Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Reoccurring Events

When I was younger we moved to this house it was big a beautiful but very old. That's when I was seven. I saw a ghost of what was a women with an all black dress and pretty blue like crystal eyes I saw every feature.

I already knew ghosts were in the house because I could feel them and I had dreams about them but over the years of my life more things have happened.

One time I was sleep and it felt like something had kissed me in one of our other houses. I was thirteen and I was laying down. I never sleep in the dark because I see shadows. I had the light from the t.v shining in my room so I felt something on top of me and I felt arms so I grabbed the arms and tried to push it of off me but it grabbed me and slammed me back down. I tired to moved on my side and it pinched my butt and I yelled stop and let me go and it left.

Another time I heard the sound of breathing approaching me and I quickly awoke and it went away so the next night I was laying in my bed on my way to sleep and something picked me up and put me on the other side of the bed

In another house I felt very weak and and something just fell down on the bed really hard and I could move but I was very weak then images of my cousin who had died a few week before flashed in front of my eyes with a red alar lighting up I know it sounds crazy but it happened one time I was in my room singing when your gone by Avril Lavigne in my mind a voice said turn your head so I did and a spirit was looking at me and of course I ran I use to see a white hand in the attic of my house when I was younger and it use to look like it was telling me to come to the attic now I always have the feeling I'm being watched and when I'm alone the presence is stronger I'm still going through those days where I wake up and cant move but I never see anything and most of the time when this happens I break out of it or I sleep it off I have I cousin that just passed away this in January the day after his birthday but the night before he died the grim reaper came to me where I was in a state of being awake but half sleep my room look exactly the same and he stood there and looked at me and I lifted my head up and looked at him since I was younger ghost have messed with me we lived in one house where I had come out the bathroom and something grabbed my pants and was pulling me it felt like a strong hand but I ran as quick as possible

I believe that something is following me and at the house I am at now I went through what they call sleep paralysis the night before yesterday my mother also played the Ouija board when I was inside of her stomach a few months away from being born my grandmother was born with a veil over her face and my auntie has psychic abilities but she doesn't use them because she says its devil power.

Something use to turn my radio down on songs I guess it didn't like and turn it back up on a different song I've been going through the feeling of being held down for a long time now so I'm use to it I don't know what I'm going through there's lots of things that are happening to me I believe strongly in god and also good/evil I know the story is scattered but I need some suggestions on what might be happening

Sent in by jade

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  1. Dear Jade. I believe that God has given you the gift of the seer/prophet, but the enemy of your soul (the devil)has been trying to corrupt it by scaring you so you won't use it against him. Fear is one of his main weapons against us, also lack of knowledge. I recommend that in a simple prayer you ask Jesus to come into your heart and His Holly Spirit to show you how to use this gift for good.



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