Monday, June 20, 2011

Haunting in Waco

My dad would leave early for work after waking us up for school. Most mornings I would walk the 5 blocks to school instead of getting a ride. My sister had to ride with my dad because her school was father away. But this morning she was playing sick and I told my dad I would walk since he was already running late after fighting with my sister about playing hooky.

As I left my sister was still in her room laying down. Her best friend had showed up shortly after my dad had left for work. Well I left and when I came home I found them outside under the tree. I asked them what was wrong. They told me that they thought they had seen a ghost in my room. Thinking that they were joking, I was only 10 at the time, I walk into the house and go to my room to do homework. As I opened the door I saw a little girl with blue eyes and blonde hair in an old western night gown on my bed. She just sat there looking at me before slowly disappearing. I go and find my sister and her friend still sitting outside and tell them its fine for them to come in.

A few days later after this I talk them into going into different rooms of the house and take recordings we started off in my dads room since I got the uneasiest feelings in his room. We all decided to stay silent while we recorded. When we played back the tape we were shocked to hear a man and female fighting and a young girl crying begging her father to stop. We also caught the sounds of things breaking and the sounds of him beating her.

It made me feel very sad and then I had a rush of anger toward the man for hurting his wife. I yelled at him to leave them alone and that he was not welcome in my home and that he needed to leave. I then felt hand around my neck choking me I started seeing spots before my eyes and trying to force him off. Well finally after a few seconds he let go.

Trying to breathe I ran out of the house and refused to go back in till my dad got home. He didn't believe us but he told us that a long time ago there was a man that lived there that did beat his wife and daughter to death. I asked him if the girls name was Sarah and he asked me how I knew and if I had been reading on the history of the house.

It turned out that I'm a bit sensitive like my mom had been. My dad tried his best to listen to me and help me thru it all and he had the house blessed to help the family trapped there to move on.

Many more paranormal things happened once my dad remarried but that's another few stories.

Sent in by Roxxy, Copyright 2011

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