Friday, June 17, 2011

The Ghost of 1900s on the Mountain

It was a bright evening like about 7:30 and me and my 2 friends started a hike. We were hiking up a steep hill when it turned 8:00. We were very tired so we got a 15 minute rest. Then we started our hike again.

By the time we got to the top, it was 9:00. It was dark and we had no shelter. We all agreed we would spend the night here. We lay still in the dark and quite night when all of a sudden my friend, Jess, spots a bright dim light coming toward her. She screams! We all wake up and ask, What? What happened?

Jess starts breathing heavily and told what happened and also says that there was a big man standing at her feet and saying something to here but she couldn't really understand what it was that he was saying. We all get scared because we were in the middle of nowhere and now we see a ghost lurking about? Insane!

Well it wasn't insane after my other friend saw it at about 3:00 in the morning. She said that the same thing Jess said happened to her but this time it was different. She said that when the man was saying something he said, why are you here get out! I will kill you! Then that man vanished! We all got scared and started to hike again.

By the time it was almost morning (8:00) we got the the end of the big hill and hurried home to my house house. Me and my friends told my mom what happened and my mom got terrified. My mom had knew who that man was. He was a very bad man that used to go killing people and then he got killed by a man while he was searching the hill that you were hiking on to find this emerald because this man had killed his wife so he killed him in the 1900's. That man goes searching around every where for his killer so he could kill him.

We had gotten so terrified that I would never ever go hiking on a hill again and we would always go with someone no matter how old we were.

Sent in by Roma, Copyright 2011

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