Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Extraterrestrial Contact in Brazil

Intrigued by the story divulged by Project Portal, which promotes encounters with Bilu, the Extraterrestrial being,  Fernando Motolese and Vinícius K-Max went to the Boa Sorte farm in Corguinho / MS – Brazil to investigate the phenomena occurring at the location. Much has been speculated over the veracity of the ET Bilu, the being coming from the Constellation Pegasus asking human beings to seek knowledge, practice physical exercise and to prefer non-industrialized products, but never a serious and independent investigation was made.

With their attention brought to the matter on account of material covered by the Brazilian Press [Domingo Espetacular (TV Record), CQC (Bandeirantes) and Super Pop (Rede TV)], the producers started to compile a dossier with information attesting to the fact that something different was happening with regard to the information disclosed on TV.

So, Fernando made a track for Bilu and this was how they managed to schedule a chat with Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, founder of Projeto Portal, at the farm where the beings appear, under the pretext of producing a video clip.

There were two visits. On the first, for three days in December 2010, lights and a portal of yellow light appeared in the sky, more or less 30 meters from the ground, with around 3 meters in diameter. Vinícius K-Max recounts that “the experience was impressive, I was frozen watching what was happening and couldn’t believe it. Nothing entered or left the portal, but that ball of light hypnotized me for some moments.”

The second time, in January 2011, they stayed at the farm for 15 days living with members of the project, had various close encounters of the 4th kind with Bilu and began the ‘the test of the shell. The test became well know when Bilu delivered a shell to Cristiano Teixeira of TV Record, who unfortunately requested that Bilu remain secluded. The person who is successful in the 7 stages of the test (still unknown) and returning the shell to Bilu will be authorized to reveal the 49 extraterrestrial races to the world.

The six month investigation and recording of these contacts with the producers and with the media gave rise to the documentary “The Test of the Shell”, which was launched by The objective is to raise global awareness of the Test of the Shell, to encounter other people that are attempting to return the shell to Bilu and thus to reveal the 49 extraterrestrial races to the world.

With the first episode in the series, exclusively obtained images will be revealed that show the full behind-the-scenes contact with Rede Record, Rede Bandeirantes and Rede TV in full, so that the public can come to their own conclusions.

Author Note:
Besides this, I remain in contact with Projeto Portal, in order to collect more information that will be used in other episodes, and to record the encounter of new candidates with the Test of the Shell.

I'm here to find interested people to enjoy us on the investigation, go to Corguinho and, if you can, deliver the Shell to Bilu or finally discover something else.

Thank you
Fernando Motolese

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Sent in by Fernando Motolese, Copyright 2011

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