Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Murder On The Third Floor

Recently I helped out a friend from high school by painting some graphics in her new salon. Another former classmate had been employed to do the electrical work, and the three of us had several opportunities to catch up on the class of 1979. The electrician and I got into a conversation one day about some activity in his building down town. He lives on the second floor of a renovated building that was built in 1915.

The building was formerly a masonic temple. He shared several events with me and being a huge Paranormal State and Ghost Hunter fan, I was intrigued. I had just watched an episode of Ghost Hunter and saw where they had used the small mini flashlight, just barely turning it off and letting the energy of the spirit turn it on. So armed with my digital camera, my mini flashlight and a few willing friends we went to the third floor of the building where the meetings had supposedly taken place. I'm going to be a little vague with the details at this point, there will be more later, but I went upstairs to the third floor 4 times in two days and made contact.

First our digital camera's captured many bright orbs in the darkened room. Then I put the flashlight in the middle of the dark room, turned it until it went off and started asking questions, asking the spirit to turn the flashlight on if the answer was yes. What we learned was chilling. I don't care if anyone believes me, I just want to find someone with similar experiences to help me go forward from here. I asked her if she wanted me to tell her story and she signaled yes. She said she was killed by a group of men, and they were not masons! Which was a relief to me for some reason. However we were also aware of another organization that met up there and when I return tomorrow I will ask her directly if it was them.

The first night our camera's worked, the second night no one was able to use their cameras, when I asked if the cameras were a problem, I got an affirmative with the light. I got quick and consistent reaction with the flashlight, at one point I asked her to turn it off because I had a final question and she did, and then responded in the affirmative some time later. At one point when I walked across the dark room to get my flashlight the witnesses with me saw lights dancing around my back and flying across my shoulders. At that time I had felt something on the back of my legs and then felt it move up to my back and did not say anything to anyone thinking it was my imagination. No one is fearful of this spirit, we are saddened by her and feel that she is a victim.

Also the two day's that we visited the third floor after each encounter we all felt a euphoria that lasted for days. Anyone have any input?

Sent in by Cory

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