Saturday, June 11, 2011

Newlands Corner

Well, There was 8 of us, we decided we would go to a local spot called Newlands Corner to chill out, there was 2 cars. As we parked up and turned are headlights off we noticed a red glow in the distance, not thinking anything of it we all got out the cars and walked down the hillside.

Me and my mate Dan decided we would walk further than everyone else, we approached a path. the path stretched for a few miles so we decided we would walk down it a little bit.

While we was walking down the path we heard the noise of a dog yelping, it got close and close and closer till one point when it felt like it was right in front of us. as soon as it approached us we felt the rush of air go past us and the yelping still going on, but at this point we didn't see anything, r torches were on but nothing approached us.

Anyways we carried on walking and i pulled my mobile phone out to record just incase something else happened, which it did.

22:32pm: Heard sneezing coming from a tree, when we approached, nothing was there.

22:34pm: heard footsteps walk past us, but no-one was there

22:36pm: heard crackling right in front of us and saw twigs moving, but no-one was there.

22:38pm: footsteps as if running heard coming from behind us, but no-one was there.

Times all taken off mobile.

The bit that really creeped us out was the fact we looked into the distance and we swore we could see 5 bodies hanging from a tree, all in height order, as we approached the bodies were gone.

At this point we were scared, so we ran back down the path and heard the running footsteps again, we approached are mates again and shouted run, they all stood up and pelted it back to the cars. as soon as i got in that drivers seat with everyone in the car and drove off immediately. when we arrived home, me and Dan researched to see if it had background, in which it did. The Story :

500 Years ago a family with there dog was walking down the path, thugs from the local town were lying in wait in the woods to. seeing the family they arose from the woods and pounced on the family, The dog ran yelping while 2 of the thugs chased it (sorta ties in with the sounds and recordings) the family was then tied up and in height order hung from the Fensing tree in, the thugs then ran away (hence the sound again)and the dog was silenced, one of the blokes went aside into woods where he pulled the ladies handkerchief who was hanging and sneezed on it while saying the words ''To Hell We Go''.

At this point me and my mates have never gone back down there.

Sent in by Hunter, Copyright 2011

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