Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Possessed Friend

Hello today what I will tell you is true, it happened on November 13, 1988. My friend Sarah was my best friend when we were in 6th grade. I always hanged out with her and her friends. Everything Was good but until one faithful day...

One night when Sarah went to sleep she saw a old face on the closet door. She screamed for her mom. I heard the scream ( I was living next door ). her mom finally came in and she told her there's nothing there.

Next day Sarah told me what happened exactly. I started to laugh a little and joke around, but she looked dead serous. The next three nights I heard her scream again and again. A week later she never wanted to hang out, she always yelled at me and was always angry.

I didn't know what was going on till two weeks later. She didn't come to school for a week, and I brought her the homework she ripped the sheets in a million pieces. I was staring to worry about her, she wouldn't even eat for days.

I knew that she was being attacked by an invisible force, she would always speak backwards and fast.

One night she started scratching herself, screaming and attacking her parents. The next day the went to the hospital because she was bleeding put of her mouth. Months pass it got more severe and deadly, her voice changed deeper and her face changed older.

They finally figured out it was a demon possession when she screamed when she saw the crucifix.
A priest came to bless the house, she reacted very violently, cursing and attacking the priest.
They performed an exorcism 5 days after the blessing. I heard screaming, yelling and a weird language she never even spoke.

Hours past and my friend Sarah stopped breathing, no pulse and her skin was pale. I was so sad that my friend died that night, her mom almost fainted from crying. It was a night that would always be in my mind...

Sent in by Mark

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