Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Isabella the Wicked Ghost Girl

I remember my old house. Kind of dull and not very fun, but that's not why I remember it. The reason I remember that house in Devon was because of a strange incident that happened there. We moved there because it was bigger and better than my other house... or so I thought.

Opposite our house was three houses joined together and I could only see them when I was looking out of my window, because I never thought of going into the garden and watching from there. I can vividly remember wondering if there was any kids living there, I never saw anyone go in... or out.

I was 13 at the time, still a child myself. My dad worked funny hours and my mum babied my little brother Shaun until the age of 6, the age he was when the incident happened.

Mum left me and Shaun alone (it was the first time she had done this) and we were told not to leave the house. Shaun soon got bored and I tried to amuse him with some games and stuff. It didn't work though and he just wasn't having any of it! As I passed the kitchen table to go get Shaun a snack, I noticed a tin that I had never seen before. It was green and had a flower on the top (not a real flower though). I peered in side and discovered a little key.

After almost an hour of Shaun whining, I decided to grab the key and open the back door with it. I let my brother outside and I followed explaining to him that he needed to listen to me when I said "we have to be in before mum gets back... okay?" He nodded and ran straight to the swing set. We giggled as I pushed him higher and higher, and for a split second I looked towards the houses. In the second house (directly opposite ours) I saw a little girl watching me. I stopped pushing and rushed over to the fence immediately. We starred at each other for minutes! But what happened after was even weirder.

Mum had arrived early and we were still outside when she came. The first thing I expected was a telling off for leaving the house. But mum was fine with us 'exploring'.

The morning after, mum was still in bed at 11:00 am and so me and Shaun took a wander outside gain. But this time we didn't see the little girl in the window... we saw her in our garden. Shaun screamed loudly but I covered his mouth with one hand so he didn't startle the girl. She looked and me and ran to Shaun smiling at him and wanting to play. I was in shock and didn't think anything of it. At least they were having fun. The girl would laugh and play with little Shaun but every few minutes she would look at me. Her smile would fade to a displeased look and she would stare at me for endless seconds.

Finally I said "erm... we have to go now." The little girl looked. She didn't seem too pleased. After maybe 5 minutes I asked " what's your name?"

"Isabella" She would reply.

I took young Shaun inside and watched as she hopped over the fence and crossed the quiet road to her house.

I never saw her much... but Shaun did!

He said she hit him on the arm, and there it was... a little hand print all red and saw. He also complained that she opened his door every night and closed it again just to wake him up. But the worst worrying thing was when I woke up to get a drink and I saw Isabella on the kitchen floor... dead I think! But I also saw her in her window... the day after. A ghost... that's what she was! She hated me for no reason... and we were her victims!

I never told my mother because she just wouldn't of believed me!

But everybody else did.

Sent in by Beth Joseph

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