Friday, June 3, 2011

Ghost Hunting at The Gainsborough Old Nick

What a night of paranormal activity that Simply Ghost Nights and all the ghost hunters were treated too, no superlatives can describe the amount of paranormal phenomena that occurred at the creepy Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre. The evening started with a brief and informative chat from John the manager of the Old Nick, who was such a splendid host for the night.

In the group séance at the start of the ghost hunt,  everyone heard unexplained banging and tapping from within the main theatre room in which we were holding our group séance. We also witnessed light analomies in the theatre room as well, all this was too much for one of our ghost hunters Jo, who quickly fled the room in a terrified state , however after a few minutes Jo bravely returned to the group vigil once more. Some of the ghost hunters claimed that they could here the theatre seats moving up and down also.

After we had all split into our four vigil groups the spirits certainly came out to entertain us at this former police station, the ghostly inhabitants left many of us astonished at the level  of spooky  happenings.

Anne Marie one of the sceptics to join us claimed to have been kicked on the shin, in one of the vigil areas in the Old Nick, Anne Marie stated at the end of the night that she had changed her opinion on the possibility of life after death. Another sceptic Nick, was left stunned as the table tipped literally into his lap in the theatre room, in a session of table tipping.

Another group of ghost hunters swore they had heard heavy footsteps on the empty staircase, in the men’s cells another group stared in disbelief as a light anomaly in the shape of a perfect circle, literally moved along the darkened cell wall from left to right, and simply vanished in front of their disbelieving eyes.

We also had some excellent results with the glass divination as well in many of the vigil areas, in one vigil a ghostly character called ‘Don’ made his presence known through glass divination, K2 spikes were produced on request in attempting spirit contact with the spirit world, this enthralled Tracey and her group in the women’s cells, especially coupled with the aggressive tapping that almost lifted the table from off the floor.

However at the latter part of the ghost night, two groups were treated to a ferocious display of table tipping in the men’s wing, Richard said that he had never observed such an astonishing sight in his life, but many of us who have had first hand experience of table tipping, said, exactly the same too.

Alas as our time there came to a close, we all felt that it had been a privilege to have witnessed so much activity in one venue. As we said our goodbyes to the spirit world and to our amiable host John, we vowed to come back to The Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre and see if the spirits would delight us once more with their appearance.

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