Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Spirits and the Dream World are in Danger

Since when I was small I've always seen ghosts and spirits which, means two different things. A spirit which you can see and a ghost who you cant see.

I've always talked to spirits ever since I was 4. Yes pretty creepy huh, but I've also been attacked by demons and bad souls. I've almost died about 20 times, yes its pathetic... but I've made friends with them. I've helped them in everything, with their past, life, marriage, and all those good stuff.

But on 10/10/10 the greatest evil is upon us. If we don't defeat it the spirit world is doomed, no spirits will ever exist again! We need all of your support this is why I'm writing this story to all of you who are reading this.

The dream world is in danger. Tell this to everyone you know until it reaches globally please if you believe a great reward will come upon you, trust me and every spirit in this universe.

This is not fake. Its real. People might tell you that you're crazy but your not. Help me out in this quest if you believe.

My family, ever since I was small, thinks that I'm an evil spirit. How pathetic is that? But oh well I believe on what I do not on what people say to me.

I know some of you know that all of this I'm telling you is true not fake. Some of you have partners you just don't know and more questions.

Sent in by Kairina Nunez, Copyright 2011


  1. Hi,

    Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal savior?

    When I was a little girl I thought I could become friends with ghosts. In some of my dreams I dated some of them and in other dreams somehow I became their wife without my consent. I always thought I could help them out of dreams...when I saw one peeking at me and then disappearing after I saw it.

    For years I thought some were harmless. Other ones would choke and rape me. This all started when I was 5 years old. I got saved when 6 years old. I'm 21 years old now and all my life I dealt with incubus (evil demons are fallen angels) tormenting me. Not too long ago, I decided to stop running from God and have a closer walk with him by telling him about everything that I endured. I let go of all my pain, gave it to God because he suppose to deal with it, and waited patiently for my life to change completely.

    Every since then, my life has gotten better all the while God has been revealing things to me trhough his word which is the Holy Bible. I found out the ghosts I saw out of dreams and in dreams were actually evil demons. Also, I found out they impersonated men inorder to influence me in a negative way. They constantly raped me because they want me to turn away from God and become a sex addict. The devil (satan) is cunning and crafty. He devises wicked plans to steer us all in the wrong direction away from God. Thank God, Jesus Christ had overcame the world including death plus satan&demons and we have strength with him...

  2. hey one question have you ever dreamed of someone in a hoodie like the grim reaper with white skin trying to kill you almost does but your able to dream lucidly so your fine so have you or ever slept in dead persons position please answer

  3. So, on June 23, 2011 you write to everyone that we all need to defeat a great evil on October 10, 2010? Yeah, you're about 8 months and 13 days too late...



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