of the stones says 'Ephina Wilkon'. Research it very well. 
Yours Sincerely,
George Eastburn
I couldn't believe it. We had lost our jobs? This makes no sense. But just yesterday, George said that we were excellent hunters and wouldn't survive without us! How come he sent us a farewell message? Agnus looked worried but confident at the same time. "We have to check out the Deathly Woods, tonight!" Was she crazy? "No way am I going there! Have you heard that legend about it?" I said standing nervously. "No" Agnus said, looking curious. "Well! There was once a lady who lived with her 14 children in a cottage. The cottage was where the graveyard was now. She felt rushed, and pressured. She killed her children and herself. A year ago, two children walked through the woods on Halloween night, eager to trick or treat on the other side of the town. When they were walking, they heard a sudden scream. They looked at each other with pale faces, and followed the scream. When they were closer, they saw a woman dressed in white, falling into a lake and drowning herself" I said, acting out the story as I was saying it. Agnus started laughing. "Yeah, right!" she said wiping her eyes for the laughing tears.

That night, we gathered our equipment and set off to the Deathly Woods. We saw the moon peeking behind the trees shaping an entrance. We saw stones, saying peoples names. They all happened to have the same last name- Wilkon. There was "Henry Wilkon, Samantha Wilkon, Josephine Wilkon, Phillip Wilkon and all types of names. 14 of them! Agnus held onto me close, gripping my shoulder tightly. Agnus screamed. I looked at her. She pointed at something. I followed her finger until I saw a woman in white, drowning little kids in a lake. I couldn't scream. I just couldn't. Instead, my mouth fell open, trying to make a sound but failing. We ran down the woods to the church.

Agnus looked behind us, but I didn't dare to. She pointed behind us, but I didn't look. Instead, I just kept on running. I ran so fast that I lost sight of Agnus. She had gone. I rang George to tell him the news. He didn't understand what I was saying. 'I went to the Deathly Woods and lost Agnus' I said, panting my heart out. 'That's...interesting' George said, in a strange tone. 'Have I lost my job?' I said, crossing my fingers and closing my eyes. 'Of course not! Why would I fire you?' George said, smiling. "But you sent that email to Agnus!' I said, concerned. George left a sudden pause... 'I never sent any email to Agnus'

Sent in by Olivia, Copyright


  1. What happened to Agnus? I also wanted to point out if you plead the name of Jesus Christ, the evil demons will run away instead of you. Ask God, the Creator of Universe, to help you. What you saw were evil demons impersonating & reacting the last moments the mother killed her children years ago.

    "No weapons formed against me shall prosper." -Isaiah 54:17

    God will protect you and keep you safe. By the way, ghost aren't real. Ghost are actually demons impersonating people who lived on the earth. Seek God, instead of demons impersonating people.

    I went through experiences myself where I saw evil demons impersonating people. Now, I know God is in control of everything and God protects me from the evil one. A few years ago, I believe in the Summer of 2007, I was in my bedroom and I had my window open. During that time, a new house was being built a few blocks from where I live. I kept staring out my window because I felt as if someone was watching me. After I glared out the window for 30 seconds I saw no one. All I saw was the houses nearby and heard the sound of hammers banging on wood. I stood in front of my long mirror near my door. While I was fixing my hair an image of a buff tanned man was standing outside my window facing me. From where he was angled he was standing where a tree on the side of the house suppose to be. I stared at him wondering was he actually looking at me or admiring my home as I thought he was one of the workers down the street. I couldn't see his face because the top of my window + part of the curtain covered it.
    Here's an example...

  2. This is the window and I'm going to draw him (the evil demon) as a stick figure. ->I'm not good at this but it's ok.
    |--|-- |
    | | |
    |_ ^_______|

    That looks terrible but I'll explain it to you. The top part of the window covered his face and those lines sticking out is his arms. His arms were at his sides at the time and he was wearing a tight v-neck shirt. That arch (^) is his legs.

    I stood there frozen for nearly 20 seconds after I realized he was standing in the same spot of the tree and the tree was missing. I quickly turned around as I was ready to confront what I thought was a worker but when I turned to look out the window he disappeared. The tree that was suppose to be there reappeared in the same spot he was standing.

    Afterwards, I realized God was protecting me. He kept the enemy away from and in the future he will continue to do so. The evil demon could had harmed me. When I was a child I dealt with a lot of incubus (evil demons) evil spirts. Sometimes, they would bite me and choke me. I woke up from dreams and saw unusual teeth marks & spit on my arm and on my pubic area. As I examined the teeth marks I noticed my teeth weren't that size. I took a piece of bread and sucked it. After I took it out my mouth my teeth marks were visable and those marks on my arm did not match mine. As for the spit..I was having a dream of an evil demon having sex with me. I went through this for over 10 years. Now, the blood of Jesus Christ is protecting me. Jesus Christ came to overcome the world and (satan + demons= fallen angels). Jesus Christ protects us from all harm, hurt, and danger. In order to keep those evil demons away praying to God, the Creator of the Universe, and anointing my bedroom & bed every night helped greatly. Now, those attacks rarely happens. It happened once a few months ago vs. over almost every day of the week when I was a kid. Our trials come to make us stronger and satan only want to hurt us while killing our souls but God who is rich in mercy allow it to happen to shapen us in his image and likeness. God want us to become more like, gain a closer walk with him, and live in Heaven with him.

  3. Craps...
    I've been ghosts hunting for a long time...
    I'm 51 years old...
    Never saw any ghost, Angel or Demon, i blew most ghost or demon stuff with psychology and scientific explanations...
    Never have i found any ghost phenomenon i could not explain.
    Extreme religious beleifs like pictured in these post will help you only in the mesures that it enslaved your mind and keeps you away from what scares you.
    I beleive in God, I beleive that Jesus was real, but i dont beleive in religions and all the craps the preists, Rabbin or Ayatola Etch...tells us..
    I've been all over the world as a soldier, I've seen the evil that men can do, I've seen what religous extremist can do, and im not only talking about middle east, i'm also talking about Christians extremist, just think about Irak wich is a war created by the Christians Extremists.
    So stop this Crhistians B.S...
    You are just crucifying Jesus a second time...
    God do exist, but he cant help you in this purgatory called earth, you have to live your life according to your concience, he will judge you after your death accotding to the way you lived your life out here...
    There is no angels or Demons, only good and evil humans....
    Have you ever heard the french expression (libre Arbitre) means you are the one who choses your way in this life, good or bad...God does'nt interfere in anyway nor do chose your path...
    And being a religious extremist does not garantee you a place in heaven...
    Do you think that the Middle age inquisitor are in Heaven or in you think Pope Alexender VI better known as Rodrigo Borgia deserved Heaven...
    If you do, Then the demon is not the one we think....



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