Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Girl in the Mirror

It was December 23rd, my family and I had just moved into our new house. My father got a promotion from his last job and moved us all the way to Connecticut. The house was a three story, my room was on the third floor, it was the only room other than the bathroom.

The first night I went to bed I knew their was something wrong with this house. All I would hear was creaking and moaning. At first I thought someone didn't go to bed and they were still up. So I went downstairs and checked on everyone. They were all asleep. I went to the kitchen for some water when I saw her.

She was sitting at the kitchen table, her hair was covering her face, she was wearing a blue dress with white flowers, she looked about 16 maybe a little older. I couldn't move, I was in shock. Then she pointed at me and started to get up. I ran upstairs to my room and slammed the door shut. I could hear someone coming up the stairs panting. I sat on my bed and grabbed my baseball bat from when I played softball last year. I saw the door handle turn and she walked in my room! My jaw dropped. The girl walked right past me and went straight to my closet, she got in and closed the door. I slowly walked to my door and ran to my parents room.

I told them that it was real that I wasn't going crazy that she was actually there. They denied everything that I said, but I told them I wasn't going to sleep in my room for the rest of the night and that I was too scared to. My sister Stacie decided to let me sleep in her room. I couldn't sleep, I was too afraid. I was scared that the girl was going to come in the room and kill me. I stayed up the whole night, until it was time to get ready for school. I slowly opened my bedroom door. I walked to my bed that was in front of my closet, I grabbed my baseball bat and headed for my closet. I slowly turned the handle and opened the door. It was empty just my clothes and purses. I closed the door, relieved that she was no where to be found.

I turned around to put the clothes I picked out on my bed when I saw her again! She was walking out of the bathroom right down the hall. I screamed for my mom but I didn't seem to help she was walking towards me, shaking the whole way. She walked into my room and grabbed my notebook that was on my desk, she took a pen and wrote "the mirror, kill the mirror" she handed me the notebook and I read it, when I looked up to see her she was gone. The next few days were the same, I heard the creaking and I would sometimes wake up to her beside my bed.

The next night my family went to dinner at my uncles, I told them that I had a lot of homework to do and that I would rather stay home to finish it. I grabbed my baseball bat and went into the the third story bathroom, looked in the mirror, and their she was. She looked different this time, she had the same dress but this time she had her hair in a ponytail, had nice jewelry on and looked happy. She looked right at me and said "please, do it. break the mirror." I took my baseball bat and threw it against the mirror shattering it into a million little pieces. After that she never appeared or come into my room again. Until one night when I came home to find her on my bed. She had a big smile on her face, she looked at me and said "thank you." and then she disappeared and I never saw her again.

Sent in by Jacqueline

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