Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Girl in The Window

One day my cousin and I were looking for an adventure in my small town in Tennessee. I remembered my friend Corrisa saying something about there being a "haunted house" around the neighborhood. So i called her up, and she offered to take us to it. That particular day, we had thunderstorms off and on but we just said that that would "Set the mood." Corrisa told us the story of the place as we were coming upon the house...

"Back in the 1900's there was a family of three living in this house. The daughter being about the age of ten, stayed upstairs in her room most of the time." Corrisa proceeded to tell me that the young girl's father had tortured and raped her on multiple occasions. When one night, he made the child watch as her murdered her mother. Sometime after he murdered her mother he killed the young girl also. Corrisa told us about the many times she had walked by the house and noticed a child standing in the top right window looking out at her.

Now, I have always been very interested in the paranormal. Such as ghosts, UFO's, etc. But, I had no reason to believe because I had never expirenced anything of that nature, until that day. I can officially say that I have never been so scared my entire life...

We finally reached the house after having to hide under a barn to avoid the pouring rain. We walked in the front yard and I immediatly had a weird feeling in my chest. I cant explain what exactly it felt like, but it seemed as if we werent wanted there. I looked up to the top windows where Corrisa had said she'd seen the girl. When I looked up, there was a kid just standing there looking at me.. I was in shock, as I screamed "Oh my God.." My cousin Tanner, who was recording the house at the moment, asked me what was wrong. I exclaimed "It looks like there's a kid looking at me out the window!" Then Corrisa said "Oh my gosh, it does!", as I took off running. We were all startled even more as it thundered furociously. After that scare, I was trembling, and could barely walk. So we went back to the barn nearby so I could calm down and so the rain would let back up. Finally we went back to the house a few more times. Walked around it, recorded a few more videos, and then proceeded home.

When we got back to the house we were watching the videos we took, and were astounded. In one of the windows there is clearly a little girl looking out. In another video there is a white apparition walking past the windows. There was no way it could have been a glare, because it was rainy and cloudy that day. And as for the little girl in the window, go to youtube and watch the video of the link I posted below and tell me thats not a person.

...And for the record. No one couldve been in this house at the time. One of my good friends grandfather bought the place not long ago, and he was out of town for the summer.

   -girl in window

Sent in by Taylor Hope, Copyright 2010

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