Tuesday, March 5, 2013

4.33 AM

I have always believed in ghosts/ spirits as I, myself have seen one or two. I am believed to be a psychic by many as have spoken to ghosts and seen them frequently.

Ok, I am only 15 but had a lot of things happen to me. A lot of spooky things, unexplainable things. This for instance.


Sometime last year I went to bed like any other day but how that night would change things for months. nothing strange/weird had happened to me for ages and nothing significant had happened in school that day (they say dreams are based on what's happened to you in that day, its your subconscious talking to you.)

I went to sleep without a worry in the world. I eventually went into a dreamless sleep until the one dream I remember so clearly. I was in a house I knew, my fathers old flat. In this flat, my 2 older sister and I shared the lower down room which had two beds in, a double and a single. I know this doesn't sound very important, and maybe to you it wont but to me the whole setting of the flat is very important. Anyway I shared a double bed with my eldest sister.

I never really like my dads old place, I don't know why. I felt comfortable in it but at night, I hate going to the bathroom, I had to go from my room only a few feet away to the bathroom. The bathroom was a huge room which was almost empty other then a bath, toilet and sink. the walls were (if I remember clearly considering I was only 6)a light greeny blue colour. I don't know what it was but I would sit down counting every second until I was out of it.

Anyway, in my dream I was on my bed ne, no one else was in the room just me. I think in my dream I was my normal age (then 14) however I was wearing a skirt that I hadn't seen since for years. the skirt was a small black one, very plain but very cute. The skirt fit me properly in my dream which was impossible because I was 6 at max last time I had wore it. Anyway the skirt I was wearing was being tugged at. I never saw anyone but I saw my skirt moving as if someone was pulling it. Then I heard a woman's voice scream "Vanessa wake up.... WAKE UP NOW VANESSA PLEASE WAKE UP." And I did, I was so glad and I didn't know why it wasn't like anything scary was happening but I was terrified. Anyway I looked at my TV and the time said 4.33AM.

I didn't think much about it until it happened the next night. I woke up at exactly the same time with someone screaming Vanessa wake up. this happened for just over a month sometimes I would wake up screaming, sometimes crying sometimes nothing...

But the other times were the worst, I'd wake up and not able to move. I was pinned down so many times,and sometimes I saw a black figure leaning over me, I never saw details just a figure there. but then I'd hear the voice "our father..." it would say. so I'd start saying the prayer our father.

This carried on until I told my mother, who is quite a religious lady, who convinced me to tell my priest. I thought Father John would just laugh in my face but he didn't, told me it was going to be ok and coming to church was the right thing to do.

That night I was so scared to go to sleep but I did eventually, and I probably had the best sleep of my life so far.

wow even just writing about this brings up a sweat. I hope nothing like this ever happens again but cant be fully convinced.

I don't really no why I was at my dads place, but I no it was important some how. can anyone tell me what was so important about it and why I was told to wake up by a woman. I would love to know what its all about but guess ill never know.

Sent in by Vanessa Jarratt

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  1. You mentioned being a psychic, and that actually is not a gift contrary to popular belief. Psychics stem from darkness and Christians believe it to be from the devil. I've had a friend who had a similar experience and she told me everytime I would come over, nothing happened. I am Christian and here is what I would say: These kinds of things happen to people who did something and/or are doing something. It ranges from witchcraft to theft or many other things. I would pray to Jesus and continue going to church and seeking his word. Also for your fathers flat, it could have already had a presence from others who lived there or from your family. Remember that evil cannot harm you unless you give it reason to. The spiritual realm is something most humans do not want to believe, but it does not mean it doesn't exist. I would look up G craig lewis on youtube. He talks about exactly your experience in some of the videos. Take care and God Bless. I'll be praying for you. x



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